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Bettina Scattering Sales

These are sales of the household and lifetime items accumulated by someone deceased who we memorialize by scattering back into the world the worldly goods the individual left behind.

The items that she or he or they surrounded themselves with to make life more comfortable, memorable, and meaningful make up these sales. Offerings at Scattering Sales may include furniture, jewelry, collections, cars, boats, clothes, furs, any items with which they lived.

Scattering Sales take place in two parts. One part is online - it is the virtual part of the sale which happens on the internet. The second part is on location - which happens where the items are located. The online part of the sale usually starts one week before the on location part of the sale, but both parts end at the exact same time.

Items that may be hard to price because of a fast moving market or that have an indeterminate market value are put into the virtual online sale to gain the best possible price.

The on location part of the sale happens where the items are physically located. One can visit the property where the items are located to purchase items available for sale on a buy-and-take-with-you basis or one can visit the sale at its physical location to see the items being sold online to be able to decide what kind of bid one wants to place. The online items are sold to the highest bid at the time both sales end.

You do not have to visit the location to participate in the online part of the sale. If you are not in the same city or in the same country as the on location sale you may visit the items for sale via your computer or other web machine to see the items, read about them, register with Bettina Network, Inc. to bid at the online sale and place a bid. At the moment both sales end, the online items are sold to the highest bidder.

A biography or other write-up of the person whose items you are purchasing is usually on the back of your sales slip so you will always have the provenance of your particular purchase no matter how large or how small the item. One lovely part of what you purchase at these sales to carry home and share, is the story of the life of the person who owned the items you now own.

Some of the items are things the owner of the items bought new, some were inherited from mother, grandmother, father, or given to them by friends. All are as well documented as possible, given the kind of access to the person and their objects we are able to obtain.

Information about the items in the online sale will move to Bettina Network's Research Library for your use after the sale - and we hope you will join that effort by taking out a membership in and contributing information to the Library.

We also hope others who research these items, in the years to come, will contribute to the breadth and depth of the Library's information. It is our way of democratizing the things with which we live. The story going down the generations will be the story of all of us - those who could afford to buy art in the millions of dollars - which we will sell - and those who bought much smaller items for which we will also create and carry forward its provenance in just as serious a vein so this Library will reflect the story of us all.