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TRUMP – McCarthyism – KENNEDY (And let us not forget Putin)

Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Finally, things are coming to a place where the spotlight is shining and uncovering many corners previously hidden because they were covered with cobwebs and dust.

These United States have been recently flirting with turning against its minority citizens a la the Holocaust for some time. One thing is clear – you can tell what Trump and Company are thinking and planning because they project their stuff onto others.

Certainly, historically, we have been in a league that could put the Holocaust to shame. Slavery puts the Holocaust to shame as does the way Native Americans were treated, killed, persecuted and still are. Morphing slavery into Jim Crow racism as the Industrial Revolution made maintaining slavery too expensive. and on and on and on.

So now we have the modern version out in the open. Look out Roe v Wade, it was an oversight that you got through. Power up Brown v Board of education, are you next? Wow Plessy – your days look numbered. You are in the shadows now, but you will soon get more public coverage as the movement grows to get rid of our slips which let such Supreme Court decisions happen and we move into a new form of the old bigotry that has prevailed and was allowed to make decisions which now have us facing climate problems and all the rest. Certainly, the depravity which created such systems cannot make decisions which would have brought us other than the mess in which we now find ourselves.

Power, Greed, Insecurity, ………. showing up in our political discourse, – with the anti-vaxxers who are simply the new disguise of those whose ancestors created our history. Instead of fighting for all the things this United States is supposed to stand for, they have had us defending why it should stand for such things and not for the dregs and destructiveness they want to bring into being and in many ways have succeeded;. Isn’t the big clock nearing midnight. Aren’t some of our scientists telling us it is too late because of the way we have made and carried out decisions that are harmful to everyone?

Bettina Network Foundation, inc. has taken on trying to help all of us move from persecuting and oppressing the elderly in this society to taking advantage of the wisdom that same group has collected just by living, because it is clear we are moving fast to oppress the elderly, to take away the generational wealth of minority elderly and more.

How are we doing that?

Let’s start with vaccinations. It is a fact, seldom noticed in the main media that an African American woman headed the task force which developed Moderna and a Jewish man headed the same which developed the Pfizer vaccine. Looking at those facts is there any doubt as to the roots of this anti-vax movement? This was tailor-made for those who grift on bigotry and see it as a way to achieve power and wealth.

Break-down the beliefs of those anti-vaxxers and you will find bigotry seething not even just under the surface, but in your face. A projection of what they think minorities will do to them if they somehow achieve equality and independence after what they have done to minorities. – To develop a drug injected into your arm to control and destroy whites around the world is not out of the ability of today’s bigots to believe.

And – as the media talks about the anti-vaxxers and interviews them for publication we never ever bring up bigotry.

Robert Kennedy, Jr. just broke that rule and crossed over allowing others to follow and there will come the flood

To understand Robert Kennedy Jr. we need to take a close look at his family and background. What was the environment in which he grew up and how has he come to this point? He has popped up in this discussion the same way his father popped up as a liberal in politics after having been intricately and very recently involved with the extreme conservatives.

It is telling and into this at this point comes the elderly. Many of us are old enough to remember Joe mcCarthy and the damage to this society McCarthyism has done. We also remember Donald Trump sitting at the feet of McCarthy and his 1st and 2nd Lieutenants. Who would they be? We know one without even thinking because he has been mentioned often during Trump’s rise to power – Roy Cohn, a Jew. The second one who sat at McCarthy’s feet just as close to joseph McCarthy as was Roy Cohn – was Robert Kennedy. He was neither Jew nor other minority so his history has been hidden behind tall walls so we will forget.

When politics moved into a more liberal place, Robert Kennedy and almost the entire Kennedy family moved with it.

As Lyndon Johnson started his run for president his views were clearly in a more liberal place and his movement to attempt to ‘liberate’ African Americans was very publicly noted and who was moving with him in a run against him but “Bobbi” Kennedy.

When we look at Robert Kennedy, Jr. we are seeing him in a more complete picture, in the entirety of the family structure in which he was raised. One does not go from sitting next to Joseph McCarthy as his chief lawyer to supporting Martin Luther King, Jr. because you believe in what he is preaching rather than because you see the political gain if you give the appearance of believing because it is expedient.

In Robert Kennedy Jr.s position, you would also be more anti-semitic than you would be anti-black because that was the major bigotry circulating within your society and your family as you were being conceived and raised.

It is no surprise to see Kennedy on stage talking about the different vaccines, what they are really about in trying to control the society from his and his followers perspective and all the rest. This does not come out of left field with the rest of society shocked because of what we see coming from a Kennedy.

Likewise from Donald Trump and his followers. The major country along with the United States pulling up the rear in numbers of people vaccinated is Russia – a country mostly white. The country Trump is beholden to and has, apparently sold out the United States. Russia, the country now gathering its forces along the Ukraine border as we look and remember how prominent Ukraine was in the recent presidential campaign as Donald Trump attempted to use Ukraine to stop Biden. This is still fresh in our memories, but I have yet to hear any links to such in the media.

For Putin to be so deploying his forces in an attempt to scare and distract the world as he apparently tries to help Trump as Trump and his supporters get closer to facing serious jail time is something no one has said out loud.

Why would he be so helpful to Trump when Putin and Trump have shown their inability to loyalty to those who support and supported them? Hasn’t Donald Trump brought Putin within hours of achieving his goal of keeping democracies fighting for their survival. Hasn’t Donald Trump wrecked havoc in these United States using every negative thing he could use to do that? Hasn’t Donald Trump shown his love of and loyalty to Putin over the years before, during and after his political career? And hasn’t Trump shown Putin that even though out of office he has not stopped and will not stop moving towards their mutual goal? Doesn’t that give Putin reason for what he is doing? Doesn’t that rate at least a mention in all of the theories about what Putin is doing with his troops on the Ukraine border? Not in the U. S. main media.

Now put it all together!

The racism in the media which has kept most people from knowing the name Prof. Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett is operating on all levels and we need to acknowledge that and move to make changes.

When you get vaccinated and/or get your booster shot, the people - just about all of the nurses and their aides who are there to give you the shot and facilitate others doing the same have never heard of Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett and even if the name is vaguely present in their environment someplace - none connect Dr. Corbett, the discoverer of the Moderna vaccine with the work she has done.  Dr. Fauci is a household name, Dr. Corbett is not.  And who is the Jew who developed the Pfizer vaccine?  Can you name him just off the top of your head?  Can you wrack your brain to come up with even the fact that a Jew developed such?  Can you understand now why the group of right wing White Nationalists are so fixed on turning people away from the vaccines that work?

If they went directly at the problem they are trying to work around they would lose the battle.  If they do it with talk that most who are extreme racists and others understand, pick-up, don't repeat directly, but join the anti-vaxxer movement they succeed.  Doesn't that go along with this group of anti-vaxxers with the conspiracy theorists who tend to be extreme bigots trying to get society to use other vaccines, other medicines claiming they do the same thing only better and without the overhang of using something developed by those coloreds and jews?

It is time to come out front and up front with exactly what this is about or it will never go away and life becomes one of diversity, equality and more. And maybe that is the ultimate goal for those who claim to be liberals and those who make no claims other than those that will kill anything positive about those blacks, jews, immigrants, LGBTQ people and latina’s, asians, middle easterners and more – who share a skin color from black to brown.

As for me and mine!!!!!

Remove the Electoral College

Send Trump to jail for decades

Do the same for his followers – although one does realize why others try to put such people in camps that transform their thinking and acting – they are too numerous for anything else.

Expose the liberals who are flying under a false flag

There has always been a separation between those white liberals who are about promoting Socialism which we confuse with including moving to also destroy bigotry and those few white liberals who believe in and promote equality.

Remove people like Putin; take back the gold they have stored for themselves and and put Putin and those like him on a social-security-budget to live out the rest of their lives.

And so much more!

WHO IS Q – as in QANON? What are “Q”s other accomplishments!

Wednesday, February 10th, 2021

The United States and hence the world are being torn apart by one man’s craziness (or should we say one man’s evil)!

It is as if satan has arrived and started to work through a few and is now successfully pulling in their friends, family, organizations, life.

Let us not keep you in suspense. Q is Donald John Trump!

His claim to such evil fame is not limited to Q – so let us trace a bit of conspiracy theory – which is Trump’s stock in trade and that which has moved him into the position he now occupies and into those positions he once occupied.

Why has he been so successful on this kind of evil level? Probably because he has a very keen sense of how to manipulate the negative emotions of human beings. He knows how to use evil to gain his goals and to draw them around him to do his bidding even when they know better.

Early in life, he had and still has many gifts and graces. Every once in awhile you can see the goodness of what could have been for him had he used those gifts and graces for good instead of using them for ill. For whatever reason, he has chosen to use those gifts and hone those gifts on the blades of satan.

To become president, Donald John Trump used bigotry. He saw how effective bigotry is in the attempt to control humans for one’s own aggrandizement. He saw and felt how close one comes to the deity cultivating feelings of being “better than”. He saw how to manipulate the laws in the United States which pertain to bigotry and how people react in the passing and breaking of those laws. He saw that those who used the evil side of the human spirit became extremely wealthy and wielded much power and these were the people he wanted to copy.

