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Bettina Network Hedge Schools

What are Bettina Network Hedge Schools? How do they work?

A Bettina Home is a part of the Bettina Network Educational Institute. We take homes into Bettina Network, inc. because they have something to contribute to our learning; they are full of many amenities not found elsewhere; the knowledge they contribute is sometimes in the mainstream, but most often personal history and experience you can't find or learn from the history books. As a Bettina Home they are also Bettina Network Hedge Schools.

A Bettina Home/Bettina Network Hedge School, is a place where you can stay while visiting a particular city, country, village either on other business or vacation or a historical review of the area and you want to add to the experience of the trip; or you can travel to a Bettina Network Hedge School just for the experience, knowledge and wisdom it adds to your life.

The family in residence offers their life-experience, a workshop, knowledge of art, architecture, prayer, spirituality, health, cooking, or whatever is their specialty. In Bettina Homes/Bettina Network Hedge Schools, those specialties change as the family lives and grows and experiences life from different perspectives.

Bettina Network Hedge Schools are patterned after the historical "Hedge Schools" of Ireland, which were one of the things Mary Daly was interested in establishing. With everything else she did for the betterment of women, men and children, she did not get around to establishing her closely held love for the idea of Hedge Schools. To Mary it was a way to teach feminism without the interference and regulation of current educational institutions. They are the same for Bettina Network, inc. although we are not limiting the Bettina Network Hedge Schools to feminism. We include all the world's knowledge, experience, religions, spirituality.

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