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WHO IS Q – as in QANON? What are “Q”s other accomplishments!

Wednesday, February 10th, 2021

The United States and hence the world are being torn apart by one man’s craziness (or should we say one man’s evil)!

It is as if satan has arrived and started to work through a few and is now successfully pulling in their friends, family, organizations, life.

Let us not keep you in suspense. Q is Donald John Trump!

His claim to such evil fame is not limited to Q – so let us trace a bit of conspiracy theory – which is Trump’s stock in trade and that which has moved him into the position he now occupies and into those positions he once occupied.

Why has he been so successful on this kind of evil level? Probably because he has a very keen sense of how to manipulate the negative emotions of human beings. He knows how to use evil to gain his goals and to draw them around him to do his bidding even when they know better.

Early in life, he had and still has many gifts and graces. Every once in awhile you can see the goodness of what could have been for him had he used those gifts and graces for good instead of using them for ill. For whatever reason, he has chosen to use those gifts and hone those gifts on the blades of satan.

To become president, Donald John Trump used bigotry. He saw how effective bigotry is in the attempt to control humans for one’s own aggrandizement. He saw and felt how close one comes to the deity cultivating feelings of being “better than”. He saw how to manipulate the laws in the United States which pertain to bigotry and how people react in the passing and breaking of those laws. He saw that those who used the evil side of the human spirit became extremely wealthy and wielded much power and these were the people he wanted to copy.

As a very young adult Trump was involved in his father’s business and together they made sure blacks were not allowed to rent the apartment buildings they built and owned, in spite of the fact that they used and misled the government. It was during the time in this country when blacks and whites were going to different apartment complexes and applying for an apartment. First the African American went to apply at the Trump owned buildings and behind him/her came a White American after the blacks were turned down because there was no room in the Inn. When the White Americans were able to get apartments – down came the law suits and up came the legal experience Donald Trump has drawn on most of his adult life. The fertile ground from which has sprung QANON and Donald Trump’s takeover of “Q”.

Sometimes a few of his followers have slipped and attributed to Trump the moniker of “messiah”. We have become outraged at such a thought instead of being quiet to let those followers say more about why they applied such a term to Trump.

Trump walked his life’s path with “friends” from whom he learned to instinctively manipulate people at the level of their identity. He learned how strong the identity of “better than” was with even the nicest people, held in highest regard by this society. He saw the evil that “better than” wrought and the power it generated for those using that identity with others and he adopted it. A “messiah” who lifts those around him to the level of “better than” and promises them such largesse and such a life if and when they deal with those “less than.”

He walked alongside Roy Cohn – a Jew. He saw first hand the conflict Cohn had about being a Jew and at the same time seeming to hate Jews. He saw Joe McCarthy and watched Bobby Kennedy who sat right next to McCarthy as his right hand man and he saw how the Kennedy’s moved and used the filth McCarthy was spewing for his political benefit and McCarthy’s ability to use that filth to control others. He watched as the Kennedy’s moved, without taking along the tar thrown at them and others which did not stick to any of them from their involvement with McCarthy. He watched as they moved from the power achieved by being McCarthy’s First Lieutenant to sharing that power throughout the family to become President, Attorney General, Senator of these United States. A family of legend in these United States whose beginnings in the McCarthy power movement rolled off them as if they were made of teflon.

Trump saw and for a time was a part of the Gay Community and saw that community through the eyes of Roy Cohn.

So many influences we could go on for pages, but the above, known to all of us should give you an idea as to Donald Trump’s development and the forces and influences which dictated the direction in which his life would go.

His strongest influence was the Nazi German influence, probably because that is the group from which his family descends. A connection Trump maintained – keeping “Mein Kampf” on his bedside table and imbibing all that it put out.

Fast forward to recent times and we see all of those influences coming to fruition in the political world of these United States when the “birther lie” came along. Whether Trump originated that lie or not, he saw it as a way to achieve the money and power he craved and he jumped into the fray and brought the ‘birther lie’ much further than it would have gone without his work.

That ‘birther lie’ is what brought Trump to the United States presidency.

During his campaign and just before it started, Trump needed something stronger than the “birther lie’ to give him the power, pomp, money that he wanted so into his life comes QANON – a group that could become incredibly powerful and the kind of cult which developed around other things. This one Trump felt he could grow to be the institutional structure out of which he would rule the world.

While others were talking about Trump being lazy, not taking care of business, not working hard as he should as president of these United States.

That is both a lie and the truth. Fascist dictators and would-be fascist dictators have one trait in common – laziness. The whole idea is to have everything and be able to tell others what, how, when to do.

Within QANON, Trump could have not just one lie – like the havoc he wrought with the “birther lie”, but a structure into which he could put many lies and build all of that to the point of world control. He could do what Hitler tried and failed to do. Hitler used some conspiracy structures to gain power, but not enough nor widespread enough to gain the world control he wanted and needed. Trump would not make that mistake.

Within QANON there began to be carved out the “messiah”. The “messiah”, of course was “Q”.

The strength of QANON and Q comes from that side of human nature which needs to come together as a community, but in the world of “Q” the identity of those who are adherents to “Q” is strengthened by the fact that QANON “members”, adherents, disciples, shamans are all considered to be “better than” blacks, latina’s, gays, muslims – those considered to be “minorities” – less than.

This time the world would be better for the arrival of “Q” because there would be no concentration camps. The same thing would be achieved by killing these minority groups in any way possible – even one at a time – because there would soon be enough people in QANON doing these individual or small group killings in so many places that they would be untraceable to the original group and to “Q” himself and yet there would quickly be tens of thousands of such minorities killed with their numbers reduced to where slavery and other forms of “less than human” would be where minorities, needed for the work the “majority’ should not have to do, would be placed and kept.

Take a look at the “accomplishments” of Trump and his administration. It has been all about creating “identity”. Putting people who would do the will of “Q” into substantial places. Not because of the qualifications that the outside world considers before putting people in specific jobs, but those “Q” needs to do the work he has decided was needed to create the world according to “Q” and the inner circle of “QANON.” Many people considered to be “minorities” by “Q” have been killed – into the many thousands.

The latest example of such killings comes about when you look at the killings that took place recently on “death row” in the federal penitentiary. Those slated for execution, but who were on death row for years and some for decades were all killed in short order by “Q” and they were who? – minorities, you say?

Take a look at the gradually escalating police killings and the infiltration of the police departments by white nationalists, white supremacists, neo-nazi’s and all the rest. This started long before Trump, but it accelerated created under his presidency as more of those in the QANON group infiltrates the ranks of the law enforcement in this country the more minorities would and have been killed with the killers facing no punishment of any kind.

This recent they ‘stole the election lie’ which Trump started perpetrating months ago even before the election happened, is another such instance which allowed for the beginnings of what the QANON followers thought was going to be a way for wholesale killings and publicly done – the killings to come that the “noose” hung on Capitol Building grounds symbolized and so much more.

The Charlottesville re-enactment of Krystallnacht with many coming down a small mountain with their tiki torches lit chanting “Jews will not replace us” is another example of calling into the QANON group those who could hear the message and understand where this was all going.

The recent taking over of the Republican Party is not something new. It was started quite a long time ago to change a group that was the support of the abolition of slavery and the attempt of the United States to move towards equality. The Democratic Party, doing all those days past was the movement to keep apartheid in this country with those who espoused it in political control.

A parallel would be the retribution which was aimed and thrown at Haiti which is today suffering from its successful revolution which attempted to liberate Haiti from colonial control. They are still paying the price for that action. And so the Republican Party is being targeted to pay the price for its past support of African Americans.

At one point in the deep south, the head of the Louisiana Republican Party was a black man. That was before the institutional structure which supported and maintained African Americans and other none Northern European-ancestry groups as inferior and to be kept from participation in the political as well as all other groups in the U. S. Society started to weaken.

QANON has been cultivated as the power needed to bring Donald Trump into position as the fascist, Hitler type leader that is needed to make sure the majority of people in these United States, especially the voting majority and those who are heads of businesses, never flips from majority Northern European-ancestry types to those today considered “minorities” – African Americans, Latina’s, Asians, etc. with Northern European-ancestry types as one of instead of what they have been – “better than” and served by.

We have never explored what bigotry does to the human spirit. To see a bit of what happens and which should be studied minutely, take a look at those in the Republican Party today who do not move depending upon right and wrong, but who move depending upon what “Q” wants them to do. Their identity has gradually moved from a mostly white Republican Party to being a part of the cult of QANON with Donald Trump as “Q”.

To be “better than” is more addictive than alcohol or any kind of drugs which addict the body, mind and spirit. It takes away your ability to reason on a human level where you understand we all are of one race. It makes you follow the directives of the person and group that keeps you pumped full of the “better than” identity. It keeps others asking “what’s wrong with them” – when a little thought would tell them because if they really went into “what’s wrong with them” they would have to delve into the extremely painful place that exposes their adoption into their identity of being “better than” – which in these United States is simply camouflaged because we all have been raised to incorporate the “better than” and “less than” spirit into our being.

So now “Q” has become totally entrenched in our society. What happens now? The birther lie was also fully entrenched. We have done nothing about that lie and so it has given birth to other lies much more dangerous than that from which it has sprung.

Many who knew better took some solace in the fact that they could keep their bigotry covered because others were carrying the torch and going out in public to maintain the “better than”/”less than” lie.

So now dear God – what happens next? Are we capable of living in a world where we are equal to? Can we even write and talk about all of the institutional structures that need changing to keep such evil out of our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren.

Mostly, we take down one institutional structure only to put up others which do the same job only in a more genteel and hidden way.

So, where do we turn? How do we reach your mind and heart to be able to cleanse our own? Will those who bring about basic change always have to pay the heavy prices we have required of them to discourage others from following in their path? Will this ever change or is this how we must live until death!


Thursday, November 12th, 2020

We need to make this an article, but what else is there to say!

We remember when there were articles about Senators taking money from the NRA for their political campaigns. Could that be why they are now so quiet about this Trump ‘Coup d’Etat’ thing? And why they are so quiet about so many other things they were elected to address? Isn’t it time for them to check themselves to see just how naked they are – in imitation of this Emperor and those who went before him, in whose path he is now walking?….President Andrew Johnson…..President Andrew Jackson….Adolph Hitler….Mussolini…..Stalin…..and back to Rome and further?

One of the attorney generals in the U. S. has just about stripped the NRA of its power and money in these United States and it has to either fold or work hard to re-grow. It seemed to be clear when that happened that the NRA was a channel through which Russia (and probably other fascist states) funneled money to intervene in the U. S. elections. However, today, with this Trump thing we have totally pushed that part of the story out the window.

It is very sad to see the United States going through such trauma. However, think for a few moments of the trauma experienced for hundreds of years by American Indians, Africans, Chinese, Latinas, Jews, LBGTQ peoples and more because of the kind of bigotry that has been rammed down the throat of the U. S. and the world by the likes of Donald Trump.

Why has that bigotry been so strong and lasted so long? If you can count you can see the strongest reason being the 72,000,000 millions of people who voted for Donald Trump. Keepers of the flame of slavery, bigotry, greed, hatred and so much more.

If you are bigoted and want a fascist government in place to ram your extreme prejudices into and throughout society so you can feel that you and your country are “better than”, Donald Trump must have seemed like a glass of spring water for someone dying of thirst.

He pulled no punches. Donald Trump showed all during his run in the primary and throughout his presidential campaign and when he came down the escalator to accept the nomination of his party for president of the United States. No one could hide from the ugly racism, the putrid sexism his hatred of Mexicans when he announced how the Mexicans were rapists and more. That should have sent those in attendance running and screaming out of that place. But they applauded. Given that, we understand that a very large segment of the United States population is about as bigoted as they come. Some try to hide their prejudices behind an elegant demeanor, an intelligent mind, an ivy league education, their surface devotion to the sacredness of their definition of motherhood and more, but when they pulled that lever or scratched in that circle voting for Donald Trump they exposed themselves to God and everybody .

What is amazing to us is the two sided nature of human beings. The president of Mexico is one of the few international leaders who has not come out to congratulate Joe Biden and to welcome him into the international community as a partner. What is that all about? Did he not hear? Did he not know? Is he trying to be neutral and in the end will go with the winner?

The United States will recover from the trauma of Donald J. Trump’s Coup d’Etat, but will the handful of us who are not prejudiced – who are not bigots – who have not seen the United States as a “better than all the rest” country – how are we going to survive?

If you had any doubts – any questions – any hesitations that you were judging “the Don” harshly? Your questions have been answered. If you want something, some kind of measuring device, with which to judge those you elected to govern take a look at those standing with “the Don” and then take a look at those working hard to try to help this United States move to a democracy, a better – healthier – happier place.

The Emperor has no clothes and the patches over the eyes of the Emperor’s subjects which have been in place doing a job of not allowing his followers to recognize his nakedness, have been removed. Do they create and put on new blinders so they don’t have to deal with a government structured and run according to good and true ethics? According to justice for all? According to kindness, understanding and helping those who need help? Or do we continue to accept this Emperor and continue to play the game of “better than” because it is easy, taking money from those in need and giving it to the wealthy along with all the other games we have been playing for generations.

The Emperor truly has no clothes and his naked body is the ugliest thing we have seen in generations. He is a negative walking living stereotype from his hair to his ballet dancer hands to his walk to his daytime diapers. Do we applaud as he passes by or do we let him know we see him as he is and it is time for him to get dressed and join the rest of society!

Electoral College Trumps Democracy!

Friday, September 4th, 2020

With the upcoming vote being what is dominating the news, the one thing mostly absent from the discussion is the Electoral College.

We have suffered through Donald Trump as president because of the racism and sexism structured into this country and its Constitution by our Founding Father. They were unable to envision a country in which all people were created equal. The fear that ‘others’ – other races, immigrants, women, slaves might be able to rise up and exercise control over those who they felt were the real Americans and so the Electoral College came into being as the structured racism and structured sexism put into the Constitution to prevent such an occurrence.

In 2016 that Electoral College gave us Donald Trump as president. A man so morally deficient in what we consider our “American values” that our country as we know it has almost ceased to exist.

We have immigrants being destroyed at the southern border. We have young children of immigrants by the thousands who can’t be found, while we have the suspicious swell in Sex Traffickers having a huge supply of young children they are abusing.

We have as president a man who had “Mein Kampf:” next to his bed for years on his night stand and who has just automatically put in place Hitler/Nazi type institutions into this American country. The latest being his Attorney General trying to eliminate the International Court of Justice.

The 2016 election clearly said – from a democratic place; from the democracy we wish we had structured instead of the republic under which we live – that Hillary Clinton was elected president and was pushed aside in favor of a white male northern European descendant with a ‘mafia’ type family history. We have lived with the fact that over 3 million Americans voted Hillary Clinton into office as president of these United States and instead we cringed as we watched Donald Trump step over her and take the position instead. That by itself should have been the event to horrify every American and move all of us into action when one candidate has over 3 million votes more than the other and the other becomes president? How have we justified our near silence about that over these past four years? How have we justified not having made that our number one priority? How have we justified making excuses for the continuation of the Electoral College while blaming other things which did not have the strength nor the import to be responsible for such a happening?

If we were not happy with that structural racism we would have moved to change it over these last four years. We have not. Instead, we have attributed that loss not to what our Founding Father institutionalized and what we have lived under all of these hundreds of years, but to James Comey writing a memo which is not the kind of thing which would dictate the winner of the 2016 presidential election.

It is time for us to “man up” and admit our failings and move swiftly and together to change that. We have “Black Lives Matter”, but do they really when we cannot take out of our institutional, political structure what has been put there to make sure whoever is running for election as president of this country has a very large barrier to cross if they are not northern European and if their class is not the preferred class of our Founding Fathers.

It is time for us to be – structurally – a democracy – and not hide behind the fear of “the others” taking over and running this country. It is time for us to be an actual democracy where white northern European upper classes in these United States are one of – are equal to – are working alongside those who are not white, not upper class, not the kind of person who originally wrote the Constitution and instituted slavery and the extreme oppression of women with immigrants being treated as they are today.

Why is equality such a scary thing to all of us. Why do we need the accident of our birth to determine our level of power, wealth and control in these United States. What is it we are afraid of? That blacks will rule the country? That Jews will be the financial arbiters? That we will all slide ‘down’ into a culture taken from American Indians? Need I go on?

Get your guts together America and act out what we claim to believe – that we are all created equal and we all have much to give to the betterment of these United States and we need to make sure everyone is allowed to give of their talents and that each one’s vote will be equal to the vote of their neighbor, friend, co-worker, colleague, ……….

The first priority in voting is to eliminate the Electoral College. We cannot afford anymore Donald Trump’s – and, we might add, eliminate many of those presidents who would not have been elected but for the Electoral College – all of whom added their bit to the destruction of this country through their fear of losing the advantage of their skin color, their culture and their financial status which they did not earn, but were given by their birth.

Your birth gives you many things – it does not give you “better than” against other human beings.


Responses from Bettina Network Lifestyle Community Members!

Saturday, July 4th, 2020

Member 1

Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett is the second African American – that we know of – who has had a negative interaction with the police. He is the second African American who had done nothing even remotely criminal and yet the police came to his house twice and forced him out and incarcerated him. The second time for five weeks.

The first we heard about was “Skip” Gates.. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., is the Alphonse Fletcher University Professor and Director of the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard University. Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, literary scholar, journalist, cultural critic, and institution builder.

The attempt was to arrest Skip Gates. There are now pictures in the papers which show him on his porch in handcuffs with the police standing around.

Even if they could not be held, their images could be tarnished and it gives jokes among white supremacists.

And, by the way, how come the police in Cambridge, Ma. are becoming whiter along with Blacks being “arrested” for no reason.

Why was Gates “arrested”? For breaking and entering into his own home.

And Bennett? To be “sectioned” at the local and apparently ‘going along with the program’ hospital. He who had never had a hint of any kind of mental problems was picked up by the police, forced into the hospital to be psychiatrically examined because he was considered a threat to the public. Someone who might do harm to those around and about.

Both are living in areas of Cambridge which are known to be “for white patrons only.” It is an area which traditionally was and is “red lined.”

Rev. Dr. Bennett lives in that area and he is not Harvard connected. Well, except for a Harvard doctorate, however, he was supposed to live in faculty housing so the neighborhood would be confident he and his family would be moving along once he retired. Disappointed and having to come to grips with the reality of where they lived, they decided to sell their house, but then took the house off the market. Shortly thereafter white anger was unleashed and this is the result?

Member 2

What is incredibly disturbing in what I have read about all the things happening to Rev. Bennett is the fact that he had a probate attorney draw up a Health Care Proxy – which we are all advised to do – and that was drawn up months before he went into the hospital for surgery. Apparently, a judge, at the request of an attorney- who really seems ‘sketchy’ – invalidated that Health Care Proxy and put in its place a Health Care Proxy that Rev. Bennett did not want, had not signed, with a proxy he did not want and that Health Care Proxy was the reason Rev. Bennett had this new Health Care Proxy drawn up. Rev. Bennett was forced by the judge’s decision to have that proxy. Rev. Bennett apparently tried to correct that awfulness by having a probate attorney draw up a Health Care Proxy which invalidated the one he knew nothing about and the Court validated that proxy – the one not signed by Rev. Bennett, one he did not know existed and invalidated the one he clearly wanted. It is mind blowing! Are our attorneys and court that crooked? That said clearly to me this is all about setting up the situation to rip off Rev. Bennett’s assets and not about anything else.