As a very young adult Trump was involved in his father’s business and together they made sure blacks were not allowed to rent the apartment buildings they built and owned, in spite of the fact that they used and misled the government. It was during the time in this country when blacks and whites were going to different apartment complexes and applying for an apartment. First the African American went to apply at the Trump owned buildings and behind him/her came a White American after the blacks were turned down because there was no room in the Inn. When the White Americans were able to get apartments – down came the law suits and up came the legal experience Donald Trump has drawn on most of his adult life. The fertile ground from which has sprung QANON and Donald Trump’s takeover of “Q”.

Sometimes a few of his followers have slipped and attributed to Trump the moniker of “messiah”. We have become outraged at such a thought instead of being quiet to let those followers say more about why they applied such a term to Trump.

Trump walked his life’s path with “friends” from whom he learned to instinctively manipulate people at the level of their identity. He learned how strong the identity of “better than” was with even the nicest people, held in highest regard by this society. He saw the evil that “better than” wrought and the power it generated for those using that identity with others and he adopted it. A “messiah” who lifts those around him to the level of “better than” and promises them such largesse and such a life if and when they deal with those “less than.”

He walked alongside Roy Cohn – a Jew. He saw first hand the conflict Cohn had about being a Jew and at the same time seeming to hate Jews. He saw Joe McCarthy and watched Bobby Kennedy who sat right next to McCarthy as his right hand man and he saw how the Kennedy’s moved and used the filth McCarthy was spewing for his political benefit and McCarthy’s ability to use that filth to control others. He watched as the Kennedy’s moved, without taking along the tar thrown at them and others which did not stick to any of them from their involvement with McCarthy. He watched as they moved from the power achieved by being McCarthy’s First Lieutenant to sharing that power throughout the family to become President, Attorney General, Senator of these United States. A family of legend in these United States whose beginnings in the McCarthy power movement rolled off them as if they were made of teflon.

Trump saw and for a time was a part of the Gay Community and saw that community through the eyes of Roy Cohn.

So many influences we could go on for pages, but the above, known to all of us should give you an idea as to Donald Trump’s development and the forces and influences which dictated the direction in which his life would go.

His strongest influence was the Nazi German influence, probably because that is the group from which his family descends. A connection Trump maintained – keeping “Mein Kampf” on his bedside table and imbibing all that it put out.

Fast forward to recent times and we see all of those influences coming to fruition in the political world of these United States when the “birther lie” came along. Whether Trump originated that lie or not, he saw it as a way to achieve the money and power he craved and he jumped into the fray and brought the ‘birther lie’ much further than it would have gone without his work.

That ‘birther lie’ is what brought Trump to the United States presidency.

During his campaign and just before it started, Trump needed something stronger than the “birther lie’ to give him the power, pomp, money that he wanted so into his life comes QANON – a group that could become incredibly powerful and the kind of cult which developed around other things. This one Trump felt he could grow to be the institutional structure out of which he would rule the world.

While others were talking about Trump being lazy, not taking care of business, not working hard as he should as president of these United States.

That is both a lie and the truth. Fascist dictators and would-be fascist dictators have one trait in common – laziness. The whole idea is to have everything and be able to tell others what, how, when to do.

Within QANON, Trump could have not just one lie – like the havoc he wrought with the “birther lie”, but a structure into which he could put many lies and build all of that to the point of world control. He could do what Hitler tried and failed to do. Hitler used some conspiracy structures to gain power, but not enough nor widespread enough to gain the world control he wanted and needed. Trump would not make that mistake.

Within QANON there began to be carved out the “messiah”. The “messiah”, of course was “Q”.

The strength of QANON and Q comes from that side of human nature which needs to come together as a community, but in the world of “Q” the identity of those who are adherents to “Q” is strengthened by the fact that QANON “members”, adherents, disciples, shamans are all considered to be “better than” blacks, latina’s, gays, muslims – those considered to be “minorities” – less than.

This time the world would be better for the arrival of “Q” because there would be no concentration camps. The same thing would be achieved by killing these minority groups in any way possible – even one at a time – because there would soon be enough people in QANON doing these individual or small group killings in so many places that they would be untraceable to the original group and to “Q” himself and yet there would quickly be tens of thousands of such minorities killed with their numbers reduced to where slavery and other forms of “less than human” would be where minorities, needed for the work the “majority’ should not have to do, would be placed and kept.

Take a look at the “accomplishments” of Trump and his administration. It has been all about creating “identity”. Putting people who would do the will of “Q” into substantial places. Not because of the qualifications that the outside world considers before putting people in specific jobs, but those “Q” needs to do the work he has decided was needed to create the world according to “Q” and the inner circle of “QANON.” Many people considered to be “minorities” by “Q” have been killed – into the many thousands.

The latest example of such killings comes about when you look at the killings that took place recently on “death row” in the federal penitentiary. Those slated for execution, but who were on death row for years and some for decades were all killed in short order by “Q” and they were who? – minorities, you say?

Take a look at the gradually escalating police killings and the infiltration of the police departments by white nationalists, white supremacists, neo-nazi’s and all the rest. This started long before Trump, but it accelerated created under his presidency as more of those in the QANON group infiltrates the ranks of the law enforcement in this country the more minorities would and have been killed with the killers facing no punishment of any kind.

This recent they ‘stole the election lie’ which Trump started perpetrating months ago even before the election happened, is another such instance which allowed for the beginnings of what the QANON followers thought was going to be a way for wholesale killings and publicly done – the killings to come that the “noose” hung on Capitol Building grounds symbolized and so much more.

The Charlottesville re-enactment of Krystallnacht with many coming down a small mountain with their tiki torches lit chanting “Jews will not replace us” is another example of calling into the QANON group those who could hear the message and understand where this was all going.

The recent taking over of the Republican Party is not something new. It was started quite a long time ago to change a group that was the support of the abolition of slavery and the attempt of the United States to move towards equality. The Democratic Party, doing all those days past was the movement to keep apartheid in this country with those who espoused it in political control.

A parallel would be the retribution which was aimed and thrown at Haiti which is today suffering from its successful revolution which attempted to liberate Haiti from colonial control. They are still paying the price for that action. And so the Republican Party is being targeted to pay the price for its past support of African Americans.

At one point in the deep south, the head of the Louisiana Republican Party was a black man. That was before the institutional structure which supported and maintained African Americans and other none Northern European-ancestry groups as inferior and to be kept from participation in the political as well as all other groups in the U. S. Society started to weaken.

QANON has been cultivated as the power needed to bring Donald Trump into position as the fascist, Hitler type leader that is needed to make sure the majority of people in these United States, especially the voting majority and those who are heads of businesses, never flips from majority Northern European-ancestry types to those today considered “minorities” – African Americans, Latina’s, Asians, etc. with Northern European-ancestry types as one of instead of what they have been – “better than” and served by.

We have never explored what bigotry does to the human spirit. To see a bit of what happens and which should be studied minutely, take a look at those in the Republican Party today who do not move depending upon right and wrong, but who move depending upon what “Q” wants them to do. Their identity has gradually moved from a mostly white Republican Party to being a part of the cult of QANON with Donald Trump as “Q”.

To be “better than” is more addictive than alcohol or any kind of drugs which addict the body, mind and spirit. It takes away your ability to reason on a human level where you understand we all are of one race. It makes you follow the directives of the person and group that keeps you pumped full of the “better than” identity. It keeps others asking “what’s wrong with them” – when a little thought would tell them because if they really went into “what’s wrong with them” they would have to delve into the extremely painful place that exposes their adoption into their identity of being “better than” – which in these United States is simply camouflaged because we all have been raised to incorporate the “better than” and “less than” spirit into our being.

So now “Q” has become totally entrenched in our society. What happens now? The birther lie was also fully entrenched. We have done nothing about that lie and so it has given birth to other lies much more dangerous than that from which it has sprung.

Many who knew better took some solace in the fact that they could keep their bigotry covered because others were carrying the torch and going out in public to maintain the “better than”/”less than” lie.

So now dear God – what happens next? Are we capable of living in a world where we are equal to? Can we even write and talk about all of the institutional structures that need changing to keep such evil out of our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren.

Mostly, we take down one institutional structure only to put up others which do the same job only in a more genteel and hidden way.

So, where do we turn? How do we reach your mind and heart to be able to cleanse our own? Will those who bring about basic change always have to pay the heavy prices we have required of them to discourage others from following in their path? Will this ever change or is this how we must live until death!

Donald J. Trump – Mentally ill or evil!!

Saturday, January 9th, 2021

There is a huge difference between someone who is mentally ill and someone who is just plain evil. Looking back and through Donald Trump’s life, it is clear he is not mentally ill, he is clearly evil and has practiced his craft for decades. Who in literature – especially biblical and spiritual literature do you find has to hold the Bible upside down? Isn’t that what Trump did during that spectacle he created in Washington, D. C.? Why was it so important that he called out all the important military and others to create this show? To announce who he really is? To unmask himself? He said nothing – he simply held up the Holy Bible UPSIDE DOWN and in doing so identified himself to all who could see.

What is amazing to us is that before voting for him and electing him president we knew him. We knew his history. We knew his family. We knew his friends.

As a young adult, Donald Trump, working with his father was sued by the United States Government for their racism. They built apartments and refused to rent to African Americans and other minorities. The Trump response to the law suit was quite telling as to how Donald Trump would lead his life into the future. The way he responded to the law suit was amazingly evil. He clearly had no intention of changing or adhering to the laws of the United States. He just spent a lot of Court time to make sure he would not have to and could continue not renting to minorities. The pattern for future response was set in that law suit. Look it up. See how far Trump went to create the kind of confusion, hatred, arrogance and a show of extreme white supremacy that he and his father showed to the United States Government through the process of that law suit.

