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What Started the horribleness of the attack on Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett, which almost took his life, has been found!

May 21st, 2022

Several years ago, Rev. Bennett and his wife tried to help a woman who was recently homeless and together with her brother they were able to get housing and a different kind of life for this person.

Marceline and Rev. Bennett would pick her up on Saturdays and take her to lunch. They shopped the estate sales and tried to make sure she was just fine. She was very unhappy with her then current housing and the people around her so they helped her find new housing, where she lives currently.

She became involved in far right wing politics – with which the people who carried out this life shattering action against the Donaldson/Bennett’s were also involved.

Ms. Nora Al WetAid, who was head of Protective Services swore out the affidavit which was used to have the police pick up Rev. Bennett first claiming a Section 12 against him – the one that allows the police to pick up and put into a psych unit of a hospital someone who has had too much to drink, or is on drugs or in other ways is a public threat. The hospital immediately released him because it clearly was a very questionable action by the state agency.

However, he was picked up again the next day with the claim that he had to be removed from his home because his wife was medically abusive of him. Since they had seen doctors that year several times and he was just out of a different hospital; this action seems to have been done by a rival hospital trying to set up a psych unit; and more. This time he was kept for five week for no medical reason in a locked ward and not released until Marceline put the story on MGH’s Facebook Page. All of a sudden Dr. Bennett’s family was told to come and get him. MGH, however, collected $125,000 which they should not have invoiced, let alone collected from Dr. Bennett’s insurance after both Dr. Bennett and Marceline sent a statement to the hospital refusing them the right to charge him, especially since he was kept by the hospital against his will and after having made several attempts to leave.

Our question has been about the woman from Protective Services’ Saudi connections, given the strong stance the Donaldson/Bennett’s have taken writing about Donald Trump and company. We are still doing that research and it is still ongoing until we get answers to many questions. We are moving in that direction because the affidavit is so full of untruths and the woman who is at the center of this is known by the state agency to do things like this – we think the Nora Al WetAids of the world took advantage of the fact that she is mentally unstable, regularly sees a psychiatrist, and has had serious problems with schizophrenia for decades. Knowing that, to use such a person to start the process of what was started against Rev. Bennett and Marceline speaks volumes to us about what this is really about.

The affidavit sworn to by Ms. Nora Al-Wetaid is not true; was not investigated before it was written, sworn to and used by the attorney for the state agency, who knew or should have known the document he presented to the Court to start this horribleness was purgery.

Many people are now talking to Rev. Bennett and Marceline about their very similar problems. What is common to all and was also common to what happened to Rev. Bennett and Marceline is the very secretive nature of the origination of what happened to them and what subsequently became an ongoing nightmare.

Clearly, there are reasons those very beginnings have been hidden. It allows what follows to happen with the people targeted not having the ability to properly respond because the facts of how it all began are hidden from them. – and, unfortunately, also from their attorneys.

Peoples lives and assets have been taken under such circumstances – in violation of much including the Court process and procedures, because of the way Guardianship laws are being abused with what we see as the ultimate goal of removing a person whose politics we don’t like, destroying the qualify of their lives and possibly life itself, and helping oneself to their assets. We also see the racist side to this which is the elimination of generational wealth of minorities, including Jews and women.

Now that the Donaldson/Bennetts know how this all got started it is up to them what next steps they will take. This clearly had a goal of relieving them of their assets and putting those assets and probably the people themselves under Guardianship. It is amazing that this happens in a country which values freedom and individual rights.

It is time for this to change.

Chris Rock’s Sexism on High Display – it is time to end this kind of comedic bigotry.

May 16th, 2022

Now, Chris Rock is intervening in the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp law suit with his “comedic” comments. Apparently, the notoriety and exposure he received after pushing Will Smith over the line by insulting his wife for comedic effect emboldened him to go further. He is now “joking” at the expense of Amber Heard.

Demean and embarrass women and minorities has a long history in this society – remember Amos and Andy? How is Chris Rock any different? How are other ‘comedians’ any different when their content is meant to demean, oppress, embarrass women and/or minorities? Why do you laugh at such ‘jokes’ and not call the presenter into question and ask for his removal?

It is time for this to stop and for others to raise their voices. Comedians make sexist comments constantly and we all laugh. Well, it is time for the laughter to die out and genuinely funny comedians to come to the forefront, not those trained and steeped in this society’s sexism and other -isms. Chris Rock clearly is one of those who needs to be retrained. The easy way to get audience response is to appeal to their baser instincts – well, Rock does that beautifully with women and the audience responds.

Where are the voices raised in objection to this? Where are the hiring venues who will cancel or refuse to hire and promote Chris Rock and others like him? Jokes have been made and “enjoyed” by those who benefit from the negativity and extreme bigotry laced into many comedians’ jokes.

Chris Rock heads our list of fowl, unwanted comedians. We will not attend any of his appearances nor promote him nor let his appearances go without raising up the mud and slime out of which he and others like him comes.

A talented comedian does not need to oppress minorities; to insult women; to make a subtle slap at someone using bigotry to get the audience to side with a friend for very sexist reasons. Talent will out and clearly Chris Rock needs this kind of ‘comedic bigotry’ in his appearances.

Let your voices be heard.

Don’t let this slide.

Wherever and whenever you can, make known that you do not want to hear, see or smell Chris Rock.

Because he is African American does not give him the right to practice sexism against women or any other kind of bigotry against others because he lacks the talent to stand on the stage as a comedian without this prop.

Comedy is an art for to be respected, not to be used in one’s fight for superiority over others because you are so insecure and so lacking in talent that you have to use the bigotry, as a comedian, to get others to laugh.

Nazi-Its 1930’s Definition! Nazi-Its Russian/Putin definition in 2022

April 7th, 2022

It is truly amazing how loose this world has become with the truth. It is particularly notable since the appearance on the political scene of Donald Trump. Truth to him and his followers has no meaning and whatever is said, defined, discussed is whatever and however they can twist truth to their advantage.

Vladimir Putin has the same syndrome, as evidenced by his announcement at the beginning of the war he started against Ukraine.

Nazi in the 1930’s and beyond – until the 2020’s was defined as “a member of a German fascist party controlling Germany from 1933 to 1945. A harshly domineering, dictatorial or intolerant person.” The history that is associated with the term, traditionally used, is one of genocide against Jews and those supporting them.

Random killings of Jews by this German fascist party is known by just about everyone on planet earth. Nazism has a history of having killed, without cause, over 6 million Jews, viciously, after depriving them of food, shelter, etc. – by burning them alive – putting them into gas chambers by the hundreds and so much more. I could go on and on, but it would only be reiterating history known by all.

Today, Vladimir Putin has given a very different definition of Nazi – anti-Nazification – and more centered around the German model.

He claims he went into Ukraine to remove the Nazi leader and replace him with his own chosen leader. He also claimed the war he started was for the anti-Nazification of Ukraine.

He can’t be talking about the traditional definition of “Nazi” because what Putin actually did was to go into Ukraine to attempt to remove its duly elected Jewish president. He continued in his quest by going ahead and attempting to exterminate the Ukrainians because they voted to install this Jew as their president.

The result is an attempted extermination of an entire country in retribution for having elected a Jew as its president. That can be seen from the extreme anger, the viciousness, the attempt to destroy the country leaving nothing behind. Transporting Ukrainians to hold those Ukrainian citizens in “pens” in Russia; killing those in Ukraine at random, including in ways we can recognize that were used to kill Jews in Germany during the reign of Adolph Hitler and to do that killing as viciously as possible. He has ordered the holding of Ukrainian citizens in Ukraine under the most inhumane circumstances possible. It is totally reminiscent of what happened in Germany in the 1930’s and beyond. And – by the way – isn’t Selensky the only Jew to head a country in this world? – except maybe in Israel? Certainly, the United States has never been accused of having a Jewish president.

Vladimir Putin totally recalls and forces the rest of the world to recall this incredible atrocity, from the 1930’s through the 1940’s that he is recreating on a daily basis. He is walking in the footsteps of Adolph Hitler and burning people alive; starving them; knowing they are dying of thirst with no access to water or liquids of any kind; cutting off any and all humane assistance to the people he is so treating. Putin, by his own admission to the press in Russia and other places apparently intends to continue doing this same thing for as long as necessary until he has removed the “Nazi” president of Ukraine and replaced him with one who will, no doubt, make this current president of Ukraine look like a saint by comparison.

Putin sees it to his advantage to call a spade a shovel. The rest of the world clearly sees that he has redefined the term Nazi for his Russian citizens and whoever else comes under his sway. Nazi in 2022 has had its ugly meaning cleansed by Vladimir Putin. Clearly, the “Nazi” president of Ukraine has shown himself to be a “Mensch”. He is totally capable of leading at this moment in history and doing so in the most humane way possible – given the circumstances created for this world by Putin.

The world stood by in the 1930’s and did not move against Germany until totally forced. Many Jews and those who objected to the slaughter happening in the 1930’s were viciously killed while those who could have stopped the carnage talked and talked and did some things to bring it to an end, but mostly they talked and talked while Adolph Hitler killed and destroyed and burned people alive and killed as many children as possible so there would not be a next generation of Jews.

Are we seeing the same thing happening today?

It is curious to us that in spite of the clear parallel to what happened in Germany, the national press is not calling what Putin is doing for what it is. They talk about the reasons he gave for going into Ukraine and almost gloat over the fact that his attempt and expectation for success in a few days failed. There is no talk about the extreme bigotry against Jews which has motivated Putin and continues to do so.

One only has to remember how Jews fled Russia – in the not so distant past. Wasn’t that during Putin’s time? They went to Israel and other countries by the thousands because of the oppression and extreme actions being taken in Russia against the Jews. i have yet to hear that history mentioned and connected to what is going on today. Is that because most people alive today are too young to have experienced that or read about it in the news at the time and know very little about history on their own?

A “Nazi” in 2022 is the president of Ukraine. Putin’s anti-Nazification is against the Ukrainian citizens who put this “Nazi” in as president of their country. In reality, these Ukrainians and their president are defending themselves and their country and the rest of the area and consequently the world against the horrible viciousness and blood thirsty Russians trying to kill them, their children, their culture, their language, their everything so they can be replaced by non-Jews who will move in from Russia, claim Ukraine as a “cleansed” country and society which has few to no Jews and probably no to few other minorities. The vision of Hitler’s Germany is clearly the vision of Putin’s Russia. Because Putin has redefined the term Nazi in 2022 does not connect that term in any way to Nazi and Nazism as defined in 1933 through 1945. This is a new day!

It is no accident that the far Right-wing in the United States which have raised the flag of extreme racism and is fighting for a White-supremist country has connected itself to Russia, which is also a White-Nationalist country fighting for the same thing.

That far right-wing group in the United States and the parallel group around the world claims to be “christian”. Their christian theology is followed religiously and almost unconsciously and has at its core value christian relativity – orthodox christianity relativity. It has been in their belief system since the days of slavery and before. It is the definition of morality in the faith system of Nazi Germany and as outlined in Communism. It is the belief in morality as relative. The belief that there is no absolute right and wrong – that depends on the circumstances. Putin’s definition of christian morality and his orthodox belief system is clearly relative and he is putting that relativity into practice with his marketing and public relations people spreading the doctrine far and wide. Relative truth and relative morality is what is core to the far-right wing Americans who proclaim their christianity and hold it to justify whatever they do. In their belief system their is no such thing as truth – morality is relative. There is no absolute right and wrong. It all depends on the circumstances.

The relativity of the definition of faith, truth, ethics, morality these are what the believer holds up to themselves to justify their actions. What they hold up to others is their religious belief system and they go out and proselytize to attempt to convert as many people as possible to their belief system and to the fact that it will change abruptly depending upon the needs of their power, greed, self-image of superiority – all of the trappings to support their belief in themselves as “better than.” The only rock-solid impenetrable, permanent non-relative part of this relative belief system. This is what makes its core and what keeps them going. This is the face of evil and it is clearly strong in the world today. As strong as it was during the time of Hitler and Nazism.

An Exceptional Shrimp Salad Recipe

April 6th, 2022

by: Marceline Donaldson

First I have to give credit where it is due.

I discovered a shrimp salad that I loved at Whole Foods in Fresh Pond in Massachusetts.

I went to the store several times to buy “my salad”, but sometimes the buffet area where it was sold for $9.99/pound would be empty. The same salad would be available at the deli counter with someone helping me behind the counter, but the cost was $17.99/pound so I decided I should develop my own – based on the tastes from that salad so I could have it whenever my taste demanded.

A Bettina Original

All ingredients should be organic. The shrimp should be “wild caught”. Freshly caught shrimp is preferable, but if you can’t find that, frozen shrimp will do if the shrimp are “as out of the water” – which means with shell on and have not been tampered with in any way as folks try to make using shrimp “easier” for you. It takes nothing to slit and devein shrimp. Lets take the “lazy” out of cooking and go for a great resulting dish.

You will need –

salt (himalayan preferred): Cayenne Pepper or if you prefer a bit of a vinegary taste, you can substitute Tabasco Sauce: Shoyu sauce :Yogurt and Mayonnaise (equal amounts) :Parsley – finely chopped :Onions – 2 kinds add to the taste: Olives – and, of course, shrimp.

