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Bettina Art & Antiques Sales

These are the most fun type of sale that Bettina's conducts.

In an Art & Antiques Sale, we liquidate art, antiques, and/or collections for those who are passionate about collecting; have a great deal of knowledge about their areas of collecting and/or areas of creating items for others to collect; as well as for those who have amassed a huge collection of almost invaluable items over a lifetime.

For these sales, we look for artists who have worked hard at their art and want an outlet for a fairly large number of items—for artists and crafters who are ready to sell out or need to sell much of what they have created and/or collected, for book collectors who have amazingly large collections of cookbooks, science books, history, or just amazing books from the beginning of the printing press or even before, antique shop owners leaving the business, art galleries needing to close elegantly, etc.

All interesting, fun, unusual, wildly on the edge hanging over the cliff objects, items of no use to anyone but great to look at created by a famous person, furniture, clothes, odd-valuable-kooky jewelry and more.

Prices at these sales can range from $5 through $5 million or more. Items may have a long provenance or you may be starting their provenance for your descendants. You could be coming to purchase an item to help a near starving artist get back on her/his feet or you could be coming to hear a musician play a wonderful musicale to help a friend whose items we are selling, or...

They are anything goes sales and we look forward to hosting them all over the country.

Like the other Bettina Network, Inc. sales, Art and Antiques Sales are also online as well as on location. We hope you become as addicted to the Antiques and Art Sales as we are and that you will become one of our most ardent followers and contributors to these sales.