In the literature, books, newspapers we learned that Martin Luther King, Jr. kept the Bible and a copy of Howard Thurman’s “Jesus and the Disinherited” next to his bed and his bedside table. That told us a lot about the ethics, commitment, interests, spirituality of the man. His life reflected his choice of readings and of the books he kept close.

By contrast, the same media outlets told us – as they reported on Donald Trump’s divorce from Ivana Trump – that Donald Trump kept Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” next to his bed. That also said a lot about the ethics, commitment, interests, spiritiuality of the man. Trump’s life has reflected his choice of readings and of the books he kept close. Yes, he does read. We just do not understand his choices and we choose to say he is the way he is because he does not read. Just one of the many times we have provided the Trump’s with an escape hole for what should be talked about honestly.

And as his life moved along, Trump’s friends of choice show more of who he is becoming as his ages. At one point Roy Cohn, attorney, was his very close friend. Speculation at the time was that Trump was gay. Roy Cohn, a man who was well known to be gay and Jewish was also someone who was known for his unabashed hatred of Gays and Jews. Someone like Donald Trump was perfect as a cover for Roy Cohn and as someone with the same anti-Gay, anti-Jewish proclivities. It made their closet seem safe from exposure.

Cohn was the person who brought Trump and his business to Manhattan and taught Trump everything he knows about how to fight. The rumors about Trump being gay floated around because if you lived in New York at the time in the “right neighborhood” you saw Cohn and Trump having dinner by candlelight in restaurants many times – just the two of them, clearly “spooning” and enjoying their time together.

Trump’s throwing his friends and those who followed him under the bus became a clear trademark of Trumpism as one could see observing his friendship and working partnership with Cohn, which went along swimmingly until Cohn lost his fortune, was fairly destitute and ill. Even at Cohn’s funeral, the best Trump could do was to appear and stand at the back of the Synagogue for a few minutes before disappearing. Helping a friend financially who was responsible for most of what Trump had and was able to do in New York is not something that was and is a Trumpian thing to do.

The talk of New York at the time was how much Cohn had done for Trump and when he was in need how little to nothing Trump did for Cohn. Trump was happy to “spoon” with Cohn over those candlelight dinners when Cohn was an important and feared part of New York. That ended as Cohn neared his end and had nothing more to offer Trump. – sound familiar? Cohn also introduced Trump to Joseph McCarthy and there created the trinity and the time during which Trump learned at McCarthy’s knee a lot of what you see him practicing today and a lot of what he used to move himself into the position he current holds. Our amazement is how someone with that background – which, as Trump moved along in life, included sexually assaulting, raping and abusing women which screams of an incredible hatred of women. He showed how he was not too above board with his business dealings, doing one thing in plain sight while deflecting and turning your attention to another place so when he did what he actually was about you had to do a total about face to keep up with the evil being spewed all over everyone.

Trump and his family have a history of strong, positive, relationships with the mafia. At one point in time in the United States that would have been an automatic disqualifier for being even considered as president of the United States.

At this point in time, the only thing relevant to the next president of these United States was how racist is he – and she would not even be considered? How far is he willing to go to destroy African Americans, Jews, Latina’s, LGBTQ people, Muslims and so many more not Northern European-ancestry people?

We are in this country “divided”. But very few will go the distance in describing just what that means. Blaming Donald Trump and holding up his sins is about as far as many will go. We need to look more carefully. We went from slavery – which was destroyed by the Industrial Revolution – which structure was destroyed by Corporate America – which is now being destroyed by the White Male Institutional structure being put in place by this new way we are moving.

Corporate America is clearly “authoritarian” in its structure. One could go further and say it borders on fascism. How does such a structure which affect every part of these United States survive in a democratic structure. What we are seeing is that it doesn’t. The structure that Corporate America has developed works hard to be the “hegemonies” in what has been created as a hegemony over all. Isn’t that what created Donald Trump and his father?

That structure is giving way and the question is – what next? What will control this society? And there are the divisions where one side latched onto Trumpism and gained enough time to anchor its foot hold and pull the wool over the eyes of those fighting to live and work in a democracy.

Whenever democracy threatens to take over Corporate America and its fascist structure those efforts are loudly claimed to be “Socialism” and that is look on as the devil itself.

That label has been created to put fear into many so democracy will not succeed in changing the corporate structures taking hold in this world.

Want to see what corporate america has wrought? Take a look carefully at Josh Hawley and his rise to the Senate. We wondered how he was able to win his seat against someone like Claire McCaskill who was well respected and with a substantial reputation. As we looked at Trump and how he made his rise, we began to understand. Try taking a look at the “money and power” which backed Josh Hawley in his run replacing McCaskill. When he took his stand with his raised fist and started this business which resulted in the incredible destruction, insurrection, attempted coup that we have just witnessed we did not know his history nor the enormous amounts of corporate money behind him.

Clearly, when one is so funded and supported as Hawley has been, the piper does come calling and expects you to perform for that investment – and Jose Hawley did more than what was expected of him and is still going to great lengths because he knows he is connected to the money and power which put Donald Trump in office and whoever chose him knew who he was and of what he was capable.

Once Hawley has made a total fool of himself as he lets his greed and power needs get out of hand, he will be cast aside and someone not quite so ‘obvious’ chosen to do the same job, backed by the same power and money that brought us Josh Hawley and dissed Claire McCaskill.

As a country, we have been split, but we are not coming up front with just what is the split. It is being talked about as Democrat vs Republican and even putting the blame on race. We need to look at the real genesis of what this is all about. We have a billionaire group which has involved itself in politics far more deeply than the wealthy in this country used to in years and decades and generations past. Those who have obscene money and power and pushing hard to gain more and to reshape the world so they and theirs will live forever.

There have been some failed attempts in years past to get government, industry, ordinary people to sit and reason together. Those attempts failed because Industry would not sit together, but saw itself sitting above and calling the shots which government and ordinary people were not allowing.

The reason for the bigotry-racism-better than can be traced directly to this corporate group. Take a look at the immediate result providing money to groups like the “Proud Boys”. We have had to take a stand and object to J. P. Morgan Chase making its tools of trade available for them to raise money to continue their fight. And Chase’s response will be to plead ignorance and more.

Take a look at what is and has happened with entrepreneurship. Look at who gets funded by the Venture Capitalists and their ilk and who doesn’t. All of that is to support the current structural divisions – the institutional divides which are becoming stronger and which all of this Trump business is simply deflecting from what is really happening in these United States. Many, if not most, of the fledgling businesses which become the multi-billionaire groups were formed – their genesis came out of the minority and female communities. Immediately upon their recognition and future potential becomes noticed along comes young, white male Northern European-ancestry types – although lately other males are finding themselves sprinkled among the white boys – and the businesses started and brought to the point where their potential is obvious are ripped away from minorities and women and funded to the tune of enormous amounts of money so their histories can be changed and credit taken and given to those white male Northern European-ancestry types, who are then able to bring them to fruition as multi-billion dollar corporations which recognize and acknowledge and build according to the fascist needs of corporate america which is putting itself out of business for this new and upcoming group dictating the future and using the Donald Trump’s of the world to confuse, obfuscate, muddy the waters until this new structure is safely in place.

One such group destroyed was being put in place by Marceline Donaldson and Rev. Robert Bennett. For 20 years they worked on a business and structure which pointed the way to the future. Funding was not there. Instead the corporate funders sent – the Venture Capitalist sent- the white male Northern European-ancestry types into their home to discover what they were doing – how they were doing it- etc. etc. And now we have Airbnb safely white male with everything possible being done to destroy the Donaldson-Bennett’s so they cannot put in place any kind of competition.

They are not alone. We have been looking for and finding many minorities and women whose ideas have been clearly and upfront stolen with others – white male Northern European-ancestry – put in place to bring forward the businesses they have spent years working to develop and beginning to be very successful in a structure and business that would change the way business is being done.

Those businesses have brought back and are continuing to bring into being a vicious racism and sexism in their structures which rivals what many fought to change in this country for generations. The “Proud Boys” and those like them may be crowing and running around “proud” of what they consider their success in their mission without realizing their time in the spotlight is already over and others are being moved in to take their place.

Trump has been the shield behind which a Russian-style American Oligarch group has been formed and which is destroying the structure of the U. S. so the structure which is most congenial to them can be put in its place and they are succeeding admirably.

Josh Hawley and what has happened to him – and what will happen to him in the future is just a small way-station on the way to their complete and total control over the means of production and everything else in this country.

Some think slavery ended because of the abolitionists and all the others who fought against that institution. Is that true? Or did slavery end because the Industrial Revolution was moving into that space and the machinery being developed was much more controllable and cheaper than slavery and so much more.

We are now in the middle of another such turn in the economics, culture and more in this world. The little people aren’t tall enough to see the structures being put in place to replace what is no longer working.

The bigotry is going along because it is extremely useful in keeping those same little people under control. Tell them they are better than – let them believe such lies and they will be able to be led around like human beings with nose rings and a long chain from their nose ring to the hands of those put in place to lead them.