Boil the shrimp in a pot of water with the shells on.*** Shrimp turn pink after only a couple minutes so be careful not to overcook them, they will turn tough. Take them out of the water, leaving the water in the pot. Remove the shrimp shells and any veins and put the shells back into the pot in which the shrimp were boiled. Simmer the shrimp water with shells for at least 1/2 hour.

Pour this water into a large jar after you remove the shells. You can drain this water, but you don’t have to. We do too much to make our food as “clean and clear” as possible thus removing great taste and nutrition throwing it down the drain. This gives you shrimp stock for other dishes down the road. It is amazing how many uses you can find for all kinds of stock if you have it on hand. The increase in taste of these dishes and the increase in nutritional value is worth the effort.

Mix all the above ingredients together and put them in the refrigerator overnight. It is important that you give this salad 24 hours for the different ingredients to meld together. The taste changes dramatically.

***We boil shrimp a couple different ways. Both very good, depending upon your taste – or part of the country in which you developed your taste. You can put a goodly amount of crab boil in the water when you boil the shrimp or you can use Old Bay. Both give the shrimp a little “oomph”.

Will Smith and Chris Rock – Ethics

April 5th, 2022

by: Marceline Donaldson

There is and has been a great upheaval about the punch to the face Will Smith delivered to Chris Rock.

Most of the opinions, expressed very publicly, show how deeply entrenched sexism is in this society.

The wrong starts with Will Smith with calls tp “lock him up” from the police; take him down, in one way or another, from everyone else.

What is missing is a clear statement of the wrong that happened. Mostly, that “wrong” violent action is blamed on Will Smith. Let us be clear and truthful without our history of bigotry intervening. This was started not by Will Smith, but by Chris Rock. He is an example of that in which comedians trade – the insults slung at women on a constant basis. The insult is followed by laughter, which re-enforces the sentiment and makes an ugly joke out of most women. Once upon a time this was very prevalent amongst comedians who traded on vicious “jokes” and what were supposed to be “funny” characterizations of African Americans. It is still true whenever there is a group some insecure person wants to take down – like Chris Rock and his attack on Jada Pinkett.

The violence on stage was started by Chris Rock with his vicious joke aimed at Jada Pinkett. The fact that she was sitting in front of him amongst an audience of her peers and could be hurt and diminished and oppressed by this public and ugly joke about her hair is something that the audience reacted to with great hilarity. Will Smith, after a moment spent enjoying this boost to his male ego came to his senses and went to defend his wife.

Chris Rock’s joke was far more deleterious than Will Smith’s punch. Rock will recover quickly and go on to accolades about how “elegantly” he acted in spite of Smith’s crudeness. The real story is that we live in a sexist society in which it is just fine to make crude jokes about women. We have been trained by generations of vicious, oppressive jokes denigrating women that this is “fun”, he meant no harm, don’t you have a sense of humor? The women at whom the jokes are aimed walk away more oppressed, more put down, more discouraged than they were before the joke.

The violence done to women by Chris Rock needs to be held up and dealt with. He is, after all, the one who started this violence. His violence was against women. Will Smith limited his violence to Chris Rock. The comedians who make money and gain fame by doing such are too numerous to mention, but you hear them all the time. The audience’s reaction is always one of hilarious laughter and the woman has been diminished in the sight of her friends and former admirers. She has been “tamed” and now knows a little better, her place.

If punishment is going to come it needs to start with Chris Rock before it moves on to Will Smith. Men are outraged at what happened and have engaged in much talk about Will Smith’s violence – which even his close friends refuse to condone. None of those close friends have commented at all on the violence done to Jada Pinkett by Chris Rock. The rush to punish Will Smith, while raising up Chris Rock because he reacted “like a man” – he was a “mensch” – “how could he keep his composure under such circumstances. All of this belies the extreme bigotry with which we live.

When are we going to see clearly the horribleness of bigotry in this society and how deeply entrenched it is and continues to be? It is time for those who perform on the backs of others to be called to task and with this I am calling Chris Rock to be a better person and apologize for what he did to Will Smith; to call for Will Smith’s punishment to be put on him also because he deserves it; and to make amends to Jada Pinkett for the sexism he sprayed all over her and over women in general, especially over those who suffer from alopecia in a society which judges a woman by her hair.

………An Elegant Historical House for Sale!

April 2nd, 2022

49 Hawthorn Street – Cambridge, MA. 0213

See it at on its own web site at

What follows, under “House for Sale” describes a house which we would like to bring to your attention.  We hope you will consider buying the house – either for yourself or for one of your favorite institutions and/or charities.      

The house we are describing was designed and built by an MIT graduate in 1900.  She was one of MIT’s  first female architectural students..  Her papers are in the MIT Library.  Lois Lily Howe.  She had her own architectural firm and all the architects working for her were women.  Such a history in today’s climate makes quite a statement.

This particular house – at 49 Hawthorn Street – is the only Howe designed house in this area in which the interior has not been stripped and re-built taking away all of the historical design. The only room that needs to be brought back to its original design is the kitchen. It is wonderful as it is, however, to bring it back to Ms. Howe’s design would be special.

Marceline and Robert have lived in this house for 40 years and love every corner.  Being people who love history (that was the subject of Robert’s Harvard Doctoral thesis) and with Marceline’s educational background in the School of Architecture under Ralph Rapson, they have totally enjoyed living in this house and discovered much in the process and it would be wonderful to know it is in the hands of people who would continue in that design preservation route.

Ms. Howe built the house for William Augustus Maynadier – a Harvard Professor who taught “Arthurian Legend.”- the story of King Arthur and the Round Table.  It was a required course for all Harvard men. There were no Harvard women in those days.

Being very strong feminists, they found that Harvard/MIT combination quite special.  Ms. Howe clearly was a feminist stepping out the way into the world of Architecture the way she did.  Prof. Maynadier was teaching a class which was a requirement for all Harvard men and would today be called extremely sexist.  He laid the ground work for the very horrible sexism with which most 20th century women have had to deal.  

Arthurian Legend – King Arthur and the Round Table – was a way of teaching men how to treat women in that “on the pedestal and out of the equality” area.  How to open doors for this weaker sex – plus more.  All the things women have fought to have removed for decades so they could be treated as equals is what Prof. Maynadier’s class was about.  It was totally accepted at the time. Most people don’t know that this originated at Harvard.  It was in the general world population at the time, but not to the extent that it became entrenched with Prof. Maynadier at 49 Hawthorn Street.

It was interesting to us that Prof. Maynadier chose Ms. Howe to design and build his home. – which he used to live in and invite paying guests to stay with him.  The house has had that use throughout its 100 plus years of existence.  It hosted seminars, class sessions, teas and still served as a very private home.  

The Donaldson-Bennetts used it to have what today are called bed & breakfast guests and to build the first network of such private homes working their way across the country and making a national and what they projected would become an international network of bed and breakfast homes a common concept. This house was the beacon.  Besides this house, they had homes also in Thailand, England, France.

The guys who founded Airbnb stayed with them before those three even thought of such a company.  They were sent by Venture Capitalists – particularly the Capital Network in Cambridge – who wanted to fund such a venture, but not one designed, created and being grown by African Americans.  So they helped themselves to the Bettina Network, Inc’s business plan and everything else they could find to help them get the same kind of venture off the ground.  They sent people to offer their homes to join the Bettina Network, inc. but were really only interested in the process of how that was done.

During the Donaldson/Bennett’s stay in the Lois Lily Howe house, Harvard sent many guests to stay with them, as did MIT, Tufts, Boston University, Boston College and more.  Several admin people called regularly to make reservations for guests visiting Harvard and other Universities in the area as well as private corporations calling for guests to whom they wanted to give privacy.. Everyone who stayed loved their time in the house and totally were taken by its history stories and general feeling.

A fuller description of the house follows and the web site on which you can see the interior and some of the exterior details of the house can be found at

Many institutions and corporations used the house when guests were visiting who they wanted to have privacy without being worried that their guests would be stalked in the lobby of the hotels to pick up information that could be used for media articles. They also liked the fact that guests wouldn’t need so many levels of security when they came to Boston.  Guests such as Ambassador Victor Israelian, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, many scientists – mostly physicists – who loved the quiet and privacy of the house where they could enjoy the patio where squirrels and birds would visit them as they worked on the back porch.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call.  If you or someone you recommend would like to see the house, we are available at their or your convenience.

What follows is a fuller description of the house as it appears in different publications.

                              HOUSE FOR SALE – Cambridge, MA. 02138

“Marceline and Robert are selling their home.  If you don’t want to buy it, please pass this along to those you know who might be interested and/or know someone who would love to step into their shoes.  As a private home or as a home with a bit of  income so you can live there and do other things.  Income can be in the neighborhood of $1,080.00/night.  

Marceline and Robert did a wonderful job and are now moving to New Orleans – which is where Marceline grew up.  They have not been able to survive the onslaught against them of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the way they treat minority elderly in what is an apparent attempt of a group within the state to relieve Jews, African Americans, Latinx and more of any wealth that could be passed on to the next generation. The racism/bigotry that is replacing the separatism that followed slavery.

The house has been newly painted with, among other improvements, a new 75 gallon commercial water heater with a 20 year rating and lots of other elegant restorations which keep the historical design of the house as much as possible..  

To see the house go to

It is one of the few homes in Cambridge, which gives you views of the Charles River from many of the bedroom windows and it overlooks the Riverbend Park on one side  with no other building blocking your view.  A second park (the historical Longfellow Park) is just two houses down on the same block and the same side of the street as Marceline and Robert’s house.  Fantastic and very unusually elegant to have so many parks within the same block as the house.  One of the only homes in the area with such and with a spectacular view.

You would have 9,000 square feet of living space in this house over five floors.  5,300 (apx.) finished into three floors of elegant historical living and 3,500 square feet (apx) of attic and basement which can be finished into fabulous living space.   

For a possible future use of the basement take a look at the basement of Harvard University’s Memorial Chapel’s basement.  

The attic could be refinished into an exquisite ballroom for entertaining with its 16 foot height (apx) at its apex with no beams going across to obstruct the wonderful height of this room.  The architect – Lois Lily Howe, in 1900 was one of the first, (she is credited with being the first), to be able to build such an attic.  Most attics are so clogged with structures to keep the roof from falling in on itself you do not have the breathtaking space one finds here.  This attic is a full floor.  Its footprint is that of the entire length and width of the house.  Just think of the elegant entertaining you could do in that attic.

Historically, guests came to events in such houses and went to the second floor living room to leave their coats, etc. and freshen up and then went up another floor or two to the tea, dinner, dance or etc. on the upper floors.  Today, we don’t have attics large enough for such events, especially not one replicating the footprint of the other floors of the house.

Lois Lily Howe was the architect.  Designed and built in 1900 she was one of MIT’s first female graduates.  She established her own architectural firm and the architects she hired were women. 

In the process of designing and building this home,  Ms. Howe scrounged the area for homes being torn down which had historical touches and she brought that actual history into this house.  The mouldings are exquisite and are some 100 years older than the house. 

The history of this house includes a psychiatric history – Dr. Lydia Dawes, a well known psychiatrist of yore, was an owner for some 40 plus years before the Donaldson-Bennetts arrived and the house frequently  embraced many of her friends who were also famous guests.  Sigmund Freud’s daughter stayed often and worked with Dr. Dawes.  Together they produced one of the first psychiatric journals in the area from this house.  Many local psychiatrists remember a part of their training that happened on the couch by the living room window overlooking the magnolia tree.  So much history goes with this house both  within its structure and with the people who have passed through.  

You may have heard of  the many outstanding and famous people who stayed under the Donaldson-Bennett’s roof during their time in the house because you were probably one of them.  You can now own this magnificent property so beautifully located. 

Want more information – call Marceline – 617 497 9166 or email us

A Statement by Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett

March 23rd, 2022

I am reiterating what happened to my family over the past several years because it has done great damage to us and because we are being contacted by several people going through the same thing. The major actors aligned against us were the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and many attorneys; the Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services Agency; Massachusetts General Hospital; Mount Auburn Hospital and more.

This group collectively abused the Cambridge Police; attempted to denigrate me; slander my wife; sexually abused me; violated Massachusetts Laws against giving people anti-psychotics against their will; over-medicated me when there was no reason for the medications; and a lot more.

I suffered because of their actions and decisions taken in violation of the Health Care Proxy I asked a well respected local Cambridge attorney draw up for me in 2019, months before this happened in 2020. That Health Care Proxy was negated by the Court in a hearing of which I was not noticed, knew nothing about and in which I was described as indigent, destitute and so much more. I had the 2019 Health Care Proxy drawn up by the attorney because I was made aware of one I did not have drawn up with a Proxy I did not want to make those kind of decisions on my behalf. I wanted my wife of 38 years to make those kind of health decisions on my behalf.

Negating the Health Care Proxy which was properly created and executed happened as an after thought which Attorney O’Sullivan had at the end of the Court Hearing of which I received no notice. Judge Langlois said no to Attorney O’Sullivans request that I not be notified of the hearing. Five minutes later, during that same Court hearing, the Court ignored its own comments and acquiesced to negating my Health Care Proxy – properly executed with my wishes. The Judge ordered it replaced with no reason, without my having been noticed of the hearing and with no reasons given by Attorney O’Sullivan for his request I believe, this HCP was put in place against the one I had created and signed because it was better suited to achieve the goals of the state, which they have made known in how they have treated me and others. As time went on it became clear they were trying to take over my assets putting them under “guardianship” controlled by Attorney O’Sullivan and the state agency.