Attorneys who have no ethics about what they are doing and who possibly have hidden interests in so doing can change our wishes to what benefits those attorneys and their clients. What kind of court system do we have? The way it is developing is that of an extreme dictatorship that wants to present a good “front” with no problems letting such things happen. Sadly, some folks have discovered the pots of gold at the end of United States citizens lives and have figured out how to put those citizens into extreme pain, make the end of their lives a torture and wind up with everything they managed to save so that end of life would be decently lived.

People who do not have endless money to be able to hire attorneys to go to court for as long as is necessary to correct this horrible wrong are at the mercy of tainted courts and -should we say ‘crooked’ attorneys? Even then, I suspect it would be a waste of money because the first attorney and judge did ugly things. Isn’t that illegal? Shouldn’t that be illegal? And what recourse do you have except continuing in court – bleeding money to attorneys – and even then – nothing.

Keep publishing. We need to know these things!

This entire thing has upset me and my family unbelievably because we have a probate attorney we hired to make sure we were all covered with what we need and want for those times we might not be able to or not allowed to control our own lives and this says to me that was just a waste of time and money. Money well into four figures. The court and an attorney can invalidate all of it in seconds.

Whatever happened to the United States and its honest court system? Was there ever such a thing and we only knew the image and not the reality?


Member 3

Thank you for all of your postings about what is happening to Rev. Dr. Bennett. I was a student of his years ago and it grieves me to see what he is going through today.

He is a lovely person. Very quiet, self-effacing and extremely shy!

I was a student at EDS at the time and took his Hebrew Bible Class and a class on Racism he co-taught with his wife, Marceline Donaldson. They also taught that class at Trinity Episcopal Church in Boston, but it was more complete at Episcopal Divinity School.

At the time, when they invited the class to tea at their home, my thoughts were – one day this community is going to attempt to destroy them. They were the only African Americans owning a home in that neighborhood and I knew a few of their neighbors who were not happy with “those folks” living close to them. Besides their comments to me, they smiled nicely when they encountered the couple. I know that because I was with them when one of the neighbors greeted us. They didn’t know Dr. Bennett and his wife so I introduced them. I was so shocked at their response – smiling, lovely, welcoming and just two days prior they were bitter in their comments to me about “such people” living so close.

If there is any way I can help, please let me know. They can’t be left alone in this fight because it is one that affects us all.


Member 4

My husband and I have been calling Robert and Marceline who we have known for years. At first, I could not believe what was happening to them. After some thought, I realized the same could happen to any of us. My work has made me aware of the result beginnings of these Guardianship Corporations which fly under the banner of “helping the elderly who are alone”. We had one problem in our church with a member who was fairly well off and all of a sudden was embroiled with one of these Guardianship groups trying to take them over. It became clear that they were trying to take over and drain off their assets.

Given what we went through with that family, please know that we are here to do whatever we can for Marceline and Robert. They have always been a very beautiful couple. Their sense of humor with each other is great! It is a shame that this is what they are experiencing at this time of life.

We are praying for them – however, we also want to know what else we can do. My husband thought about organizing a group in the church to work with them and keep that group going after their problems are solved to work with others in the same place.

Stay in touch and please keep those write-ups coming so we all can keep up with what is happening with Dr. Bennett and his wife. When I receive mine I send it around to as many people as I can think of who would be interested and the feed back has been dynamite.


Member 5

Reading about all of this it is startling and very disturbing.

We have pictures of Skip Gates – from Harvard University – in handcuffs on his own porch – being arrested by the police for breaking and entering his own home?

And now we have Robert Bennett picked up in a huge drama, which we watched and were appalled at the Cambridge Police for allowing themselves to be so used. Or – were they a part of this whole drama before it happened and were attempting what was attempted with Skip Gates?

Do you realize how the Cambridge and Boston police are becoming “whiter”? Now that we are decades away from what caused these areas to attempt to diversify their police force, that has gradually slipped away and we see the whitening now happening. Will we now see more of this happening in Cambridge? Clearly, African Americans can be picked up in Cambridge, by the police, even though there is not even a hint of criminality involved and they can be imprisoned for indefinite periods of time for no reason. And what happens after that? Any and All Americans can be picked up in Cambridge, by the police, even though there is not even a hint of criminality involved and they can be imprisoned for indefinite periods of time for no reason. Do you doubt that? After this, I don’t!

I guess we consider ourselves so influential that we can make those same African Americans pay for their own imprisonment. Isn’t that what happened with Robert Bennett? I would love to know who paid for all of this? Hopefully, not my tax money and hopefully not the Bennett’s insurance money. Either way I am getting ready to protest all of this somehow.

If you are all sleeping and not paying attention to this and not intervening to make these things stop you could be next. I was raised with the saying – Nazi Germany is what happened because good people did nothing. You are seeing the same thing happening in these United States and what are you doing about it?



Get Off My Neck! Continuing the story of what is happening to Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett!

Thursday, June 11th, 2020

We are the new folks on the block and took a look at the papers and other things available on what is happening with Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett. They have asked that we make everything public and transparent for all and any to read and learn from. This is a very ugly development in this society and it is beginning to destroy many families.

We Want to start our part of this investigation with a correction. As we looked at the papers, we found that Rev. Bennett was picked up and forced into Mass General Hospital the first time on March 3rd on a section 12 which was signed off on by Dr. Rebecca Warner, a psychiatrist. What was amazing to us about that was Dr. Warner’s statement, included with the section 12, apparently to cover her rear, that she had never met Rev. Bennett, never examined him, never been to his home and yet she signed a paper for the police to pick him up immediately and incarcerate him in a hospital since he was such a threat to the public by virtue of either – according to what you can do under a section 12 – a psychotic break which was public and that break was threatening to bring harm to the public, alcoholic problems causing Rev. Bennett to threaten the public, drug overdose because of which he was threatening the public, attempted and threatened suicide – I think you get the drift of what this section 12 is about. You can also see how it was misused and was abuse of the court, the police, the law itself and especially of Rev. Bennett.

Dr. Bennett is a quiet, shy, hard working, retired Episcopal priest who works with his wife in their home building a business geared to helping others. He does not smoke, drink, take drugs, and has never had even a hint of mental problems. So what is it Dr. Warner found so threatening about Rev. Bennett that he had to be immediately picked up by the police and incarcerated in Mass General Hospital? SCES had never met the Bennett/Donaldson family – except for a five minute visit where two of their people claimed to be “friends” come to visit with the couple. They had not assessed their home; had no contact with the family on any kind of professional or semi-prefessional basis; had not put in place any program the family was required to follow and had deviated therefrom, – the Bennett/Donaldsons had no contact with SCES at all. SCES had done none of the things their program puts in place requiring them to do before taking such a drastic step as sending the police to remove a man – well known and well respected in his community – from his home.

That is how the Nazi’s were able to fill the concentration camps during the early days of their reign before it became clear what they were about and the need for that kind of subterfuge was over. The Gestapo arrived, knocked on the door or broke it down, took out the person for whom they had come and “incarcerated” them locally before moving them to concentration camps. The parallel to what happened to Rev. Bennett and what SCES had planned for his future is startling in its parallels.

The second time Rev. Bennett was picked up by the police and forcibly taken out of his home was March 6th – after the section 12 was lifted by Mass General Hospital on March 4th at about 3am and he was sent home.

Not being able to incarcerate Rev. Bennett on a section 12, the Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services tried to incarcerate him on a section 19. It does not track that one must remove a man from his home immediately because of the reasons described above and then two days later after that does not stick they are back to attempt to remove him and keep him incarcerated on other charges.

That was the March 6th time he was demeaned by being forced from his home by the police. During these two times the police were always all white and it was always a sick, vicious kind of event calling the neighbors attention to that infamous couple – you know, the African Americans who are probably the only such family in that neighborhood.

The section 19 claims that Rev. Bennett had to be immediately removed from his home because of the threat to his life by his wife. The claim was that Rev. Bennett was so abused by his wife he had to be immediately removed and incarcerated in Mass General Hospital for his own protection and there was no one else around to help him so they had to move immediately. If that was the threat – why was the section 19 not called for before they activated the section 12? One answer is – we have found a couple African American men treated in the same way by the same people.

Now lets see! As to the claim of no one else who could “protect” Rev. Bennett from all of this.

At that time – his adult children were visiting because Rev. Bennett was just home from brain surgery at Mass General. Before they arrived, several friends visited with food, etc. for the family and so much more, but you get the picture. Attorney O’Sullivan representing his clients SCES were building a story out of whole cloth to justify where they were going and to lay the ground work for what comes next so they would be in the winning seat. – which from what we see – that means someone else is losing their lives, their assets, their immediate family and friends and so much more.

After five weeks, Rev. Bennett was returned to his home by SCES to once again live with this wife who was declared by SCES to be so incredibly abusive they had to remove him and incarcerate him and force him to stay in bed lying on an alarm type blanket, only allowed to go from his bed to the chair next to his bed, in a “cell” which was about 7 feet by 9 feet with hospital equipment stored in back of his bed sharing that space with him. What happened to the extreme threat his wife posed to his life?

We give you that background because Rev. Bennett’s wife – Marceline Donaldson – and everyone else thought Rev. Bennett had been picked up by the police to be incarcerated twice under a section 12. The above scenario is unbelievably worse and the arrogance of the court, the police, Dr. Warner and all those involved for doing this and thinking they would get away with it as the beginning of the attempt to strip that family of all its assets, its family relationships, its everything, just boggles the mind. The courts may not have been doing its job and seemed to be more going along with the program, but our investigation is not yet complete so lets keep that door open. We have seen the many lies told to the court on behalf of SCES and no one called to account – so lets keep that door open also.

The abusiveness shown by SCES during all of this with its supporting people preferring to live in an ignorance and claimed unknowingness, allowing all of this to go on seems to be varied – for some it is greed, for some extreme racism, for some the racism which pushed them to go along to get an African American family out of that Harvard Square/Brattle Street neighborhood, for some their career in this ‘guardianship’-‘protective agency’ area and on it goes.

The latest in this true life story is the hearing Rev. Bennett and Marceline Donaldson just went through because, at Rev. Bennett’s request, his attorney of record filed a motion with the court to withdraw as his attorney.

Rev. Bennett asked her to withdraw as his attorney because throughout all of this he, in actual fact, did not have an attorney. He had never met her, she never attempted to contact him, any papers from the court were not sent by her to Rev. Bennett, his wife, his family – so they knew nothing about any appearances, motions, anything that involved Rev. Bennett and so any court actions were allowed to run rampant and always have as the result a “win” for the SCES side.

This group seemed to be setting in place a legal structure to be able to control, wipe out financially, destroy the life and future of Rev. Bennett – attempt alienation of affection between him and his wife and other family members and so much more. And Rev. Bennett had who he considered a “place holder” as an attorney.

That all came to a head when Rev. Bennett was able to get out of the hospital after five weeks; recovered from what was a gruesome ordeal which seriously compromised his health; and he tried to file a motion with the Court which was circulated to many of you – however, they heard nothing from the court.

The hearing on Rev. Bennett’s attorney of record happened this past Monday, June 8th via telephone – which is how such things are being done in this pandemic space. – Judge Gargas in Middlesex Family and Probate Court was the presiding judge

The pleadings for the hearing were sent to the court and a copy of them follows:

———- Original Message ———- 
Date: June 7, 2020 at 8:20 PM 
Subject: Robert Bennett hearing MI 20 P 1699 

For: Emily A Mahoney []

Pleadings for:  Rev. Dr. Robert A. Bennett, Jr.


I am asking that Attorney Myette be allowed to withdraw from any motions, or any other court actions or documents. on which she is named as the attorney for Robert Bennett.

I have never met Attorney Myette, have not talked to her until recently when I contacted Attorney Myette and asked her to withdraw as my attorney on any actions on which she is listed as attorney for Robert Bennett.

I have the right to exercise my rights to choose the attorney with whom I want to work.  My wife asked Attorney Myette to withdraw when she was informed by Attorney Myette in a telephone call that she had been appointed as my attorney, However, since I was in the hospital with no telephone or other access and was not allowed to contact my wife and she was not allowed to contact me,  I was not able to follow through on that request and my wife was not allowed to.

Attorney Myette was appointed as my attorney at a hearing about March 5th about which I knew nothing and so was not able to respond.  

Attorney O’Sullivan asked the court for that hearing which he characterized as an “emergency hearing” and told the court damage would come to Robert Bennett if the hearing was not allowed and Attorney O’Sullivan asked that the hearing be ex parte.  The court complied.

Since Attorney O’Sullivan used that hearing to set in place much of what happened following that hearing – that essentially robbed me of more than my rights some of which are guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.  

The law says I had, as others have, the right to be notified of that hearing.  There are exceptions, but they do not include an ex parte hearing which does the substantial things which that hearing accomplished at my expense.  What was presented to the court as an emergency hearing was not.  It was a way to get your issues before the court without any challenge to those issues so you can get the result you would like at the expense of the other party.

That hearing should not have happened.  It was a waste of the court’s time, resources and reputation.  In fact, none of what has happened to me and my family over the past several months should have happened.

Attorney O’Sullivan represented me to the judge as being “indigent”.  That representation allowed the judge to appoint Ms. Myette as attorney to represent me.  She came from the CDSC which supplies attorneys to people who are “indigent” and could not afford an attorney without that help.

For Attorney O’Sullivan to tell such a lie to the court – which he knew or should have known was not true – that deprived someone else who needed that kind of help from getting it and it made me complicit – without my knowledge – of cheating the tax payers of Massachusetts who expected their money to go to help others and not to promote whatever game was being played by Attorney O’Sullivan or by Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services at Attorney O’Sullivan’s expense.

Attorney Myette was appointed as my attorney because of Attorney O’Sullivan’s lies to the court – presenting as facts to the court statements he knew or should have known were false.

Those lies could have been responded to at that time and the record corrected if I had known there was such a hearing and I would have had the attorney of my choice representing me in that presentation.  The ex parte hearing was quite illegal and violated laws put in place to make sure things like this do not happen.

Attorney O’Sullivan asked the court for an emergency hearing.  What was happening with me at the time he described someone who needed to be immediately removed from his home by the police 0 for the second time in the same week and only two days apart?

My adult son and daughter were visiting from Washington, D. C. and they came because I was just out of the hospital from brain surgery and they came to be of help and to make sure I had whatever I needed that they could provide.

There was clearly no emergency – to ask for such and appoint an attorney to represent someone he presented to the court as “indigent” is something we have tried unsuccessfully to correct.

What Attorney O’Sullivan did not tell the court was that two days before Attorney O’Sullivan asked for this “emergency hearing” he sent police to my home – eight white policemen with five or six EMT people to remove this African American man from his home in such a theatre/circus setting that people came running to my home from the Charles River.  To do this Attorney O’Sullivan on behalf of SCES  claimed I was either having a psychotic break in public; was publicly drunk and causing an upheaval and upset of the public; or I was overdosed on drugs and causing havoc publicly; or I was threatening suicide and needed to be put under observation, etc.  All things that come under the section 12 removal of a person from their home. I was none of these things.  I have never had the hint of any mental problems – although at the moment that action by SCES has left my reputation in shreds, do not drink, do not smoke, do not take drugs.

I was removed and forced into Mass General Hospital on March 3rd after they actually had orders to take me to Mount Auburn Hospital.  Mass General Hospital lifted the section 12 on March 4th at about 3:30am  and sent me home telling me I should not have been picked up in the first place.  I spent most of the time in the hospital waiting to see the psychiatrist because they were so busy.

At about 3:30am I was discharged from Mass General Hospital with no medicines prescribed and all vitals normal with no high blood pressure.

The day before I was picked up and forced into Mass General Hospital a policeman came to my home about 9:30pm to do a “wellness check”.  He reported back that all was well and he saw nothing out of line.

With that background and my adult children at home with me Attorney O’Sullivan claimed an emergency on behalf of his clients Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services who had been running all around town, the hospital and trying to talk to doctors and others to build a case against me so they could force me out of my home and into a space where I would be under their care and that was a total disaster.  They were not able to build a case so they created one through lies, deceptions and actions which are reflected in the affidavit Ms. Nora Al Wetaid filed with the emergency motion Attorney O’Sullivan requested on behalf of SCES.

SCES through Attorney O’Sullivan went on to make several representations which were not true and could have been responded to at that time, if I had known such a hearing was happening in the court and that could have been done with attorneys of my choice.  My wife and I having worked on civil rights cases for decades – not as attorneys – but as helpers when people had short money and needed such help – we had some idea of what to do and how to do it.  We were not allowed to do anything except be recipients of the worse abuse I have ever experienced.

Because Attorney O’Sullivan knew or should have known that I was not “indigent”, Attorney Myette would not have been appointed in the first place making it possible for her to use her time to work with someone else who needed her help and would have been in tough shape legally without an attorney.

if Attorney O’Sullivan had properly represented the truth to the court what has followed almost destroying my life, my family, my work and more would not have happened.

Attorney Myette was appointed by the court because she was next on the list of the Boston Legal Services (the CDSC) organization which makes available the names of attorneys available and willing to work for those who are “indigent” or close thereto.

The client whom Attorney O’Sullivan represented. Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services knew definitely I was not “indigent”, but apparently represented to Attorney O’Sullivan that I was and represented such to the court. If Attorney O’Sullivan had done a minuscule amount of due diligence, as all attorneys are expected to do he would have known they were lying.

 That client also represented much more to the court which was also not true and the court moved along making decisions based on those misrepresentations, some outright lies and it has resulted in many being hurt and their lives turned upside down unnecessarily.

so, to summarize: – to get an emergency motion Attorney O’Sullivan on behalf of his client Somerville Cambridge Elder Services 

1) lied to the court multiple times and serious lies which we feel would rise to the level of perjury if investigated by law enforcement for such.

2) kept from the court the fact that I had already been seen and discharged by Mass General Hospital on SCES’ first claim attempting to get me incarcerated.

Since that failed they then took the route of ruining my wife’s reputation by claiming she abused me and taking me out of my home on a section 19 which was totally untrue and unbelievably painful for my wife and for myself.  We didn’t know about the section 19 – we thought it was a second section 12 because the police when they came to force me out of my house – dragging me out if necessary – refused to give me or my wife a copy of the order giving the police permission to do what they did.  

3) SCES had the report from a policemen which was positive after he was asked to make a wellness check the evening before they first forced me out of my house.

4) They also kept from the court the fact that my adult children were visiting from Washington D. C. would be with me for several days because they came following my surgery to help with any care I might need.

5) In addition, the psychiatrist – Dr. Rebecca Warner who signed the section 12 added to the document that she had never met me – never examined me – never been to my house yet she called it “unsafe” – never had any interactions with me at all.  She signed it at the urgings of Ms. Noral Al Wetaid and Ms. Angela Clary who already clearly had been lying to make their case.

Given all of the above why is Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services called in to vote on whether or not Attorney Myette should be allowed to withdraw?

I could go on for pages on all the things they did which violate laws, the truth and more but the above gives a good look into what they are about.  They did a lot more and hopefully it will all be revealed to the court shortly.

Additionally, why is Maliça Aronowitz being given a vote?

One of the things Attorney O’Sullivan did on behalf of his clients Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services, was to ask the court to invalidate my current  Health Care Proxy which had been created for me by MGH.