The large billion dollar corporations did not come about via the people who have re-written their company’s history to show themselves as the founders. Most of the great ideas now funded and grown into such behemoth corporations came from minorities and women and were stolen and put in the hands of young white males who showed the most promise as racists with a bit of a “noblesse oblige” spirit – but not too much. Got to keep them in chains, just camouflage the chains and ignore those who see what is really happening.

We could go on for pages. But if you want to know more and to see this for yourselves take a look at the senate campaign of Josh Hawley and Claire McCaskill. Follow the money and promises and talk to a few people around and involved in what happened. Many who look like the little people have great analytical abilities, but they are into self-preservation and won’t share what they see and know with many.

That would make a good book for someone – especially as it is now unfolding what Josh Hawley is willing to do and how far he will go, even to destroying the country he has taken an oath to serve because he sees a future of money and power and himself beyond his ability to resist.

That is just one story. There are many others. Trump’s story is ending and all of his dreams for his children to follow him and to become the lifelong president of the United States which would give him and his family unlimited power – that is over. His usefulness is over. His future is prison along with those who supported and followed him and they will probably never see or know what happened to them.

All of us, human beings, are subject to evil. We have that tendency and we mostly ignore it. What we need to do is examine it and keep the evil within us out of our lives and walk that path which is far more beautiful than any power and money can bring. That is not a lifestyle our marketing and advertising people portray. Maybe where we really need to start cleaning up this society is with them.

A New Political and Economics Vocabulary!

Wednesday, April 24th, 2019

It sounds so foolish for people in the United States to be trying to frame this upcoming presidential election around old concepts which were relevant during the time of the Cold War but not today. When used, the concepts being thrown around in preparation for this upcoming 2020 campaign are confusing and the cause of much emotional upset and fighting because of what hangs onto the concepts from a difficult time in the life of this worlds’ political and economic institutions.

Instead of defining our economy in Cold War terms, the Republicans need to be more accurately descriptive of our institutions. We need to make the massive effort to increase our vocabulary with newer more accurate terms or we need to pull out a new vocabulary which fits where we are today – terms that fit what we are actually about. None of the terms the Republicans are using are accurate, fitting, nor descriptive.

The Democrats are going to run their 2020 campaign bringing forth corruption, lying, stealing and all of us will be very well acquainted with terms like “emoluments”. Terms we had probably either never heard of or heard in passing without giving a thought to going deeply into their meaning.

We talk in terms of Capitalism, Socialism, Communism. None of these terms come close to where we are today. Using those terms only exacerbates the ugliness and vileness we are experiencing as a country – brought on by our own.

Capitalism is totally irrelevant and has been for some time because basic to that concept is the assumption that everyone is free and equal in the society and are only limited by their vision, etc. We live in a society which is fraught with sexism, racism, homophobia, ethnocentrism, ageism and so much more of that which separates us and makes us feel better than or less than. A society in which my identify is better than your identity is not able to even begin to describe its economic and political system as based on Capitalism.

Our so called “capitalist” system has venture capitalists who only fund white male northern european types – and will fund minorities and women into the (maybe) $50,000 area to fund their start-ups and actively encourage others to tour the country looking for great start-up ideas being worked on by minorities so they can steal and bring those ideas and that work to the venture capitalists, who are more than ready to see those new and radical business ideas happening and being developed by minorities in this world being carried forward into their substantial billion dollar areas by white male types to maintain the societal structure with those at the top most like our current venture capitalist and other investor groups with serious money that they obtained in the same way. That “serious money” is not available for investment to minority groups. (and from here on “minorities” include women because that is who they are and how they are treated from a power and control perspective in this society.)

Socialism is fraught with many misinterpretations when used today. Most link it to state owned everything and gradually being the economic and political part of the structure of a state which becomes evil and destroys the quality of everybody’s life. In this “Socialism” we all become zombies beholden to a very ugly, vicious and violent state. And – the examples we come up with as to “Socialist States” are indeed horrifying if one thinks that is the direction in which these United States are headed, if we choose the model being proffered by these anti-socialism fighters.

Communism is the most misinterpreted because we hook that term to the Soviet Union at its worse. We hook it to the rampaging McCarthy who destroyed many lives and even more careers fighting phantoms, using a political and economic concept as a means to oppress those he wanted to expel from “his” country and the country which he felt belonged to him and his kind. All others were usurpers trying to turn this great democracy into something vile. Turned out the vileness came from McCarthy and his kind – and who was one of his protege’s – none other than Donald Trump. Trump learned his lessons well at the feet of McCarthy and Cohn and he has brought all of that upheaval and evil back into 2016, 17, 18, 19 America.

And, Communism carries with it the claim by many Christians, that the social and economic system of Jesus was a communist system. That complicates the picture even more as that kind of claim, while not accepted by most mainline Christians was accepted enough to increase the religious bigotry which has existed in these United States from its beginnings with its genoocidal war against Native Americans.

This election cycle is shaping up to be one in which the worst interpretation of the above terms is going to be used to win or lose. At the very least the fight for the presidency and other offices will be embroidered around hurling Socialism, Capitalism, Communism at the opposition as though they were evil and we should not elect anyone who espouses such.

As we look at the above, what becomes clear is that our current system was created, grown and sustained by white male mostly Northern European types who patterned their need for power and control after what they saw in the Middle – Near East – Far Eastern parts of the world which were also male dominated cultures interested in expanding and maintaining power and control in their own ways. Vestiges of those historical groups still exist and today are beginning to rise up to attempt to re-establish their historical societies which are counter to the ways they were beginning to move.

The strong roots such groups have in this society becomes clear as under Donald Trump we are making strong moves to bring those cultures together because it is the only way male domination in its meaness – viciousness – and need for total power and control can continue to thrive and grow.

A more diverse and integrated world is beginning to show-up. Hopefully, as that moves and grows the goodness, beauty and grace of the human spirit will flourish and what has gone before will be permanently in the rear view mirror and will maintain only in history.

Watching that diversity develop is a cautionary tale, however, because even in its extreme infancy we see in the United States powers beginning to move into male groups which were anathema when white males were at the height of their power and control and adopt and adapt these others into their society and culture because that is what is necessary for them to continue developing the mean spiritedness, viciousness, control, tyranny and ugliness of what we have and are continuing to experience.

Looking at the 2018 elections, we celebrated the break through of a new America. We praised our voting citizens for the diversity of people we elected and it looked as though we were reaching through to a new day.

As time goes on, however, we are seeing the sprouts of those weeds which caused and cause so much trouble and evil in the world as talk becomes prevalent of which “white males” can best be elected who will look out for and bring about a more equitable, diverse and “new” America. Which white male will best take care of the rest of the world in a patronizing and paternalistic fashion so that male domination can continue and in a short time raise its ugly head again to attempt to subjugate and push the world into finding its meanest spots to develop. And saddest of all of that talk are the women joining the chorus who are so enmeshed in paternalism they cannot see the worth and ability of other women who can do much better.

The fact that the talk happening is simply a new prelude to another chapter of the “old” slaveowning, segregationist, vile and vicious America has been covered up to be revealed upon the victory and ascendancy of this new talk.

Looking at the way “Bernie” helped to bring in Trump to maintain that old way of life without getting “dirty” in the process should tell us and let us see what is happening with this presidential campaign today. It should also show us that this new, kinder, gentler paternalism will not work.

Think on these things before you reject them out of hand. Look carefully at your government and its history America before you laud yourselves as being “better than” and pray hard that you do not continue in the ways from which you declared you wanted to depart to bring out more of the goodness of America.


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Monday, March 25th, 2019

It is tragic what is happening in and to the United States of America. This was once a strong, respected, acknowledged world leader. It is now a country with a “president” who lies, cheats and manipulates – all for his own aggrandizement, without thought for anything else – and a structure in place to support him. That was very clear when Barr’s press release came out.

It was actually clear long before, but we have been trying to postpone that day of reckoning which is going to come and soon.

Barr turned up at a signing in the White House – very unusual for a United States Attorney General, especially since he had a starring part of that signing. He initially stood a bit apart as he totally backed, tota and way beyond what was necessary, Donald Trump and his ‘national emergency’. This was not a national emergency. This was Donald Trump pushing this country to a breaking point because he wanted something to honor his father and all of the KKK and White Supremacist who called for such a wall decades ago – even into the 1920’s. They called for a wall with “steel slats” – the same kind of wall Trump called for when he began to seriously push his wall agenda. A memorial to White Supremacy.

The recent Trump rant about John McCain had nothing to do with John McCain. It was Trump letting those around him know what he would do to them if they didn’t do his bidding and they got the message. For those who didn’t get the message he described the carnage that would result from any attempt to tell the truth about his activities with Russia and/or any attempt to remove him from office.

Donald Trump went on a rampage a few weeks before the Mueller Report came out to let all of those around him know exactly what their fate would be at his hands if they did not exonerate him. And they got the message. Has there ever been a time when Republicans in Congress have been so quiet?

The New Zealand murders came right after Trump’s comments about what he would do and the violence that would happen; as did the Pittsburgh murders come right after Donald Trump proclaimed that he was not a Globalist. The bombs being delivered to prominent Americans also came right after Trump made another such threatening declaration.

