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A Reader Submits A Response!

Monday, August 23rd, 2021

I have been reading what has and is happening to Rev. Dr. Bennett and his wife. I knew them well enough to say hello, but that is about all. What I saw of them and was most impressed by – they were always helping someone steady their lives and move on. It was not a big deal and never involved a lot of money, from what I could see. They used their friends, acquaintances and strangers to help another human being get their lives on a better track.

This article is my way of trying to help them. Sometimes helping others understand is the best you can give to one another.

I am a black journalist. Having worked in several places, including Boston, it struck me that what has been true of Massachusetts for generations is still true, only being done in a different way – and – the African Americans being negatively affected are different people. Shame has kept those I knew from fighting back, they just wanted to crawl into a hole someplace and be quiet. Rev. Bennett and his wife are putting everything happening to them out in public. Kudos! May it ever be so for everyone and so the system will buckle and break and racism will be a thing of the past.

My family was very negatively affected during their time living in the Greater Boston area. There was always something blocking them; something making their lives difficult. It wasn’t until they moved and were able to look back did they realize and understand who and what was attacking them – and they were being attacked.

As a young person I didn’t understand that. As I have grown older and seen much more of the world and learned of the history of that part of the country, understanding has helped me and has majorly helped my family.

Massachusetts – especially the Greater Boston area – was a part of the country that did not allow African Americans to migrate and live within its borders unless you came “in service”. In other words, unless you were of the ‘servant class.’ I do not say this to denigrate anyone, just to speak truth. That maintained in a very vicious way until my mother’s generation and then it changed. It did not go away, it just morphed to keep that part of institutional racism hidden and to keep up with the times.

One exception that began to be made over time was – if you were hired by Harvard University. The assumption was you would never reach the heights in that Massachusetts Society to threaten the need for New Englanders to feel their identity as part of a group which is greater than and above others.

Today, I am living in the south and it is a very different place. I used to turn my intellectual nose up at southerners, especially African Americans. My assumption was they were somehow intellectually inferior. That came from my New England upbringing.

Racism in Massachusetts is some of the vilest I have seen. Having lived many places, that is my experience.

If, as an African American, you achieve too much, the ‘powers that be’ begin to destroy your life. Either move out or be denigrated, destroyed, stripped of everything you have. It is a racism that is and has been very effective, especially since it is practiced by those pulling the strings and those who simply see someone being pulled down and decide to help because somehow that helps them – white, black, no matter – lots participate.

In my mother’s generation that began to change. There is one caveat. If you are African American and you are ambitious you have to have the traits that New England society deems necessary in its African American or you will be taken down.

I can see what has happened to Rev. Dr. Bennett and his wife. They were not “adopted by” the establishment. They are not willing participants in maintaining the status quo and being one of those willing to do their part of taking down and blocking the path of another African American.

I can hear the howls of protest as you read this. I thought long and hard before writing it, but someone has to stand up and speak truth. This is also much more difficult to write than I thought it would be. This is getting done painfully and pulling on my insides where some excruciating memories live.

My family moved out of the Boston area. They were not ready to adopt or adapt to White Male English Culture and so they didn’t fit and since they were quite intelligent, very well educated and entrepreneurial, they had to go or they would be destroyed. I saw what happened to them over a few years and there is a parallel to what is happening to the Bennett family.

My wish for the Bennett family is that they maintain their personal integrity and always continue to be who they are without making the decision to pick up the “yes ma’m and yes sir” style very prevalent among African Americans in the Greater Boston area. Those who have and are succeeding without blockages, if you notice, have a uniqueness about them. They will never accuse anyone of racism – even if true and needs to be said. They will never step out of a stereotype which makes whites comfortable. They will maintain as low key and invisible as they can and mostly they will polish their ability to make whites as comfortable around them as possible. Which translates to mean they will maintain on a level to make changes only when whites are ready for those changes and choose them to move ahead with the activity which creates those changes.

Even as a journalist, I don’t know how to end this. It has been extremely difficult to write because it is so personal and because I know how negatively it will be received. Sometimes you have to put lessons you have learned through your life out there without caring about how others react. Very rare in journalism, very rare for me.

Generational Wealth, Minorities and Criminal Conspiracies!

Tuesday, August 17th, 2021

It is amazing what is happening in the United States around “generational wealth.” An area to reduce the number of minorities achievements and especially to help to put a cap on how high they can go. A few will slip through, but other blockages are going up for them. This one is for those who could move quite far with the wealth acquired and put aside for them by their parents and other relatives in their parents generation. How it is being taken and repurposed so it will benefit white male northern european ancestry people in these United States.

What happened to Robert and Marceline was about the attempt to strip them of whatever they had so it would benefit white northern european ancestry people and their families. Well, until recently, when we became aware of minorities gathering around to do the same thing to other minorities. Are we such a country so full of greed that this is how we treat one another?

What happened and continues to happen to Robert is a well established pattern with the same people involved, basically stripping the elderly of their wealth with the help of the state and the Court. We are appalled, but no longer in disbelief. It is too clear for denials.

We believe this is a criminal conspiracy.

The pattern:

  1. An attorney comes along with a client to make the claim in Court that the target is “indigent”. The opposite of what they know, but what is needed to get the Court to relax its standards and help these poor minority elderly almost destitute folks.