The court obliged and invalidated the MGH Health Care Proxy and validated a Health Care Proxy which had been invalidated November 18, 2019 by being replaced by a proxy created for me by Probate Attorney Donald McInnis.  Attorney McInnis created that Health Care Proxy for me at my request because I discovered about that time that Malica Aronowitz had a Health Care Proxy in my name which named her as my Health Care Proxy.  I knew nothing about that Health Care Proxy.  I wanted and named my wife as my health care proxy.

Attorney McInnis did just that and that HCP was witnessed and signed by Attorney McInnis and Ms. Trudi Van Slyck, both people I have known for many years who are substantial and long time members of this community.   It was signed with all three of us together in my dining room on November 18, 2019.  I have statements from both to that affect.

At Mass General Hospital, my wife and I gave an MGH staff person my Health Care Proxy which named Marceline Donaldson as my Health Care Proxy.  We have been married happily for 36 years and have always taken care of each other.  She is who I wanted as my Health Care Proxy.  She is who went all over town trying to get treatment for me after it became clear something was wrong and she is who found Dr. David Pilgrim, Chief Neurologist at Brigham and Women’s in Jamaica Plain who, in spite of his being in an emergency position with the death of his wife’s father, made us comfortable enough with directions which led us to Mass General Hospital for brain surgery.  

That happened in spite of the fact that the physician who was my PCP – Dr. Kehlman – could not see us because he was going off on vacation and would see me when he returned; did not have anyone else in his group to send us to; and did not know a neurologist to refer us to.  That PCP was my PCP because Maliça Aronowitz insisted he was who I needed as a PCP.

This is who this court invalidated a perfectly legal and legitimate Health Care Proxy which was identical to the Health Care Proxy created for me by Probate Attorney Donald McInnis except for one character from MGH -this is who was put in charge of my health.  

That Health Care Proxy replaced the one Attorney Donald McInnis created for me because MGH was concerned for our safety seeing people all over the hospital investigating us and they didn’t know why.

SCES knew and Attorney O’Sullivan should have known this was why the Attorney McInnis’ Health Care Proxy was replaced.  It had a one character typo.  The Health Care Proxy was the same and so was everything else.

In the SCES affidavit of Ms. Nora Al Wetaid she goes to some length to create the picture of this MGH Health Care Proxy not being valid because of numbers she gives which she claims made me not able to comprehend what I was signing at the moment.

MGH does not create Health Care Proxies and have people sign them who are “incapacitated” and don’t know what they were signing.  I was quite aware of what was happening, was happy MGH took such an interest.  

I was concerned because with that kind of concern from SCES about my ability to comprehend when it was about my Health Care Proxy, they were totally able to question me extensively when I was very groggy, just out from under oxygen and didn’t really know who they were or what they wanted until a nurse told me the next day when I asked who that person was who made me so uncomfortable.

The lack of empathy which allowed Ms. Clary to move on someone to attempt to question them in detail when they are just out of brain surgery to attempt to prove something which would benefit Ms. Clary and Ms. Al Wetaid  – which today in retrospect was clearly trying to find reasons to take me away from my home and family so SCES would have a case to follow and work on is beyond what should be happening if people are qualified for their jobs.

So questioning me under the fog of oxygen when I was not quite conscious was acceptable because SCES people were doing it and the Health Care Proxy which had been signed months earlier with the MGH proxy having changed only one character and kept the same health care proxy was not acceptable.

That goes along with the environment in which they work where if you send a complaint to SCES about something like the above it is investigated by the people against whom you have complained.  It is their standard working procedure.

This same group claimed I was incapacitated and should go immediately to a nursing home and that I was in such bad shape not even technological assistance could help.  That was a lie.  That would have ruined and denied me the rest of my life.  They have no response to that except to keep destroying lives and families.

I was kept by them in MGH for five weeks, forced to take 10 to 15 pills per day of over the counter medication, given hallucinatory drugs and so much more forcing me to stay in bed for five weeks only able to go from the bed to a chair in a space some 7 by 9 feet including hospital equipment.

When I was sent home by them I could barely walk – could not walk without a walker and support by two people one on each side – and was sent home in my stocking feet because my feet were too swollen for shoes.  That is what happened to me under their care.  I was kept away from my wife who was treated abominably and only allowed to see me three times during five weeks and then only with a Security Guard present.  Before that we had not been separated except for two days to a funeral in 36 years.  It was one of the most difficult times in my life.  I now know what it is like to grieve the loss of your spouse.  Sadly, if they could do it again they would – and – because this has been so public we have received many calls from people who have experienced the same thing – all African Americans – and a couple left the state to get away from the Protective Services people.

 When I was forced into MGH for the second time on March 6th I was walking, talking, enjoying life, enjoying my family, doing all the things I had been doing before going into MGH.  When I left, my life was in shatters and so much more.  It took coming back to my family to be able to experience life as an independent person walking, talking, participating in life, picking up my research and so much more.  They attempted to destroy everything I had ever done starting with my reputation.

So why does SCES get to say whether or not Attorney Myette should not be allowed to withdraw?

I am in the process of making plans to move ahead with court actions and have talked to several attorneys about representing me.  Two called the court and were told I already had an attorney.  They called Attorney Myette for some clarification in the process of their due diligence before taking on representing me, but Attorney Myette did not return the telephone calls. That did not inspire confidence in the attorneys that this was a case they should take.

I am asking this court for a clear path to be able to have the attorneys of my choice by approving Attorney Myette’s motion to withdraw from whatever court action in which she is acknowledged as the attorney for Robert Bennett.

Please confirm Attorney Myette’s motion to withdraw. 

I have never met Attorney Myette in person.  I talked to her on the telephone for the first time after I sent her an email telling her I would like her to withdraw as my attorney and that was just days ago. And in-between times Attorney. Myette did nothing for me so if she does not continue I will not be any worse off than I was when she was my attorney.

Please allow Attorney Myette’s motion to withdraw.

Robert A. Bennett                                          Marceline Donaldson

617 497 9166                                                 617 497 9166

Robert Bennett talked and dictated

Marceline Donaldson typed


In addition to the above pleading by Rev. Bennett – Marceline Donaldson submitted a pleading to the court asking that Rev. Bennett’s attorney be allowed to withdraw.

That pleading follows:

———- Original Message ———- 
Date: June 8, 2020 at 7:31 AM 
Subject: My statement for Attorney Myette’s motion to withdraw MI 20 P 1699 

I join my husband’s request to allow Attorney Myette to withdraw from representing him on any and all motions which may have been filed on which Attorney Myette is listed as attorney for Robert Bennett.

Attorney James O’Sullivan asked for an “emergency hearing” around March 5, 2020 which he also asked to be heard “ex parte”.  Attorney Myette was appointed attorney for Robert Bennett by the court at that hearing.

To get the result, Attorney O’Sullivan obtained Attorney O’Sullivan  misrepresented Robert Bennett to the court as “indigent” when he knew or should have known that was not true.  Attorney O’Sullivan made many representations to the court in the process of that “emergency hearing” which were not of the truth, but of lies which would allow him to block the possibility of Robert Bennett and his family hiring an attorney of his or their choice to represent Robert Bennett.

In addition, Attorney O’Sullivan misrepresented the situation he claimed to be trying to prevent by lying to the court about his need for an “emergency hearing” because of the claimed danger which he claimed would happen to Robert Bennett if the court did not intervene.

Robert Bennett was not in a situation which would have required an ’emergency hearing’ and the intervention of the police to remove Robert Bennett from his home against his will with the police, apparently, given the right to break into Robert Bennett’s home and forcibly remove him even if Robert Bennett objected to his removal from his home and family.  If Robert Bennett objected he was to be carried out of his house against his will any way possible.  That is what the police told Robert Bennett’s family if they intervened and prevented them from taking Robert Bennett out of his home of 36 years.

Before this hearing, Massachusetts General Hospital had already ‘lifted’ a section 12 filed against Robert Bennett by Attorney O’Sullivan on behalf of his clients just two days prior.  That section 112 was removed with “no medicines prescribed” and “all vitals normal including blood pressure” along comments by individuals in the emergency room – doctors and nurse practitioners – that Robert Bennett should not have been picked up under a section 12.  

A policeman, the evening before this forced incarceration happened on March 3rd,  was called by SCES and  directed to do a “wellness check.”   He found nothing out of order.  

Robert Bennett’s two adult children were at home with him to be there if he needed anything and to help with any care Robert Bennett needed because Robert Bennett was just out of MGH after brain surgery from the second of two falls months apart because of eye surgery – the first to remove a cataract and it was unsuccessful in restoring Robert Bennett’s vision and the second destroyed Robert Bennett’s peripheral vision in his left eye.  

The psychiatrist, on behalf of the SCES signed for the section 12 and at the same time she was signing for police to force Robert Bennett from his house and incarcerate him in the hospital, she included deniability in case she was wrong in her signing such a document.  This psychiatrist  added to the section 12 that she had never met Robert Bennett, never examined him, never been to his home and yet she declared his home “unsafe.”.  

In addition, neither had Attorney O’Sullivans’ clients, the SCES,  had any contact with the family nor with Robert Bennett beyond a five minute visit which was billed as “friends” visiting Robert Bennett calling to make sure he was fine.  They found a man in very good shape, having a dessert of ice cream in his bed/sitting room.

There was no consultation with the family by SCES,  no telephone calls for an appointment to assess the house for its safety or lack thereof,  nothing with Robert Bennett except intruding on his recovery from brain surgery by appearing in his hospital room when he had just been removed from oxygen after surgery and interrogating him for a very long period of time.  In spite of the above, SCES pushed into Robert Bennett’s life with claims that are not true, but made to justify their attempt to intervene and take over directing his life and its decisions.  On information and belief this is something SCES has done several times with other African Americans and with others with horrendous results for the people with whom they became so involved.

During the “emergency hearing” Attorney O’Sullivan asked the court to invalidate a valid Health Care Proxy created by Mass General Hospital with that HCP based on the one Robert Bennett asked Probate Attorney Donald McInnis to create for him because Robert Bennett discovered from Beth Israel Hospital people that they would not speak to his wife about him because his “Health Care Proxy” asked them not to. That was the point at which  Robert Bennett discovered there was a Health Care Proxy that he knew nothing about, did not sign and nominated a health care proxy he did not want making decisions about his health.

In spite of that, and with SCES knowing the Health Care Proxy they were asking the court to validate as the Health Care Proxy which would be over Robert Bennett -and – with SCES knowing it was not one Robert Bennett wanted, – and – with SCES knowing that Health Care Proxy had been invalidated – even if it were legitimately created – by one Robert Bennett had a probate attorney create for him and one he signed November 18, 2019.  In spite of knowing that and with Attorney O’Sullivan who knew or should have known that the court invalidated Robert Bennett’s Health Care Proxy and validated one he did not sign and did not want.

All of that and more was done in the “emergency hearing” Attorney O’Sullivan asked for and further asked that it be ‘ex parte’ without Robert Bennett being notified.

In that “emergency hearing” with all of its untruths presented to the court Attorney Myette was appointed to represent Robert Bennett.

During her representation of Robert Bennett as his attorney, she had one contact with Robert Bennett’s wife.  None with Robert Bennett – she has never met Robert Bennett.

During the telephone call Attorney Myette made to Robert Bennett’s wife to notify her that she had been appointed Robert Bennett’s attorney by the court,  Marceline Donaldson told Attorney Myette that Robert Bennett’s family would hire an attorney of their choice and she would appreciate Attorney Myette withdrawing so another attorney could take her place.

Other attorneys were hired by Robert Bennett’s family to represent him, none of whom could represent Robert Bennett because of the structure Attorney O’Sullivan put in place using a so called “emergency motion” to abuse the court, abuse the police, abuse the law for his clients – SCES.

Robert Bennett and his family have tried to file motions to remove those attempting to destroy the quality of his life, his life, his freedom and more.  They have not been able to do anything because they were blocked by the fact that the court appointed attorney was acting more as a place saver keeping anything which SCES did not want to happen from happening than as an attorney working in her clients best interest.  

Attorney Myette has not even met her client nor spoken to him from the time she was appointed until he recently contacted her and asked her to withdraw.

Attorney Myette agreed to withdraw, but needed court agreement and she said she would file the needed motion.

Why, in that motion, are people and organizations allowed to be involved with a decision which should be between Attorney Myette and Robert Bennett and not including the people who are benefitting financially and otherwise on the dishonest representations they have made to this court and to others to maintain their position “kneeling on Robert Bennett’s neck.”

I ask this court to please allow Attorney Myette to withdraw and not allow this theatre/circus which started with eight white policemen going to Robert Bennett’s home on March 3rd along with five or six EMT people, two ambulances, police cars all over the street with people running from the Charles River to see what was happening to demean, discharge, shame, defile, destroy Robert Bennett’s reputation and the work of his life by giving it this horrible ending.

Robert Bennett is 87 years old.  He has lived a very healthy life with no hospital admissions and a large belief in natural remedies.  He had no health problems, until Maliça Aronowitz inserted herself into his life with demands that he have his eyes operated on limiting his eye sight and destroying his peripheral vision causing him to fall twice and then telling stories multiplying those two falls caused by the eye surgeries  into many characterizing Robert Bennett as not being able to live on his own outside of the most severe restrictions which he experienced at Massachusetts General Hospital, which almost cost Robert Bennett his life.

Because Robert Bennett went through those two eye surgeries trying to “go along to get along” with his step daughter who has been missing from our lives except a few hours dinner on Thanksgiving and a few hours dinner on Christmas until this past year,  he should not be punished any further.

Attorney O’Sullivan also needs to be sanctioned because of the way he handled this and other cases in which he has been involved.  His past cases need to be investigated as to exactly what happened.  We have a couple names to offer of African Americans whose lives were destroyed and whose assets were taken by these machinations.  They contacted us when they heard what was happening to Robert Bennett.  They are the people taken up by SCES and supposedly “protected” by them to the point of ruining their lives.  One has left the state trying to get away from SCES and its abuses.  

Robert Bennett filed a motion with the court, but has never heard from the court as to a hearing for this motion.  We wondered if Attorney Myette listed as attorney for Robert Bennett prevented such a motion filed by Robert Bennett from being heard.

Please allow Attorney Myette to withdraw and keep this motion to withdraw limited to the two people who are the only people/organizations who/which should be allowed to weigh in on this motion – Attorney Myette and Robert Bennett.

Marceline Donaldson

49 Hawthorn Street

Cambridge MA. 02138

617 497 9166

“deaf to our suffering as the institutional structures creating and changing the republic in which we live are debased.”


Judge Gargas refused to allow Rev. Bennett’s attorney to withdraw. She said she did not want to leave him without legal representation.

Since the reason Rev. Bennett asked his present attorney to withdraw was because he had been – in fact – without legal representation from the time she was first appointed, we did not understand the judge’s reasons for such a ruling.

She did mitigate that by saying when an attorney put in an appearance for Rev. Bennett this present attorney would be allowed to withdraw.

We were amazed at all of this because Rev. Bennett’s right to choose his own attorney was taken away from him from the time Attorney O’Sullivan asked for an emergency hearing and asked that Rev. Bennett not be notified. At the end of that hearing when everything was put in place to determine the outcome of this ugliness then and only then did the judge appoint an attorney to represent Rev. Bennett. That was done because Attorney O’Sullivan lied on behalf of SCES by claiming at the outset of his initial appearances that Rev. Bennett was “indigent.” That claim of being “indigent” gave Attorney O’Sullivan a free hand to absolutely carry out everything he wanted to do to move Rev. Bennett from the hospital to a nursing home where he would be classified as “incapacitated” where not even new technological interventions were possible to attempt to bring Rev. Bennett back to being able to be something other than a vegetable with no one around to support him, etc. so he had to be so incarcerated – according to Attorney O’Sullivan.

When Rev. Bennett’s family tried to get another attorney to represent Rev. Bennett that was not possible – and attorneys tend to be shy when there is another attorney of record that they have to plow through.

As we become more acquainted with all of this we are finding Rev. Bennett’s rights have been totally destroyed and mostly by the court – which really had the power to make this right and refused.

As we looked into the claim of Attorney O’Sullivan on behalf of Somerville Cambridge Elder Services – that there was no one around for Rev. Bennett and so they had no choice but to take over his life and everything in it – except his wife – it was stunningly arrogant for them to make that claim.

What are Rev. Bennett’s support groups?- Obviously his family, which includes his wife and two adult children who are involved with his life and do stay in contact with him.

In an emergency which Rev. Bennett or his family could not handle or for many other reasons, all Rev. Bennett had to do was to call his bishop. As a retired Episcopal priest you do have that possibility and you do have the organization of the Episcopal Church which supports its retired priests and from our investigation that is real support.

As a person who ministered at several churches both in the Greater Boston area and in Baltimore, MD. Rev. Bennett has a circle of friends who were parishioners at those churches who have stayed in touch with Rev. Bennett and his wife and who are very good friends and a supportive circle.

In addition, there are many friends who check in regularly and are there for anything the family needs and there is a reciprocal relationship where the Bennett/Donaldson family has been there for some of their needs.

During another hearing, we understand and have seen several letters from some of these friends submitted to the court.

That is a substantial community which few people have. But that is the person Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services with the help of Attorney O’Sullivan had picked up by the police in an incredible and very ugly display in front of their home and incarcerated twice – for no reason.

When the first attempt at incarcerating Rev. Bennett failed, they tried again with massive lies which we have easily disproven and have given the family what we found – which is kind of massive if we say so ourselves.

What has happened is we are being shown that this society has a legal structure under which any one of us can be forced out of our homes by the police without cause and we will then have to spend our resources trying to get away from the horribleness of that and what comes after.

We started with some doubt about the claims we heard that this was a criminal conspiracy. Just this beginning of this investigation has shown those doubts were not justified. It looks to us clearly as a criminal conspiracy and it extends further than the Bennett family.

Please keep an open mind about all of this. You might need the help of what the Bennett/Donaldson’s have agreed to make public. Each step of their way through all of this will be made public so others can benefit.


1933 Mississippi/2020 Greater Boston,MA.

Saturday, March 28th, 2020

Rev. Dr. Robert A. Bennett – the incredible, quiet, lovely, caring person who spent his life working for others, giving to others, helping those who crossed his path and needed help that he had to give has been made an example of in the tradition of the KKK possee which rode at night across places like Mississippi and Alabama to destroy the home, property, health and life of a N***** who didn’t know his place and didn’t stay in his place.

It is always amazing the people who joined that possee. They wore their faces covered so they could rejoin society the next day as though everything was fine and they were not a part of the ugly destruction of life that happened the night before. So do the people who have caused this to happen to Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett. They have rejoined society posing as loving, caring individuals working to help the elderly. This all amounts to elder abuse and will continue if not investigated and stopped.

You will not read about this nor see the story in any media. The only stories of interest to our current media that they will cover and report on are stories about coronavirus. That sells papers and electronic media and it costs very little to produce. So the media can rake in profits from their commercial advertisers and very little of those profits will be spent on producing the news and other stories for their consuming public.

Robert has been incarcerated in Massachusetts General Hospital for almost four weeks. He is not there for his health. He is there because he dared to achieve; to live in a neighborhood reserved for that class of Northern Europeans who have achieved mightily. His living in that neighborhood brings down the achievement and identity of those who spent much to have that privilege and that can’t be left to stand.