When Barr was appointed Attorney General, it was clear Roy Cohn had arrived in the form of Barr and was going to do everything he could to support, shore up, clean up Donald Trump – and he did. The threesome of that time in history which wrecked much havoc on these United States – Roy Cohn, Senator Joseph McCarthy and Donald Trump – their protege – have returned and their protege has shown he learned his lessons well and is taking what he was taught to a new level – this is just the beginning.

It was quite unusual raising lots of questions for Attorney General Barr to visit the White House right at the time the Mueller Report was being delivered to him. After that visit Donald Trump and his tweets were silent and he went off to Mar-a-Lago quietly, with his friends and supporters and was not heard from again until he returned to the White House and the deed was done. Clearly, he has control over his tweets and they are done for a reason to create the affect he has been creating.

These United States have been seriously divided almost from its beginnings. Today, we are trying to say this serious division is new – not true. There has been the good and the bad. Those who saw the possibilities and wanted to move in the direction of greatness and goodness as a country and those who were overfilled with greed and power needs who simply wanted what they wanted and if that destroyed everything so be it if they could walk away with what they thought would satisfy those needs.

We have tried to cover up that history, but today it has come home to roost. There are too many diverse people now living, working, raising families in this country for it to be allowed to go back to the filthy past that has hung out here so long.

It is time for these United States to be what its past has promised and to leave behind the sin, the degradation, the filth, the destruction of human life, the self-centeredness and self-aggrandizement which has always brought this country down and has brought it to a place of not fulfilling what could have been its destiny.

When Donald Trump was “elected” president it was with all of the ugliness showing. He had already built Trump University and had ripped off hundreds, if not thousands of people in the process to line his own pockets. During all of the time he was running for president of these United States that and more was in the news with the very ugly details of how people looking for a better life scrimped, saved and denied themselves to pay money to Trump University so they could have a better life only to discover they were in worse shape after they enrolled than before because Donald Trump and his University were ripping them off, not providing them with that bright and shiny future of which they dreamed and which his marketing and advertising promised.. And that is only one such example of Donald Trump ripping off the American people.

White America, do you really need to be better than so badly that this is what you are willing to do to maintain that role and position in this society? Have you no shame? No God? No ethics? A horrible character who allows you to live in this filth created for you by Donald Trump and those who support him and those who went before to clear a path for him? You have no idea how great it is to be free! To live a life of freedom! To be one of instead of better than! It is an incredible feeling, life, way to be.

Millions of people voted for Donald Trump for president. Yes, Russia was a part of his being elected president – they provided the denouement – but also yes – millions of Americans voted for him. The same millions who moved against Native Americans? The same millions who moved to enslave Africans? The same millions who brought Africans over in slave ships to be sold as so much cattle – using the same ships in which they put product they were selling and delivering to other countries and returning from those countries with human beings they had stolen from African countries to sell to Americans? The same millions who saw Native American children, by the thousands, ripped from their families to supposedly be “acculturated” into American Society, but most of whom were never heard from again? And today we are seeing the same thing repeated with thousands of children coming to the United States from other countries and being treated as though they are sex objects and being raped and/or sexually or other ways abused by their captors who have put them in chain link prisons – who have humiliated and demeaned these children for no reason other than the depravity of those in charge and who have ripped even weeks old babies from their mothers to satisfy the needs for superiority of those doing such and the depravity of he who has ordered such to be done? “Suffer the little children to come unto me for of such is the kingdom of heaven”.

The same millions voted for Donald Trump who wrecked havoc across this country for decades trying to intimidate African Americans by being a part of one massacre after another, after slavery ended, as they saw African American families putting their lives together and building communities in places like Oklahoma and other areas? Their anger at seeing such resulted in unspeakable massacres of which our school children know nothing because that history is deleted in our school systems.

The United States has a lot from which to be redeemed and instead we are turning to someone like Donald Trump who lives and works in the mould of the worst of American history. We thought, when Barack Obama was elected, that we had made the collective decision to leave all of that behind. Clearly, that was a wrong thought, because what is showing is that those who were in charge throughout all of American history tainting everything that could have been beautiful are still in charge tainting everything that could have been beautiful.

The press release from Mueller’s Report was written by a man who was officially told, by his employers, of his conflict of interest and who refused to recuse himself. He had a mission and with his press release he carried out that mission. He was not going to be part of a diverse society. He, apparently, wants to give lip service to the goodness that could be America and do his part to make sure that other part, that gross part, which we all share as human beings, would be the part to take over and make sure he and his would still be in charge, wrecking havoc on everything and everyone else. From the dregs of humanity come your oppressors, cleaning themselves up but still instantly recognized.

To people like Barr and Lindsey Graham I say – my God neither sleeps nor slumbers. People like you crucified my Jesus and yet what happened was not the destruction of my Jesus nor of why Jesus came to earth, but the fulfillment of many of those promises. Millions followed – great edifices were built in his honor – ethical systems were created from his teachings – the efforts of the Barr’s, the Grahams’ (both Lindsey and Franklin and their followers) were dispersed. They try to come back periodically and while they succeed on some level for a brief period of time, they simply bring into being by their failure and their notoriety and people finally seeing the sin and flaws they cultivate in themselves, the exact opposite of what they claim to be working to achieve. Self-aggrandizement is their goal – power, money, the feeling of being better than is their goal. Reaching for that goal ultimately is their destruction. Hitler committed suicide, they say, in a dirty, filthy bunker scared out of his mind.

We are today the people who walk in darkness, but shortly, the eyes of the blind shall be opened and the ears of the deaf will hear.

It matters not what Scripture you read or which religion you follow or if you follow none – it is not possible to be human with all that means and not see what is happening in these United States. To go along with it says more about you than anything else you do, think or claim to believe.

The Germans went along with Hitler. Average, ordinary people because they wanted someone or something to blame for the mess they allowed and helped happen in their lives. They wanted to be better than and what they received in return for those wants was a time spent in hell. Today, however, as most Germans look back at that history, you don’t see statues in memorial to that time in German history. You don’t see plays being performed to laud those actions. You don’t see people adoring Hitler for what he wrought or because they needed to keep that history alive and in front of them and their children. You see a people trying to make amends for a temporary aberration in their history. We have yet to see that in these United States. We have had many Hitlers-types who we adored. We still fight for and demand the right to worship at the altar of our statues and memorials to slavery as we created it for generations in these United States. We still have a form of slavery in the way we hold dear to sex trafficking and our enslaving of women and children for such purposes.

We have lauded them all and tried to make them our saviors – Donald Trump is just the most recent.

How long – O Lord!


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Bettina Members Share…

Saturday, March 2nd, 2019

Congressman Jim Jordan accused of ignoring sexual abuse at OSU. see…/congressman-jim-jordan…sex-abuse…/lzfhebNU

I watched the Michael Cohen hearings and was appalled at Congressman Jordan and the way he led the group denouncing Cohen for lying plus as many other uglies he could think of to throw Michael Cohen’s way. Clearly that group thrives on threat, intimidation, abuse. And by the way, isn’t Jordan the one accused in some kind of sexual abuse thing against young athletes? Either he was involved or knew about it and didn’t report it or..? He fits right into the Trump orbit.

Rep. Jim Jordan Is Named in New OSU Sexual Abuse Scandal…


Hearing those who support and defend Donald Trump is showing what is wrong with the United States. I used to get angry when I heard people say – “if you don’t like this country leave it”. Today, I understand the sentiment. Maybe we should have a bigotry test to move out and keep out those White Supremacist and assorted others. They all seem to have given Donald Trump immunity.

Michael Cohen has admitted and is paying for his lies. Donald Trump’s lies make Michael Cohen look like a choir boy. Trump’s supporters seem totally able to attempt to defame Michael Cohen, calling him a liar and denigrating him for his lies and at the same time not even realizing others are looking at the person they are supporting and counting his lies into the thousands. How are they so tone deaf that they don’t see themselves as they are seen by others.

Cohen has no power, except what he had loaned to him by Trump if Cohen used that power to carry out Trump’s wishes. Trump as a liar, however, is dangerous because he does have power over many and much. He is a major, daily, liar whose lies will negatively affect your children’s future as those lies change this republic into a fascist state with Donald Trump leading the nation as he tries to use this country to become wealthier than Vladimir Putin.

Trump followers are saying- some people can lie to us and that is alright because the end justifies the means. What they don’t understand is that the process by which we reach the end totally changes the end we envisioned. That expected end changes and turns the goals we were willing to compromise our moral values and our character to reach into a monstrosity we are amazed has been created. It will be something we neither recognize nor want.



I’ve read in Bettina Network’s Blog about Donald Trump’s mentors – Roy Cohn and Senator Joseph McCarthy. After reading that, I did some research to see what that was all about. Shamefully, it was not a part of what I learned in school. I am also discovering other such times in these United States which were much worse. I did not learn about the massacres and slaughters in school. For example – I had to go out of my way to read and learn about the Trail of Tears. My first reaction was to deny. Not here – not in my country did or could that happen.

Germany did not want Nazism. They wanted to be better than the Jews and to have someone to blame the results of the war on and they wound up with a major massacre and horrendous event their children have had to endure.

I am now seeing, from the CPAC Conference, that the direction in which the Trumpians are going is to re-create, Joe McCarthy’s anti-Communist era. Sorrowfully, that is coming on us very quickly with most of us ignorant about what that era was like.

