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Bettina Moving Sales

Americans are always on the move and always buying 'stuff.' When we move, we buy more new 'stuff.' When a family's style changes or they just want to spend much, much money and get rid of the accumulation of things they no longer want or appreciate, Bettina Network, Inc. sells all of that 'old, lightly used stuff' and invites you to shop at a Bettina Moving Sale instead of going to the mall or retail stores. Spend $20 and you might wind up with $100 worth of merchandise and with some items you cannot currently find in stores—items which become treasures for your family to inherit years from now.

At a Bettina Moving Sale you can add great pieces to your wardrobe; discover that incredible piece of jewelry you can't live without; find that unbelievable birthday present for family and friends (bring your holiday list with you when you shop!), because it is the kind of sale at which you will be able to find the perfect item at a fraction of what you would spend running yourself ragged for days in the luxury stores, the big box stores, the home improvement shops, etc.

You will find necessary and ordinary items, which one needs to keep a house running smoothly: elegant decorations to make your dining table go from nice to spectacular without breaking your pocketbook; and books, CDs, and DVDs by the score. Sometimes, there will be items to help you keep your house in good repair and the tools to use to do those jobs which always need doing.

If you want those luxury items that you look at, but can't afford, shop the Bettina Moving Sales and you will probably find them. Bettina Moving Sales may also contain a few antique items, interesting clothes, jewelry and much more.

Come prepared to shop on a Friday and/or Saturday. Come back Monday with your sales receipt to carry away whatever is left at no charge. This 'free Monday' is the way Bettina Network, Inc. and the family say 'thank you' for helping us move, whether it be to a more upscale McMansion, an assisted living apartment, their retirement home, or to another city or country. We do this creatively, graciously, elegantly and with sensitivity to the situation.

Of course, we ask you to help us leave the house in 'broom clean' condition when you come back on Monday, but that could mean simply taking away a bag of trash to discard when your garbage is picked up.

Bettina Moving Sales are also online in addition to on location. The online sale usually starts one week before the on location sale and they both end at the exact same time. If you are not up to coming to the on location sale, check out the sale on our website and bid on the items which are offered there. You can get your sale fix sitting in front of your computer.

By bidding in the online sale you will also get your name put into the pot to possibly win a stay at one of the homes in the Bettina Network on our bed and breakfast side.

Call us if you would like to have a Bettina Network Moving Sale.