All through their 36 years living in the Brattle Street neighborhood in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the shadow of Harvard University, Dr. Bennett and his wife have had to endure, fight off, continue to carry on their lives under some of the most stressful conditions around. None of the attacks worked and they ranged from psychic to physical – Marceline Donaldson had her toes stomped recently by someone high up in the medical field – a new neighbor who found his multi-million dollar house was practically next door to an African American family. Something they didn’t know until they moved in after spending much to renovate their new house. This is someone rumored to work at one of the major hospitals in the Greater Boston area. What the Donaldson/Bennett’s experienced and endured is now the stuff of legend.

This latest is the arrival and movement into their lives of the 21st Century KKK type possee. People who previously didn’t know one another, but who worked together to achieve their goal of destroying this gentle soul.

And who has come to their rescue? Mostly those who experienced the same things because others don’t want to get involved. Which is why extreme racism in this country has endured over so many generations. It serves a wanted purpose.

” I talked to Robert by telephone yesterday and it was heart breaking. He has moved into his head trying to survive what he doesn’t understand. Why am I here – when can I leave – why have I been so treated”. and many more such questions. The same questions those watching and hearing about this travesty are asking. I understood what he was saying and why – he was rehearsing his life’s history and reliving a large part of it. I doubt that anyone else would because they don’t know and haven’t lived that history. When I talked to him he said he was in Denmark and was waiting for me to join him there. He went on to talk about things that actually happened in his life when he was in Denmark which was a good time in his life and one he was re-experiencing in his mind. The pain for me was unbearable remembering just a couple weeks ago standing in the Harvard Square Post Office – on a Thursday before the Friday this long incarceration started – talking with Xonabelle Clark, a friend of ours, having a great, fun conversation with someone we hadn’t seen in quite sometime. Robert was totally a part of that conversation. We walked to the post office from home, walked around Harvard Square and went home to enjoy a meal together. After these last four weeks of incarceration in Mass General Hospital, it will take some time before Robert can hold such a conversation with friends again. Before the surgery Robert had some memory loss. Right after the surgery that began to subside almost completely because the pressure was off the brain and his memory was back almost totally. Today, Robert would have to use a walker to take that same walk. Mass General Hospital has aided and abetted evil.” (Marceline Donaldson)

During the time Robert was in the hospital – all three almost four weeks – his wife was not able to talk to him via telephone. Why? Because the group that put him there and is determined to keep him there got a Protective Ordere – to “protect” Robert from his wife. By claiming his wife abused him, they were able to move her aside so she could not see or talk to him except very rarely. They were then able to claim that Robert was indigent ( in other words poverty striken and destitute) to open the Medicare pocket book even wider for their program for elders to succeed and their personal vocational goals to be achieved.

The few times she was allowed to visit Robert was limited to 1/2 hour per day and then only in the presence of Security Guards and Policemen (armed with guns).

How was she able to talk to him today – actually call him on the telephone using a telephone number for a telephone on the side of his bed when her telephone calls to others to attempt to talk to him in the past were met with phones being hung up on her as she made her request to talk to her husband? A friend called to talk to Robert today and that friend’s last name was Schlossberg.

Ms. Schlossberg didn’t get to talk to Robert – even with that illustrious name. She experienced what Marceline experienced. She was put on hold for some 15 minutes until someone else came to the phone and transferred her to the Security Unit. After providing identification as to who she was and waiting another 10 plus minutes, someone came back to the phone, told her could not talk to Robert and they hung up. We have the statement backing this up. We don’t write unless we have back-up statements.

However, the name Schlossberg must have gotten through when the security checked the persons identity because within 2 minutes of Ms. Schlossberg hanging up, Marceline’s phone rang at home and she was told that if she wanted to talk to her husband – that could be arranged. She was given a telephone number and told he would have a phone next to his bed on the side of the bed and he would be able to talk to her when she called and he could even call her. This happened over 3 weeks after Robert had been brought into the hospital against his will. Before that there was no telephone contact possible. Talking to doctors in the past, Marceline was told by them she could talk to her husband all she had to do was call the floor. When she tried doing what the doctors suggested – to call Robert after those doctors said she could talk to him – she was told that she could not.

Her 1/2 hour per day visits were not everyday because there was always a reason why she couldn’t visit her husband that day. The hospital was short staffed – the Security Guard told her Robert had filed a restraining order against her (which was not true – but used to refuse to let her see him that day and forced her to experience the ignominy of being thrown out of Massachusetts General Hospital. ) And on and on it went.

Every generation in these United States has had a way to force African Americans to experience truly horrible times. Each generation has lost beautiful black men and women to unspeakable criminal acts which they generated against themselves by being black.

Do you remember the young Mississippi teen ager who was beaten beyond recognition by the KKK possee, killed and thrown in the swamp? – He would only be about 75 today – so not that long ago. And he was not alone, there have been many such – hung, burned, beaten, bones broken and so much more. Today you have the modern KKK possee achieving the same goals, destroying blacks in vicious, evil ways. And with all of our media – what of this have you heard or read about?

Has that sort of thing stopped? No! It has changed to keep up with the times – those kind of things continue to happen. We stand by and watch and then wring our hangs at “them” – “those others” and all the names we give ourselves to place blame outside of ourselves so we can escape responsibility for the act, but our identity can benefit from the results of the action. These ignominies continue with every generation and today they are intense because the numbers of minorities threaten to outstrip the majority for the first time in American history.

The same thing happened in Germany under Hitler. The holocaust didn’t happen when Jews were in the Ghettos and under control and under the feet of the so called Superior Race. It happened when the walls of the Ghettos could no longer hold Jews back and they began to move out with successful businesses, families, social lives and more. It was at that point that the holocaust took hold and that “Superior Race” started rounding up to destroy Jews before they were wealthy enough, numerous enough, powerful enough to take over. The great fear driving all of this, even today!

That “Superior Race” was always a myth and no one knew the lie it told better than those who identified as such.

You see that now in the large waves of whites moving out of California (becoming a majority minority state) fleeing to New England to maintain their power and control over all. And doesn’t that reflect the history of slavery? There were slaves in the south as well as the north, but the plantations were in the south and the money made by the barrel full happened in the New England area where that truth is still denied. Even during the so-called times of the Abolitionists it was New England that held the power over; whose money was dependent on the continuation of the slave trade, and whose identity was dependent upon the continuation of slavery as showing society with a group of people “less than”, sub-human, and more so those others could be “better than”, more elegant than, defining of human beauty and used as cattle and more.

All of the above is incorporated into what is and has happened to Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett.

The KKK type possee came for him with an overwhelming police force – not because he was a criminal nor because he was a terrorist but because he was an African American out of his place – living someplace other than amongst his own kind in the ghetto and more.

Take a close look at what happened and is happening to Dr. Bennett. Look at the group incarcerating him? Look around and you will see others experiencing the same thing. It is a quick, very private way to rid this society of successful blacks who think they can do whatever their talent, education, lives dictate. They are blacks who bought the American Dream without realizing that is the White American Dream and does not apply to African Americans nor is it meant to apply to other minorities..

You can sort of live it if you understand which neighborhoods are off limits to you. You can sort of live it if you understand your place even within your chosen religion. You can sort of live it if you don’t bother the rest of society with your knowledge and understand of how this system of bigotry works and you go along to get along smiling broadly all the time.

The number of times the Bennett/Donaldsons have been told through this ordeal that they needed to “go along to get along” – “play the game until you get out from under this” and so many more similar-type comments – those numbers of times are inumerable. What is that really saying? Get back into your stereotype – who do you think you are doing your own thing?

Every one of Robert Bennett’s rights have been taken away from him – with the help and clear understanding by the Health Care Industry of what it was doing. It is the strongest industry in the world today and the one which has brought bigotry back into the system like never before.

Hospitals and other such “health” institutions have this other side where you enter through the back door and are kept until you are actually destitute. Young, arrogant whites – male and female – carry out stripping you of every part of your dignity and self respect, even into your identity that they and others like them can reach. They are very good at it because the first thing hidden from them is their extreme racism. And racism is not the only part of the national bigotry they support, make stronger, and much more powerful than it has ever been.

The institutions are becoming bolder and justifying their participation – why? Money, greed and more. It is, afterall, Massachusetts General Hospital where Robert Bennett is being held and not for health reasons. If he is ever released, that will come with trappings to make you think it was his health and concern for his health that caused this imprisonment,.

The police picked up Robert Bennett and forced him into the hospital on a psychiatric charge – that is what a section 12 is about. You cannot get out until you have passed a psychiatric exam by a psychiatrist. Robert Bennett, who had not even an inkling of psychiatric probmes passed their exam and was discharged because they had no reason to hold him.

He was “arrested” again just two days later on a section 12 – identical to the one under which he was first “arrested”. He is still in the hospital because this time unscrupulous attorneys and arrogantly bigoted health workers went to Court to get a Protective Order which was full of lies, but they knew which lies they had to tell to the judge and they knew which judge to tell them to. The Protective Order kept him in the hospital because at home was his wife who that group of totally unscrupulous people had charged with abusing him. They knew the system and worked it well to their advantage.

You, the average American citizen is paying for this – which is costing a small fortune. Not just the hospital fees – which are being charged and collected fraudulently, but the fees from the police and so many other areas contributing to the cost of this action.

Without the “Protective Order” Robert Bennett could only be held for 72 hours as happened during his first incarceration. However, with the addition of this Protective Order, which was impounded so it could not be seen by the public, he could be held indefinitely – they could claim guardianship over him, but what they really wanted were the commissions from the insurance collected by Massachusetts General Hospital under these false conditions.

These same people responsible for all of this offered Robert Bennett and his wife “free” services – someone to clean their house, “for free”; someone to cook for him “for free”; someone to walk the dog they don’t have “for free”. And when they refused – this is the result. If they had taken all of those “for free” services this probably would not have happened. The Elder Affairs Office needs to get its share of the insurance pie and this is how they do it. Those “for free” offers are actually paid for out of Robert Bennett’s Health Insurance.

Why is Health Insurance so high? and so costly? It is full of such graft and corruption. Get that out and costs will go down dramatically. Do you hear anyone talking about such? No!

That kind of graft also insures that the number and economic viability of African Americans in this society can be reduced dramatically, quietly and permanently controlled as a side act of the Health Care System.

Why does Massachusetts General Hospital allow itself to be so mis-used?

By that misuse it participates in the South African style apartheid which is the Massachusetts Health Care System. But lets not limit this to Massachusetts, that is true across the country.

“Before Robert was incarcerated I didn’t know Mass General Hospital had its “Brown and Black Door”. Today, it is clear that kind of bigotry exists and is kept from public eyes.

As long as we were in Lunder and the neurological side where great work was being done we did not see many blacks or brown peoples. Roberts second incarceration opened the door to that side of Mass General. Where Robert Bennett is currently incarcerated the racism is stark.

Walk to the reception desk on his floor and there are two black women sitting right behind the counter. There is something separating those two from the rest of the women in that entrance area and the rest of the women are white and clearly have a higher position than the two black women seated at the entry counter.

Enter the area and look up and down the hallways and you see mostly black. In Lunder in the neurological area you saw mostly white. IN fact, in the same positions you saw all whites in Lunder.

We were excited about Mass General Hospital because when Robert was brought in, the neurologists and others who were examining and attending to him were all colors and nationalities. That has a very limited area. Once you get into the bowels of the beast where the ugliness happens, the color turns black.

“I don’t know if Robert will ever get out of there. Or if he will be the same once out that he was before all of this high stress, anxiety and more were dumped on him as he recovered from surgery. He was discharged after his brain surgery at Mass General in very good shape. In fact, we were ecstatic by what happened. He was discharged after the first section 12 in good shape. The discharge papers said – his vital signs were normal as was his blood pressure. No medicines were prescribed and etc.”

I doubt that would be his condition today when and if he is let out of Mass General. So they healed on the one hand and destroyed their healing on the other – of an African American man.

When we last talked to Robert – which was yesterday – he sounded under enormous stress. His voice sounded as though he had a huge cold. He was confused as to why so many people were leaving his floor – and he was still there with no one even attempting to say why that was happening and why he was not allowed to leave. He has not experienced the sun or gone for walks or gotten close to a window since he was thrown into this situation.

He knows prisoners are being let out of prison, but what has he done so egregious that he is still incarcerated with no criminal charges.

We have Somerville Cambridge Elder Affairs group – an agency of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts actually engaging in elder abuse. By charging Robert’s 82 year old wife with abuse and putting both of them into this kind of situation is pure elder abuse. And normally if there is one such group engaging in that kind of activity there are more. We have certainly heard of more. The stories have circulated for quite a few years and nothing has come of them. Certainly no state investigation nor other kind of investigation to stop such abuse. it is profitable. Its purpose seems to be to gain insurance money using really spurious techniques. Robert Bennett was classified as “indigent” – poverty stricken because that opens more pockets of medicare money to be misused.

The Elder Affairs group just this Friday responded to the Bennett/Donaldson attorneys by trying to claim guardianship over Robert Bennett. Things just go from bad to worse. Cover-up one ugly with something even uglier. but their interest was not guardianship, they wanted to maintain their right to raid medicare using Robert Bennett’s insurance. they wanted to continue destroying families by picking out family members who would carry out their wishes. Weaponizing family members against each other.

It is ugly, vicious, and being allowed to continue. the Court is laying down requirements for Robert Bennett’s release. Putting those requirement on his wife as though she is the one who caused this. Putting payment for what Somerville Cambridge Elder Services and James O’Sullivan have done on Robert Bennett’s pocket book and Medicare.

All of this, from what we’ve seen amounts to Medicare fraud among other charges. What happens now! The drama has been extremely painful and daily. The pattern, however, seems to be set from other such cases.


A Response by a Bettina Member

Thursday, December 5th, 2019

First – I am young, white and male. I need to put that out front so you know something about where I am coming from. I am also a scientist who has been using Bettina Network for several years and look forward to my time spent in one of your homes in Harvard Square – it is my favorite place to go. I get the education in that house that I didn’t get at home and I get to stay in real luxury surroundings at the same time – something I also did not get to do at home.

I read Marceline’s article on Kamala Harris and there are things I would like to add that she did not say. Things I researched after many breakfasts in her home which just blew my mind. Mostly, about telling the truth.

To tell the truth about Kamala Harris means to say that she was one of those who supported Barack Obama from the beginning. At the beginning of Obama’s candidacy, when others were looking elsewhere, Kamala Harris was strong in using her time and other resources to work towards getting Obama elected president. She has yet to be given credit for that. What blows my mind is the fact that so called “older blacks” are supporting Joe Biden because of his closeness to Obama. How such is that?

That should not be such a surprise to me because I noticed over the years African Americans are not great supporters of Bettina Network. I have yet to meet one using this network and my conversations with those I know blow my mind. A couple African Americans I know and who are friends of mine would rather stay in lesser accommodations and pay more than to stay at the Bettina Network. They don’t articulate why, but after a short conversation it becomes clear they do not give much credit to a company owned by another African American, especially a woman. Given that I have some understanding as to why blacks are not supporting Kamala Harris. To support their own seems to be a negative to just about every African American I have met. This is an article, after all, in which I am determined to tell the truth as I see it in this life. If that violates you or makes you angry so be it. I have had to struggle years to be able to face life as it is rather than as it is described to me for me to believe as the truth.

To tell the truth about Joe Biden, which few are doing, means to say that he was not one of those supporting Barack Obama when Kamala Harris was out on the campaign trail doing exactly that. My research shows that from the very beginnings of Barack Obama’s campaign there was Kamala Harris doing everything she could to support his candidacy.

It is to admit that Biden was instrumental in seeing that Thurgood Marshall was followed by Clarence Thomas – and that is who “older blacks” are supporting instead of supporting Kamala Harris? I was too young to remember the hearings, but I went back to read about what happened when Clarence Thomas was put on the Supreme Court and it was vile and who was instrumental in seeing that happen? Pictured in newspaper clippings as chair of the panel that made sure Thomas was exonerated enough to be elected to the Supreme Court – Joe Biden. So now we have to live with him on the Supreme Court without acknowledging who was instrumental in making that happen.

To tell the truth means to talk out loud without being intimidated to say Joe Biden treated a black woman – Anita Hill – disgracefully, and this is the man being promoted as the successor of Barack Obama? The man promoted as the next president while Kamala Harris’ campaign is suspended? I do not wonder why we now have Donald Trump as president. Sometimes I wonder if he is not who we deserve.

To tell the truth means to point out the upset and upheaval that happened when Elizabeth Warren was, briefly, the front runner in the Democrat’s primary presidential campaign. Such furor and upset was palpable. A flurry of activity and out comes Michael Bloomberg and even DeVal Patrick running into the campaign to stop what looked like an election getting out of control – how? a woman was then the front runner taking control out of the hands of the white males who normally oversee and dictate such things whether they be Republican or Democrat. That should have been done generations ago, but we are still here fighting the same battles we have been fighting for generations. I hope it stops with my generation. At least there seems to be some hope after we have seen an African American man as president doing an outstanding job followed by an out of control White man who someone said wears “clown shoes” and will engage in treason to keep himself up front and in control because his ego needs that. The job he does is irrelevant, only a by-product of his stage settings for himself. And that job includes turning the United States Government into a criminal enterprise over which he rules as the godfather? Is this what I am inheriting?

All of a sudden there were people coming out from all corners to stop Elizabeth Warren. The last time I saw anything like that was when it looked as though Hillary Clinton might win and out came even Russia and Vladimir Putin to stop that and stop her becoming president even if they had to sully the process to achieve their goal.

We don’t tell the truth. And so we help elect the likes of Donald Trump. The man whose closest long term adviser is Steven Miller – a Jew who hates other Jews and has promoted and helped to bring about things that were prevalent during Hitler’s reign and Nazi Germany. Just like Trump’s mentor Roy Cohn who was a gay man who hates gays.

To tell the truth means that we have a straight line we can draw in our government from Joe McCarthy of “communist” days straight through to Donald Trump. I heard at many breakfasts how Trump learned at the feet of Cohn and McCarthy and as my research bore that out I was stunned. That is not something I would have put together otherwise.

We have constantly had to fight such people and why? Is it because we put forth a scenario which skewers the truth and puts forth instead a story line which is meant to manipulate the voting public into a stance that we want which will maintain the system as it is rather than tell the truth to gain a fully functioning system open to all which reflects the equality we claim to be about?

We had a senator in Joe McCarthy who was rumored to be a total drunk and yet he had lots of support as he careened all over the place making life a living hell for many, seeing to it that their lives were upheaveled, their jobs lost, their beliefs lied about for the convenience of the many who wanted to see the kind of “purge” McCarthy undertook. I didn’t realize until my stay in a Bettina home the connection between McCarthy, Cohn and Trump. There was even talk about the role Robert Kennedy had sitting at McCarthy’s right hand as he made his way up the political ladder. I heard it at a breakfast seminar and still didn’t believe it until I did my own research and the shock that this is my country and this is what we are about hit with crude power and I have not been the same since.

I could go on for pages, but this is what we need in this country – tell the truth and deal with the consequences. What a totally refreshing idea. Maybe then we wouldn’t have to worry about the “billionaire group” who deserve to be a part of this society also. And we wouldn’t have to worry about the feminists, or the lesbians, or the homosexual males, or the angry blacks, or the immigrants, or……… All people we have in our immediate families – well, maybe not all, but certainly one or two. We can have family dinners with them, but not allow them to be an equal part of our lives. Is that why our family lives are so screwed up? To be better than, we have to hide and/or try to change those who share our genes?