CPAC and its speakers and listeners are now upping the ante – the “wall” in front of which they can stand and single out who goes in and who stays out – by simply proclaiming who, what policies, what acts are to be despised as “Communist” and who should be destroyed in the process. Joe McCarthy’s hearings and the way he upended this country over the years he was in power is the stuff of legend and history. Read that history and see how many people were destroyed. It is tragic. That is what CPAC is setting up. The White Supremacists – the neo Nazi’s – the KKK – and all the rest have found their common ground to bring about their Nirvana. Nothing is as chilling as listening to their talks at this CPAC conference and seeing the audience response. They are ready to come for the rest of us who don’t walk their path and mimic their speech.

Trump has successfully brought back into the present the United States in which he was mentored. He and his followers are working to restore and maintain Joseph McCarthy’s United States which only existed in McCarthy’s alcoholic fantasies.

This United States periodically returns to such brutality. Trump can do this because that kind of thing is a horrendous part of our history which we deny, deny, deny so we can repeat this again and again. When defeated and saner more humane people take over that past is then buried. This time, we need to make sure that history is not buried, but kept alive and taught in our schools so the next generation is not free to destroy itself and its children.


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Donald Trump and Gay Folks!

Monday, December 31st, 2018

A series of articles to look at, give a partial analysis and outline of Trump’s base and what it cam expect of him.  We are starting with that portion of Trump’s base which are those who are very anti-gay, homophobic, are sure gay folks are trying to convert their children, destroy Christianity and the values they claim to hold close to their hearts and so much more.  You know the rhetoric and you know that portions of Trump’s base overlap.  It is very true that those who are homophobic have other bigotries against other groups which overlap, but this article addresses itself to the anti-gay community portion of Trump’s agenda.

Trump has tried to satisfy them by attempting to ban transgender people from serving in the armed forces, throwing out of the armed forces those transgender people already serving and more.

We will not say much about Donald Trump in his teens because those are tender years and can be the background for the direction in which a person travels, but could also be just experimental and a passing phase.

When we get to Donald Trump in his 20’s, however, we see a person beginning to show his values and to set his life’s path.

One of the people Donald Trump met, who became his mentor, was Roy Cohn.  Roy Cohn was a prominent New York attorney with an awesome reputation for bullying.  He was, at the time, a very famous attorney in these United States and not always for the best of reasons.  At the end of his life he was disbarred for many reasons like – particularly reprehensible conduct, and his ethics were called into question and so much more.   Cohn’s clients included several of New York City’s mafia, who he defended along with a large and impressive roster of clients.

Roy Cohn connects – Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, the Rosenbergs, Roger Stone, Joseph McCarthy, and many more.  A surprising confluence of people.

For the purpose of this article, that which is right out there about Roy Cohn is that he was gay and he died of AIDS.  He is the person most responsible for helping Donald Trump move from his father’s businesses in Queens, New York to Manhattan.  In the process Donald Trump and Roy Cohn were extremely close.  If you could not find one you called the other and that person could tell you where to go or call to find the other – they were that close.

They spent evenings together over candlelight dinners at Club 54; once Trump married, Roy Cohn spent many evenings having dinner with the Trumps at their condo in Trump Tower and that in spite of the fact that Roy Cohn did not think Ivana was the person Donald should have married.  

Donald Trump was in the middle of the male gay community which surrounded Roy Cohn.  He was accepted as one of the boys and his relationship with Roy Cohn was common knowledge and also accepted.

Donald Trump was one of Roy Cohn’s most important clients.  If you did anything with Trump that would or could have resulted in a legal battle you had to deal with Roy Cohn, but Trump rarely, if ever, paid Cohn.  And if you went to Trump’s office during that time there would be a large picture of Roy Cohn on his desk.

We could go on for pages about Donald Trump’s relationship with Roy Cohn, but the point of this article is that during that time and for many years after Roy Cohn’s death, Donald Trump was in the middle of a very sophisticated gay group in Manhattan in which he was totally accepted.  According to some he provided an apartment, at Roy Cohn’s request, to one of Cohn’s friends who was dying of AIDS so he could live out his shortened life in relative comfort and Trump did just that – giving up a condo in Trump Tower – for free.

With that background, where does this hatred of people who are gay come from?  Where does this doing whatever he can to limit access to the gay community of the many things previously granted them as equality – like gay marriage?    The question becomes – why does Trump’s background and relationships  show that he would do the exact opposite?  Why did he have a mentor who was very gay and in the middle of a gay community bringing Trump into the middle of that community in a very public way?

At no time has Trump acknowledged that lifestyle, nor has he said anything about that personal history.  He did not come out, for example, to say that “at one time I was very supportive of the gay community, but in xxxx year I discovered my fault and reformed – turned my back on that history and all of the people with whom I had a close association and friendship and now have decided that homophobic is what I really am and have cut off associations and friendships with any and all gay people except those who have recanted, turned their lives around and are now straight.”

From where in his soul does this close association and friendship with many gay males come from – people with whom he had an extremely close relationship – to make him today able to move his campaign to take an active homophobic stance on many issues; to talk about people who are gay in very negative and subhuman terms; to go after those who are transgender to keep them away from serving in the armed forces and in many other ways.

More to the point would be – how and why do the people who really are homophobic and whose agenda is to rid society of everyone who is gay, transgendered, etc.  have simply taken Trump at his word.  Even knowing this background and history, they have never questioned any of this background.  What is going on here that they believe that he, without political campaigns to win,  would continue to act to make sure this gay group of people are clearly oppressed and not equal to the rest of society?

Surely they have had at least a passing thought that when Trump has no more campaigns to win he would then govern in such a way as to bring the gay community into equity with the rest of society and the goals of the homophobic community destroyed and turned against them.

Anything else makes no human sense.  To say God is using Trump makes even less sense because in my many decades of reading scripture God does not involve me and mine in any evil that God moves to eliminate.  God takes the evil hitting me and turns it into good.  God does the work and humanity benefits.  God upheavals and me and mine are playing God as we see fit.  But this part of Trump’s base has many excuses as to why they are supporting Trump because they believe, in the long run he will act in the interest of and promotion into society of their anti-gay, homophobic, anti transgender beliefs and life actions.

We believe that is nonsense and we believe something else is operating here and we believe we know what that is about.

Take a look at Bill Cosby and the evil he inflicted on dozens of women with his corrupt actions.  Look at how many years and how much pain and suffering and hard work it took to expose Bill Cosby and bring him to justice.  Why was that?  Why did so many people for so long support Bill Cosby in spite of what was showing right in their faces up close and personal?

For many, many decades television, books, and much more of media coverage portrayed Bill Cosby as this loving father and great man.  He received all kind of awards – not based on who he was, but based on his media persona – which many believed and would not let go of even in the face of facts which proved otherwise.  It took decades before it began to seep into the world’s conscience that the Bill Cosby on television and all of those Cosby family books and other kinds of media that circulated was created fiction and not the real Bill Cosby.  The real Bill Cosby was the person going to Court who was finally proven to be the sexual predator that he actually was and not the great, kind, with it father he portrayed in many media settings.  The kind of father we all want and many of us don’t have.  It is extremely difficult to give up on that kind of dream.  And the kind of dream Turmp portrayed – great business executive, incredibly successful giving others and maybe one day us the opportunity to follow in his footsteps.  That is like giving up on the lottery for those so addicted.

For many years, Donald Trump has been portrayed on television as this great business mogul with all of the trappings to create a romantic figure to get us to tune in year after year.  We have in mind the man created by good writers, camera people, directors, producers, in books ghost written for him by others.  We have not been able to believe and to take down the man so constructed for us by the media to see the real person who is the real Donald Trump.  The media is now doing its best to show us that person, but many are resisting because Donald Trump is putting himself in front of the public as the created, romanticized person who actually exists only on television and not in real life. 

Don’t you think it is time to look carefully and scrutinize this man the way many had to scrutinize Bill Cosby to see who he actually was and to look away from and put in the fairy tale books the Bill Cosby and Donald Trump created as marketing tools to sell all kinds of products to the average American citizen?

And don’t you think, given those two examples of human beings turned into almost monsters by their media persona and how far we have had to go to expose them as other than that romantic image – that we should give lots of thought to what we create and watch and give credence to in the media because clearly that is now roiling our society by the way it has seeped into our consciousness and affected decisions in real life and in how we make choices for ourselves and others?  


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The Bettina Oracle Speaks!

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018

It is time for all of you to step up to your responsibility as human beings living, working, caring for one another.

That means – when one of you goes far off the rail, it is all of your individual and collective responsibility to make sure the damage that person does is limited and not allowed to hurt, maim or bring others along down into the bowels of hell.

Whatever else you do in this life, that responsibility cannot be shirked without your taking on, experiencing and paying the price for the sins of your brothers and sisters who you allowed to roam free among the shoals of evil that are all around you.

DONALD J. TRUMP – we call you out as a murderer, a thief, a cheat, a liar, a corruptor of others for what you perceive as your own good and it is time for this to stop.  You are the illegitimate president of the United States – a position you attained by lying, cheating, corrupting others and conspiring with those like you to add to the world’s evil so you and those working with you could attain power over others and worldly goods.

You have only a very short time to live and you need to spend that time repenting for how you have spent what started off as a precious life intended to change the world for good, but you were not up to the task so you changed your life’s goals and have brought instead to all of those who hear your voice a misery that they do not deserve.  You have made a pact with evil and are carrying out your promise to that evil being in a way much stronger than you could have carried out what you were put on earth to do for good.