What we see through this is their need to destroy any African American they deem a threat to the unbelievable racism which exists in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is a way to intimidate minorities and they have done an exceptional job. People are calling us with cases which make what happened to me look mild. In spite of that the people calling are terrified of speaking out about their experiences with the same institutional structure which almost destroyed me; which did destroy the business my wife and I worked over 30 years to build and so much more.

Let me remind you of what happened to Prof Gates at Harvard University. There is a Bettina Network Blog documenting some of that with copy of a picture of Prof. Gates in handcuffs on his own porch.

As I calculate the time frame in which they happened, it totally paralleled the time he was moving into the space of creating the incredible documentaries he has since produced about African American genealogies and other topics. Prof. Gates was picked up by the police on what they claimed was a criminal charge of breaking and entering. The problem with that – he was unlocking the door to his own home. Interesting in this case, Prof Gates was not actually taken to the police station under arrest. The incident went on long enough for the pictures of him on his own porch in handcuffs to make the newspapers and then he was released with no charges filed. Wasn’t that an attempt to shame, embarrass etc. an African American on his way up?

That has now changed. Instead of criminal charges, the state and related agencies and people resort to mental illness charges and claims that your family medically abused you. To pick you up on criminal charges, as they attempted to do with Prof. Gates, you need witnesses, incidents, proof. I was picked up by the police twice. The Court papers they used to do that were quite spurious.

The first time the police came to my home to force me out and into the psych ward of a local hospital, a section 12 was filed. When the police arrived at my home they had no Court papers to back up their claim that they had the legal right to take me by force, if necessary, and had been given the right by the Court to carry me out and whatever damage done to the property in the process would not be their responsibility. The police arrived with eight white policemen, five EMT people and two ambulances. One ambulance in front of my door, the second with its motor running half-way down the street double parked..

The Section 12 was sworn out by a psychiatrist who added to the form that she did not know me, had never met me, had never examined me, yet she was filing this mental health charge against me. What better charge to file against an Episcopal priest to ruin his chances to continue with any work he was doing and to destroy the confidence in him of the people with whom he was working? These are the charges now being promulgated against minorities. African Americans, Jews, Latinx and more. And, we believe they are becoming more widespread.

After being forced into MGH by the police we were there only hours until I was sent home with no reason for having been picked up in the first place. No mental health problems were found. Most of the hours we spent in the hospital were spent waiting for a psychiatrist to be available to examine me. It was an unbelievable time.

One day after I was sent home by MGH because they had no reason to keep me attorney O’Sullivan went to Probate Court with the description of this indigent, destitute, and more. The out of control man with “mental charges” which supposedly met the criteria of swearing out the Section 12 there started the “Guardianship” attempts. Attorney O’Sullivan went back to Court, without my having been notified of the hearing and swore out papers to have me picked up again. This time claiming my wife was medically abusive to me and I was alone in the house with her not able to have access to any medications, proper clothing, etc. The fact that my wife was not medically abusive to me and my adult children and their spouses were in the house with us was irrelevant. The fact that so many lies were told was also irrelevant. Lies told by this attorney and the state agency were overlooked. The woman head of the Protective Services purgered herself claiming I signed the Health Care Proxy I had created in 2019 when I was just out of surgery and did not know what I was doing and this was in March, 2020. That was only one of the many lies told in her sworn statement to the court. The Health Care Proxy she was describing was drawn up by Massachusetts General Hospital the day before she arrived for her “interview”.

With this second action this would mean the state or other institutions or groups would take over and dispose of, in any way they decided, the assets of this minority – the man they claimed was destitute.

What has this been about? We believe and in our researched have discovered proof that this is a part of actions today being taken against minorities to rid them of intergenerational wealth – as much and as completely as possible. This would make it difficult for their children, grandchildren and whoever else they decide to leave their accumulated wealth to unable to use those assets to help them achieve to the highest level possible using assets/wealth left to them by their ancestors and making it necessary for them to have to make it on their own.

There is nothing wrong with making it on your own. There is something very wrong when your parents, having sacrificed much in their lives so you can have a better life and then from those sacrifices the children, grandchildren and others in the family receive nothing because the state, attorneys, individual groups created for such purposes and more are set up to take all of that away from you.

Racism in Massachusetts and particularly in the Greater Boston/Cambridge area has been vile and wide spread for decades. It is institutionally structured into the area and has been unchallenged by many and defended and kept in place by many more.

If an African American or other minority seems to be moving too far in a direction our rulers don’t like or approve they are swatted down and treated in such a way as to attempt to bring shame onto the person. We believe that is what happened to me and my family. We also believe that is what happened to Prof. Gates and many more who have contacted us with incidents they heretofore kept quiet about because of the shame they felt after they were so viciously treated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, amongst others.

The initial Court action against me was done under cover. It was done undercover so the Court genesis of this would not be showing with people confused as to exactly what was happening. We came to that conclusion after reading several briefs filed by others, realizing what they had in common was no understanding of what caused all of the problems they were experiencing and why the Courts, the state Agency and others were so involved. They could not discover what happened to cause all the mess.

Judge Langlois was the judge who presided over that initial hearing. He appointed an attorney to represent me in a hearing at which I was not noticed. It was also a hearing he said could not be held without notice to me. After that comment, Judge Langlois went on and appointed an attorney without my knowledge or consent. Attorney Cheri Myette was appointed. We did not hear from Attorney Myette at all. No calls, no notes, no copies of papers filed with the Probate Court – nothing. That covered the initial hearing of which I received no notice and right after that hearing Attorney Myette filed papers making claims about which I knew nothing and which were not true. How many people have suffered because of such actions? I did not know about nor receive the papers she filed and even though she claimed I was swearing to what she put in those papers, I did not and had no idea what was happening.

We are writing this and publicizing what happened because we are finding more people who have experienced the same thing and clearly under the same circumstances.

A hearing was held without notice to me. The judge Langlois said Robert Bennett would have to be notified of the hearing and he then went ahead within 5 minutes of his comments in that same hearing to make the ruling requested. I was not notified and without my knowledge or consent Judge Langlois appointed an attorney to represent me. From that point on I was treated as a person with no rights of any kind. Whatever served the goal of those doing this is and who would benefit financially from this is what happened within the Probate Court System and without.

In that same hearing I was declared “indigent”, I was characterized as “old”, “destitute” and “incapacitated.” the Court was told I could not appear at hearings because my health would not allow it and asked the Court’s indulgence to hear all of this without me present. That was not true. I was able to appear in Court, but they probably would not have liked anything I had to say so best to keep me out. The judge accepted and agreed that I did not have to appear and Attorney Myette gave no objections. She didn’t know if I was well, sick, mobile, etc. She played her role. It was unbelievable as we recovered the history of what happened.

The judge did not appoint a particular attorney to represent me that was left to Attorney O’Sullivan to do. Normally in cases where the defendant is claimed to be indigent, he or she is represented by an attorney selected by CSPS and it is the next attorney on the list to be called. That did not happen. Attorney O’Sullivan appointed an attorney who had been involved in other such cases with the same result. In my case, as seems to have been her usual method of operating, I never met her, never talked to her, knew nothing about her and yet she claimed – in papers filed with the Court – that I swore to things she put into those papers without telling the Court I could not swear to anything because I knew nothing about what she was writing and submitting to the Court and that, in fact, I knew nothing about her.

As a result of this abuse of the Court system – of me – of my wife and more I was picked up by the police and shoved into Massachusetts General Hospital where I was kept in a locked ward with guards and police with guns guarding the doors. I was kept, against my will in a very small part of a hospital room for two people. My section of the room had curtains drawn around me at all times; hospital equipment stored -which was not relevant to me – at the head and side of my bed and the space was only large enough for a hospital bed and a chair. When put side by side the chair touched the wall on one side, the hospital bed on the other with no room in between them and the curtain touched my bed. I was forced to take anti-psychotic pills against my will and not told what they were or why I had to take some 10 to 12 pills a day. Besides the anti-psychotic pills I was also forced to take hallucinatory drugs and more. The reason seems to have been to put a diagnosis of “incapacitated” on my hospital record so I could be forced into a nursing home with the state taking over the assets they claimed I did not have. they also kept me on many pills to keep me still since I was not allowed out of my bed. If I moved I was on an “alarm blanket”. The alarm would run and a nurse would appear to insist I go back onto the blanket and not move. For 5 weeks that is how I was kept. How I lived through all of this is amazing to me and everyone else.

How do I now know what I was being forced to take without my consent or my knowledge of what they were demanding I take – I know that because they sent a bag of the pills home with me when I was finally let go out of the hospital and I was told as was my family that if I didn’t take the pills sent home with me I would be forcibly picked up again put back into the hospital. The pills in the bag included the above all with my name on them and MGH’s name.

The pills made me sick everytime I was forced to take them. My family called constantly to the doctor involved – Dr. Kehlman – and the hospital because they were not going to give me pills that made me sick on a daily basis. After a couple days of this back and forth the threat was dropped. We fired the doctor at the first moment we could and hired someone who was actually into fulfilling her doctor’s oath – especially the part about “do no harm.”

Months before any of this happened I asked an attorney – a substantial, well thought of attorney with an excellent reputation in this area to draw up a Health Proxy because I wanted my wife as my Health Proxy and he did that. This happened in 2019. Attorney O’Sullivan, in a hearing about which I was not notified, was not represented by an attorney, asked the Court to negate that Health Proxy and establish one I specifically did not want as he knew or should have known from Dr. Kehlmann – amongst others – who very specifically knew that. In spite of that and the supposed sacredness of Health Proxy’s what was clear from what happened to me is that your health proxy – along with other such supposedly sacred legal documents – can be negated, eliminated, changed according to the needs of those opposing you in Court without your knowledge and/or consent. That can happen even though those documents are not supposed to be allowed to be treated in such a cavalier manner.

Attorney Cheri Myette’s role seems to have been to block my being able to have the attorney of my choice represent me. We hired an attorney who was not allowed to replace Ms. Myette. That way, whatever the state wanted it could get because it controlled the attorneys. As we have talked to others experiencing similar problems, that has been repeated many times.

As to the charge that my wife medically abuse me? It was the state that did that bit of abuse. That was the first time I have ever been in a hospital. I did not want a doctor since that is not how I live my life. I do not take medicines and do not want to. Under extreme circumstances, if given a choice and my Health Proxy and myself agrees that is a very different circumstance. That is not what happened. The state of Massachusetts took over and medically abused me and attempted to destroy my family. We had a business we worked hard to develop over some 30 plus years. What the state did was to destroy that business and our livelihood which we now have to attempt to rebuild and at our ages that will be quite difficult. We hope it is still possible.

The amount of money this has cost us amounts to about $300,000.00 and of that Massachusetts General Hospital pocketed some $125,000.00 from working with the state to incarcerate me in their hospital. It was never for medical reasons. They were “protecting” me from a wife who I love and who loves me and with whom I have had a 39 year marriage I would not trade for anything. What they were working from was the model of a negative black image – my wife was characterized as a typical negative black woman and I was the negative black male image. A marriage between two African Americans could not be anything but awful and so the Court went along with that characterization. The racism throughout all of this reeked and was all over everything with people almost rejoicing that they could feel relieved to be able to view us in the light we were being portrayed by the state.

The initial Court papers were demanding that I be shoved into Mount Auburn Hospital where this was more known that it was at MGH. However, MGH got into the spirit of this quickly. When I said they were not to charge my health insurance for this, I was ignored and they made the charges anyway. When I saw what they charged, it became clear where this was headed and why.

We are going to attempt to put out all of the stories as people contact us. Some we won’t be able to put out because our current experience is that the people involved are too afraid of the police and the courts and they don’t have the amounts of money needed to hire private attorneys to protect them from this kind of rape. In other words, the intimidation against them worked.

If you have experienced any of the above, please feel free to contact us. Bettina Network Foundation, inc. has taken this on as one of its projects to attempt to help protect others from going through what I was subjected to by MGH and the state of Massachusetts. We believe what happened amounts to a criminal conspiracy operating within the state.

Disinformation – What is it? What role does it play? Why use it?

February 26th, 2022

Disinformation is the creator of institutional racism, institutional sexism, institutionalized bigotry of all kinds. It is the main tool humans use to create their societies, their governments, their families, their lives.

Shakespeare used disinformation to promote anti-semitism and it was such a powerful use of disinformation we accept it as normal, right, gospel even unto today..

Politicians use disinformation to win their contests and having been successful at it, they continue to use disinformation as the major tool in their tool box to run the government they have won through such evil.

Disinformation created the negative black stereotype to which many pledge allegiance.

Disinformation is what we have used for hundreds of years to oppress women and keep them as tools and the unacknowledged slaves of this world.

Disinformation is the god of our world and the one to which we really give obedience and in whom we trust all of our assets, our lives, our everything. It is and has been used to invalidate God and put in God’s place the creative creature we need to rule – to prove our point – to gain the ascendancy – to maintain the fiction that one person is “better than” another. We have successfully created and follow a god created, through the use of disinformation, in the image of man – white man.

Why use it?

Because we are lazy. Because we are power hungry? Because we value money above all else and this is one way, the most effective way to achieve all of those things.

The disinformation we have created, even in telling the story of our history, is so strong it negated Christianity and distorted its history into the one needed to rule the world.

It takes courage to be truthful.

The one thing we are loathe to accept and acknowledge is our human weakness – our sins – our lies. How to go on living without that acceptance? Through disinformation.