Maybe when I get a bit older I will understand and join this group, but now, as a young person I hope I continue learning and speaking truth. It is freeing like nothing else. At least if I decided to support Joe Biden it would be after I knew the truth about his history and who he is today. But even so I agree with you Marceline, I would rather support someone like Kamala Harris for president. I was lukewarm about her until I read your article. Today, I would like to be one of her supporters.



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Rob Porter – Nazi Royalty?

Wednesday, September 4th, 2019

We have watched the arriving and leavings of Trump Administrative people and many conjecture as to why there is such a turnover. Mostly, the upheaval and ugliness of working at the White House for Donald Trump is cited. What is either glossed over or ignored are the dynamics that must be playing out when many of the people so involved and appointed by the Donald have a hate philosophy and political ideology to which they adhere.

We knew Rob Porter when he was a very small boy. Active, energetic, and into everything. He came to visit his grandparents. These grandparents were not publicly acknowledged as such but they were the people from whom came his mother. His grandmother was from Germany and spent several years in Austria when her father was Ambassador from Nazi Germany representing the Hitler regime. His grandfather was high up in that regime.

They came to visit from Argentina and went back and forth. From Argentina to the United States – always to visit their “daughter’ and her family.

In-between times the “family” met up in Europe or wherever Rob Porter’s mother was traveling to so they could spend quality time together and so Rob Porter and his siblings could get to know and stay in contact with their “real grandparents”.

When we were introduced the grandparents had Spanish names and spoke the language of Argentina. After a couple visits that dropped and they began to call each other by their real names. Something they clearly only did when alone or with friends.

Like many, they had a family secret, which little by little began to come out. Rob’s grandmother and grandfather had to flee Germany when the Nazi’s lost power and they fled to Argentina. His grandmother had a very small child – a baby – who she did not want to grow up with the stigma of being a Nazi, even though a very prominent one so Rob’s grandmother gave her baby daughter to a very close friend and took a step back. That must have been a profoundly painful thing to do because as we saw her – in spite of her Nazi training and leanings – her humanity and love towards her daughter was clear to see.

She talked about giving her daughter away with the expectation of not seeing her or her daughter ever knowing her mother, but as things turned out, they spent quite a bit of time together. They stayed with us often until the grandfather died of brain cancer. He came to the United States several times for treatment and we understand, after his death, his wife moved to the United States to be close to her family.

When I heard Rob Porter had a job which was so close to Donald Trump and he would know everything that happened in the White House, my blood ran cold. Why? Because we had many conversations with his grandparents and he was clearly exposed to a strong Nazi doctrine from a small child.

We had many conversations which ranged over the universe. His grandmother was very gracious and seldom engaged in anything other than talk on a general and surface level. His grandfather was taken with me and not in a positive way so in spite of trying to keep the conversations on a surface level he often let loose with his politics. The strongest of his comments which started such conversations came when I was holding forth, as is normal for me, on topics which run deep and not always positive towards how things work in the U. S. At first he was interested to know about the life of an African American in the U. S. After a few minutes, however, he always interjected as to how grateful I should be just to be allowed to exist in this country.

What made my blood run cold when I heard of Rob Porter’s job next to Donald Trump, working so closely and knowing so much about the inner workings of these United States, came from all that I knew about the political input that went on during his growing up years – from having seen how much he adored and how much time he spent with his grandparents who were definitely Nazi Royalty – and as time passed and people like Stephen Miller and all the rest began to surface, what I saw was a young man surrounded by those like him in an administration that reeked with Nazi influencers carrying out their basic philosophical and political beliefs, attempting to change this country to one in which they would be much more comfortable because the minorities of the world would either not exist or be kept in their place where they would be grateful just to be allowed to work for those who, following the Nazi Doctrine, were believed to be genealogically, intellectually, spiritually, and in their skin and hair color and texture the “chosen” few of this world.

Add to that a knowledge of Donald Trump as having spent his young adult years with his first wife and young children, having a copy of “Mein Kempf” next to his bedside and reading it every night the way most people read the bible and you have a lens through which to look at this administration which says it will spread evil such as this world has never seen before.



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Bettina Oracle Speaks – New World Order

Friday, May 3rd, 2019

So much happening in your world and there are so few people – beyond those doing the planning – who understand and get what is probably going to be their future.

George H. W. Bush – Donald Trump – New World Order – blocked by the Clintons.

Have you noticed the continuum between H. W. and DJT? What you can’t have missed was H. W. diminishing Thurgood Marshall by replacing him with Clarence Thomas. What you can’t miss today is William Barr – Attorney General during the Bush Administration and now Attorney General during the Trump Administration. And please don’t be so obtuse that you can’t connect the dots with Barr committing impeachable offenses during both times he supposedly served the country, but actually served as one of those on the front line for the New World Order.

Who will lead the world in the coming years – Government, the way you have lived under, preferably elected governments; or the Billionaire Class which is strongly moving to take over so they can accumulate more, more and more without government muddying up the waters. That is the war going on in the earth sphere. So primitive and with such incredible ugliness because you are still bound by greed, horrible ethics, lack of integrity in those you have chosen to lead and on down the list into more and more muck.

Every once in a while someone comes along sacrificing themselves for the good of the whole, but that never works. At most it buys you time and space to get your act together to move ahead into a more beautiful space. But the uglies always have a plan and people to carry out the plan to make sure liars, cheaters, thieves, those who have no integrity and mostly greed take over and turn the earth sphere into something ugly.

Once upon a time earth was a beautiful place. But those who were in that beautiful place gradually turned it into the filth it is fast becoming where disease is rampant following the greed which has created the many diseases now plaguing the earth.

Sexual deviants have taken over bringing in sex trafficking, rape, and all the other horribleness perpetrated on others. You can see the filth in their souls as they try to blackmail those who might break out and they always use some kind of sex threat in the process. Sex is beautiful and is the way you survive on earth. How else do you help in the creation of others being born into what should be an ideal existence? Those full of greed, sin, filth and more have taken the core of existence to blackmail and try to turn others – and they have been majorly successful because we have not rescued sex from the ugly into the beauty that it is and was created to be.

Look at how you treat serious sexual deviants: You just elected one president of the United States. Trump, who uses sex as a tool to gain power and control over and to feed his sick male ego, has been majorly rewarded for his braggadocio and the things he has done to attempt to debase women. There are so many more, but I won’t dwell on that negative you see it on a daily basis.

You have taken the basics of life and allowed those who will destroy even life or at the very least the quality of life to gain money, power and control to use those basics of life to gain material wealth leaving many destitute, in pain, sick, homeless – and many on earth have done this over even too many generations. Instead of thinking on and creating real wealth and beauty and making sure you have no homeless – instead you cordon off what you can claim as wealth, put it into the hands of a few like those who are so ugly and so full of sin.

Food is something which you decided to cordon off and manipulate to gain material wealth. So are the other necessities of life. And now instead of turning around to make right what you have destroyed you will do even more ill by trying to go off into space to do the same thing elsewhere, leaving the poor, the destitute, the hungry, those without adequate clothes and shelter in their state because you need them to be so.. How else can you claim and feel so victorious and better than if others don’t pay such a price to your egos?

As life move along and you continue in this path things will all of a sudden become excruciatingly painful for you and lets not even begin to talk about your death.

At this point the business interests are winning and that is tragic. All forms of bigotry have made that possible and irreversible. The different forms of bigotry invented on earth are now coming close and rubbing elbows with each other. The nazi’s, the racists, the sexists, the homophobes, those who hate muslims, and all the rest are living cheek by jowl and shoring up their “leaders”. They think they are about to gain control. In fact, they are about to reap their Armageddon.

And those who do nothing will stay in a sphere of nothingness. That is a state which makes solitary confinement in your jails look like a party.

You all need to wake up and understand what is happening around you.

Make the parallels between H. W. and DJT and see the progress that has been made. Thurgood Marshall to Clarence Thomas to Kavanaugh. Plot that path.

Take a look at the Clinton’s. Why is Hillary such a threat? Try answering that question and you will unlock the evil in Donald Trump.

What are the billionaires doing with their money? Even those who seem to be “do gooders”. You will be shocked – maybe into sanity and an understanding of the direction in which your world is going.

Who is really running your government? In the United States it certainly is neither Trump nor Putin.

Are the great empires of the past really beginning to come back and reassert themselves?

Is Trump crazy? weak? or is something else going on?

How come the people in power today are those who were mentored by the evil of yesterday – Trump and the combination of Roy Cohn and Joseph McCarthy. And didn’t Bobbi Kennedy come out of that Communist threat McCarthy brought into the United States. Wasn’t he a staff attorney to the McCarthy hearings and more? Look at those in power and see who mentored them! It is an amazing lesson in why the world is in the state it is in today. And, don’t stop at the United States. Do the same thing around the world and you will have a greater understanding of where we are – where we are going – and why.

Think about what it means to have a president who was mentored in his young adult years by serious alcoholics who were almost always drunk. McCarthy was a known and dangerous alcoholic, but he remained in office and was allowed to do a substantial amount of harm to tens of thousands of people. So was Roy Cohn. And now their protege has reached a level of power they couldn’t dream to reach. In spite of that history, today we try to look for reasons for Trump’s actions – he is weak; he is crazy; he is, etc. etc. We look every place to try to explain Trump except where we will find answers. He was raised within a mafia family of influence which goes back through his father to his grandfather and who knows what beyond that. He was mentored by drunks and those with no integrity and horrible ethics. How was he supposed to turn out. AND, we voted him into the highest office in the United States even knowing his family history, his adult years, the evil he did through his life. Is that a Trump problem or is there something wrong with the rest of us? The leader you get is the one who most reflects you.

Think and watch and wait.


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BARR – Distracting from????

Thursday, April 18th, 2019

Distracting from the evil they are currently putting in place is a strong, ongoing way Trump World operates.

Barr has simply joined the group.

He has been clear about who he is for quite some time now. He has worked from a set of ethics which are in the toilet and are at least as bad as, or are on their way to becoming as bad as Donald Trump’s. My spirit recognizes your core and your real values.

We see people in everyday life and they seem to be “nice” people. So we accept them and become shocked when they show us a very different side and move up in life by having core values which shows they have been corrupt all along we just weren’t paying attention on that level. We have this way of simply ‘whitewashing’ our friends and those to whom we give respect because of the level of achievement they have reached and of being surprised when we see they have been complicit in coverups, lies, cheating, protecting those above, moving ahead by doing evil – that is a part of who William Barr is and who he has been.

Today he is into the kind of distraction we have become accustomed to with Donald Trump. He is now truly a “made man”.

Barr recently intervened in the immigration process and passed the edict which said there will be no bail for asylum seekers. They would have to stay “in jail” – “incarcerated” – until their case has been decided.

Why does this need distraction? Because it is the beginning of the second stage of United States Concentration Camps. If you check back Bettina Network Blogs you will find we predicted Trump Concentration Camps and they would be filled with children. Huge and ugly these Concentration Camps which will soon be quickly erected will make Nazi Germany concentration camps look like a luxury hotel by comparison.

Thousands of people will soon be incarcerated and in vile, filthy, horrid conditions. That has already started with the United States incarcerating people beneath bridges and in conditions which most of us choose to ignore and we have had limited reporting on what they are like and the conditions under which “brown skinned” humans have been forced to live. Limited reporting because so much concerning the Mueller Report has been used to distract the media headlines and stories away from that reality. Barr has done a masterful job with this using the Mueller Report – no wonder Trump hired him as his Attorney General. However, an illegal president cannot hire an attorney general who can legitimately function in that space.

To stop the bleeding from the Mueller Report, someone needs to simply give an un-redacted copy to the media to be printed and distributed for all and any who want copies. That is a risk, but it is one that needs to be taken that in the end truth and justice will prevail. That will end that and we can go on to dealing with all of the other ugliness Trump, his backers and friends are pouring into this American society.

We knew who William Barr was years ago. What he did destroyed or should have destroyed his reputation and should have seriously called into question the reputation of Bush 1. Isn’t it amazing how much of what is happening today traces back to Bush 1?

This is the new world order. Remember those comments, which were stopped in the middle of his making them?

Donald Trump was brought in to stop the darkening of America. He is doing his job magnificently. And wait until American and Israeli Jews discover his other mission. When the truth is told, right-wing Americans are not enthralled with Israel because of its Jewish history. Their interest in Israel is because of its Christian history and as time goes along, if they remain keepers of that flame both Jews and Muslims will discover they are expendable and dividing them was simply a way for Trump and his people to take over Israel and remake it into the ‘Evangelical Christian’ country such folks have dreamed about for generations. In the meantime, have you noticed the “Jews” Trump and his people deal with are the Ashkenazi Jews – those German-type Jews who look white? It makes one think all Jews are very fair of skin. Have you seen any brown skinned middle-eastern Jews amongst those leaders?

My first impression of Israel when we travelled and lived there for several months was the separation of white from black. Not American whites from African Americans and others of such color, but the separation of ‘white’ Jews from those others – who you can’t tell from the brown skinned Palestinians. When we arrived in Israel, driving in from the airport to where we are going to live we saw cotton fields with people of color picking cotton. They were Arabs and Middle Eastern Jews – all the same color. My first lesson upon arrival.

Because I was raised amongst Jews and Christians during my growing up days I was well aware of that separation. If you live long enough and are exposed to the world you live a history that shows you where the cracks and lies are.

In the United States during that time and before, Jews – Ashkanazi Jews included – were called by the “N” word. They did not fill out forms asking for race by checking “white”. Both Jews and African Americans were in and out of our house. Mixing was not unusual. My mother was named after the daughter of one family with whom we were particularly close. I spent lots of time at their home in the city and their home in the country. They were not particularly well off when that friendship formed. It went back to my great-grandfather who was helpful in establishing their fortune which became substantial. My grandfather tutored their children and spending time together was normal. As time passed, Jews became white and those friendships were dropped. It was no longer that close, normal, everyday thing to ‘drop in’. The tutoring because the children needed that learning help and my grandfather was an educator with a Columbia University education and a family friend, gradually became a ‘better than’ relationship and so my grandfather pulled away.

William Barr is the needed extension of what Donald Trump is doing and someone Trump needs to stop the continued “darkening” of America. It is one of those times when people begin to pull away from one another whereas before they were friends and neighbors. Pull away because of skin color and the need of one group to exert a superiority over another. William Barr’s order for bail to stop for asylum seekers is one large step in that process.

Those asylum seekers are, after all, the brown people of the world and they cannot be allowed to continue to come into this country because it is already at the precipice where the majority is or soon will be “brown”. And we can’t allow those incoming brown people to mix with the rest of Americans because friendships develop, family mixing happens and the need to keep white and blacks apart with blacks less than becomes rather impossible.

We need to look closely at the fact that many of the Muslims against whom Donald Trump is moving may be Islamic by religions but they are of African extraction by birth. They are African Americans or Blacks who will become African Americans when they enter this country and become one of those on their way to citizenship. I knew trouble was coming a few years ago – before Trump – when I went to the swearing in ceremony of a friend who was becoming a United States citizen. As I look down on the group of new citizens from the balcony I was amazed to realize they were about 80% “brown” – from many different countries and many shades of the same brown to black skin color. I was sure then trouble was on the way.

Why does Trump have the percentage of supporters he has? They recognize that and their way of wearing a sheet and pointy hat is to allow and support Trump as he moves to insure that this country in which they live will always have different levels of people – whites uber alles and all the rest. And one cautionary note to those who may not have realized the fact that – yellow is not white.

This flap over the Mueller Report is hiding this major next step that Barr made legal – we are now on the way to jailing and destroying as many of the “brown” people of the world as possible and it is succeeding. We will not hear of the many deaths that happen along the way as Germans did not hear of the millions of Jews killed in Concentration Camps. We predicted long ago in a Bettina Network Blog that you would soon be hearing of children being killed or ‘accidentally” dying. That is now happening and the real number will never be known.

Besides a brief report on Barr’s edict to disallow bail for those seeking asylum I haven’t seen any other reporting on what is a major move for the Trump administration and one which is moving brown peoples directly into ever larger and growing numbers of Concentration Camps which will spring up all across the country.

And you natives of the United States whose ancestors were forced to come to the United States in slavery, you may today be citizens, but you are not exempt. There has been almost no reporting on the number of black American citizens who have been picked up and evicted from this country by ICE. A few have been able to contact friends and relatives and have been brought back. They were not able to do that until they were dropped off in foreign countries about which they knew next to nothing. What about those who are still in shock in countries to which they have been transported where they have no friends, no relatives, no connections of any kind, no money, no assets, no jobs, no legal status of any kind and have not been able to contact those in the U. S. who could or would help?

Now, on to getting ready for the farce of a press conference which is scheduled to happen on Thursday at 9:30am. And on to Nancy Pelosi claiming there should not be an impeachment of Donald Trump with Trump’s interesting response of being extremely respectful of Nancy Pelosi. How come?


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Mitch – How did you know? Barr – Who is your handler?

Thursday, April 11th, 2019

It is time to acknowledge that something is very wrong in our government and with our politicians which is beginning to show publicly in some strange ways.

For example: Mitch McConnell blocked Obama’s appointment of Supreme Court justices months before the end of his term. One such appointment he blocked was a relatively middle of the road/conservative justice from being appointed to the Court. Appointed instead was the man who is known as an extreme political activist, credibly accused sexual assaulter and who was brought onto the political stage by the Bush family.

We have talked lots and printed much about that, but no one has asked how Mitch McConnell knew his blocking Obama’s appointment of Merrick Garland would result in Donald Trump appointing conservative political operatives like Kavanaugh and Gorsuch. If Hillary Clinton had won the presidency, which was widely expected and seemed to be a done deal, her appointments would probably have been to the left of Obama’s. Does anyone believe Mitch was holding open Supreme Court appointments for Hillary’s nominations?

Mitch McConnell proceeded in the face of what was showing and expected and blocked not only the Supreme Court justice appointment by Obama, but much else also, which he then released when Donald Trump reached the point where his friends and supporters called him “President”. We were not amongst those.

Who majorly ushered Mitch McConnell onto the political stage?

How did you know Mitch? What connections do you have not showing? Add that to all else you have done, what kind of country are you helping to shape? Would you and your children want to live in the kind of country you are helping to create when those whispering in your ear become those in total control of that country? Do you really think they will allow you and your family to prosper after your work is done and you are gone? Or does that matter to you?


William Barr we have the same question of you!

Who is whispering in your ear? From whom are you taking your orders? Do you really expect us to believe that you just happened to turn up at the exact time your writing that lengthy opinion for Donald Trump would result in your being named Attorney General and your carrying out the wishes of whoever is giving you marching orders at this time?

Didn’t you help bail the Bush family out of an Iran mess? Or was that Reagan?

Just before Mueller’s investigation ends, you, Mr. Barr, turn up having laid recent ground work to become Attorney General to stop the Mueller investigation without the public being aware of your role in wrapping up that investigation putting yourself in place to put out an “exoneration” of a man who calls himself president of these United States so he can finish the work of destroying what took hundreds of years to build? You were clearly put in that place by – who? – the same people who called you up to duty and now will keep you in front of us where you can play your part in this farce?