2. The attorney asks – on behalf of their client that the person involved not be notified of motions, etc. That the hearings be held without their knowledge. After all, this is an “indigent”, elderly person who we can’t afford to allow to have any rights. The goal is to strip every right the person has to make it easier to strip their earthly goods.

3. Usually the tact taken is to claim the person has some kind of mental illness, shove them into the psych ward of a cooperating hospital – or at the least a hospital where there are people working who are cooperating or who can be bamboozled.

4. Have the Court appoint an attorney to represent this person – stripping away the persons right to choose their own attorney. And again, without notifying the person for whom an attorney is being appointed. The attorney will be paid by the state – but not named in the hearing. The naming of the attorney who will fill this role will be done by the attorney who first brought the action representing, most probably, a state agency.

5. All of the above and more done within hours on the same day. No notice to the target and move quickly before anyone realizes what is happening.

6. Have the named attorney file the basic case without the knowledge, consent or involvement of the target on any level. Mental illness comes first in the line. Indigent comes second with the person filing a motion with the Court that they are indigent and the state needs to pay the attorney. Usually that is enough to move along to hiring a psychiatrist, paid for by the state, to declare the target “incapacitated” and make sure Mass Health (in Massachusetts, some other group in other states) is either already in place or has been applied for because nursing homes don’t take patients who don’t have Mass Health or its equivalent.

7. Shove the person into a nursing home after their stay in the psych ward of a hospital which has declared them “incapacitated” after a substantial bout on drugs that have incapacitated them and the patient then takes their “incapacitated” status with them.

8. The attorneys then show up again and motion for a “temporary guardian” declaring the person without family or anyone else capable of being the “temporary guardian” without the control of assets, but shortly there after for full guardianship with control of the persons assets.

9. The attorneys know every detail of the targets assets, where and how to reach them and whatever else they need to know – told to them by Mass Health which gives the attorneys a well documented map to all of the targets assets. You don’t need to have been accepted for Mass Health. This is mostly for those who don’t qualify – too many assets and income – but even the application gives the attorneys that much needed asset map. The goal? To know where to place liens, etc. to gain ownership of the assets of this person who is now in a nursing home, under restraint, alone because family and friends are not allowed to visit and declared without “executive functioning” to be able to live alone. When you do the research, however, you find many of these folks have family and close friends who have been driven away by the attorneys and their ‘helpers’ and the state agency and, of course, the requisite home health care people who are key to this entire thing being successful.

10. The target, at this point, has been pumped full of an incredible array of drugs usually including anti-psychotics which becomes legal because of the court’s going along with the program with very little to no oversight and the group – usually a guardianship corporation which the attorney oversees – in charge of this elderly soon to be destitute person starts the process of drawing down the elderly persons’ assets.

11. The end of that persons life is made horrendous because others want to strip them of whatever they have managed to accumulate over a lifetime. Usually they end up in a state of shock in constraints in a nursing home – preferably one where COVId-19 is raging or some other kind of illness awaits to help shorten their life to run on a parallel track with the drawing down of their assets. Death when the assets run out is a particularly good outcome.

Insurance is a major part of the stripping and drawing down – it can provide in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to institutions involved.

So Much More to talk about, however, our concern for Rev. Dr. Bennett overwhelms!

Tuesday, August 17th, 2021

We have recipe’s, stories, history, happenings and more to put in the blog. We have, however, been investigating what happened with Dr. Bennett and it has taken over. Hopefully, we can find some resolution so we can move on with this publication we hope to turn into a media center. This has blocked that, but it is still our goal.

We have a conglomeration of articles today which give you some look at history not found in books:

  1. Banking and Afro-Americans. Looking at the experience of Rev. Dr. Bennett and his wife it is clear banks are structured into the oppression of minorities – particularly African Americans over the years.

When all of the problems started happening intensely with the Donaldson-Bennetts much accumulated which said to us this was an attack against an African American family that had achieved too much. Time to take them down.

Their bank started not sending them checking account statements, in spite of many calls by the Donaldson-Bennetts to the bank asking for their statements. The statements themselves, when received finally, had a hold typed across the top of the statement.

The Donaldson-Bennetts complained to the Comptroller of the Currency and the bank sent a response which apologized for not responding to their telephone calls (made over a 2 1/2 year period) and agreed to send the statements. They sent the statements minus the cancelled checks so other calls had to be made to get those.

The banks response to the Donaldson-Bennetts when they called was to say “when you send us a new address we will send your statements.”

What action has the Comptroller of the Currency taken against the bank for such activities? We haven’t heard of any – and so the bank understands it is free to continue and enlarge the bigotry practiced against minorities.

We could write a book about that statement and put it into a historical context.

We should write a book about that statement and put it into a historical context.

That is not the only problem the Donaldson-Bennetts have had with that bank. We will document the rest in another blog.

2. It has taken time for us to continue this because such research moves slowly and overwhelms.

What we discovered in all of this – just about everything targeted against the Donaldson-Bennetts has come out of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

If any of you have something to add to this, please send your responses, information, suggestions, to: and in the subject line put Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett and your response will come to us directly.

Thank you for your confidence, for your information, for your leads, for your help. We could not have uncovered what we did without you.

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