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Bettina Estate Sales

These are the crown jewel of Bettina Network, Inc.'s sales.

Bettina Network Estate Sales are generally, but not always, held to sell all of the assets of an estate and can include art, antiques, furniture, objet d'art, cars, jewels, real estate in one or many locations, businesses, and any other investments the estate wants us to liquidate.

We bring in experts from several fields to help us as we decide how best to liquidate the assets so they bring the top price and a good and humane conclusion for the family, corporation, partnership, bank, mortgage company, lawyer, accountant and/or whoever is doing the liquidating.

We begin this process after meeting with the relevant people and institutions, by drawing up a business plan, which gives all of those with a need to know a clear and well thought through process so we are all on the same page at the same time. It also gives everyone concerned and involved a way to have input into the process and to help shape the way we go about this liquidation. We try to give to all concerned a chance to make substantial input, a chance to voice their concerns and ideas, a clear understanding of the process, the timeline, and other relevant information.

From that point on, we either continue to follow the plan or modify it by mutual consent. We sit down with the family several times throughout as outlined in the check-in portion of the business plan - or, if they prefer and would rather we function using our expertise with their input coming only at the beginning of this process, or when they have something to say or to show us or to contribute, we can function in that way also.

We meet with the people on our team on a frequent basis to discuss what is happening and how and to look into any concerns, additions, and/or subtractions they would like to make from the business plan we are following. We will even bring in psychiatrists in relevant areas if that is necessary and quite often, in these situations, it can be. The team of people and institutions with whom we work to bring a good end to Bettina Network Estate Sales are at the top of their field and have substantial experience in the areas in which we ask them to make a contribution.