Who benefits here? Who has orchestrated this? Or did this happen accidentally with everyone acting independently and this just comes together in such a smooth way? We don’t think so!

We saw “Mafia Speak” within the Court setting, when the judge in the Manafort case did his mafia speech before sentencing Manafort. Remember that little ditty about how this had nothing to do with “collusion”. Shortly thereafter on the front steps of the Court Manafort’s attorney made the same speech = one having nothing to do with the case he was coming outside from having represented his client making the announcement not about the case he was in front of the judge to carry forth but to say – Manafort was judged free of any collusion. That was not true, but this attorney carried his speech off as though it were.

And then shortly thereafter Donald Trump, that same afternoon, talking to the press shouting questions at him, makes his speech about how “honored” he was that day by the judge and Manafort’s attorney. Trump’s speech in its words and tone was that of a man who, that day, became comfortable with his role as “the Don”. His choice of words – striking – “honored”. ‘I am honored.’ ‘You have honored me’. That is about as close as a mafia don comes to humility. But then one discovers it is not about the “Don’s” humility, but about the “Don” allowing you to show your humility because having done his bidding and the bidding of those supporting him he is about to allow you to show your humility by allowing you to kiss the ring

Today we had “Mafia Speak” in the reverse. Donald Trump comes out with his bit of “Mafia Speak” which sets the stage and then William Barr, before Congress, follows him almost within minutes saying almost the exact same thing Donald Trump said to the press shouting questions at him.

This is a well orchestrated play being enacted in front of us and are we all too stupid or too innocent to see this?

Who gains? Who loses? What is at stake? This is a game with real life consequences in which the United States as a republic wins or the mafia in which Donald Trump was once a participant, but now apparently is the “Don” wins. Today he may be shored up by his fascist friends around the globe – supported by the billionaire’s club, but tomorrow? Donald Trump is not the type of person to be grateful or to be one of those serving and working with. His “friends” will soon see they are working for him and it will not be pleasant for any of them. Barr may see himself wielding power today, but he needs to take a good look at history to realize his future and it is not pleasant.

We have entered the era of a world-wide mafia generating from and controlled by the United States government which is in the process of forming a very tight, very strong mafia from which there will be no relief nor any turning back.

Today you can call us crazy, paranoid, delusional! However, tomorrow when you realize the situation in which you are living what will you call us then? And what will we call you? Involved? Taking action to preserve a democracy? Or one of the good people who allowed this to move to its conclusion by doing nothing?

Take a look at past Bettina Network Blogs and you will see we predicted this. It does not take a genius to see what is happening. We also talked about children being murdered and Concentration Camps – different from those in Nazi Germany. Concentration Camps where children would be incarcerated and then disappear.

We hope you are listening. We do not want to be in the position of saying “we told you so.


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Trump – yet another distraction!

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

by: Marceline Donaldson

Apparently, Vladimir Putin has sent Donald Trump another list of things to do and Trump is carrying them out in his usual manner. However, the Chinese spy was ‘caught’ and the distraction is exposed for what it is – a continued attempt to dismantle these United States.

It is clear from the way this is happening that this is a distraction from the coming revelations from the Mueller Report which Trump, his friends and allies want to arrive in a murky atmosphere so Trump will continue to have time to continue to dismantle the United States government into the kind of structure they can take over.

Sad to say Trump does not realize that he will not be around to enjoy the excitement and celebration if he succeeds. He will be too much of a threat – especially since he can’t keep soda water on his stomach.

With the firing of Nielsen and the comments on her “evil” and the other ways she acted we seem to forget that what happened in Nazi Germany was not due to some special and unique character of Germans. It is a character flaw which is human and is happening in many places on different levels for the same reasons – power and control. It is well underway in these United States. Hopefully, there will be no reason for it to be said – as history goes over our actions during these days – that good people did nothing.

A man with no experience in government and no accurate knowledge of how the United States government works could not do what Trump has been doing without help from someone with the training that Putin has had as an operative of the Society Union. And I am sure Putin is not the only one in the mix seeing this as a good time for them to intervene as they have wanted to do for generations. Favros didn’t show up in such a hurry at the beginnings of the meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un in Vietnam by accident. My guess – someone was not toeing the line and needed a nudge to get with the program.

And in the end, Trump’s exit is already planned. He is setting the stage for a “crazy persons” exit from the United States presidency from which he expects to go scot free with lots of money waiting him to live happily ever after.

I do not believe all of these recent firings are taking place just as a coincidence when Trump needs some kind of cover for whole or parts of the Mueller Report becoming public. The last time such took place it was a huge explosion and great distraction. This is what Trump needs now to get the public off on a wild goose chase after the seeming upheavals with immigration so they are not focusing on what is happening with Donald Trump and what looks like the continuation of a huge next step in his massive conspiracy to destroy the current United States government so it will be easy to bring it back together again in a non-democratic/republic shape.

What is hopeful is all of this is the extreme diversity of the current United States House of Representatives. We are now a country which represents all of us – well, once the Senate has been “readjusted” – and the new president elected, if the press will stop pushing the white males amongst the candidates and pushing the females into the background, we might have the continuation of a great country. This time, one that represents all of its citizens. A note to the press – remember the great push and coverage you gave to Donald Trump’s campaign. It is time for you to stop self-absorption and the profit motive and realize the influence you have on this society. That needs to cause you to always and forever act with courage, and truth.

With the United States becoming the country we were raised singing, writing and claiming to be great in its diversity representing all of the people, maybe in this generation it will be so.

It is fitting that the old guard, which was the past, is represented in its death throes by this ridiculous caricature of a man who, hopefully, is the last president trying to keep this country white, male and mostly northern European. Dear God, let it be so. Do not let us have to go through another and more vicious Nazi Germany to emerge steps further down the road to a true government of the people, by the people and for the people.

My vision of Donald Trump is of a man ascending the stairs of an airplane with the wind at his back and his hair piece flapping in the wind with toilet paper stuck in one shoe following him up the stairs on his way to explaining to his handlers why he made such a mess of his assignment and couldn’t, in the end, pull it off.


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Monday, March 25th, 2019

It is tragic what is happening in and to the United States of America. This was once a strong, respected, acknowledged world leader. It is now a country with a “president” who lies, cheats and manipulates – all for his own aggrandizement, without thought for anything else – and a structure in place to support him. That was very clear when Barr’s press release came out.

It was actually clear long before, but we have been trying to postpone that day of reckoning which is going to come and soon.

Barr turned up at a signing in the White House – very unusual for a United States Attorney General, especially since he had a starring part of that signing. He initially stood a bit apart as he totally backed, tota and way beyond what was necessary, Donald Trump and his ‘national emergency’. This was not a national emergency. This was Donald Trump pushing this country to a breaking point because he wanted something to honor his father and all of the KKK and White Supremacist who called for such a wall decades ago – even into the 1920’s. They called for a wall with “steel slats” – the same kind of wall Trump called for when he began to seriously push his wall agenda. A memorial to White Supremacy.

The recent Trump rant about John McCain had nothing to do with John McCain. It was Trump letting those around him know what he would do to them if they didn’t do his bidding and they got the message. For those who didn’t get the message he described the carnage that would result from any attempt to tell the truth about his activities with Russia and/or any attempt to remove him from office.

Donald Trump went on a rampage a few weeks before the Mueller Report came out to let all of those around him know exactly what their fate would be at his hands if they did not exonerate him. And they got the message. Has there ever been a time when Republicans in Congress have been so quiet?

The New Zealand murders came right after Trump’s comments about what he would do and the violence that would happen; as did the Pittsburgh murders come right after Donald Trump proclaimed that he was not a Globalist. The bombs being delivered to prominent Americans also came right after Trump made another such threatening declaration.

When Barr was appointed Attorney General, it was clear Roy Cohn had arrived in the form of Barr and was going to do everything he could to support, shore up, clean up Donald Trump – and he did. The threesome of that time in history which wrecked much havoc on these United States – Roy Cohn, Senator Joseph McCarthy and Donald Trump – their protege – have returned and their protege has shown he learned his lessons well and is taking what he was taught to a new level – this is just the beginning.

It was quite unusual raising lots of questions for Attorney General Barr to visit the White House right at the time the Mueller Report was being delivered to him. After that visit Donald Trump and his tweets were silent and he went off to Mar-a-Lago quietly, with his friends and supporters and was not heard from again until he returned to the White House and the deed was done. Clearly, he has control over his tweets and they are done for a reason to create the affect he has been creating.

These United States have been seriously divided almost from its beginnings. Today, we are trying to say this serious division is new – not true. There has been the good and the bad. Those who saw the possibilities and wanted to move in the direction of greatness and goodness as a country and those who were overfilled with greed and power needs who simply wanted what they wanted and if that destroyed everything so be it if they could walk away with what they thought would satisfy those needs.

We have tried to cover up that history, but today it has come home to roost. There are too many diverse people now living, working, raising families in this country for it to be allowed to go back to the filthy past that has hung out here so long.

It is time for these United States to be what its past has promised and to leave behind the sin, the degradation, the filth, the destruction of human life, the self-centeredness and self-aggrandizement which has always brought this country down and has brought it to a place of not fulfilling what could have been its destiny.

When Donald Trump was “elected” president it was with all of the ugliness showing. He had already built Trump University and had ripped off hundreds, if not thousands of people in the process to line his own pockets. During all of the time he was running for president of these United States that and more was in the news with the very ugly details of how people looking for a better life scrimped, saved and denied themselves to pay money to Trump University so they could have a better life only to discover they were in worse shape after they enrolled than before because Donald Trump and his University were ripping them off, not providing them with that bright and shiny future of which they dreamed and which his marketing and advertising promised.. And that is only one such example of Donald Trump ripping off the American people.

White America, do you really need to be better than so badly that this is what you are willing to do to maintain that role and position in this society? Have you no shame? No God? No ethics? A horrible character who allows you to live in this filth created for you by Donald Trump and those who support him and those who went before to clear a path for him? You have no idea how great it is to be free! To live a life of freedom! To be one of instead of better than! It is an incredible feeling, life, way to be.

Millions of people voted for Donald Trump for president. Yes, Russia was a part of his being elected president – they provided the denouement – but also yes – millions of Americans voted for him. The same millions who moved against Native Americans? The same millions who moved to enslave Africans? The same millions who brought Africans over in slave ships to be sold as so much cattle – using the same ships in which they put product they were selling and delivering to other countries and returning from those countries with human beings they had stolen from African countries to sell to Americans? The same millions who saw Native American children, by the thousands, ripped from their families to supposedly be “acculturated” into American Society, but most of whom were never heard from again? And today we are seeing the same thing repeated with thousands of children coming to the United States from other countries and being treated as though they are sex objects and being raped and/or sexually or other ways abused by their captors who have put them in chain link prisons – who have humiliated and demeaned these children for no reason other than the depravity of those in charge and who have ripped even weeks old babies from their mothers to satisfy the needs for superiority of those doing such and the depravity of he who has ordered such to be done? “Suffer the little children to come unto me for of such is the kingdom of heaven”.

The same millions voted for Donald Trump who wrecked havoc across this country for decades trying to intimidate African Americans by being a part of one massacre after another, after slavery ended, as they saw African American families putting their lives together and building communities in places like Oklahoma and other areas? Their anger at seeing such resulted in unspeakable massacres of which our school children know nothing because that history is deleted in our school systems.

The United States has a lot from which to be redeemed and instead we are turning to someone like Donald Trump who lives and works in the mould of the worst of American history. We thought, when Barack Obama was elected, that we had made the collective decision to leave all of that behind. Clearly, that was a wrong thought, because what is showing is that those who were in charge throughout all of American history tainting everything that could have been beautiful are still in charge tainting everything that could have been beautiful.

The press release from Mueller’s Report was written by a man who was officially told, by his employers, of his conflict of interest and who refused to recuse himself. He had a mission and with his press release he carried out that mission. He was not going to be part of a diverse society. He, apparently, wants to give lip service to the goodness that could be America and do his part to make sure that other part, that gross part, which we all share as human beings, would be the part to take over and make sure he and his would still be in charge, wrecking havoc on everything and everyone else. From the dregs of humanity come your oppressors, cleaning themselves up but still instantly recognized.

To people like Barr and Lindsey Graham I say – my God neither sleeps nor slumbers. People like you crucified my Jesus and yet what happened was not the destruction of my Jesus nor of why Jesus came to earth, but the fulfillment of many of those promises. Millions followed – great edifices were built in his honor – ethical systems were created from his teachings – the efforts of the Barr’s, the Grahams’ (both Lindsey and Franklin and their followers) were dispersed. They try to come back periodically and while they succeed on some level for a brief period of time, they simply bring into being by their failure and their notoriety and people finally seeing the sin and flaws they cultivate in themselves, the exact opposite of what they claim to be working to achieve. Self-aggrandizement is their goal – power, money, the feeling of being better than is their goal. Reaching for that goal ultimately is their destruction. Hitler committed suicide, they say, in a dirty, filthy bunker scared out of his mind.

We are today the people who walk in darkness, but shortly, the eyes of the blind shall be opened and the ears of the deaf will hear.

It matters not what Scripture you read or which religion you follow or if you follow none – it is not possible to be human with all that means and not see what is happening in these United States. To go along with it says more about you than anything else you do, think or claim to believe.

The Germans went along with Hitler. Average, ordinary people because they wanted someone or something to blame for the mess they allowed and helped happen in their lives. They wanted to be better than and what they received in return for those wants was a time spent in hell. Today, however, as most Germans look back at that history, you don’t see statues in memorial to that time in German history. You don’t see plays being performed to laud those actions. You don’t see people adoring Hitler for what he wrought or because they needed to keep that history alive and in front of them and their children. You see a people trying to make amends for a temporary aberration in their history. We have yet to see that in these United States. We have had many Hitlers-types who we adored. We still fight for and demand the right to worship at the altar of our statues and memorials to slavery as we created it for generations in these United States. We still have a form of slavery in the way we hold dear to sex trafficking and our enslaving of women and children for such purposes.

We have lauded them all and tried to make them our saviors – Donald Trump is just the most recent.

How long – O Lord!


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Bettina Members Share…

Saturday, March 2nd, 2019

Congressman Jim Jordan accused of ignoring sexual abuse at OSU. see…/congressman-jim-jordan…sex-abuse…/lzfhebNU

I watched the Michael Cohen hearings and was appalled at Congressman Jordan and the way he led the group denouncing Cohen for lying plus as many other uglies he could think of to throw Michael Cohen’s way. Clearly that group thrives on threat, intimidation, abuse. And by the way, isn’t Jordan the one accused in some kind of sexual abuse thing against young athletes? Either he was involved or knew about it and didn’t report it or..? He fits right into the Trump orbit.

Rep. Jim Jordan Is Named in New OSU Sexual Abuse Scandal…


Hearing those who support and defend Donald Trump is showing what is wrong with the United States. I used to get angry when I heard people say – “if you don’t like this country leave it”. Today, I understand the sentiment. Maybe we should have a bigotry test to move out and keep out those White Supremacist and assorted others. They all seem to have given Donald Trump immunity.

Michael Cohen has admitted and is paying for his lies. Donald Trump’s lies make Michael Cohen look like a choir boy. Trump’s supporters seem totally able to attempt to defame Michael Cohen, calling him a liar and denigrating him for his lies and at the same time not even realizing others are looking at the person they are supporting and counting his lies into the thousands. How are they so tone deaf that they don’t see themselves as they are seen by others.

Cohen has no power, except what he had loaned to him by Trump if Cohen used that power to carry out Trump’s wishes. Trump as a liar, however, is dangerous because he does have power over many and much. He is a major, daily, liar whose lies will negatively affect your children’s future as those lies change this republic into a fascist state with Donald Trump leading the nation as he tries to use this country to become wealthier than Vladimir Putin.

Trump followers are saying- some people can lie to us and that is alright because the end justifies the means. What they don’t understand is that the process by which we reach the end totally changes the end we envisioned. That expected end changes and turns the goals we were willing to compromise our moral values and our character to reach into a monstrosity we are amazed has been created. It will be something we neither recognize nor want.



I’ve read in Bettina Network’s Blog about Donald Trump’s mentors – Roy Cohn and Senator Joseph McCarthy. After reading that, I did some research to see what that was all about. Shamefully, it was not a part of what I learned in school. I am also discovering other such times in these United States which were much worse. I did not learn about the massacres and slaughters in school. For example – I had to go out of my way to read and learn about the Trail of Tears. My first reaction was to deny. Not here – not in my country did or could that happen.

Germany did not want Nazism. They wanted to be better than the Jews and to have someone to blame the results of the war on and they wound up with a major massacre and horrendous event their children have had to endure.

I am now seeing, from the CPAC Conference, that the direction in which the Trumpians are going is to re-create, Joe McCarthy’s anti-Communist era. Sorrowfully, that is coming on us very quickly with most of us ignorant about what that era was like.

CPAC and its speakers and listeners are now upping the ante – the “wall” in front of which they can stand and single out who goes in and who stays out – by simply proclaiming who, what policies, what acts are to be despised as “Communist” and who should be destroyed in the process. Joe McCarthy’s hearings and the way he upended this country over the years he was in power is the stuff of legend and history. Read that history and see how many people were destroyed. It is tragic. That is what CPAC is setting up. The White Supremacists – the neo Nazi’s – the KKK – and all the rest have found their common ground to bring about their Nirvana. Nothing is as chilling as listening to their talks at this CPAC conference and seeing the audience response. They are ready to come for the rest of us who don’t walk their path and mimic their speech.

Trump has successfully brought back into the present the United States in which he was mentored. He and his followers are working to restore and maintain Joseph McCarthy’s United States which only existed in McCarthy’s alcoholic fantasies.

This United States periodically returns to such brutality. Trump can do this because that kind of thing is a horrendous part of our history which we deny, deny, deny so we can repeat this again and again. When defeated and saner more humane people take over that past is then buried. This time, we need to make sure that history is not buried, but kept alive and taught in our schools so the next generation is not free to destroy itself and its children.


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DRAFT DODGER as Commander in Chief

Saturday, November 3rd, 2018

Donald Trump has a long list of ways he has violated the “norm.”  It seems as though he is president to upheaval this country and deliver it into the hands of the fascist leaders of the world.  To be one with them is the goal?  If it is he is certainly succeeding admirably.  Most recently he modified one of the ten commandments – “Thou shalt not kill”.  Compromise – if you didn’t hold the gun which shot 11 Jews at prayer;  if you didn’t attempt to break into a black church to kill those inside; if you didn’t hold the gun which killed two African Americans which was your fall back position from killing in houses of worship;  if you didn’t put the rope around Khashoggi’s neck; if you didn’t wield the bone saw which dismembered Khashoggi then you really didn’t kill?  Somehow, my bible doesn’t say that – it has a very opposite view, especially in the New Testament – if you even as much as hold such a thought against your neighbor you are guilty of the act.  And don’t most of you claim to hold to the teachings of the New Testament?

Trump has dodged the draft many times.  His “bone spur” excuse is a well known joke.  What happens when a serial draft dodger becomes president?

He calls the troops into action – the same number as were called up to fight a serious war in, for example, Afghanistan.  He gives them orders to shoot if brown and black immigrants trying to cross the border to ask for asylum throws a rock at any one of them.  That also gives them the authority to turn the “Caravan” of destitute people into a shooting gallery.

