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Monday, March 30th, 2020


My husbands name is Rev. Dr. Robert A. Bennett, Jr.

My name is Marceline Donaldson

Why is MGH allowing itself to be used to abuse and destroy my African American husband? They have been so used by Somerville Cambridge Elder Affaires since March 1st.  Elder abuse by an organization supposed to stop such, but has used this more than once to its advantage and to the advantage of those who work there against the people they serve.  They engage in Medicare Fraud on a regular basis.  They recruit people to use their services by using a form of Medicare Fraud.

I can be reached at 617 497 9166

or via email at

or via regular mail at P. O. Box 380585, Cambridge, MA. 02238

  1. I am asking that my husband be released from Mass General Hospital where he is being held on a section 12. This is an abusive use of a section 12 to incarcerate an African American man without public knowledge, awareness, being listed anyplace of having been incarcerated.  If you check you will find such being used to incarcerate African American men and women in other parts of the U. S. A.

Dr. Bennett was not admitted to Mass General for Health Reasons. 

Robert Bennett had brain surgery at Mass General at the end of February and was discharged March 1st with no medicine prescribed and his vitals in the normal range.

3) He could have gone home.  He was in very good shape physically and emotionally.  He does not like to use medical services so going home and following up with rehab in his home which is equipped for such, was his first choice.

However, it was suggested he go to rehab after Mass General and Robert agreed to that after initially disagreeing because he just wanted to go home. He agreed because Mass General suggested he go to Sherrill House in Jamaica Plain. Since Robert is a retired Episcopal priest, that made him change his mind. He said the possible spiritual part might make it a good experience.

4) We arrived at Sherrill House about 2pm on March 1st.

5) Robert was brought to his room and put in a bed by the ambulance driver and attendant. At that point all of our expectations took a nose dive.

6) We stayed in the room waiting for someone to check Robert in but after about 35 minutes when no one from Sherrill House even came to say hello we became concerned. I went to the nurses desk to ask what was the procedure and what would happen via rehab. I was told the nurses were busy. Robert should stay in bed and not get out. If he needed to go to the bathroom he should pull the chain for the nurse and someone would come.

7) We did that. Robert was concerned because he went to the bathroom his last couple days at Mass General and didn’t want to revert back to catheters, etc. He rang for the nurse, no one came for some 45 minutes and by that time it was too late.

8) The nurse finally came, took his vitals and told him to stay in bed for the rest of the day. That was not what either of us thought happened at rehab so we were beginning to get a bit concerned.

9) I left about 7pm and returned the next day, Monday March 2nd,  about 11am. I was not able to see Robert because Sherrill House was quarantined. They had three or four patients on Roberts’ floor (2nd floor) who had the flu. I asked if they were separated from the rest of the patients and I was told no that was not necessary. With the coronavirus stories all around I asked what kind of flu and they did not know. I talked to Robert via telephone and we decided to go home where there was no one but us and especially no possibility of getting the flu. This was his second day at Sherrill House and he was still in the bed – no program for the day, nice people but no rehab. With the flu flying around he couldn’t walk around, activity was limited so it didn’t make sense to stay in bed when we had three pieces of exercise equipment at home, jacuzzi tub and more.

Robert said clearly he did not want to be involved in any more medical services or institutions. He would follow up with his surgery when it was time to go to Mass General clinic for a check up but that was it.

We said that to the people at Sherrill House and we left.

10) That Monday evening about 9-9:30pm a policeman rang our door bell and woke us up. He said he was there for a “wellness” check. Someone called concerned that Robert was not alright and asked for such a check. I answered the door. Robert heard the policeman at the door and came to see what was the problem. He did not want me alone at that time of night with a policeman ringing the doorbell.

11) The policeman apologized for waking us up – said everything seemed fine and left.

12) The next morning about 10:30am eight white policemen arrived at the front door of this African American man – ringing the bell along with 5 or 6 EMT people. I answered the door and looked out and the street was covered with police cars – a couple ambulances – a hospital gurney on the sidewalk with the neighbors coming out of their houses because of all that was going on. The police pushed into our house and said they came for Robert. They had an order to pick him up and take him to Mount Auburn Hospital.

We were appalled. Robert said he was not going. He wanted no more medical services or anything else and was not leaving his house. The police said he didn’t have a choice they were there on a “section 12” and he had to get on the gurney and into the ambulance because they had a Court Order to pick him up. Their order said they could break the door and do whatever to get Robert out of the house.

A section 12 is taken out to pick up someone who is an immediate threat to society and to self.  Robert was neither.

It is a psychiatric section and there was never a whiff of any mental or related problems with Robert ever in life.  But here he was being forced out of his home by EIGHT WHITE MALE POLICEMEN TO BE TAKEN TO THE HOSPITAL.

We decided to go and work out whatever this was.

Not, however, to Mount Auburn Hospital, but to Mass General since he just had surgery at Mass General and it made no sense that they had something sending Robert to Mount Auburn Hospital. None of this made any sense until we saw the greed, racism, power needs of those involved in causing Dr. Bennett and his family this horrific experience.

That was before we knew who and what this was about. 