When you agreed to remain silent and back the brutal murderer of Khashoggi your fate was sealed.  Forgiveness is available to all of us.  At that point, in your life and your journey  – forgiveness was taken away from you.  The intentionality with which you forged ahead and carried out your commitment to promote and back the person who committed that brutal murder, which further encouraged him in the path he then took knowing he had your backing, closed the doors to forgiveness, to love, to grace.  In addition to no forgiveness, you shall live the rest of your life without love.  There is nothing so painful as living on this earth without love.

You will walk this earth on hot coals in bare feet for an eternity.  You will see others as you walk, but only a few will be able to see you.  You will see Hitler, Stalin, and all those like them who went before and the pain you feel when you see them will each time overwhelm you.  Any who try to give you succor or comfort will feel so much pain they will back away and never acknowledge you again.  You will meet Roy Cohn again.  You will see him, but he will not be able to see you.  He asked forgiveness before he died so his way as he passes you is not nearly as horrible as your way.  His youth, as one of the oppressed peoples of the world, turned his adulthood into one filled with evil doings, but something came back to him.    – After you took everything you could from him and then rejected and turned your back on him – that flash we all have before death where he saw his life caused him to say “please, forgive me.”  You will also see Joseph McCarthy, but alas he will not be able to see you.  He caused much pain and agony to others unnecessarily, but his brain and soul, adled with alcohol and drugs for most of his adult life, helped to cause much of what he did as he struggled to break free in a long hysterical scream.  But you – you saw, you understood, and you patterned your life after the evil you saw in other people.  The good was never within your ability to understand, but you grasped the evil quickly, almost from birth.

To agree to be a participant in another’s brutal murder is that step forward from which you cannot return and you have taken that step.  You emboldened a child of God to murder, in a horrific way, one of God’s own, who God held close because of his truthfulness and the road which he trod, willingly, to bring others to see, hear and live the life God chose for us all.

YOU REJECTED GOD DECADES AGO (“The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want) when you decided you would want for nothing in this earthly sphere because you would provide for yourself and you would do whatever it took to gain power, control and wealth.  No green pastures for you – cement walls, casino games, roulette wheels, stealing bits and pieces from others all through that time of your life.

Great fountains of your own creation, water gurgling up in your hotels. (God restoreth my soul). When you walk through the valley of the shadow of death you will fear greatly because all of the beauty and goodness and light of that valley will disappear and in its place will be every gruesome monster, pit of fire, hellish horribilius that exists and you will have to walk through it to the other side, which will be even worse.

(Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death  I will fear no evil; for thou, God, art with me)

You created your life.  You continue to destroy and make more difficult the lives of others.  You extend yourself wherever you can if you see a chance to bring another human being into the evil in which you live.  And you do so much more.  That does not happen without a price to pay and you have arrived at that point where it is too late to turn around and to turn away – the price you have set forth for yourself will only grow larger as you continue to walk in the way of evil.

Those who walk with you, (Thou, God, prepares a table before me) hoping for earthly power and goodies in return need to be aware of what they are doing to their lives.  When a woman starts to talk about lynchings and other kinds of evil preparing the path for you to walk with her when you arrive to speak for her in Mississippi has a price tag.  (Thou annointest my head with oil). You have only an empty cup, but the power she seeks, with your help, comes at an incredibly high price – which she is more than willing to pay.  All those who listen to you and her and cheer, also acquire a price tag they have to pay.  All of those kind of things you have done in the past have all been gathered together along with the people you drew into your orbit.


A voice says “Cry out”

I answer, “What shall I cry out?”

“All humankind is grass and all their glory like the flowers of the field.

The grass withers, the flower wilts, when the breath of God blows upon it

Though the grass withers and the flower wilts the word of God stands forever.”

God is just and continues the chain of tradition that binds generation to generation

God’s love and justice is being established on this earth and God’s peace pervades the world.

“I am the resurrection and the life, says our God

Those who believe in me shall live, even though they die,

And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die….

Have you now known? Have you not heard? God is the everlasting God

God does not faint or grow weary, God’s understanding is unsearchable.

God gives power to the faint and to those who have no might God increases their strength.

Those who wait upon God shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles,

they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.

When I think of Khashoggi’s death I think of these words of Scripture………

“unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat; but if it dies it produces much fruit.  ……Yet what should I say?  God, save me from this hour?  But it was for this purpose that I came to this hour.  God, I glorify your name.”  Then a voice came from heaven………….



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The Big Day – Corruption and Sin – or Walk into the Light!

Thursday, September 27th, 2018

by: Marceline Donaldson

It is amazing to turn on the television and hear what we are doing to ourselves in the name of politics. – Actually, in the name of maintaining the ability to exercise continued power, control, to satisfy our greed and fear.

Lives are being upheaval and in actual fact, we are in the process of making fools of ourselves for our children to read in history class, shaking their heads in disbelief,  at just how high a price their parents and people they once looked up to  were willing to pay as they moved ahead on this day fueled by fear – and that need for power and control – and the greed being so publicly displayed.   It is overwhelming.

Todays’ hearing, which should be about truth, but is really about moving the boulders out of the way to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the U. S. Supreme Court is being set up as a travesty and distortion of justice.  Those setting up this hearing have been doing everything possible to ignore justice and create the stage on which the result is pre-determined and which the sexual assaulters of the world, watching with keen interest, will be well pleased.  The preparations for this hearing  are displaying how to maintain extreme sexism at any cost  and those preparations are showing the world the misogyny entrenched in this United States system of government and how it works to maintain the position of white upper class men as “better than”.

Not only is this hearing showing that, but it is also showing how all of this is set up to get those who always lose everything, are manipulated into supporting and carrying forth the needs of this small group of WASPs to their own detriment and how they are pushed into doing that with no recompense and with the idea that this is all in their interest too.

It was heartbreaking to hear a Republican woman, who looked like a very middle to lower middle class white woman with a family of two female teens talking to the press and telling the world that all men grope women and girls, that is just a part of who they are and  her daughters couldn’t object to that male inappropriate groping because everybody does it and everybody experiences it so you just have to go with the flow and ignore the groping and its consequences. Two young teen aged girls being taught by their mother to accept male groping and experience it as just a normal part of life.

Todays’ hearing is all about the care and maintenance of a “better than” society.  How to protect it and take down those who would throw open the windows and doors and let fresh air circulate for the health and well being and equality of everyone.

We have the Mormon Church in the dock – represented by one of its past presidents.  We know enough about the Mormon Church and how it works, especially as regards to its leaders, to know Orrin Hatch could not be out there spreading his vileness without the support and protection of his church.

We have the once grand Republican Party – to which I once belonged, having been conditioned in my Republicanism by several generations before me.  It was the party which welcomed African Americans, allowed you to vote and protected you from being lynched.  It was the only Political Party way back then which allowed Negroes to be elected to office and to be a part of and have a seat at its Conventions. It was the only breath of fresh air in the south when violence against Negroes rode the streets in white sheets and pointy hats.

Who would have thought that in 2018 we would have a president of these United States – a Republican, backed by the Republican Party – who has brought all of the fear, violence and bigotry moved out by Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement along with Betty Friedan, Pauli Murray and all the feminist leaders who worked so hard and sacrificed so much to move  out of these United States what this illegitimate president,  Donald Trump, is working so hard to bring back into this society, into these United States of America and who is bringing it back leaning on the shoulders of his ancestors who walked the streets of Washington, D. C. in their white sheets and pointy hats, some of whom made their living on the backs of and at the expense of the lives of women.  Who would have thought that this Republican president would be bringing back into these United States the Nazi Party and beliefs of Adolf Hitler along with all of the White Supremacy groups who are growing stronger by the day.  How the mighty have fallen!

All of this orchestrated by the President of the United States – Donald Trump – in the employ of a foreign country and the mafia to sow as much discord, division, and whatever other negatives he can throw into the pile so that their taking over these United States and getting rid of its democracy will be so much easier as our foreign intruders show up foaming at the mouth to clean up the spoils.  Trump is doing a magnificent job in spite of our best efforts to stop him.  He creates one garbage pile after another and the stench from the work he is doing is becoming unbearable.

It looks as though these Republican Senators today will publicly and flagrantly violate everyone’s rights because their backers are demanding that Brett Kavanaugh be confirmed?  They see him working for their best interest and they want him confirmed NOW?  His grooming and time spent as a Republican Political Operative has shown him to be very good at what he does and that is the kind of person they want on the Supreme Court.

What do we have:

The WASP members of the Judiciary Committee of the Republican Party have decided they cannot and will not do their job representing their constituencies in questioning the candidate for the United States Supreme Court – Brett Kavanaugh and the woman accusing him of sexual assault – Christine Blasey Ford.  The other women so accusing him and the witnesses to all of this have been discarded as though they don’t exist.

WHY?  Because they are still stinging from the feedback from the incredibly mean, vicious, misogynous job they did when Clarence Thomas was sitting in Brett Kavanaugh’s seat.  Today the structure of sexism and racism in this society, firmly entrenched in all that happens in these United States, is on display for all to see.  Also on display is how we act when that structure is threatened with collapse, extinction and more.  Clarence Thomas is an African American male and not one of the upper class men who rule this country – whether they are in or out of office.  Brett Kavanaugh – although Catholic – has been groomed to serve the very upper classes in this society and so far, he has done an incredible job of serving his masters.  They see how useful he will be on the United States Supreme Court.

