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Our expectations for our host families reflect the essence of what it means to be a part of the Bettina Network. Hospitality and thoughtfulness are our hallmarks and delivering those to our guests is our main objective. There are many ways to accomplish these two goals, so whether being part of our community is difficult or a breeze depends on how you organize your day and your home.


Our host families are constantly improving their homes, but many started with only a few amenities. The Bettina Network's blog is devoted to the education of our host families, and we send out periodic host family emails with updates and suggestions. Both of these resources are full of information that has helped our host families upscale their homes and consequently increase their income.

There are some basic amenities that your guest accommodations will need in order to begin as a Bettina Network host family:

A Final Note

The beds in the room you use for guest accommodations must be the very best you can buy. We recommend a firm, top of the line mattress. It must be comfortable; there can be no compromise on this point. The other aspects of your home, though they made be lovely, won't mean a thing if the bed is not excellent.

If the mattress is poor, guests will spend a fitful night, scowl at breakfast, and grouse to all of their friends about that awful place they stayed where the mattress was uncomfortable. Even a gourmet breakfast won't make up for a bad night's sleep. The beautiful rose garden, the wonderful artwork in every room, and the thoughtful touches all over the house will all be overlooked by their tired eyes. In the Bettina Network, our point of no return comes when a guest complains that the bed was uncomfortable.

Your investment in a high-quality mattress will pay for itself many times over, as guests enjoy nights of restful slumber in your home.

Other than the above, once you call us, we can talk more about becoming a Bettina host family.

We look forward to hearing from you!