Clearly, Mount Auburn was seen by Somerville Cambridge Elder Services as more compatible to what they wanted to do and the way they wanted to destroy Robert Bennett’s reputation, health, wealth and everything else they could destroy.  The anger we saw directed at this African American man was unreal.  With people we came into contact, especially from Somerville Cambridge Elder Services their emotions were not discussable and it was the jealousy and rage of racism when whites who see themselves as having and being less than an African American moves to destroy that African American.  It is exhibited in the KKK poses riders who went after Blacks during slavery and after reconstruction when blacks who achieved, black cities which were established and doing well were destroyed and black men, women and children were massacred . 

13) We arrived at Mass General and discovered we were being taken to a “special” emergency room where there were security people all around the room who looked like the security people around the president of the United States. The “section 12” was a psychiatric section where people are picked up who are considered a danger to the public, etc. for drinking, drugs, psychotic breaks, etc.

There had never in Robert’s life been even a hint of such. Robert does not drink, does not smoke, does not take drugs, has never had a psychotic break so he didn’t fit any of the criteria for being picked up on a section 12.

The psychologist who signed the papers which allowed the police to pick up Robert and force him from his home said, in writing, on the forms she had to fill in to cause this that she had never met Robert, never examined him, never been in his home. In spite of that she had him picked up on this section 12 and declared his home “unsafe,”

She needs to lose whatever license or licenses she has.

14) About 2am on Wednesday morning, a psychiatrist came to examine Robert. We sat in the emergency room from the time we arrived about 11am until this Doctor arrived because he had many people to interview before us – there were apparently several psychiatrists working, doing the same thing. 

After the interview the psychiatrist said there was no reason for Robert being there. He left to talk to the “team”. A physician came back – not the same one – and said Mass General was lifting the section 12 because it didn’t fit Robert. We received a discharge paper which said – “no medicines are being prescribed” and all of Robert’s vitals are normal including his blood pressure.

Robert was discharged and we were exhausted. Robert had not eaten – no water – no nothing. So clearly the group who had Robert incarcerated at Mass General were clearly not interested in his health or healing. That is also shown in many different ways.  The attorneys and those who work at Somerville Cambridge Elder Services also showed that lack of caring, but interest in this kind  and other kind of cruel and vicious activity against the elderly which pads their pockets and helps their careers move forward.

15) When we returned home, after that really harrowing time, we had breakfast and walked around the neighborhood.  Robert Bennett walked around the neighborhood under his own power, no walker, no cane, no help.  He didn’t need such and had never needed such.

This was Wednesday March 4th.  Robert had this very brief time of enjoying the company of a few friends – to sit by the Charles River for a time and went home.

A short time because more of the same was to come within the next 48 hours.

16) It was a horrifying experience to take an African American man out of his home by force with 8 policemen – all white – arriving – to incarcerate him in the hospital on a trumped up psychiatric charge.

When Robert said he wanted no more medical services – that trumped up parading out of a section 12 to incarcerate him in a hospital was a clear violation of his right to make that decision and a very angry slap back at Robert for rejecting more medical care and services – especially since they were not needed nor wanted. 

As his Health Care Proxy I backed that up. We should have been left alone. Forced into a medical facility I would think amounts to Medicare Fraud.  It certainly violates Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett’s right to make that kind of decision.  Craps all over another of his rights – like they did blowing through his right to vote.

17) Not only were Robert’s rights to decline medical services violated, Tuesday – March 3rd was primary day for voting. Robert could not cast a vote as he was forcibly detained at Mass General Hospital where he could not leave – his right to vote was taken away because of what was happening – and Robert Bennett asked several times about needing to vote.  He was told he could not leave until and unless the section 12 was lifted.

We were confused becasue we didn’t think we lived in a police state, but here we were being treated with every right destroyed in the crudest, most painful, most horrifying and demeaning way possible.

18.) After being released from Mass General Hospital on Wednesday March 4th with the section 12 lifted, on Friday, March 6th – just two days later – the police arrived again.   – In another 1930’s Nazi Germany bit of theatre, performed for the neighborhood to continue demeaning and attempting to disgrace Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett – a Harvard Graduate School recipient of a PhD which he painfully earned in the 1960’s in Near Eastern Studies, which would have been an extremely difficult things to achieve for an African American Man,  the police arrived again saying they had a  Court Order and came to pick up Robert to take him to Massachusetts General Hospital on a section 12. 

We could not see the order.  The policeman, who seemed to be in charge, pushed his cell phone in Marceline Donaldsons face and said she could read that if she wanted to see an order, but he did not have and was not going to get anything else.  He said he had the right to break down the door, go all over the house looking for Robert Bennett, take him out of the house whether he wanted to go or not and if he declined and said he was not going they had the authority to carry him out.  He said any damage that might happen to the house in the process was not their fault nor their responsibility.

We said Robert Bennett had just come back from Mass General Hospital on a section 12 with a discharge and very clear record. Another policeman asked to see the discharge papers.  Marceline Donaldson went to get them and after looking at the papers he said they had some suspicious places and he didn’t see them as a real discharge – it had problems.