What is most amazing – the president of these United States – a pathological liar and a self-admitted sexual assaulter of women is accusing the women who have come forward at great expense to their lives, their families and their future to tell the truth – this liar and sexual assaulter has called the women who have been sexually assaulted, liars and he has tried to justify the sexual assault and abuse charges against himself by using what is happening in this Brett Kavanaugh affair.  The rest of us need to call them heroes for the way they have conducted themselves and the determination with which they are moving forward to make their experiences with Brett Kavanaugh public so we have something on which to decide if this man should get the job of a justice of the U. S. Supreme Court or not. And while we are doing that we need to call Donald Trump out for what he is – a sexual assaulter; a racist; a misogynist and a pathological liar.

Standing behind all of this we see the men of the Bush family and their class circle backed by the American Oligarchs – although the Oligarch’s a bit lower in class.  Totally free of the stain of what is happening, but responsible for seeing Kavanaugh as someone who could carry out the wishes and demands of their WASP class in this society. We also have the Bush family to thank for Clarence Thomas.  George Bush, the son, was one of the first people to rush out to endorse Brett Kavanaugh – someone he knew as a Republican Political Operative and someone whose work he knew, which means he knew what that would mean to the rest of society if Kavanaugh became a member of the U. S. Supreme Court.  Whether he knew of the sexual assault is only his to say and his conscience to reckon with

I didn’t see that component as clearly as I do today.  This fiasco has had its silver lining.  Many of us now understand and can see this structure without all of the pretty trappings in which it has been enclosed.  The shiny objects meant to distract us have been shelved and we see – with nothing hiding or shading or obscuring just who we are and the farce that has been playing for generations.

So – back at the ranch, the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee went out and hired an “assistant” to work with them to get the job done of making sure that all of the trash was swept out of the way which was cluttering up the road to Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

I don’t know of one corporation in this world which would hire someone to work for them at any job with the kind of sexual assault allegations hanging over that person as are hanging over Brett Kavanaugh, but the United States Senate is moving and doing everything it can to make sure he is hired by the United States Government to be a justice on the Supreme Court.

What kind of trash has this “assistant” been hired to remove?  The women who were assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh and have had the moral fortitude and civic sense of responsibility to come out and tell their stories.  Tell their stories so the rest of us would have a better life without another sexual assaulter getting a seat of power in this United States Government.

What has this group of Republicans on the Judiciary Committee done to promote their cause – to gain power, control over and to exacerbate their greed and fear?  What have they done to make sure women are never able to stand as equal and independent members of this society?

They went to Maricopa in Arizona to hire an “assistant”  – a woman – to do their dirty work so they could sit back and watch the arena in which they have put one woman against another. A man would have been called an attorney, etc.

       Why did they go to Maricopa?  Well, think carefully now –

isn’t that where Sheriff Arpaio comes from?  

the man Donald Trump pardoned, who is beholden to Donald Trump and has said so publicly?

Isn’t the woman they hired a five year colleague of Sheriff Arpaio?  

And isn’t she a registered Republican?

 And hasn’t she been put on their ‘team’ to get the job done of getting Brett Kavanaugh confirmed? And isn’t she working with her (their) team to prepare everyone to get the best result so they will be successful at the end of the day?

Listen carefully and you will be able to hear the laughter from the back room as they all get together and gloat over what they have put together for this hearing for this confirmation to go through leaving the Democrats destroyed in their wake.  The loudest laugh you hear is coming from Donald Trump.

This is what happens when a self-admitted sexual assaulter and sexual predator, who brags about his deeds and how great and powerful he is at sexually assaulting any woman he so chooses to assault,  is elected as president of these United States.  He appoints sexual predators to important posts.

What does the life of the Republican Congressmen look like if we were to play a movie on a big screen showing their every moment of life?  Would we see interludes where they showed themselves to be just like their president?  Is that why they are so furiously backing him?  Why they cannot and will not see the horror of what Brett Kavanaugh has done – what Clarence Thomas has done?  What all of the sexual assaulters have done to destroy the lives of countless women?  Do they have a tin ear and refuse to look at all of this as wrong because these are activities in which they have engaged and have refused to negatively judge themselves?

Having been referred to as an “assistant” gives you the mind set of this Judiciary Committee.  It also gives you the mind set of Attorney Mitchell who agreed to come across the country to do this job for who she considers her peers – her Republican operatives – Congressmen – and others.  Does she not realize she is considered as no better than the women Brett Kavanaugh is accused of sexually assaulting?  That she is looked upon as an object to be used to abuse other women who expected some other kind of treatment?

There is something called Karma.  Other cultures would say “what goes around comes around”.

That is certainly true of Brett Kavanaugh who spent a good deal of his professional life using claims of sexual assault to destroy the lives of others?

Your day is coming Donald Trump.  You have brought into the current life of these United States the spirit of Joseph McCarthy – the man who upheaveled this country for several years and who destroyed many lives before he was taken down.  He did his deeds in a drunken stupor.  Amazingly, his attacks also circled around Russia.  What is your drug of choice?  He did it with the help and advice of Roy Cohn – and these are two of your most cherished mentors and idols.  You have patterned your life after Joseph McCarthy’s and you are causing as much pain in this country as he and his antics caused in their day.  You learned at his feet and you learned on your knees from Roy Cohn.  You learned your lessons well.  The question is – how well have we learned to recognize the likes of you and to move to put an end to your destruction of all we hold dear and which for several hundred years our ancestors paid with their lives to create for us a country – as best they could – which would open its doors to all people and which would respect and hold all people as equals.

Why is equality such a difficult concept and such an impossible way for many to live their lives?  Are we that lacking in love?


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Treason – Sexual Assaulter – Mafia – Lies – and so much more!

Saturday, January 6th, 2018

Would anyone believe their would ever come a time when the above title would describe the activities and involvements of the United States President?

Everything we see is questionable.  As the Attorney General starts a crack down on marijuana, the first thing that comes to mind is if the Trump administration is moving to protect a profit center for the mafia as long as possible by keeping marijuana in the illegal area as long as possible.  Clearly, marijuana is becoming legal in many states, but Trump and his administration can move to maintain the mafia’s position in that drug trade until the last possible moment.  It is awful to have that thought pop-up so immediately.  We should be about other things and have wonderful, strong, substantial thoughts as to the future of this country – strong, honest, working to make sure all benefit and are well cared for – or is that a pipe dream and as humans we are not able to reach such a goal?

The current president has quite a mafia involvement.  And it stretches from McCarthyism on.  Even today he opines Roy Cohn – the right hand of McCarthy – the alcoholic Congressperson who terrorized the United States with his Communist hunt causing people to lose jobs, families, etc. etc.  People paid obeisance to McCarthy and praised him in front of his face with no critiques, negatives, etc. because they wanted to stay out of his line of sight.

He has this reach – McCarthy – Roy Cohn – John Gotti – the Gambino Crime family – and on it goes. Let’s not forget his high school career during which his friend was John Gotti’s son.  We have a president with long, deep mafia connections and we try hard to keep that under cover in spite of the fact that these United States are beginning to look like mafia country and begins to be structured like a mafia organization.  The Republican Party seems to me to have become a criminal enterprise.  AND – do you see the connection between Trump and his claimed ‘sensitivity’ having people grovel and praise him and the mafia don who no one criticizes to his face, but grovels in front of him and praises him the way Trump insists on being praised..

And we elected this man president of these United States.  What is wrong with American voters?  Is Trump’s base composed of the racists, the sexists, the homophobes in combination with the different mafia’s in this country, which is why his numbers are holding steady?

This country today shows what it is like to live in a place controlled and very quickly being restructured by the mafia and a country that used to be a foreign enemy, with its Oligarch’s.  We don’t have such Oligarch’s in the United States – we have equivalents who we call Tech Billionaires and they are multiplying and mostly today those joining that group look very much like thugs.

This isn’t a first – slaves suffered in these United States for some 250 years.  This is a country which used its marriage laws to enslave Africans.  Slaves were freed, but their progeny are still suffering the results of that slavery and being forced to accept second class citizenship.  Many people suffered during McCarthyism.  Many more are suffering today and from its current trajectory Trumpism is going to make McCarthyism look like a walk in the park.  When are we going to grow up and take over this country to make it into a substantial democracy?  Are we so afraid of that responsibility?

One thing this shows is how weak and mired in sin are our politicians.  To see people grovel to evil for a few silver coins is an ugly scene and that is what we have playing out in front of us.  What is it they expect?  To benefit?  The wages of sin are not gold or silver, but death.  Didn’t their parents tell them when you lie down with dogs you get fleas?

One of the lessons Trump learned at Roy Cohn’s feet was to push your friends and others into a position of having to grovel at your feet.  Have them compliment you all the time.  Trump doesn’t have a weak ego – he has lessons he has learned and lives by.  If those under you have to constantly compliment you – the hordes of people around you, a little ways off,  will hear and assume they know what these others are talking about and you have followers who think you are great.  Trump told those stories of lessons he learned from Roy Cohn himself.  Not to even touch on those he learned from his father – in or out of a KKK white robe and pointy hat.

Wake up America!  You have slept through too much and been complicit with too many evil movements and people.  Clean up your act and soonest or what is coming will make the rest look like Sunday school.


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