Kill a human being and then go to Court with lots of expensive attorneys to attempt to prove that you did no such thing. The way the attorneys do that is through disinformation.

Fire a human being from work whose firing comes down from the top corporate suite because that person is violating the stereotypes we live by. How to do it? Through disinformation – through lies, innuendos and more.

Maintain separate and closed neighborhoods by race, ethnicity and more – HOW? Through disinformation.

Look at what is happening in the world today! What has caused it? How was it done? How has it gotten this far? Through the use of disinformation.

Where are the people who are going to come out and tell the truth about Putin and what he is doing?

Where are the people who are going to come out and tell the truth about Donald Trump and what he is and has been doing?

What would they lose if they did this? – Money, power, reputation, what they see as their future and where they want to be and go in this world.

Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple. Who amongst us has the courage to tell the truth about our banking institutions? Who has the courage to call out those spreading the disinformation that the rest of us have bought into?

Why is it so difficult to call out those spreading disinformation with current and accurate information?

Why is it so difficult to simply tell the truth?

The empires we build on disinformation are very small yet that smallness builds empires.

Will we and the societies in which we live ever be free of disinformation?

If we could all come together at one point in time and agree to destroy disinformation and never use it – maybe we might have a chance. Isn’t that why institutions like the United Nations, the Church, the Synagogue, the Temples came into being? And isn’t that also why they are all failing? We have not been able to give up the incredibly addictive drug of disinformation

One of the saddest figures I have seen is the man who took his gun and went to the pizza parlor to shoot it up because of the disinformation he believed which was told to him to stop one political candidate from winning the presidency of the United States in favor of the one who encouraged, paid for and helped spread the kind of disinformation which that pathetic guy trying to rescue young people from the pedophiles in the basement of that pizza parlor when the pizza parlor did not even have a basement. All done through disinformation.

Disinformation is the way Donald Trump has chosen to use as the means of living his life gaining money and therefore power and control. The truth does not exist in his life and surroundings.

Trump became the enemy when he teamed up with Vladimir Putin. Disinformation reigns supreme in their worlds.

Disinformation goes from those at the top all the way down to the very smallest of human beings. We all rely on being able to use disinformation – the creator and maintainer of institutional racism and all the other -isms.

Isn’t it time we stop disinformation – call it out for what it is and pledge to live our lives in truth? Elect our officials based on the truth of who they are and what they are about – earn our living based on the truth of our work and more?

Is it possible for human beings to even live in truth? Is that why disinformation has so taken over our world and is that which we are trying to spread around the universe so when we are able to access the universe at our desire we will feel at home?

God forgive.


February 25th, 2022

Donald Trump has been responsible for a lot of evil and ugly which has crept and is still creeping into this world.

Fueled by dreams of a Trump-Moscow hotel complex, Trump had his minions and himself traveling to Russia begging with their hat in their hands because Putin was holding out a ‘bait and switch’ offer they could not refuse. They did not see the switch coming.

We remember Trump’s public response, as he chose, on the world stage, between Putin and the USA. Trump made this choice after a talk with Putin alone when Trump was the newly minted president of the United States. We believe a part of that public and private meeting has caused this attack on Ukraine by Putin.

Some of the white men in Russia, led by their own greed and reach for power, showed us how they have given their lives over to evil for a very parse return. These were recently on television and showed clearly their choice of subservience to evil instead of dedicating their lives to good. They will die soon without the ability to take one dime with them. They sacrificed their lives for pure unadulterated evil instead of for what could have been working towards a better, more just, more equitable society. May God forgive! The story of Judas and his 30 pieces of silver is alive to be told in this generation.

We think what is happening in Ukraine and what could possibly happen in other parts of the world soon, is Putin carrying out Hitler’s vision of the world with himself – Putin – in charge as the great god and emperor.

Hitler was effective for a very short period of time and over a very limited geographical area. We think Putin sees himself as the perfection of Hitler’s dream and able to carry it out world wide, without making Hitler’s mistakes. That becomes clearer as Putin projects himself and his goals onto others. Calling others Nazi’s and calling for the de-Nazification of leaders he opposes.

This is what happens when a human being, living in a society with other human beings has accumulated over $200 billions of dollars as his own personal wealth. Boundaries are gone and the only restraints left for him are the set of ethics by which he has lived his life. As more material wealth is accumulated, larger parts of whatever good and caring ethics remained are ditched.

Clearly, as we have watched Putin over the years, his ethics are in the toilet. That is now clearly showing and will become even clearer as time goes on.

No one has ever explained why Trump had that strange, shocked look on his face when he came out of the meeting with Putin and announced to the world that he was going to put his future in the pot with Putin’s. Trump had been elected by the American people, with the help of Putin who changed, added, subtracted, but basically had Trump’s back and added what Trump needed to become elected president. Trump’s ethics have, since that time on, paralleled Putin’s. Whatever the cost to his reputation no longer mattered – he was now one of the Putin Puppets Sowing Evil.

We think what Trump learned in that meeting was the future according to Putin. That future was taking over the world; denigrating and destroying the wealth and the world of minorities, making them subservient to white northern european males and taking over the countries of the world in ways which have perfected that path walked by Hitler -and – with Trump’s help, the United States was already being primed to meet this fate.

The January 6th insurrection was its opening public salvo. We believe this was planned for sometime prior to January 6th and was that on which Putin built his dreams of the future. The Charlottesville re-enactment of Hitler’s “Crystal Nacht” and so much more

When Trump lost the election and even with massive aid he could not recoup except to get himself more and more into the weeds facing jail and worse, Putin – we believe – decided to go it alone without that feather in his cap and so he is starting with Ukraine and moving from there to the rest of the world. He has waited long enough to see how Trump would fare. Clearly, both Trump and Putin can see that Trump is not the one to lay the United States at the feet of Putin.

We wondered why Ukraine was so prominent in the campaign for U. S. president and why it was so necessary for Ukraine to come out against Biden. We now know.

Putin’s dream of world dominance includes a world where the White Nationalism in Russia is built upon and put down in the rest of the world, reviving it in Germany, and with Trump’s, help pushing it forward in the United States.

How one man could collect some $200 billion dollars in assets is obscene. How much must others have suffered for him to be able to do such a thing.

It is time for all of us to look at wealth accumulation, raising serious questions and putting down limits so someone going down that path does not have viable options in this life.

Robert and I had an experience which opened our eyes to what is happening in this world with wealth accumulation in ways we could not have imagined nor dreamt. The attempt at taking over Robert’s life and destroying the end of his life was simply to get control of and spend any assets he might have. What became clearer in that not only were Robert’s assets at stake, but they also were going after my assets to take them for their own use. That was especially clear towards the end of the campaign waged against us when the last Court hearing scheduled was supposed to be to declare Robert “incapacitated” and his wife guilty of Medical Abuse against her husband with the State of Massachusetts claiming he had no one else to take care of him and in that hearing was to be made a ward of the state – under the guardianship laws – with the state agencies having control of everything we owned, had worked for over a lifetime, etc.

I had already been told to find a small room someplace because I would not be left penniless, they were not that mean, but I would also not be able to live an extravagant life. A small room would be paid for so I could continue on. I will never forget that conversaton.

The charge against me of “medical abuse” supposedly against Robert was totally without merit, especially when you look at the record and you see Robert had been to a doctor twice in the week before they started this campaign against us, before they made those charges and before “they” sent the police to force Robert into a police ward at MGH for no reason with the doors to the ward locked and guarded by armed guards and police with guns.

Given what happened and the way it was legally handled, it is past the time for Probate Court in Massachusetts to go through a complete evaluation and overhaul.

Whenever anything even close to that happens in the world we feel a kinship to the people so attacked.

That Court hearing was cancelled because at that point it was clear this was a criminal conspiracy against us and not real. I wondered what would have happened if we had not spent so many years in civil rights activities and did not have that small ability to navigate this kind of world of evil. It is amazing how many people step back to wait to see if you are going to still be their friend – depending on the outcome of what is happening to you.

If you look back at our history you will see Bettina Network Blog wrote and circulated some tough and honest blogs about Donald Trump, his history and more.

As we look back, we see these things happen to us and others when “they” can pick you up somehow and take control.

What happened to us? Robert fell down the back stairs in our home when the front stairs were being stained, new carpet applied. I took Robert to the hospital after the fall and there we were “picked up” by those waiting for such instances. Others have experienced such falls and worse without what followed with us involving forced incarcerations and more.

Mostly, the people who experience this kind of thing are Jews, Blacks and other minorities. The record is replete with such and it is also replete with the huge amounts of money siphoned off from such families in this process. That kind of thing now even has a name – “The destruction of generational wealth.” The goal is to limit how far the next generation of minorities can go without the gift of the life work of their family. Take away their ancestor’s wealth and distribute it to white male northern european types.

We fought them successfully – but not so successfully when you think we were stripped of some $200,000.00 in assets which went directly to Massachusetts General Hospital where many games had been played to make sure such a pay day was in the offing.

And how did Robert get out of MGH? I put the story out on their Facebook Page and two days later came the order from the top to “get that man out of this hospital.”

This is a small example. This is, however, what leads to the billionaires who have neither worked for nor should have the kind of wealth they have accumulated.

Putin is an extreme example, but he is an example of what happens when such ‘over the top” wealth falls into the hands of one man. That kind of money is also over the top power and with that kind of accumulation he can call the shots which have caused the death and destruction of hundreds over just the past few years.

Take a closer look at Putin. Take a closer look at those with the hundreds of billions of dollars at their disposal. They do call the shots in this world and this world is not the better for it. The rest of us suffer because of their dominance, their abuse of power and their use of money that has been stolen. It is not just African slavery of the past several hundreds of years we need to be talking about, it is what African slavery has evolved into that we all need to be concerned about and involved in making sure this world stops the evil which has had it in its thrall.

Pecans – Brings back memories of home!

February 16th, 2022

Based on a recipe given to us by Ms. Jeannette McInis! May she live long and prosper.

This is a great dish – especially for keeping to eat when company comes or when that sugar need strikes and you don’t want those sweets with harmful stuff.

Many stores sell raw pecans in two cup packages. Those are perfect. If not, wherever in whatever quantities you can get your pecans works.

Needless to say, but we will repeat it anyway -all ingredients should be organic. We realize it is difficult to get organic pecans, but once you have searched you will find a source and be able to go back there many times.

2 cups pecans

1/2 cup organic sugars (mixed is preferable.) You can find organic Turbinado Sugar; organic coconut palm sugar and more. Except don’t bother with brown sugar – organic or not. That is simply white sugar with the molasses from the end stages mixed back into the sugar. Best to have sugars which are the least processed.

Cayenne pepper to taste – We have tried from 1/2 tsp to 1 1/2 tsp. Both were great!

3/4 tsp himalayan salt.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

In a medium-sized bowl, stir together the sugar, salt and pepper. Add 4 tsp water stirring until dry ingredients dissolve.

Add pecans

Stir until pecans are coated.

Be careful that you don’t have too much liquid. We tried water and milk. Both were great. The first time we tried this we added too much water and the result was pecans in a thick, caramelized mess. When we finally caught on to the need for minimizing the liquids we produced pecans coated beautifully with just the right amount of sugary stuff to make the pecans stiff.

Spread the pecans on a baking sheet – evenly so one does not touch another.

Bake 10 to 12 minutes until pecans are crusty and wonderful. Another caution. Do not bake too long or you will get burns pecans.

Once out of the oven and cooled, remove pecans from the baking sheet and store them in a glass jar.


P. S. You can go crazy with this recipe by adding all kind of spices and herbs to the mix. Cinnamon and nutmeg are some traditional ones for holidays. But try turmeric – and so many more – what are your favorites!! Use them!

My mother always had a bottle of tabasco sauce in her pocket book so I tried that instead of cayenne pepper and it was astoundingly good.

Bettina Network Foundation, inc. announces the addition of a project which is sorely needed in this world!

February 13th, 2022

                                                        Much has been made of the push to pass the Voting Rights Bill.  We think a larger push needs to be made over real estate and over how venture capitalists have used their money and other resources to infect this society with extreme racism.

The issue in voting rights centers around redistricting.  This is the work which many take on to make sure their group has the edge over another group in voting before anyone shows up to vote.         

If we work to remove the core – the root – the life of White Nationalism, maybe we can take away the sustenance of the extreme bigotry we are facing which is today and has always infected the right of many Americans to vote. 

We need to look at this in two parts: Real Estate and Venture Capitalists. Those are the two parts which make up this project:

Real Estate – Part One of the Project.

We are asking real estate companies to sign a pledge that they will make their listings known to all. Today, listings are known in particular stratified segregated communities consisting of whites or blacks or browns, or etc.

When one looks at this society let us look at white neighborhoods . They was created as the structure in which we all live because such areas lead to white schools – white churches white friendship groups – white social clubs, substantial futures and opportunities for white children living in these neighborhoods.  

They are the living arrangements in these United States where an investment in real estate – even your private home – would today be worth 100 to 500% more than what you invested.  Those are, of course, white-Americanized -Northern-European neighborhoods where everything is kept under tight control. Banks have redlined; racism prevails; neighbors make it difficult to impossible for non-whites to live in those neighborhoods and so much more. Real estate brokers help to institutionalize this living arrangement as they pay attention to some, ignore others, choose which leads to follow and which to ignore.

In other neighborhoods we may see some appreciation in value, but not of the magnitude described above.  A modest increase.  