He takes the troops away from their families during the holidays for a very frivolous, political cause.  He uses the troops the way his fascist dictator friends use their troops – for his own aggrandizement and to maintain his personal power.  He takes them away from training which they need and he costs the country millions of dollars to satisfy his need for power, control, greed and to practice his bigotry against those desperate families who walked over 1,000 miles to get away from the horror of their lives hoping countries including the United States would welcome the refugee.  Not in America, however.

Historically?  We did the same thing when Jews escaping Germany at the end of the Nazi terror needed a place to go.  We saw them on overcrowded ships which were practically sinking and turned our backs.  We did, however, take in the scientists and others who could promote America and help make her wealthier.  We have still not acknowledged that those Jews who did manage to get into this country even though destitute, poverty stricken, no to little education made amazing contributions to American society.

What else does he do? He demands a parade – a military parade like the ones put on by the likes of Kim Jong Un and other such dictators to show their personal power and strength and to deter their citizens from deposing them and from rioting because they are starving.  He planned a military parade for November 11th – a show during which he would stand in the middle as president of this mighty, military country and let his messiah complex out into the light at its full.  Tax payers would pay the bill of the multi-millions of dollars with no benefit to themselves.  Our military, used in ways it never has been in the past – by a draft dodger who becomes Commander in Chief.

That is just the tip of the iceberg.

All of you folks planning to vote for Donald Trump’s people and causes on November 6th.  You know the above is true.  You also knew before you voted him in as president – helping Russia to install the man in the presidential chair in the United States for the benefit of all the fascist dictatorships around the world – that he was unqualified both emotionally and by the way he conducted his life before declaring his candidacy, but you voted for him anyway.  Why?  Because you are people who want to bring in the kind of government Germany had under Hitler.  That is your dream – including the part where those who were or thought you were of the ” Aryan race” would be above everyone else and use and abuse the rest of your society for your own gain – ego, economic, et al.

You knew and today know even in more depth that:

Trump is a sexual assaulter.  He admitted that on tape.  You heard him talk about being able to sexually assault any woman he so desired.  Yet you voted for him.

Trump steals from tens of thousands of people to have money for himself.  You knew that because you knew about all of his bankruptcies where he built without concern for return on his money because he only had to file bankruptcy, walk away with multi-millions and have the business and building hard working people sacrificed to build for him thinking they would be paid and in many cases they lost businesses they had built, some for more than one generation.  Yet you voted for him.

Trump lies and you heard many of his lies before you walked into the voting booth to attempt to vote him in as president.  You knew what he was saying was lied and You knew about Trump University – those, even amongst your friends, who again sacrificed much to have an education and to move up financially in this society by paying the substantial amounts of money Trump University demanded and for which they gave back nothing.  Yet you voted for him.

You knew about Trump’s involvement in the mafia.  His casinos, his family history in the KKK, his father’s partnership with mafia to gain the foothold and the money he accumulated over his lifetime.  You also knew that about Donald Trump.  Yet you voted for him.

You knew about his involvement and his learning at the foot of Joe McCarthy and McCarthyism and you knew about how Roy Cohn – an anti-semitic Jew mentored Trump and you also knew how badly Trump treated Roy Cohn after Cohn was responsible for helping to bring Trump from Queens to doing business in Manhattan and supported Trump during the rest of Cohn’s life.  And yet you voted for him.  You didn’t ask – if this is how he treated his friends, supporters and mentors how will he treat us?  Yes, you voted for him.

You knew his reputation in New York.  It goes on for decades and is well documented – none of it good.  Yet you voted for him.

You white evangelical christians knew about Trump’s adultery.  You knew about his morals which were in the gutter.  You knew a lot more about how Trump violated and still violates everything you claim to believe in and yet you compromised your God and your religion to support him. I should not be surprised because those are the same kind of compromises you made over the years as you built Churches – called them Christian – and made sure Blacks were not allowed into your sanctuaries.

You knew all of the conspiracy theories Trump created to attempt to destroy African Americans – especially the African American president.  But he did not stop there.   Trump went on to attempt to have the Central Park 5 executed  by the state when they were innocent and had committed no crime.  He spent a good deal of time and money after they were exonerated, had spent time in jail for a crime they did not commit,  Trump knowing that still spent much time and money trying to get them executed.  Killed by the state for being black? And after all that, Trump continued making sure as many people as possible turned against these innocent African American young men.  And yet you voted for him.

Since he has been president you have seen and heard Trump lie – every single day – about some of the smallest things and go on to lie to manipulate you for his advantage and mostly for your disadvantage.  Over 6,000 deliberate lies to gain power, control and riches at your expense.  And yet you voted for him.

Since he has been president he could have nominated someone to the U. S. Supreme Court who was conservative and someone who was also an upstanding citizen of whom you could be proud and know that person was doing their best for you and yours.  Instead, he nominated a man credibly accused of sexual assault – just like Trump – and who had a very questionable history which included years of public drunkenness and worse, showing he was not the person you would want on the U. S. Supreme Court.  You may not feel that touches you, but when you need the Court to be fair and judge without the bigotry Kavanaugh has shown with his clear inability to control his emotions or all of the anger and ugliness in his background you will wish you had considered and not let your need to be better than and vote in someone who would maintain your better than status in this society, but had opted for a better result which did not demand the United States Supreme Court as Donald Trump has done and quite intentionally so.

There is nothing greater than being with people who you feel equal to and who feel equal to you.  It is a freedom like no other.

That is far away from where Trump has lived his life and far away from where he is taking this society.  The theft, lies, murder that has happened under Trump’s time in office is off the charts.  And still you are there supporting him.

What is it you are hiding?  How much like Trump are you and what will you do if left to your tiki torches?

I would say good luck to you and vote your conscience on Tuesday.  However, from what I have seen you don’t have a conscience just an ability to rationalize and justify the most horrible things if you feel they benefit you and make you over and better than everybody else.  However, who will be with you when you discover you have been taken advantage of and destroyed in ways that makes what happened to the Central Park 5, Christine Ford and all the others look pale by comparison to what happens to you.

Your “president” is now threatening violence if his people and his causes don’t win on Tuesday.  This is who you voted for in 2016?  This is who you follow today?  This is who you support?  This is not a little evil.  This is evil like that which happened 2000 years ago when Jesus was crucified. Remember him?  The one you are turning into a fool with your worship of Trump?  The one whose teachings you have abandoned for the lies of Trump?

Don’t you think it is time for you to let your knees hit the floor and beg God’s forgiveness?  Not just for Trump – he is only the latest and his sins and the sins of his co-conspirators are small and only a tip of the iceberg.  But for those sins you and yours have been committing since way before slavery.

May God forgive you!


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Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one! שְׁמַע יִשְׂרָאֵל יְהוָה אֱלֹהֵינוּ יְהוָה אֶחָֽד׃‬

Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

My heart cries out to you, O God,

others hear and feel their own – but you, O God, hear the pain on my heart and my life.
By the rivers of Babylon we sat down and wept when we remembered Zion.
You, O God are omnipotent and gave me life
To you I owe everything.
Where are you now God that those who tried and did take the lives of my ancestors those dark days in Germany
are back today trying to take my life.
My soul screams to you, O God, as do the souls of those who escaped the Holocaust with their lives, but wound up
in a foreign land which rejects us.
How can we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land
How can we praise you, O God, when we escaped the Concentration Camps – the Pograms – the constant
humiliations –
How can we forget that when we finally broke free from the bondage which demanded and took the lives of those
we love, no country wanted us
We were refugees on a ship in the ocean not able to land because we were repudiated
No one wanted us,
Wealthy nations wanted the wealthy – they passed laws to only allow into their space relatives of those who were rich and who looked like them, talked like them, had the same values including the rejection of those like me – one of your chosen, O God, but to others one who they reject because of my love of God.  They wanted the young, those trained and able to serve their needs. They wanted those who would compromise their God for wealth, power and control.
We had been debased; we had been treated as beasts of burden and slaves
We had with us the elderly, the sick, those emotionally crippled, the destitute, those whose hearts cried because
they were afraid to let out their pain in any other way – the cost of others hearing and seeing their pain was too high.
The countries to whom we made our supplications turned us away and so we floated – with no food, no water, tired and desperate
Those same countries are killing us today and they are killing those who are not us, but who are unlike them
They come out and shoot us as they do animals and birds of prey only they are more careful with those because
they have a monetary value to them – we do not.
Those who arrive on these shores in the condition we were in all those many years ago are treated with the same disdain and rejection.  Has nothing changed?  Have they no shame?  Have they no soul?  Are they so enmeshed in evil they cannot overcome it?
They have not learned, they do not know!
O God you have searched me and you know me
Rescue me, O Lord, from evil men and women who are all around me and all around those you cherish
protect me from men and women of violence who devise evil plans in their hearts and stir up war everyday.
they make their tongues as sharp as a serpent’s
the poison of vipers is on their lips
O Lord, I say to you, You are my God
do not grant the wicked their desires
do not let their plans succeed.
Let the heads of those  who surround me be covered with the troubles their lips  have caused
I know that God secures justice for the poor and upholds the cause of the needy
Let justice, O God, roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever flowing stream
For today is replicated, in my land, the plight of the Jews during Hitler’s day.  But in this day others have been added.  Not just those who sympathize with the Jews, but those whose skin is darker; whose language is different; who are trying to sing Your song in a strange land.

Immigrants looking for a home, in this land,  are characterized as a “Caravan”  looking to attack a nation when in reality they are refugees seeking asylum, a place where they can find food, shelter and a safe place for their children.

In this society can justice be done by the victims of injustice?  That is who we are O God and we are trying to reach out to those who are in the space we occupied just a generation ago.

Is that possible, O God?  Can we continue living in a space also occupied by such pain and evil.

We will use our institutions to bring about justice and our lives to insure that others do not have to walk that Trail of Tears the way we were forced to walk it without food, water or shelter.

If that is possible, we will try, O God, so others will not have to serve and live the horrible life of slaves, who have been consigned to live as beasts of burden.

Thought I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life.

you stretch out your hand against the anger of my foes.

With your right hand, you save me.

“The Lord is my light and my salvation – whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life – of whom shall I be afraid?
When evil men advance against me to devour my flesh
when my enemies and my foes attack me, they will stumble and fall.
though war break out against me even then will I be confident.
One thing I ask of the Lord, this is what I seek
That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life,
to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to seek God in God’s temple.
Of one thing am I confident –
that I will see the beauty of the Lord in the land of the living!
And in the end:

In memory of:

Maurice Stallard , (69)- Louisville, Kentucky                                                                                                                       Vicki Lee Jones (67) – Louisville, Kentucky

The Lord bless you and keep you

May  God’s face  shine upon you and be gracious unto you

May  God’s face be lifted unto you and give you peace, both now and ever more.

Numbers 6:22-27

Trump – Hitler – Idi Amin -Nationalists

Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

Ed. Note:  Comments from Bettina Network Lifestyle Members

“It was amazing to hear Donald Trump come out with his endorsement of and commitment to Nationalism and then try to make it sound like something it is not.  That happened after listening to Trump lie at every rally.  He is so careless with the truth you could see through his talk how he was saying whatever he thought people wanted to hear and making whatever kind of promises he needed to make to win.

Most amazing was the blatantness of his claim of a 10% tax cut for the middle-class which would be introduced “next week”.  I wondered introduced to who?  Congress is not in session and won’t be until mid November – after the mid-terms. Trump already passed a tax cut that was to trickle down to the middle-class and which clearly helped almost 100% the wealthy in this country.  He has never done anything for the poor, oppressed or middle-class except take them for whatever he could get.  He certainly insured my movement from Republican to Democrat.  Changed my voter registration along with most of my Republican friends.  We celebrated after.”


“Incredible to hear the people at Trump’s rally lie.  When interviewed by a reporter as to their thoughts on only 3% blacks supporting Trump they took turns lying and so cavalierly.  One said she heard it was more like 18%; another 35%; and even more lies as to the percentages followed.  Clearly none knew what they were talking about, but they were talking/lying to support their President.  Trump’s supporters are like Trump.  They think the rest of the world is stupid and will believe something just because they say it.

I hate to say that about those with whom I share a United Sates citizenship, but truth will out.  We now know the percentage of the United States citizens who are mafia; extreme racists; pathological liars; extreme sexists; extreme bigots.  We guessed before.  We knew it was high because we are still having to vigorously fight bigots in court and other places just to gain some traction against those who want to oppress others and the fight isn’t getting easier.  But now in front of us we have the proof of the numbers – who they are as we see them in television and other places backing Trump – and they will also tell us on ‘air’ and on tape what they believe and seem proud of it.  That is a possible recruit, if not already a member of the KKK, White Nationalists, neo-Nazi’s and more.

So discouraging.  I was encouraged a bit at the beginning until I heard the hearings via the Senate Judiciary Committee and  I remembered things were not any different from the time when that committee was chaired by Strom Thurmond.  It hasn’t gotten any better. In fact, this group seems to have taken things much lower.”


“What on earth are we doing?  We now have a president and Secretary of State who support and cover for brutal murderers!  Lying and all the rest was bad enough, but backing murder?  My question – were the Trumps and their assorted backers involved in the planning before the murder?  Or did they agree to back the murderers with public statements of support after the fact?  Were they complicit in this murder or simply with the cover-up?

I can’t believe I am asking that question about the President of these United States and his family and his administration.”


“We have a president who has finally come out and announced what we have always known – he believes in Nationalism and is a Nationalist.  So did Hitler and so did Idi Amin, among many, many others, but I never expected to see my President come out with such a declaration.  It must be Mueller time and he is signaling all of the “Nationalists” to get ready to rumble.

I should have expected this because I remember Trump when he was sued by the United States Government for racism.  I remember when he campaigned and spent a fairly large sum of money trying to get young blacks executed for a crime they didn’t commit.  He was that committed to his virulent racism.  I remember all of his deals and companies which were mafia tinged.  I remember him making a fool of himself wrestling someone on the floor outside the ring during a wrestling match.  I remember him blatantly cheating on all of his wives – the worse was taking his girl friend on vacation and installing her in a condo around the corner from where he, his wife and children were vacationing and the unavoidable confrontation between wife and mistress.  I remember at the time wondering what kind of man could do that and then step back to watch what happened.

I remember him cheating so many people out of their hard earned dollars and putting small business people out of business because they had the misfortune to deal with him and lost their shirts when he took every thing from them and cavalierly walked away giving them nothing, but in control of their assets.  I remember pictures of him strutting through his casinos with people gambling all around and loving the attention he gathered.

I remember so much more that is ugly.  To now have to remember this man as President of the United States is way too much  for me to handle.  Who are you people who helped elect him?  You must be the lowest of the low because I don’t see how else you could stomach this.”


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The Big Day – Corruption and Sin – or Walk into the Light!

Thursday, September 27th, 2018

by: Marceline Donaldson

It is amazing to turn on the television and hear what we are doing to ourselves in the name of politics. – Actually, in the name of maintaining the ability to exercise continued power, control, to satisfy our greed and fear.

Lives are being upheaval and in actual fact, we are in the process of making fools of ourselves for our children to read in history class, shaking their heads in disbelief,  at just how high a price their parents and people they once looked up to  were willing to pay as they moved ahead on this day fueled by fear – and that need for power and control – and the greed being so publicly displayed.   It is overwhelming.

Todays’ hearing, which should be about truth, but is really about moving the boulders out of the way to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the U. S. Supreme Court is being set up as a travesty and distortion of justice.  Those setting up this hearing have been doing everything possible to ignore justice and create the stage on which the result is pre-determined and which the sexual assaulters of the world, watching with keen interest, will be well pleased.  The preparations for this hearing  are displaying how to maintain extreme sexism at any cost  and those preparations are showing the world the misogyny entrenched in this United States system of government and how it works to maintain the position of white upper class men as “better than”.

Not only is this hearing showing that, but it is also showing how all of this is set up to get those who always lose everything, are manipulated into supporting and carrying forth the needs of this small group of WASPs to their own detriment and how they are pushed into doing that with no recompense and with the idea that this is all in their interest too.

It was heartbreaking to hear a Republican woman, who looked like a very middle to lower middle class white woman with a family of two female teens talking to the press and telling the world that all men grope women and girls, that is just a part of who they are and  her daughters couldn’t object to that male inappropriate groping because everybody does it and everybody experiences it so you just have to go with the flow and ignore the groping and its consequences. Two young teen aged girls being taught by their mother to accept male groping and experience it as just a normal part of life.

Todays’ hearing is all about the care and maintenance of a “better than” society.  How to protect it and take down those who would throw open the windows and doors and let fresh air circulate for the health and well being and equality of everyone.

We have the Mormon Church in the dock – represented by one of its past presidents.  We know enough about the Mormon Church and how it works, especially as regards to its leaders, to know Orrin Hatch could not be out there spreading his vileness without the support and protection of his church.

We have the once grand Republican Party – to which I once belonged, having been conditioned in my Republicanism by several generations before me.  It was the party which welcomed African Americans, allowed you to vote and protected you from being lynched.  It was the only Political Party way back then which allowed Negroes to be elected to office and to be a part of and have a seat at its Conventions. It was the only breath of fresh air in the south when violence against Negroes rode the streets in white sheets and pointy hats.

Who would have thought that in 2018 we would have a president of these United States – a Republican, backed by the Republican Party – who has brought all of the fear, violence and bigotry moved out by Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement along with Betty Friedan, Pauli Murray and all the feminist leaders who worked so hard and sacrificed so much to move  out of these United States what this illegitimate president,  Donald Trump, is working so hard to bring back into this society, into these United States of America and who is bringing it back leaning on the shoulders of his ancestors who walked the streets of Washington, D. C. in their white sheets and pointy hats, some of whom made their living on the backs of and at the expense of the lives of women.  Who would have thought that this Republican president would be bringing back into these United States the Nazi Party and beliefs of Adolf Hitler along with all of the White Supremacy groups who are growing stronger by the day.  How the mighty have fallen!

All of this orchestrated by the President of the United States – Donald Trump – in the employ of a foreign country and the mafia to sow as much discord, division, and whatever other negatives he can throw into the pile so that their taking over these United States and getting rid of its democracy will be so much easier as our foreign intruders show up foaming at the mouth to clean up the spoils.  Trump is doing a magnificent job in spite of our best efforts to stop him.  He creates one garbage pile after another and the stench from the work he is doing is becoming unbearable.

It looks as though these Republican Senators today will publicly and flagrantly violate everyone’s rights because their backers are demanding that Brett Kavanaugh be confirmed?  They see him working for their best interest and they want him confirmed NOW?  His grooming and time spent as a Republican Political Operative has shown him to be very good at what he does and that is the kind of person they want on the Supreme Court.

What do we have:

The WASP members of the Judiciary Committee of the Republican Party have decided they cannot and will not do their job representing their constituencies in questioning the candidate for the United States Supreme Court – Brett Kavanaugh and the woman accusing him of sexual assault – Christine Blasey Ford.  The other women so accusing him and the witnesses to all of this have been discarded as though they don’t exist.

WHY?  Because they are still stinging from the feedback from the incredibly mean, vicious, misogynous job they did when Clarence Thomas was sitting in Brett Kavanaugh’s seat.  Today the structure of sexism and racism in this society, firmly entrenched in all that happens in these United States, is on display for all to see.  Also on display is how we act when that structure is threatened with collapse, extinction and more.  Clarence Thomas is an African American male and not one of the upper class men who rule this country – whether they are in or out of office.  Brett Kavanaugh – although Catholic – has been groomed to serve the very upper classes in this society and so far, he has done an incredible job of serving his masters.  They see how useful he will be on the United States Supreme Court.

