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We are dedicated to providing useful and insightful
content for the Bettina Network community.

Our Blog
is a conglomeration of conversations which took place around
the breakfast table in one or another Bettina Network home.

We cover a wide range of topics.

As members of the Bettina Network Community send us
information they would like disseminated to
a large audience,

or something happens which just
strikes our fancy and we want to share it with all of
you - it will go immediately to Bettina Network's Blog.

Bettina's Menu of Events
provides a rich, curated list
of activities that will keep you busy, entertained and
will add to your intellectual knowledge base and store of
wisdom during your next stay in a Bettina Lifestyle Home!

- OR -

if you are a member of the Bettina Network Lifestyle Community
you can access the Menu at any time and for many different geographical locations!