And then there are the African American neighborhoods where your home may only be worth a fraction of what you paid even when other homes, sometimes within a few blocks of your home or other real estate, are sky rocketing.    Mostly, however, in the minority neighborhoods the value of homes goes down from when you first purchased.

Going along with that,  schools are guaranteed, in the white northern european neighborhoods, to provide the children of those living in those neighborhoods with a very good education in beautiful buildings equipped with as much as can be put into those buildings.  Even in 2022 you will not receive mortgages to purchase homes in these Americanized-Northern-European neighborhoods. If you do slip through there are ways this society uses to make sure such people are moved out of those neighborhoods and generally in some very crude ways.

As a society, we have spent blood, sweat, tears and tons of money to maintain this structure and it is way past the time to dismantle it.  

We passed a voting rights bill decades ago, which today has been almost completely dismantled needing another such effort.  If your effort is spent working at the core of the problem  your time and resources will result in positive results beneficial to the entire society – including those trying to make sure it remains white and your results will be much longer lasting.

There are neighborhoods in these United States where an investment in real estate – even your private home – would today be worth 100 to 500% more than what you invested.  Those are, of course, white-Northern-European neighborhoods which patrol their neighborhoods making sure only those like them are allowed to purchase homes.

In other neighborhoods we may see some appreciation in value, but not of the magnitude described above.  A modest increase.  And then there are the African American neighborhoods where your home may only be worth a fraction of what you paid even when other homes, sometimes within a few blocks of your home or other real estate, are sky rocketing.   

As a society, we have spent blood, sweat, tears and tons of money to maintain this structure and it is way past the time to dismantle it.   One reason we have spent so much of ourselves maintaining this structure, one important reason, is power and control. When where a person lives is institutionalized to bring about political control and to dictate part of their ability to earn a substantial living and denigrate others living in lesser neighborhoods – that is the ultimate.

We passed a voting rights bill decades ago, which today has been almost completely dismantled needing another such effort.  If your effort is spent at the core of the problem  your time and resources will result in positive results more beneficial to the entire society – including those trying to make sure it remains white and your results will be much longer lasting.

 We are further asking real estate companies to advertise more broadly. Media is ghettoized so their outlets will have to step out and step up to the challenge of making sure their real estate listings are seen across the entire spectrum of race, creed, color, culture, religious, sexual preference and so much more.

This will put realtors on the front line of change. That is as it should be since their ancestors – those who went before – were on that front line making sure neighborhoods were strictly segregated. The advantage the realtors will have will come from their businesses appreciating dramatically and they benefitting personally and through their businesses.

We are asking the media to step up and step out. Different media outlets cater to very different groups of people.  We are asking the media to become adept at making their real estate listings known across the board.  Initially, that might be a problem.  Lack of know-how will make the first steps fraught with distress, upheaval and more.  Why continue?  Over time that will be an advantage to bring in more commissions to the realtors as their results will be judged by new criteria. And to bring in more income across the board to the media.

We are asking civil rights groups to add a real estate component to what they do.

Once upon a time civil rights groups worked in real estate areas. They brought suit against particular real estate owners for not selling nor renting to minorities. That has either disappeared or taken a back seat to other priorities and we can see the results as equality in voting has taken a dive and redistricting is coming up with no thought except that it will create and maintain separatism to produce the political power and control needed.

We will support those who take on living in neighborhoods which just might be hostile to them so the people making that move are supported.  We will support whites, blacks, latinx, asians, whoever needs that support.

Our research has shown some unbelievably imaginative and evil structures in place to maintain the racial, cultural, religious, etc. separation of people in these United States. We have uncovered several people who have been fired when they moved into the wrong neighborhood. It took a bit to discover that because no one thinks their firing has come from their choice of housing. We have seen people whose jobs were capped and downward pressure put on them so they have to move into ‘lesser’ neighborhoods.

We will develop programs to get this going to make sure we are able to break down the tall thick walls created from our need to be better than which separates us and makes us see the faults in others without seeing the part we played in creating those fault lines.

We do not want to make us one people, but to make sure we are well represented in many communities which  have been closed for generations.

We will be in touch with banks and other lending institutions to make sure they get the message and the “redlining”  and other forms of discrimination stops.  Financial Institutions have been very imaginative in how they attempt to tear down someone to force them out of a particular neighborhood. Our president, Marceline Donaldson, experienced heavy racism from her bank when one of the many things they did was to refuse to send her monthly statements of her account for over two years, in spite of many phone calls to the bank. The answer was always – “when you send us a new address we will restart your statements.” Her statements were not restarted until she went to the Banking Commission and then it still took time. These kinds of institutional racist activities are today alive and well, living in most American cities growing fat on the support such receives.  Which bank? Chase Bank in Boston, MA.

Those working within banks and other institutions are quite imaginative about how they go about such bigoted behavior. It is what they bring into the bank when they are hired from how they were raised, schooled, learned at their particular religious institutions and so much more. It becomes lethal when the bank accepts and defends such behavior. That is when it becomes institutional racism.

We will support the institutions which want to see all of this change and we will publicize and in many other ways make sure the institutions which continue to support the separation of people into pens based on color, race, religions etc. feel the ire of those trying to bring our lives together in more positive ways.

To make clear – We are not trying to bring about a society in which we are all the same.  We are trying to highlight and bring together actual “diversity” in our living locations, our living styles, our different cultures and religions so we can live better lives than we have been able to in the past.  

We and our ancestors – no matter who – have paid high prices to maintain this exclusivity based on color, race, religion, sexual orientation, culture and so much more.

It is time to acknowledge the roots of such and to pull up those roots replacing them with much better. Not only do we do this where we live, but we also do it where we eat, what we eat, where we worship, the names and trappings of the God we worship or the fact that we don’t believe in any God. Ever stood at the door of an elegant restaurant with a reservation watching others come in and be seated without reservations while you still stood? In elegant, northern, supposedly none bigoted locations?

The second part of this will be dealing with the bigotry in the billionaire/millionaire classes. We will especially look at those who are funding the bigotry we are seeing grow hugely. We will be looking at the Venture Capitalists and such groups who have used their assets to change this society into one which is becoming a more fascist – racist – sexist society, which they control and in some instances where they are attempting to create new facets to this society where their control-over is substantial .

We will be especially looking at this group to attempt to help rectify and return to others what they have stolen as these Venture Capitalists elbowed each other to steal the ideas and hard work of entrepreneurs developing great ideas into the billionaire business categories. These entrepreneurs were stopped because the Venture Capitalist groups wanted to fund the businesses, but not the people who developed them so the VC group resorted to theft. This kind of theft has been going on in these United States – with no stopping them – for decades. The numbers of people negatively affected are in the thousands. We have been researching and have discovered the beginnings of many such stolen businesses which today are into the top financial categories and which had their beginnings in the minority/female communities.

Join us.  You can join the Bettina Network Foundation, inc. by indicating your interest in board membership; involvement in different projects set up to bring about our goals; other committee grouping; and/or you can subscribe to Bettina Network Journal to keep up with what we are doing, thinking, achieving to keep this channel open for another day.

You can contribute money which is tax deductible – we are a 501(c)3 organization – you can give of your time to help others as we find those who ‘but for…’   Or let us know what other ways you feel your talents can be used.

Don’t let your geographical location stop you. We meet and work in different locations and we communicate and meet often by Zoom. (and/or a similar communication facilitator.)

Call us if you have suggestions, questions, or want to explore joining/working with us.

AND – please note the other projects we started which are moving ahead very successfully. They will still be a part of our work load. If you are more interested in working with one of these, please let us know.

Hopeful for the future

Marceline Donaldson, president Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett, vice president

Bettina Network Foundation, inc.

P. O. Box 380585

Cambridge, MA. 02238

617 497 9166

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TRUMP – McCarthyism – KENNEDY (And let us not forget Putin)

January 25th, 2022

Finally, things are coming to a place where the spotlight is shining and uncovering many corners previously hidden because they were covered with cobwebs and dust.

These United States have been recently flirting with turning against its minority citizens a la the Holocaust for some time. One thing is clear – you can tell what Trump and Company are thinking and planning because they project their stuff onto others.

Certainly, historically, we have been in a league that could put the Holocaust to shame. Slavery puts the Holocaust to shame as does the way Native Americans were treated, killed, persecuted and still are. Morphing slavery into Jim Crow racism as the Industrial Revolution made maintaining slavery too expensive. and on and on and on.

So now we have the modern version out in the open. Look out Roe v Wade, it was an oversight that you got through. Power up Brown v Board of education, are you next? Wow Plessy – your days look numbered. You are in the shadows now, but you will soon get more public coverage as the movement grows to get rid of our slips which let such Supreme Court decisions happen and we move into a new form of the old bigotry that has prevailed and was allowed to make decisions which now have us facing climate problems and all the rest. Certainly, the depravity which created such systems cannot make decisions which would have brought us other than the mess in which we now find ourselves.

Power, Greed, Insecurity, ………. showing up in our political discourse, – with the anti-vaxxers who are simply the new disguise of those whose ancestors created our history. Instead of fighting for all the things this United States is supposed to stand for, they have had us defending why it should stand for such things and not for the dregs and destructiveness they want to bring into being and in many ways have succeeded;. Isn’t the big clock nearing midnight. Aren’t some of our scientists telling us it is too late because of the way we have made and carried out decisions that are harmful to everyone?

Bettina Network Foundation, inc. has taken on trying to help all of us move from persecuting and oppressing the elderly in this society to taking advantage of the wisdom that same group has collected just by living, because it is clear we are moving fast to oppress the elderly, to take away the generational wealth of minority elderly and more.

How are we doing that?

Let’s start with vaccinations. It is a fact, seldom noticed in the main media that an African American woman headed the task force which developed Moderna and a Jewish man headed the same which developed the Pfizer vaccine. Looking at those facts is there any doubt as to the roots of this anti-vax movement? This was tailor-made for those who grift on bigotry and see it as a way to achieve power and wealth.

Break-down the beliefs of those anti-vaxxers and you will find bigotry seething not even just under the surface, but in your face. A projection of what they think minorities will do to them if they somehow achieve equality and independence after what they have done to minorities. – To develop a drug injected into your arm to control and destroy whites around the world is not out of the ability of today’s bigots to believe.

And – as the media talks about the anti-vaxxers and interviews them for publication we never ever bring up bigotry.

Robert Kennedy, Jr. just broke that rule and crossed over allowing others to follow and there will come the flood

To understand Robert Kennedy Jr. we need to take a close look at his family and background. What was the environment in which he grew up and how has he come to this point? He has popped up in this discussion the same way his father popped up as a liberal in politics after having been intricately and very recently involved with the extreme conservatives.

It is telling and into this at this point comes the elderly. Many of us are old enough to remember Joe mcCarthy and the damage to this society McCarthyism has done. We also remember Donald Trump sitting at the feet of McCarthy and his 1st and 2nd Lieutenants. Who would they be? We know one without even thinking because he has been mentioned often during Trump’s rise to power – Roy Cohn, a Jew. The second one who sat at McCarthy’s feet just as close to joseph McCarthy as was Roy Cohn – was Robert Kennedy. He was neither Jew nor other minority so his history has been hidden behind tall walls so we will forget.

When politics moved into a more liberal place, Robert Kennedy and almost the entire Kennedy family moved with it.

As Lyndon Johnson started his run for president his views were clearly in a more liberal place and his movement to attempt to ‘liberate’ African Americans was very publicly noted and who was moving with him in a run against him but “Bobbi” Kennedy.

When we look at Robert Kennedy, Jr. we are seeing him in a more complete picture, in the entirety of the family structure in which he was raised. One does not go from sitting next to Joseph McCarthy as his chief lawyer to supporting Martin Luther King, Jr. because you believe in what he is preaching rather than because you see the political gain if you give the appearance of believing because it is expedient.

In Robert Kennedy Jr.s position, you would also be more anti-semitic than you would be anti-black because that was the major bigotry circulating within your society and your family as you were being conceived and raised.

It is no surprise to see Kennedy on stage talking about the different vaccines, what they are really about in trying to control the society from his and his followers perspective and all the rest. This does not come out of left field with the rest of society shocked because of what we see coming from a Kennedy.

Likewise from Donald Trump and his followers. The major country along with the United States pulling up the rear in numbers of people vaccinated is Russia – a country mostly white. The country Trump is beholden to and has, apparently sold out the United States. Russia, the country now gathering its forces along the Ukraine border as we look and remember how prominent Ukraine was in the recent presidential campaign as Donald Trump attempted to use Ukraine to stop Biden. This is still fresh in our memories, but I have yet to hear any links to such in the media.

For Putin to be so deploying his forces in an attempt to scare and distract the world as he apparently tries to help Trump as Trump and his supporters get closer to facing serious jail time is something no one has said out loud.

Why would he be so helpful to Trump when Putin and Trump have shown their inability to loyalty to those who support and supported them? Hasn’t Donald Trump brought Putin within hours of achieving his goal of keeping democracies fighting for their survival. Hasn’t Donald Trump wrecked havoc in these United States using every negative thing he could use to do that? Hasn’t Donald Trump shown his love of and loyalty to Putin over the years before, during and after his political career? And hasn’t Trump shown Putin that even though out of office he has not stopped and will not stop moving towards their mutual goal? Doesn’t that give Putin reason for what he is doing? Doesn’t that rate at least a mention in all of the theories about what Putin is doing with his troops on the Ukraine border? Not in the U. S. main media.