What is most amazing – the president of these United States – a pathological liar and a self-admitted sexual assaulter of women is accusing the women who have come forward at great expense to their lives, their families and their future to tell the truth – this liar and sexual assaulter has called the women who have been sexually assaulted, liars and he has tried to justify the sexual assault and abuse charges against himself by using what is happening in this Brett Kavanaugh affair.  The rest of us need to call them heroes for the way they have conducted themselves and the determination with which they are moving forward to make their experiences with Brett Kavanaugh public so we have something on which to decide if this man should get the job of a justice of the U. S. Supreme Court or not. And while we are doing that we need to call Donald Trump out for what he is – a sexual assaulter; a racist; a misogynist and a pathological liar.

Standing behind all of this we see the men of the Bush family and their class circle backed by the American Oligarchs – although the Oligarch’s a bit lower in class.  Totally free of the stain of what is happening, but responsible for seeing Kavanaugh as someone who could carry out the wishes and demands of their WASP class in this society. We also have the Bush family to thank for Clarence Thomas.  George Bush, the son, was one of the first people to rush out to endorse Brett Kavanaugh – someone he knew as a Republican Political Operative and someone whose work he knew, which means he knew what that would mean to the rest of society if Kavanaugh became a member of the U. S. Supreme Court.  Whether he knew of the sexual assault is only his to say and his conscience to reckon with

I didn’t see that component as clearly as I do today.  This fiasco has had its silver lining.  Many of us now understand and can see this structure without all of the pretty trappings in which it has been enclosed.  The shiny objects meant to distract us have been shelved and we see – with nothing hiding or shading or obscuring just who we are and the farce that has been playing for generations.

So – back at the ranch, the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee went out and hired an “assistant” to work with them to get the job done of making sure that all of the trash was swept out of the way which was cluttering up the road to Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

I don’t know of one corporation in this world which would hire someone to work for them at any job with the kind of sexual assault allegations hanging over that person as are hanging over Brett Kavanaugh, but the United States Senate is moving and doing everything it can to make sure he is hired by the United States Government to be a justice on the Supreme Court.

What kind of trash has this “assistant” been hired to remove?  The women who were assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh and have had the moral fortitude and civic sense of responsibility to come out and tell their stories.  Tell their stories so the rest of us would have a better life without another sexual assaulter getting a seat of power in this United States Government.

What has this group of Republicans on the Judiciary Committee done to promote their cause – to gain power, control over and to exacerbate their greed and fear?  What have they done to make sure women are never able to stand as equal and independent members of this society?

They went to Maricopa in Arizona to hire an “assistant”  – a woman – to do their dirty work so they could sit back and watch the arena in which they have put one woman against another. A man would have been called an attorney, etc.

       Why did they go to Maricopa?  Well, think carefully now –

isn’t that where Sheriff Arpaio comes from?  

the man Donald Trump pardoned, who is beholden to Donald Trump and has said so publicly?

Isn’t the woman they hired a five year colleague of Sheriff Arpaio?  

And isn’t she a registered Republican?

 And hasn’t she been put on their ‘team’ to get the job done of getting Brett Kavanaugh confirmed? And isn’t she working with her (their) team to prepare everyone to get the best result so they will be successful at the end of the day?

Listen carefully and you will be able to hear the laughter from the back room as they all get together and gloat over what they have put together for this hearing for this confirmation to go through leaving the Democrats destroyed in their wake.  The loudest laugh you hear is coming from Donald Trump.

This is what happens when a self-admitted sexual assaulter and sexual predator, who brags about his deeds and how great and powerful he is at sexually assaulting any woman he so chooses to assault,  is elected as president of these United States.  He appoints sexual predators to important posts.

What does the life of the Republican Congressmen look like if we were to play a movie on a big screen showing their every moment of life?  Would we see interludes where they showed themselves to be just like their president?  Is that why they are so furiously backing him?  Why they cannot and will not see the horror of what Brett Kavanaugh has done – what Clarence Thomas has done?  What all of the sexual assaulters have done to destroy the lives of countless women?  Do they have a tin ear and refuse to look at all of this as wrong because these are activities in which they have engaged and have refused to negatively judge themselves?

Having been referred to as an “assistant” gives you the mind set of this Judiciary Committee.  It also gives you the mind set of Attorney Mitchell who agreed to come across the country to do this job for who she considers her peers – her Republican operatives – Congressmen – and others.  Does she not realize she is considered as no better than the women Brett Kavanaugh is accused of sexually assaulting?  That she is looked upon as an object to be used to abuse other women who expected some other kind of treatment?

There is something called Karma.  Other cultures would say “what goes around comes around”.

That is certainly true of Brett Kavanaugh who spent a good deal of his professional life using claims of sexual assault to destroy the lives of others?

Your day is coming Donald Trump.  You have brought into the current life of these United States the spirit of Joseph McCarthy – the man who upheaveled this country for several years and who destroyed many lives before he was taken down.  He did his deeds in a drunken stupor.  Amazingly, his attacks also circled around Russia.  What is your drug of choice?  He did it with the help and advice of Roy Cohn – and these are two of your most cherished mentors and idols.  You have patterned your life after Joseph McCarthy’s and you are causing as much pain in this country as he and his antics caused in their day.  You learned at his feet and you learned on your knees from Roy Cohn.  You learned your lessons well.  The question is – how well have we learned to recognize the likes of you and to move to put an end to your destruction of all we hold dear and which for several hundred years our ancestors paid with their lives to create for us a country – as best they could – which would open its doors to all people and which would respect and hold all people as equals.

Why is equality such a difficult concept and such an impossible way for many to live their lives?  Are we that lacking in love?


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Trump – the Enemy of the United States and its People!

Sunday, August 5th, 2018

It becomes harder each day for those who support Donald Trump to continue in that space without having to take that step into a treasonous space.

This morning, we watched the Hitler history on cable television and it was amazing. Our host family brought us breakfast on a tray because we couldn’t move away from the television. A real wake up call. There was no way to watch that without realizing the similarities.

I remember years ago all the publicity surrounding Donald Trump’s divorce from Ivana Trump. Big in all of that were things which seeped into the media from the divorce proceeding. Things like the claim that Trump kept a copy of Mein Kampf next to his bed on his nightstand and read a part of it every night. When you see how he is walking through his presidency, the lessons of those days comes through. He learned them well.

The first part of this many part documentary talks about how Hitler started out – before he got to first base – requiring loyalty from his friends and those around him. Personal and complete loyalty and requires them to make public statements of that loyalty. What struck me as I watched that was the cabinet meetings and other times when Trump required each member of his cabinet to pledge their loyalty to him in those two to three minute public speeches and to say wonderful things about him personally. They were not pledging their loyalty to the U. S. Constitution, they were pledging their loyalty to Trump personally.

In the middle of all this personal loyalty, Hitler in return had his best friend -Rohm – killed along with others. Just like Trump, who requires loyalty of others, but gives none to anyone in return.

What also struck me was Trump’s speeches being very much like Hitlers’ after 1934 when Hitler made a power grab like Trump is contemplating for 2018.

Striking too was the way Hitler folded his arms in front of himself when seriously speaking – exactly the way Trump does, especially around the table (among other times) when he threatened North Korea and Kim Jong Un with fire and fury like nothing the world has ever seen.

I’ve heard many talk about the Trump narcissism. In this documentary outlining Hitler’s “reign” what is talked about and what fits for Trump is not Hitler’s narcissism but his messiah complex. His need for absolute rule. Everything Trump has done since taking office and before seems to have come out of such a Messiah complex. Which says Putin and all those others who see Trump as a buddy and member of the club are, one day soon, in for a very rude awakening. If Trump continues in office they will rue the day they hooked up with him and it will probably be a sharp and complete surprise.

Trump’s messiah complex paralleling Hitler’s comes out when he talks in his campaign speeches and other places about only Trump being able to solve the people’s grievances. Only Trump can solve the problem aobut which he is talking. In this documentary comes Hitler talking about how only Hitler can solve the people’s grievances.

What was off for me in Trump’s campaign was his slogan to “Make America Great Again”. Since America was and is already at the top of its game his slogan seemed a stolen slogan from Reagan with Trump not wanting to do the work of coming up with one of his own. Many have tried to put that into some kind of context and explain what Trump and his supporters mean. With this documentary, Hitler’s slogan – Hitler-type nationalism will make Germany a great power and restore Germans to greatness. Deutschland UBER Alles.

Given the economy and the condition Germany was in after the war that kind of promise had a context which could be put into some kind of real space. For Trump to have taken that part of Hitler’s history and made it a part of his campaign when America was not in the lowered economic position that Germany was in at the time, shows just how much Trump copied from Hitler and his history without any thought to the actuality of the situation of America and Germany. Barack Obama brought America from the brink of a serious recession into a slow, upward moving economy – which is the kind you most want, since it will last over the long term and not suffer a blazing blow out.

If you are stealing – ‘whole hog’ – from another those things won’t register until years later when your mind clears of the fog created by such devotion to and copying of another man’s life.

Hitler’s history with women so totally parallels Trump’s that it is amazing – except there is, so far, nothing in Trump’s history to parallel the murder of one of his women, although lets just give that a bit of time.

Hitler constantly had a parade of increasingly younger women until Eva Braun, who was 17 at the time their relationship started and Hitler was well into his 40’s. Each one of Hitler’s paramours was much younger than the last. I don’t think I need to go into any detail to make that comparison with Trump – who is now with Melania, someone the age of Donald and Ivana Trump’s children.

Another very striking parallel is Hitler’s dependence upon unrest as a means to gain power. That is clearly what Trump is trying to do and maintain as president. He has constant unrest on every level. When the press and people see him as having something positive going there is much discussion and attempts to explain why he upheavals his own work. Looking at what happened in Hitler’s Germany – unrest for the sake of taking total power totally parallels Trump.

And the biggy – using minorities to galvanize his power – distract the populace – and give them something to do while he moves ahead consolidating his position in the country without their interference is very familiar. Trump has used the immigration issue unbelievably close to how Hitler used the Jews. A distraction which gives his base something to do to feel better than and to keep them busy constructing hell while he makes sure other large parts of his agenda get accomplished with very little blow back.

If the Republicans remain in power after 2018 I am sure we will see violence against every kind of minority such as the world has never seen before as Trump prepares to take over complete power in 2020.

The institutional structures which most helped Trump achieve his goal are the global billion dollar companies which are pulling together immense power through money, control, ability to respond in seconds, ability to manipulate very large numbers of people through propaganda and how to most effectively abuse technology is a done deal.

Relatively new global corporations are destroying others, blocking minorities and taking away whatever economic steps forward they have been able to make. They are what is being used to the corporate world at the top all white, all male, all norther European ancestral roots. That has become increasingly clear as we’ve seen Russian ‘infiltrators’ and others pointing out constantly to Americans in their circle how much alike they are and how much they have in common. The clear script running at the bottom of the television screen as they do this is the White Racism, White Nationalism, White Supremacy they are pointing to with moving.

When you come right down to it what would that commonality be that the Russian want Americans to see, believe and adopt? Not governmental structures; Not democracry; Not republican forms of government; ……but the need to be and include only white and ‘better than’.

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Trump – and his minions!

Saturday, February 10th, 2018

It is time to question seriously what Trump and those around him have in common.  What is the strand that keeps them together?

Have you ever thought that a Nazi mentality – a Nazi-like upbringing – a belief in those things that brought and kept Hitler in power is the connection?   A family with Nazi’s in the grandparents generation is what moves some of the young people dedicated to Trump.  Through those eyes, experiences and teachings they see him and what he is trying to do as warm, fuzzy and politically correct.

Trump wants a parade.  His father, apparently participated in the parade of 1924.  So is Trump trying to outdo his father to help prove his “manhood”.  Look at what Donald can do!

We can also say – look at what Donald Trump has done.  He is calling for a parade to “honor the U. S. Military”.  Is that really what he is doing or is a militaristic parade with the armed forces of the United States the normal follow-up to Charlottesville?  Charlottesville created terror – a military parade closely following shows the power and might to bring what the Charlottesville march was about to fruition.  Charlottesville showed who we are and what we are about.  Now look at the power and might on display that we have to bring about this night of terror.

Donald Trump has made some mighty strides in the direction of turning these United States into a larger version  of Nazi Germany.

A Nazi Parade like the one in Paris France.  Is this the parade Trump is really talking about and wants to emulate?

While the media has done some things to make sure the reading, listening and looking public is aware of this they have stopped short of an investigatory piece into the belief system that brings and keeps Trump and his minions together.

A WASP controlled world with everyone else in oppressed positions serving that world is where Trump and his group are doing their best to move this country.  They have not started this process under the table nor are their goals hidden.  Trump does everything to maintain his base.  Most claim it is to maintain his political power.  However, in reality,  that is all he needs with the power he has as president to totally change these United States.  Hitler had much less.  The growth of hate groups since Trump has been substantial.

Moving the United States into a weaker, less visible position on the world stage, the way he has done with the Olympic Games and North and South Korea seems to be a part of that plan because he can always – in Trump’s mind – bring the United States back stronger when he is done and has taken control in a way to insure WASP superiority.  (WASP = White Anglo Saxon Protestants).  And, if his plans don’t work as he envisions them he is surrounded by generals who can help.  To move these United States into the Nazi camp he needs to dampen its lights – cover its visibility on the world stage.  He needs that to continue to reach his goals.   He needs a quieted United States absorbed with what he throws out on a daily basis to deflect away from what he is actually doing to be able to bring about the political structure of the United States the way it needs it to be to be able then to bring about a United States with the structure which makes real his White Nationalist Administration.  A country with its White Supremacist Administration.  I am sure Donald Trump sees that as his legacy.

Certainly bringing John Kelly into the White House as his Chief of Staff was one way to satisfy that goal.  Kelly may be Catholic, but he is a strong four star general who can accomplish much before he is disgraced and moved out for someone else to take his place. Trump doesn’t care about a high turnover.  He cares about achieving his goals as quickly as possible.  And, if you remember there were Africans, Catholics, Jews who worked with Hitler’s government and worked to bring about Hitler’s goals of the destruction of their own groups.  Jared Kushner’s Jewishness seemed to be the negater of Nazi goals, until the cracks began to show and it was clear Trump was really using Kushner and would blow him off as easily as he will blow off General John Kelly.  We let our thoughts of family, goodness, righteousness and all the rest get in the way of seeing reality.

Trump has the added power of bringing along white women.  He has shown his thoughts about them.  He has described in detail and on many occasions both by word and deed how he sees women and the way they should be treated, but many still think, like the Africans-Americans, Immigrants of black and brown, Catholics, Jews and others that they will be the exception.  They are, after all not like those others.

If someone articulates their belief system  – believe them.  Some people hide who they are, what they believe and their goals in life.  Others will look you in the face and outline those beliefs.  The shock of some beliefs along with the arrogance of the person who outlines those beliefs for you  – like that of Nazism and the right of WASP males to treat females of all kind any way they want, using violence and rape where necessary to gain control – makes us recoil and we refuse to believe that the person really means what they’ve said.  We prefer to pass that over and look for something else.  Finding nothing our minds can accept and believe, we can always fall back on calling the person ‘crazy’.

Kelly clearly showed his allegiance to Trump’s Nazism when he took over as head of Homeland Security at the beginning of Trump’s administration and almost from the day Trump was inaugurated put in place Trump’s plan to make sure no more “immigrants” – or should we say no more brown and black people entered this country and as many as possible as quickly as possible were beginning to be moved out of this country trying to stop the movement of the United States from white to all those other colors of people – one of Trump’s campaign promises.

Kelly has lost track of his own people’s history in these United States.  For a refresher, he should travel south and see the Native Americans with red hair; the African Americans who picked up the ‘fashion’ of streaking their hair red because the fairly common mixture of Native American, Irish and African produced women with that red hair and that was, for a time, a standard of beauty.

When you look at Trump’s supporters and workers in the White House and around his campaign and those contributing money to allow and help Trump achieve his goals you will find the Nazi contingent strong and at the core of the Trump-people.  You will find Nazi’s around the Porter situation and possibly in Porter himself.  Look closely!

You can ask the question why did they support Porter and allow him so much leeway given what they knew about him.  Or you can put on your big girl and big boy pants and admit what is out there for all to see.  Porter clearly was a close part of Trump’s group and what they were doing and what they believed.  Security clearances only handicap Trump’s goals – so they are not important to him or his group.  They know who they want working in the White House and they know who they can trust.  Only trust from the FBI Security Clearance perspective is very different from trust from the Trump Nazi Group perspective.  Don’t let Porter’s Harvard connection cloud your eyes.  The pattern is clear.

Look at all the rest!  Steve Bannon?  Steven Miller?  and on and on and on.  Those who are exposed and caught in behavior this country will not tolerate are fired, but they do not leave the circle.  They can still contribute even though they are the outside of the White House.  They are still inside the Nazi Circle of Trump!

Next to Kelly there is Porter.  Apparently, they got along just swimmingly.  How come?  Was Porter raised around Nazi’s and raised into that Nazi belief system?  Something was roiling around in him and it clearly looks as though that is it.  In everything Kelly has done with Trump he has shown himself ready and able to sacrifice every morality, bit of character, decent ethics to help Trump bring about the world the way Trump sees it.  When Kelly leaves the Trump circle he will not be kept close.  He will have served his time and his purpose and he will have to move back into that unwashed group.  Porter, however, will continue to be held close.  He may be moved out of the White House contingent, but he will probably become more important with those Trump keeps close on the outside so that he has a soft landing and continues the work of Trump’s Nazi Circle.

That is a strong philosophy and belief and holds people tightly together giving up any goodness of character, any ethical beliefs which keep them respecting themselves and their families and their friends and keeps them from being respected by those outside the Trump Nazi Circle.  It is a philosophy which generates enormous anger in those who hold it because they turn against anyone deemed “less than” who act and feel “equal too”.  Those are brutalized, physically harmed and eventually…………….!

Before you reject the above – test it out.  Do the work of digging to see where the folks in Trump’s Nazi Circle come from.  How did their beliefs form.  Pull out the Nazi family members who were close by when they were little giving them the Nazi belief system and their own superiority beliefs at a very impressionable age.  Let go of the claim that Trump is crazy.  He is about as ‘crazy’ as was Hitler.  The descriptive word that applies here is evil!


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Everything talked about in this blog and in any other blog in the Bettina Network, inc. is the opinion of the person who wrote the blog and does not necessarily represent the opinions of Bettina Network, inc. It is the property of Bettina Network, inc. and/or the person who wrote the original blog.Want to join us? Have a home that you want to open to become one of Bettina Network’s Hedge Schools? Call us and lets talk – or email us.

Ed. Note: Members of the Bettina Network Lifestyle Community can contribute to the Bettina Network Blog whenever they have anything they want to say and be heard by this fantastic group of people. Send your blog to or mail it to us at P. O. Box 380585 Cambridge, MA. 02238 or call us on the telephone at 617-497-9166 to tell us what you want to say and we will write it for you. Please also tell us if you want your name as your byline or if you want your article to appear without your name.

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