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Bed & Breakfast á la Bettina's

A sumptuous bed. A fluffy towel and bathrobe. Internet access and an entertainment center. A delicious breakfast enjoyed during a stimulating conversation about current events. Privacy and discretion. The private homes in our exclusive network offer the old fashioned, silk-stocking service. Our target is the sophisticated traveler who, in spite of being extremely busy, wants to experience other cultures, lifestyles, and people.

The host families in the Bettina network strive to ensure that each guest's stay is as pleasurable as possible in all regards. We maintain the privacy of each host family and of each guest. Our guests may come and go without fear of anyone publicizing their stay or the Network using the fact that they are staying in one of our homes to build Bettina's image.


Some of the host families in the Bettina network live in large, elaborate houses; others are more modest. Regardless of size and decoration, all of the homes and lifestyles in the network reflect the Bettina philosophy. The host families in our network are dedicated to giving Bettina's guests an exclusive and enjoyable stay.

One of our aims in creating the Bettina Network was to enable host families to pursue their vocation while sharing their lives, and generating an income from bed and breakfast guests. Our host families include professionals, blue collar workers, artists, government bureaucrats, members of the clergy, computer executives, and many others.

Rates & Reservations

Bed & Breakfast rates range from $75 to $360 per night. To make reservations to stay in one of the homes in the Bettina Network, call us at 617-497-9166 or 800-347-9166 (within the United States) or email us at