Now put it all together!

The racism in the media which has kept most people from knowing the name Prof. Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett is operating on all levels and we need to acknowledge that and move to make changes.

When you get vaccinated and/or get your booster shot, the people - just about all of the nurses and their aides who are there to give you the shot and facilitate others doing the same have never heard of Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett and even if the name is vaguely present in their environment someplace - none connect Dr. Corbett, the discoverer of the Moderna vaccine with the work she has done.  Dr. Fauci is a household name, Dr. Corbett is not.  And who is the Jew who developed the Pfizer vaccine?  Can you name him just off the top of your head?  Can you wrack your brain to come up with even the fact that a Jew developed such?  Can you understand now why the group of right wing White Nationalists are so fixed on turning people away from the vaccines that work?

If they went directly at the problem they are trying to work around they would lose the battle.  If they do it with talk that most who are extreme racists and others understand, pick-up, don't repeat directly, but join the anti-vaxxer movement they succeed.  Doesn't that go along with this group of anti-vaxxers with the conspiracy theorists who tend to be extreme bigots trying to get society to use other vaccines, other medicines claiming they do the same thing only better and without the overhang of using something developed by those coloreds and jews?

It is time to come out front and up front with exactly what this is about or it will never go away and life becomes one of diversity, equality and more. And maybe that is the ultimate goal for those who claim to be liberals and those who make no claims other than those that will kill anything positive about those blacks, jews, immigrants, LGBTQ people and latina’s, asians, middle easterners and more – who share a skin color from black to brown.

As for me and mine!!!!!

Remove the Electoral College

Send Trump to jail for decades

Do the same for his followers – although one does realize why others try to put such people in camps that transform their thinking and acting – they are too numerous for anything else.

Expose the liberals who are flying under a false flag

There has always been a separation between those white liberals who are about promoting Socialism which we confuse with including moving to also destroy bigotry and those few white liberals who believe in and promote equality.

Remove people like Putin; take back the gold they have stored for themselves and and put Putin and those like him on a social-security-budget to live out the rest of their lives.

And so much more!

Beauty is in the upkeep!

January 6th, 2022

In this society, beauty is in what you spend and use to keep yourself looking “acceptable.” Lots of money spent and you can theoretically look “gorgeous,” especially if you spend some of that money with plastic surgeons, beauty spas, etc.

We are here to tell you that is not necessary to produce a “natural beauty” – which is bringing your looks to their highest possible state.

We have many beauty secrets which we receive from many of you and will share them as time goes by.

Today we share two –

  1. ALOE VERA GEL! Look at the ingredients in many of the cosmetics you buy and major amongst them will be Aloe Vera. It comes in a gel or whole leaf. We tried both and have been getting much advice from someone who has used this for years. Sometimes we prefer the gel, sometimes the whole leaf, it will have to be your choice.

The result from this incredible plant is amazing and, of course, when you purchase it, don’t buy anything other than “organically grown.”


As we tried it, two ways stand out – first thing in the morning upon arising or the last thing at night before going to bed or actually anytime you have a few minutes and can leave the aloe vera on your skin for at least 1/2 hour. We suggested the morning and night possibilities because we like to leave it on for hours. That may be unnecessary, but it satisfies us emotionally thinking something fantastic is happening over the hours we have on the aloe vera.

When ready to move on, rinse your face with warm water by cupping your hands together and splashing the water on your face at least 10 times. Pat your face dry and pour a bit of the gel into your cupped hands massaging it all over your face. Don’t forget your neck, which can begin to look rather scandalous as you age, if you don’t take care.

Massage the gel or whole leaf for a minute or two into your skin and then just walk away – let it dry.

We leave it on during the morning until ready to get dressed for the day and then we take a shower which takes off the aloe vera.

Once your face is dry you can apply —–

2) vitamin A – We like to use this by clipping a vitamin A capsule which is 25,000 units and rub that into your skin. When I use the vitamin A it takes two to three capsules to cover my face. I particularly rub it lightly around my eyes and believe I can see better after a week of such treatments. If you are not going out immediately, let the vitamin A stay on your skin. When ready to go out and face the public, rinse your face with cupped hands filled with warm water, but don’t splash all of the vitamin A off.

To keep from having an “oily” look as you run errands, have lunch or whatever your schedule, pour a bit of organic dry milk into your cupped hands and rub this over your face. Once rubbed in, wipe off the access with a towel and you are set for the day. Something good happens to my skin when I use that threesome.

To freshen up, simply splash water on your face. The way that freshens your look is amazing. The way it freshens your spirits – especially if you have taken a bathroom break after a meeting – is fabulous.

As you use the aloe, over time, you begin to look even better. Don’t expect great results overnight. Using organic products which are ‘real’ produces a gradual bringing back your natural beauty. I found that after about two weeks I saw stunning results. Although I did look fresh and elegant after only one application.

We described this for your face. It can also be used for your entire body as a once a month treatment after bathing.

If you can afford to have a professional massage using the aloe and vitamin A – even better.

Let us know your results –

A History of Segregated Housing – sort of!

January 3rd, 2022

by: Marceline Donaldson

and Rev. Dr. Robert A. Bennett

Segregated housing exists in these United States because the laws of the U. S. were very strong in insisting that blacks not be allowed to live in “white” neighborhoods. These are and were laws that were strongly and effectively enforced even into the 1960’s, 1970’s and beyond.

Today, we cover the fact that we have totally segregated neighborhoods by telling the lie over and over again that it is because blacks and other minorities are not able to afford to live in neighborhoods which are dubbed as white. That is as big a lie as has been told. It is one way structural racism is explained away so it can continue unabated. First comes the law and then as those laws are challenged and removed the structure remains in place because it is supported by universal fictions to maintain the separation of the races. In fact, neighborhoods are more segregated today than they were generations ago.

Structural/institutional racism is entrenched in these United States and shows no signs of giving way to a more equitable system. The legal structure put in place to keep slaves separate from their former masters has simply morphed into a culturally and societally and politically accepted set of rules which are, in actuality stronger than the laws. There were three white families living on my block as I grew up. What changed that was Eisenhower’s highway system which created ghettoes with all blacks living within and blacks not allowed to purchase homes without.

In New Orleans, one of those deep south cities with its share of black millionaires (unlike the more liberal north where there were none), an area known as “Sugar Hill” where blacks lived in beautiful homes was ripped through by Eisenhower’s genius idea, which had at its heart the maintenance of structural racism which was beginning to break in several areas. Ripped through by condemning some of the homes on “Sugar Hill” which were then torn down to make way for the new highway system.

North Claiborne Avenue had black and white owned businesses up and down the street. That also changed with this highway system into an all black area or white-absentee-owned businesses catering to blacks which are bars and funeral homes and little else with abandoned, junked cars where a boulevard of trees once stood.

All the creators of wealth in this country make sure blacks are not able to access those areas which create wealth and housing is at the top of the list.

A house in Roxbury, MA would appraise at more than ten times less than the identical house in the Back Bay, Beacon Hill or Harvard Square. If that is in the Brattle Street neighborhood of Harvard Square – where you will find only one or two blacks – it is more than 10 times less than and that in the shadow of Harvard University.

Proof of these laws and restrictions against blacks and other minorities living in certain areas of our American cities can be found all over the place – including in law courts. Legal documents had clauses in the deeds which said specifically that this home could not be sold to African Americans. Besides deeds having such restrictions, some areas – neighborhoods had legal restrictions against homes in those white neighborhoods being sold to blacks and other minorities.

Of the many ways blacks were oppressed with very limited abilities to accumulate wealth this is and was one of the largest and most widely used. The laws which maintained this limit on black wealth were sometimes viciously enforced.

Even into the 1960’s and beyond, if you lived in a white neighborhood and you were black you had to move into a black neighborhood. How did it happen that you were able to buy into a white neighborhood? You passed for white – you had white friends stand in for you so no one would know the house was being sold to blacks – and on and on the story goes.

We used to think realtors were responsible for this incredible separatism and segregation. Upon much research we discovered that was not true. It was the law.

As the segregation laws weakened, Blacks and other minorities began to be consigned more rigidly to particular areas and kept out of areas designated – albeit not in law or otherwise in writing – for whites only. Developers began to build homes in areas for blacks only – supposedly to form cohesive black communities which were and are considered ‘healthier’ places to raise children.

Those areas so designated as “white” are areas in which wealth via property ownership was very profitable. Homes purchased in those areas could increase in value dramatically and over a very short period of time. An African American family struggling to purchase a home in the areas informally designated as for blacks only generally struggled to pay off the mortgage and would have less equity at the end of paying off the mortgage than they had when they purchased the home. And this is not limited to the past. That structural racism still exists today in these United States.

As lawyers went to Court to knock down these laws, the cultural, societal and political change began to come to maintain the same structural racism formerly and formally protected by those laws. As the laws dropped, white society converted this legal separation into one maintained by lies.

Today, we have Donald Trump and his people promulgating many lies which shock us when we hear such blatancy. What we do not admit to or hold up to learn from is that we have a historical structure from which this group has patterned itself probably because the lies of the past and into the present which are told to maintain a racist structure worked and work and have prolonged the life of that system by many decades. The lies told as our American Society changed over from being structured as a racist society by laws into one maintaining the structural racism set down by laws into one set in stone by lies.

Lies maintained and promulgated by the entire society without connecting the history which would have turned a bright light onto those lies showing the truth and what those lies were intended to and did create.

A very prevalent lie still told is that Blacks lived and live in “less than” neighborhoods because they could not afford to buy homes in white neighborhoods. Banks cooperated by red-lining and using other means, such as charging blacks exorbitant interest rates or forcing blacks and other minorities to get mortgages from institutions which preyed on them and waited for them to realize they were not getting anything better from the standard, acceptable banking institutions. This is one way blacks and other minorities were told they could not afford those neighborhoods deemed for whites only. In actual fact, blacks could not afford to live in those neighborhoods because generally they had to pay several hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of dollars monthly above that paid by whites for the same mortgage. Structural Racism. What they also were not told is that their credit worthiness had and has to be way above that expected from whites to whom larger mortgages and other credit instruments would be given.

The “for whites only” signs are no longer written into the deeds and maintained by the laws. They are far more effectively maintained. The institutions having to do with real estate – banks, insurance companies, real estate sales companies keep the lines of demarcation. They keep the structurally racist neighborhood configurations which also maintain racist schools; grocery stores; beauty salons; and so much more by lies structured into and accepted by this society. Ordinary services which whites have routinely and affordably have access to in white only neighborhoods were and are not available in black neighborhoods. The reasons for the lack of such in black neighborhoods were and are laid at the feet of the black victims in those neighborhoods who were and are scammed out of a decent living for which they worked hard. The lies so told very effectively structured into the system a “better than” education for whites in the white only neighborhoods and inferior to negative educational opportunities for the blacks and other minorities who were paying for the white only educational opportunities through their taxes. Diminished vocational opportunities were and are done through closing jobs to blacks and other minorities which were and are then only available to less qualified whites. Not having control of the way their taxes were and are used they had no control over the way their taxes are still used to subsidize such white only opportunities which permeates throughout this society and was justified by the lies describing blacks and other minorities as “less than” therefore not qualified for such higher levels of accomplishment and not worthy of monies being spent attempting to better their lot because their laziness and inability to further their lives and families does not justify the expenditure.

It is no secret that even labor unions were and some still are closed to blacks and other minorities and many jobs are available only to those with union membership. The examples are infinite.

When it was determined that the family living in a white neighborhood in Los Angeles were really black and only “passing” they – the whites in the family as well as the passæ blanc’s had to pack up and move. In many such cases either you moved or the police came along with court papers and they moved you not taking much care as to how your belongings were treated. The more upscale the neighborhood the more likely you would be immediately and quietly removed – for breaking the law. Since most didn’t want to face jail, they moved, eliminating the need for further legal interference.

Today, that can’t be done by law, however, it still exists. The kind of problems blacks and other minorities face living in white only neighborhoods are only limited by the imagination and resources of the whites who are threatened by the black and other minorities living in “their” neighborhoods.

Today, we try to make the case that the banks are responsible because of their horrible racist real estate lending practices which decree you will have a difficult to impossible time trying to get a mortgage in these white only areas. Banks, however, are only re-enforcing what has existed from the beginning. That does not justify their current practices – which are put in place because it is illegal to write into deeds the elimination of African Americans from being able to buy certain houses. In these cases it is not the law decreeing separate and unequal, it is the society re-enforcing and making possible the same results that would have come from those laws. Today’s institutional practices enforce such law through lies.

Cities – like the City of Cambridge – get involved by the way they handle real estate taxes and other issues around African Americans to insure in very polite under-the-radar ways their city remains strongly segregated and they have succeeded.

We cite Cambridge because some claim it is only those “unintelligent” blue collar and other such people without a Harvard, MIT, etc. education who do this. Some of the most racist real estate acts have happened in the shadow of these schools.

We, the Donaldson-Bennett’s, are an example of such. Living in an area for 39 years, not one African American family has purchased a home in that area since we moved in. Many people thought our home was owned by Harvard. it is the only way they could accept our living in this neighborhood. When we put our home up for sale because we were just tired of what we had been experiencing for some 38 plus years, we had visits from neighbors who questioned our right to sell a house they claimed we did not own – that Harvard owned. We live in a home appraising at approximately $5 million on which we owe not even a tenth of that. To get the mortgage we now hold, we had to pay some 6% interest in an era when 2 and 3% interest was normal.

This is a study in extreme racism. We have all of the current requirements for success – a Harvard doctorate (PhD), Harvard Business School, Boston University Masters, etc. etc. etc. But we lack the whiteness required by this neighborhood and those who hold up living in this neighborhood as proof of their superiority. It has been quite a ride.

The last time we put our house up for sale, the Wall Street Journal published some unbelievable letters describing the house we were selling. Those letters are republished in this article.

We think it was no coincidence that the problems we had with the police coming to our home trying to shove Robert into a psych ward for no reason and when that didn’t work trying to accuse Marceline of abusing the man she has been successfully married to for 37 years – also with no proof – and moving on to the Probate Court system blatantly denying us of any and all legal rights, winding up with MGH draining our insurance of almost $200,000 with no medical reasons for having done so and with MGH knowing they had no medical reason for such and knowingly allowing physicians to force Robert to take medicines he did not want such as anti-psychotics which is something that violates the laws of Massachusetts plus so much more – we believe what happened to us is criminal. Our choice is to spend the last years of our lives in court fighting this or to let it go. We haven’t yet decided which road to take, especially since the attorney we hired was more interested in her political future than the case she took and did nothing about except concentrate on how to sell us out, but told us all the stories of what she was doing and going to do working along with Attorney Sullivan who never materialized, but is working hard for Weinstein – an accused abuser and assaulter of women. It is viciously bizarre. But then also bizarre is an African American couple having gained wealth into seven figures through the purchase of their home in an all white ‘closed’ neighborhood. The harassment visited on us for all of the years we have lived in this home defies belief.

In California, adjacent to areas selling into the millions which were selling in the hundreds of thousands just 20 years ago, African Americans are finding their beautiful suburban area homes newly built some 20 years ago and sold to mostly professional blacks and adjacent to those homes for whites only with their substantial increase in value, are now selling for half of their purchase price. What makes that difference? The quality of the homes are the same. The neighborhoods are still beautiful. What caused that difference where blacks who sell today have to take a 50% drop in their wealth while whites in the same general neighborhood and over the same time frame have seen a 150% and more jump in their wealth? Structural Racism.

What do we conclude?

Generational wealth needs to be put front and center because as blacks and other minorities gain in financial strength and are super concerned about leaving wealth to their children for their benefit, that generational wealth is being taken by others to make sure that potential increase of strength amongst blacks and other minorities is destroyed before it can work its magic. Millions have been lost and more about to be put through the shredder.

The minority elderly are being abused to take away their wealth making sure it does not move on to the next generation for which it was intended. Structures are being put into place swiftly to aid and abet that and we are all ignorant to that fact. We are blinded by what we do not want to see or acknowledge as true.

On the bones of that racist real estate structure deep seated in these United States rests the segregated educational system; the jobs structure; the social structure leading to the cultural foundation which rests on and will continue as a white northern European Racist Christian culture kept in place through the lies that have been told and accepted across generations.

As blacks and other minorities achieve, lies develop to block that achievement and postpone any possibility of equality surfacing in this society for many more years to come. AND did anyone think the achievements of the last Civil Rights Movement would be challenged and turned back?

And where do you stand? White? Are you activist or do you see your future in acceptance and quiet help to promote the lies so you and yours will have an easier time in this life raping others for your own advantage. Blacks and other minorities? Acceptance because something is better than nothing and you were raised on “go along to get along” and life will be easier. Not worrying about what has been taken away from you, but living on what others have torn away from white society which you can sit quietly by expecting whites to appear to tear such away from them to give to you as the exceptional minority who they can control who will help them promote and spread the lies? Today’s version of Step-in’ Fletcher?

When Big Brother Is Your Boss – The Workers Perspective – an IBM Memory

December 17th, 2021

by Ann Haeyoung

A newsletter which comes out regularly about many things – mostly Union issues.

This one – recently circulated – reports on Marceline Donaldson’s activities trying to unionize IBM in the 1970’s.

There are other issues just as interesting and we recommend this newsletter to you – put out by the Tech Workers Coalition. Within the newsletter are ways to subscribe.

Did you read the one about how a New Orleans Social Group (the Original Illinois Club) which has yearly debutante balls and a bit of Union history is involved. We don’t want to spoil it for you so you can read this one to get the facts.

Marceline’s mother was presented to New Orleans Society in 1936 as a debutante at that year’s Original Illinois Ball and she was queen of the ball. Her grandfather was president also in 1936 and was ecstatic to introduce his daughter to New Orleans society. Her grandmother, Marceline Bucksell Taylor was the modiste for the OIC for decades, designing and making the gowns, page costumes and many of the formal outfits for those in attendance.

The Union connection is fascinating, especially when you fast forward to the 1970’s with this IBM connection. It is the amazing coming together of high society and unions. A fascinating bit of history which not many people know about, probably because they want to maintain deniability.

For Equality to Surge Worldwide – Royalty Worldwide must step-down!

December 17th, 2021

The United States is being strangled by its inability to move away from the need to be “better than”. It shows up in every thing we do. It shows up in our identity. It shows up in even the little things. There is that very ugly push to which we respond with a verbal denial if questioned.

However, so is the rest of the world. In many different ways money, power, status, birthright and more are totally institutionalized. Groups fight for ascendancy. One group wants “better than” to remain and to be more defined using violence and anything else needed to maintain. Another group fights constantly for civil rights – equality and diversity are seen by them as the goal. They fight for the right for everyone to be “free and equal”.

Racism, bigotry, the “better than” sickness pervades everything and has not been removable for hundreds of years.

There had to be a “better than” mentality for slavery to develop. There had to be a “better than” mentality for colonialism to thrive and keep so many in bondage for so long.

What has been the one through line which created, maintained and justified one person better than another; one group better than another; one country better than another; one family better than another? Where did we get the example to follow and the group to look up to? How is that maintained in our society today?

That through line starts and ends with royalty. Every organization in which we work, grow, expand, use to attempt to solve humanities problems is patterned after “royalty.” – the Royal Family is the prototype for oppression and the oppressor which pervades all of our lives. We find ourselves someplace in the triangle with “royalty” at the top.

Once upon a time we had monarchies all over the world – even extending back a few thousand years to the Egyptians. African countries had kings and queens. The Chinese had Emperors. Some countries still have their monarchies to which we must pay obeisance. There is a particular way to address royalty. One must not touch royalty in some countries. One must curtsy to royalty to show ones inferiority to them. All of which we accept – act on – and don’t give another thought to how that has made all of our lives horrendous.

An entire industry is forming around Meaghan Markle because she brought African Americans into the royal family in England and had children who are now “royals” and black. The hatred being dumped on her is unbelievable that human beings could be so crude. English royalty – white by definition – has been sullied by these African American children. Is the definition of black still – 2% black means you are black? Once upon a time, not too long ago in America – if you were living in a “white” neighborhood and were found to have even 2% black you had to pack up and move out of that neighborhood. So now we have people arguing back and forth about how Meaghan’s children are not “royals.”

The English Royal Family has brought untold suffering into the world, which we try to ignore and which Americans act as though they are above the fray, but when you look at those who came to settle these United States and who brought their way of being with them you can see the hangover from the royal dynasties from which they have come.

It is time for us to give up this play and face the world with courage, morality, freedom of spirit where we are all created equal with our individual quirks, sometimes called our shared humanity.

Isn’t it time for us to move past this into a world full of real love. We can’t even talk about love without sex sneaking in. Can’t we walk away from and drop the chains we have put on ourselves into a better life which is the one God really intended? The United States is suffering because of Donald Trump who wants to be king – over all, but in reality his spirit is so shrunken and imbued with evil you can hear and see it as though it is a foul cloud surrounding him. And we have Jeff Bezos who sees himself on the good side, but who wants to be emperor of the world and is moving to take all the assets of the world into his own sphere of living robbing the rest of us of much we would have if he did not strip away the billions he is doing daily. And there are more – the Gates of the world who was beholden to IBM for his fortune – and the Elton Musks and so many more. All feeling justified in what they are doing to this world and acting and living as though they were royalty. The pattern is set and used many times over.

Love is the answer. Finding it is almost impossible. We have been so infected with the sting of royalty we have conflated love and sex and most can’t seem to experience love without sex intervening. Isn’t that what royalty brings to us and has brought into this world? What did it mean when conflating love and sex was institutionalized by royalty to the extent of having a group of lesser royals gather around the bed to watch when the “top royals” were having sex?” That is no longer true, but it was true long enough to have the love/sex connection structured into societies that followed.

Christians have been trying to live the Gospel and understand what it means to say God is Love! We get that so confused we have even taken the saints and clothed them in crowns of diamonds, rubies and all of the rocks in the world to which we have given value.

We are so caught up in the royalty figures we have set up to worship we have projected God, the angels, the people who have died, onto the sky all dressed in incredible rainmnent that we wish we had on earth to wear and put different kinds of crowns on their heads depending upon the status we have given them in the “Heavenly Royal Family.”

It is time for royalty to abdicate and become man and woman made in the image of God. Those we acknowledge as royalty with all the trimmings and those who have acknowledged themselves as royalty and are busy acquiring all the trimmings to make themselves over in the image of royalty must take another look at their “contribution” to society and their ancestors distortion of what once was God’s amazing gift.

Jessye Norman – A Christmas Story!

December 14th, 2021

Ms. Norman lost her life – this is what we lost!

What happens to African American women? You say it is “accidental” – we say it is institutional racism, so embedded in this society we accept and don’t even know what has happened to most of our best and greatest talents. We just go on with our lives as though this had nothing to do with us. Us who? Us white, blacks, latina’s, LGBTQ, trans, Asians, American Indians and the list goes on of those who have been destroyed.

She went to the hospital in England following this concert in an attempt to control the pain she was in. She never walked or sang again. This is the last time we heard her voice and who lost? She spent the last four years of her life in misery – not able to enjoy her own home, but had to live in an apartment in New York because of this surgery.

So much goes on in this world which we accept and move on. Mostly, we live in ignorance. It is time for that to stop and constant action against such needs to be the way of the world. It is the only way we will find peace and live in a world full of God’s love. She and her talent were a true gift of God to this world. The loss of that gift, her talent, and her right to a better end to her life was done by man’s inhumanity to man, by greed and so much more negativity which we accept and justify when the denials come with fortunes spent to justify the denial and continue their right to practice bigotry, inflict pain, the ugliness, destroy beauty and continue on.

There was no attempt to make Jessye Norman whole – the effort, money, time was spent in the denial – self-justification and so much more creating a painful end to her life and the continuation of attempting to attain justice for Jessie by her family.

What a different ending this could have been. Reach out to make whole the person or persons or group you attempted to use as a stepping stone to your own better fortune. That has not happened here and almost never happens in our society which is busy creating billionaires who use their billions to destroy the life, love, happiness, wholesome lifestyle of the many.

God forgive!

Structural Racism/Rittenhouse/Blacks & Jews

November 22nd, 2021

by: Marceline Donaldson

A huge topic and we will not even skim the surface.

Racism, when it has become “structured” into a society and into its institutions, is a very complex thing. We like to think it is an “unfortunate incident” which happened because the person to whom it happened was complicit in some way. It is not. Every action you take is governed by the bigotry structured into the society in which you live which has successfully structured that bigotry into every core and every cell of its existence. The experience of bigotry is not a one time experience. It is all day everyday for those who are the “minority.” It is also an all day everyday experience for those who are “white.” Their lives move ahead beyond their talents and contributions to this society because of the fact that they are in the “better than” group.

Step out of your house and it starts. Stay in your house where bigotry wafts in with the very air you breathe – it is constantly ongoing and just as constantly denied. Bigotry happens – denial follows and is given credibility.

The United States has much to deal with to become the society it claims to be and the main thing is its bigotry which was installed at its beginnings with the way American Indians were treated and with slavery.

The Rittenhouse case deals mainly with the structural/institutional racism of the Court system. It has been a showcase for all to see how this structural racism works – how and why it was set up – what is to be gained by the “better than” group through the existence of institutional racism.

My background and growing up years is totally intertwined with what happened in the Courts and with what happened on the streets which came before today’s Court system. This “street happening” brings to the forefront the relationship between Blacks and Jews – which is fraught with much bigotry itself and so much more.

What didn’t come out to the general public, until after the verdict is that the men killed were Jews. They were characterized and described as “white.” That is far from the truth. Maybe it is my age, but I remember when Jews were as ostracized as blacks and when the “n” word was applied and Jews were called that and worse – all names most blacks would know and recognize. It is thought today that those words applied only to Blacks. Blacks were and are called “nigg…”. They are not the only group so called by the Northern European-ancestry group. It is spread around to the rest of the world encouraging it to pick up and use those names. East Indians are another group to whom the “n” word was applied, especially when England colonized their country.

Let me give you an example of black/jewish relationships and what happens in these United States – from my own background:

Way back when I was a young child my grandfather used to bring me regularly to #1 Audubon Place in New Orleans when he picked me up (grandparents visiting rights) and he had business with Sam Zemurray or just went to visit. I loved the house. I especially loved the dining room with its spanish feel and walking through the wrought iron decorative gates into the dining room.

My grandfather would announce his appearance by calling out to the cooks to put water in the soup because O.C.W. had arrived. Everyone thought that was funny. I also spent many a summer’s day at the Zemurray home outside of New Orleans. A kind of life I loved and embraced quickly. When we arrived, my grandfather was there to visit with Sam Zemurray and someone working on the estate was called to take care of me. Mostly that meant taking me out in a canoe on a pond from which we could see people walking around in the distance which I was told was to admire the azalea garden open to the public. I never did see that azalea garden, but I saw pieces of it because whenever a shipment of azaleas arrived at the Zemurray estate my grandfather was called and we went out to pick up the latest truly beautiful plant for his garden. Before he died my grandfather had an exquisite azalea garden in his front and back yards all from those shipments.

Other times, we went to one or the other Zemurray estate because my grandfather, with his Columbia University education, tutored two of the Zemurray children. My grandmother was a regular visitor with her skills put to use and my mother was named Doris Taylor after Doris Zemurray – Sam Zemurrays’ daughter.

It is a long involved story which needs to be told in full because it shows the beginnings of a corporation which today is dumped on because of how it developed. The story of its Black/Jewish start is nowhere to be found. That has been “whitewashed.” Could that be the history those in control wanted to hide and wound up instead with a company considered “inhumane” by others?

My great-grandfather was an Episcopal priest. He was the Rev. Dr. David Franklin Taylor. There was a strong connection between one Jewish family and one Black family way back when. My great-grandfather was a close friend of “old man”Zemurray”, the founder of United Fruit. A company which today has a horrendous reputation including in the fields of racism and more. Back then it was clear and uncontroverted that the company was founded by a Jew, but grew because of this alliance between this one Black family and this one Jewish family.

“old man” Zemurray, as he was called then, founded United Fruit by going to the docks in New Orleans with an ice cream-type push cart. The kind that would appear in most neighborhoods with the man pushing the ice cream cart jingling his bells and calling out for the children to hear and they came running with their nickels and dimes to buy ice cream.

In New Orleans there was more than one kind of such push cart. Hot tamales were sold on the street in the same way. As I recall, a dozen hot tamales from such a cart cost 45 cents.

In New Orleans, “old man Zemurray” had such a cart full of ripe bananas he picked up from the docks and some given to him by those on the ships that came into the docks. They could not be sold to the stores, for which the other bananas were sent because they were ripe and they would be black by the time they reached the stores for which they were intended. Zemurray’s business grew rapidly. He had a business selling a product for which he paid nothing. So very quickly, he went from the push cart selling bananas on the street, which is how he started United Fruit, to a business hiring employees mostly from Honduras.

Mr. Zemurray’s problems grew with his business, as happens to most who start new businesses. His were mostly personnel related. The people who came to the United States to work at United Fruit came from Honduras and had a very different culture, a different way of living and that began to cause major problems. My great-grandfather was the priest/rector of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church (a part of the Anglican communion). Most, if not all of those from Honduras were members of that Anglican communion and so Rev. Dr. Taylor and Mr. Zemurray formed an alliance beyond friendship into business. Rev. Taylor would work with the people United Fruit employed to help them acclimate to this American culture and Mr. Zemurray was then free to dramatically grow his business.

Today, United Fruit is a huge corporation, but that Black/Jewish beginning is almost lost in history. In today’s world it would be seen very differently from what it actually was. It was beginning to lose that history when I was growing up because Jews were beginning to call themselves “white” and the general U. S. society could not see such an alliance and friendship as one amongst equals as existed between the man who founded United Fruit and the man who was responsible for a serious part of its early growth. When I was a small child, the stories and the talk were about how United Fruit would not have existed or grown as it did without the friendship and working together of those two men – the Jew and the Black. Back then Jews were not hired to work regular jobs. In fact, it is within my lifetime that banks went from hiring no Jews to now hiring Jews for jobs up and down the bank ladder. Jews back then had to either start their own company or find some other independent way to make a living. That is what Mr. Zemurray was doing. Looking back into that history from today, it is easy to re-write it so that its real beginnings are “cleaned-up”.

When I became an adult the relationship between Blacks and Jews remained, but had changed. There were many Jews around Martin Luther King and the black civil rights movement. They were there because they were experiencing bigotry because of their Jewishness; they were struggling to overcome the “n” word and all that it implied; and they were fighting for the freedom and equality of both groups. In many places where you had to fill out forms, it was clear that Jews could not fill out and check “white’ as many do today.

All throughout the Jewish community in this country and abroad there was that alliance. Sadly, it has substantially diminished because many Jews see themselves as a part of the Northern European-ancestry group and discriminate against Blacks the same way they do.

Before we get too ‘sanctified’ I think I need to point out here that there are many Blacks who have taken the same route. The more money the more they feel “different from” those with the same skin tones and the more justified they feel in doing to other blacks what was done to them and/or their ancestors.

What the Rittenhouse case surfaced is the fact that there are still many Jews working in civil rights groups with Blacks to gain equality for both groups and so the two Jews who were killed by Rittenhouse. They were not bystanders they were participants in a movement which they and their families saw as important. They had been trained, apparently, as children not to be bystanders to benefit from the sacrifice of others, but to be participants in bringing about a world where we all enjoyed equality and took responsibility for each other.

The Court system in this country, from the smallest court to the United States Supreme Court, has grown from its beginnings to where it is today, laced with bigotry and put in place to maintain the superiority of the Northern European-ancestry male, especially over the slave.

One need look no further than the Plessy decision at the end of the 19th century which brought into being “separate but equal” as a doctrine we have had to live by and which continued and put in stone the separation of the races with non-‘white’, none Northern-European-ancestry people as those who had to be controlled and kept in an inferior place. When society could no longer keep those inequalities then the Court stepped in to make sure white was also “better than”, “superior to”, and all those other terms by which we have lived almost from day one of this country’s founding.

Brown vs the Board of Education came along and reversed the Plessy decision and we all rejoiced. However, the rejoicing became muted as we saw what that meant institutionally/structurally.

An integrated educational system has never been a reality, in spite of the Brown decision. Real estate interests, amongst others, were employed to keep that from happening. Even today, separate neighborhoods and thus segregated schools are the norm – which is one way we found around the Brown decision. What did happen was the promotion of a group called the Black Muslims or Nation of Islam which promoted the Jews as evil and tried to promote Blacks as “better than.”

The real “better than” people allowed and promoted such groups because they would cause the split between Blacks and Jews that this Northern European-ancestry group had been trying to bring about, but couldn’t because of the long history of such cooperation. They did manage to do a great deal of harm to that relationship and did help to spin a tale, even though not true. It put a lid on real equality for generations to come.

Jews didn’t help because many tried to move into the “better than” group and did everything they could to hide and move ahead without their Jewish identity showing.

The one place it was clear the “better than” people could not lose was the Court system. Lots has been happening in this Court system under our noses and we are just now awakening to the damage done. The “better than” group has been able to structure into its system what is needed to maintain bigotry. The loudest verdict so far is the Rittenhouse verdict, but more is coming. The Republican Party has focused intensely on “stacking” the Court with judges who would maintain a system of inequality where they and those like them would always win and the others would increasingly be denied their rights.

The judge, the defense attorneys, the prosecution all worked together like a well oiled machine – set up from the start of slavery and has just been given an overhaul after the shock of the general voting public having elected an African American president. It is clear the concern before that was not as strong as it is today. Not even looking at the fact that the general population in this country is now about to turn majority-minority. That was true in the south during Reconstruction. There were blacks elected to Congress, to their state legislatures and in all areas of the south. That was not so true of the north. The majority of citizens in the south were black and mostly former slaves.

Violence raises its head quite high today – as it did when there was a threat of African Americans gaining equality. The huge threat in Tulsa-Black Wall Street – brought the ancestors of those who are the white terrorists of today out to kill Blacks who seemed to be gaining equality and in fact, had achieved more than they and/or their families had achieved in terms of education and finance.

Today that is also beginning to be true as you look around at the condition of today’s minorities and so we are attacking and attempting to eliminate generational wealth of minorities, health, property and more of those considered “less than” and we are doing it through a corrupted Court system.

Take a close look at your Courts. Many incorporate a mafia where all else fails. In Massachusetts who was head of the Court system? Whitey Bulger’s brother. The problems we are facing in the Courts in these United States are much larger than we will talk about, write about or attempt to rectify.


Wild Caught Salmon dip/spread

October 10th, 2021

A great taste. You can use either freshly caught salmon or canned wild pink salmon. We keep a couple cans for unexpected guests. You always have a great dish/spread to serve.

Using the canned salmon:

Empty any liquid in the can

empty the salmon into a bowl for mixing

add organic mayonnaise, honey mustard, salt to taste, turmeric, dill weed and mix thoroughly.

Serve either in individual salad plates if it is to be a part of a meal


serve on a platter in a half-sphere on a bed of lettuce with wonderful organic cracker around the plate.


serve on a platter as above, but put the crackers on another plate

This takes less than five minutes to produce and tastes wonderful


of course

everything should be organic – the taste changes if it is not.

To make with freshly caught salmon – vary the amounts of ingredients by how much salmon you are using – follow the procedure above.

To make a half-sphere – use a bowl about the size you think you need – put the salmon spread in the bowl – press it down and then upturn the bowl so the flat side of the salmon comes out onto the lettuce plate. It is probably easier, however, to shape the salmon once you turn it out onto the lettuce plate.

Danforth and Thiel have What in common?

October 8th, 2021

The more we research the more unbelievable it all becomes. Maybe we are naive with expectations we should dump. Maybe the world needs to stop idolizing white male northern-europeans-ancestry people and start over again including everyone in decisions, actions, all to advance better living for everyone. It is really tiring to see generation after generation making the same mistakes.

We have been digging to try to understand what is going on with the Republican Party. Why has it become so extremely racist/sexist/add all the other minorities, but waffle a bit on homophobic. That was our first clue as we followed the money. – who could cause that? John Thiel?

We were taught early on that when it comes to politics and trying to understand the underlying dynamics – follow the money. We’ve never really believed that because it is difficult to actually believe the people you know and want to respect make their decisions; take their stands; argue for hours, days, months for something, not because they believe in what they are saying, defending, promoting, but because it will bring big dollars into their bank accounts.

It is time to believe that and stop blocking our thoughts by giving everyone the benefit of the doubt.

We’ve known about former Senator Danforth and his backing of Clarence Thomas for quite some time. We have also known that he continued that kind of political machination to get Josh Hawley elected to the Senate. What we did not know was the involvement of John Thiel -lots of money John Thiel.

What we are also connecting is the influence John Thiel and his money have on those investing in the businesses which are and have become the billion dollar businesses – with their founding and hard work to develop the ideas done by and stolen from women and minorities to make sure young white males, mostly northern-european-ancestry-types, but also a small handful of males from other groups to keep the monied people in those outlying groups merging with his to control the world and Make America White Again. At least the Amazon founder is upfront with his need to become emperor of the world. John Thiel, one could say, roughly parallels the Wizard of Oz.

What we search for today is to know those who work with John Thiel to keep the world mostly white-male-northern-european-ancestry people.

Mr. Thiel apparently does have a lock politically on the Republican Party. The orange blow-hard at the top simply follows orders – from what we can tell.

While many of us look at Donald Trump as the one to whom Republican politicians are pledging their fealty, Donald Trump does not have the money to keep them loyal. Some have claimed it is Putin and Company. We are wondering if it is not John Thiel who is causing this mischief.

Many are looking today and worrying about what is and will happen to the women and children in Afghanistan. We are looking and worrying about what will happen to American women and children. We are seeing the same kind of crack down, happening in Afghanistan, coming to the women of America. Starting with the abortion issue and moving on from there to roll back the gains minorities and women have made including Brown v Board of Education.

Donald Trump’s slogan – “Make America Great Again” – which many believed was actually the public face of the real slogan which was and is “Make America White Again”. That slogan was stolen from Ronald Reagan and his time in politics and in political office. That was also a time when racism reared its ugly head and gains were rolled back. Strangely enough it was also used by Bill Clinton of “don’t ask don’t tell fame.”

One of our founders tells us how quickly the racism under the table surfaced when Reagan made his first run for office. She was Republican then and precinct chair in Wayzata, Minnesota – the area that was the bastion of some of Minnesota and the country’s elites. Into the meeting came all of these Texans – all new to the area. That would not have meant much to you then, but how much does it mean today when you see the damage Texas is trying to do to the civil rights of all the “wrong” people. The damage Texas is doing to “Make America White and Male Again.” We could go back even further in Texas’ racist history to bring up the story of the Texans who went to the prison camps and checked out a Nazi prisoner on a Sunday to take them to dinner. They were taken to restaurants which refused to serve African American soldiers unless they came around to the back door of the restaurant and didn’t eat inside, but in the yard outside with the garbage and other unhappy scenes, or left the area with their food to eat someplace else entirely.

When Marceline entered the room as precinct chair there was an audible gasp and the ugliness and racism that immediately surged was so obvious the natives experienced shock. Some of the Texans were newly working in Minnesota, some were there, not for jobs, but for the Republican Campaign to support Reagans candidacy.

Reagan was not elected during that precinct meeting, but Marceline was removed as precinct chair and Reagan was elected during the next such meeting four years later. The ground work was done in that precinct caucus – they just had to wait four years for their work to grow and spread itself across the country and it did.

All of that was supported by someone’s money. All of what is happening today around Trump and this Republican Party is being supported by someone’s money.

We are looking at John Thiel as the organizer of the money behind Trump. Et tu?

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