There were no problems with the discharge papers. There were no ifs, ands or buts, they were very clear.  The police didn’t care about that. They had a Court Order which gave them the authority to break down their door if necessary, to push their way into their home – which they did even when Marceline Donaldson told them not to cross the sill of their door.

The police ignored her and pushed their way in their home with the objective of finding Robert Bennett and even if he objected to force him out into the ambulance to be incarcerated at Mass General Hospital on a psychiatric charge – even though he had experienced the exact same thing just two days prior and the hospital found no psychiatric problems.  Robert Bennett was not a threat to society because of alcohol, drugs, psychotic break or anything els neither had he ever been in his life.

He was probably a threat to the way this United States society has chosen to order itself because he was an African American man living in a neighborhood which was “for white people only” and he had been “in their face” for some 36 years with the threat today of his African American family being in the same place and carrying on for another generation.  

19) This time the police also had a “Protective Order” obtained in a Court hearing which only one side knew about. A hearing with charges brought by Somerville Cambridge Elder Services represented by Attorney James O’Sullivan who represents many such groups throughout the state and who has caused untold suffering and loss of assets by many families throughout the state.

The first time Massachusetts General Hospital did not incarcerate Robert keeping him in the hospital indefinitely. They set him free because they ad no reason to do otherwise.

This second time Attorney O’Sullivan and Somerville Cambridge Elder Services were determined Robert would not walk free in this world, but would be incarcerated for as long as they could possibly hold him in the hospital until they could find a way to take over guardianship to keep him until he was in truth “indigent.” and they could walk away with his insurance maxed out and all of his other assets gone.

 Robert’s wife – Marceline Donaldson – was accused of abuse in the Court Order which followed the hearing with only one side represented. Everything presented by Attorney O’Sullivan was apparently accepted by the Court and everything Attorney James O’Sullivan requested was granted.

The fact that most of what he requested with the reasons he presented was not true – didn’t seem to matter to anyone. 

The abuse accusation against Marceline Donaldson was not true, but necessary because it was a needed accusation in that Court hearing for Attorney O”Sullivan to be able to push her aside because he wanted the Court to invalidate Robert Bennett’s wife as Health Care Proxy and he wanted her replaced with the Health Care Proxy which had been invalidated by the intervention of probate attorney McInnis and Mass General Hospital.

They could not raid Robert Bennett’s insurance and assets without that happening.

And there were other charges which were calculated to make it impossible for Robert Bennett to leave the hospital for quite a very long time – none of them about his health..

20) This was done on a Friday after 6pm with everything closed and inaccessible.

21) The Court invalidated the Health Care Proxy created by Mass General Hospital, which they created after very long interviews with Robert Bennett as to who he wanted for his Health Care Proxy and put in its place a Health Care Proxy which he believed was forged because he did not sign such a document and the person it set up as his Health Care Proxy was one he very specifically did not want in that position and had moved to get a Health Care Proxy created by a probate attorney so his right to decide and name who he wanted as his Health Care Proxy would happen.

Unfortunately, this Health Care Proxy System does not act in the way expected.  Your decisions can be reversed if the price is high enough. 

The Court declared Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett “indigent”. He was far from that designation,  however, that was a designation Attorney O’Sullivan and Somerville Cambridge Elder Services were accustomed to using and apparently have no problem lying about because of the doors it opens to raiding insurance, getting grand money under untrue circumstances, but not known by the grantees because of the Court giving cover to such actions while allowing other assets to be raided – which they are, today, in the process of doing.

The Health Care Proxy, which the Court invalidated in this hearing, surfaced in November 2019. Not having signed that Health Care Proxy and being concerned at its appearance, to protect himself, Robert asked a neighbor to draw up a Health Care Proxy for him because he did not want what was out there to stand. He said he had not signed nor knew anything about a Health Care Proxy naming Maliça Aronowitz as his Health Care Proxy and he very specifically did not want her to serve in that capacity. 

Robert Bennett wanted his wife – Marceline Donaldson to be his health care proxy. – the neighbor Robert Bennett asked was Don McInnis who is a probate attorney and has known Robert and his wife as neighbors who live across the street from one another for some 20 to 30 years.

22) That was the proxy Dr. Bennett and his wife gave to the Dr. Kehlman, who at the time was Robert Bennett’s primary care physician. Maliça Aronowitz came up with Dr. Kehlman, who Robert Bennett did not know and was not sure he wanted.

Dr. Kehlman has since been fired by Robert Bennett. Dr. Kehlman had the Health Care Proxy Maliça gave him naming her as Health Care Proxy. His nurse was given, in hand, the Health Care Proxy Don McInnis drew up for Robert Bennett and they acknowledged receipt of such.   On information and belief they have not honored that Health Care Proxy continuing to only recognize the Health Care Proxy given to them by Malica Aronowitz – a long time patient of theirs. 

23) When Robert’s wife brought him to Mass General, by ambulance, for what resulted in his recent brain surgery – she did so after talking to neurologists because of her concern about Roberts health at the time. He had fallen from the aftermath of two eye surgeries which he did not want but was pressured into and which were unsuccessful and took away some of the eyesight he had before both operations.

His ability to read was diminished after both surgeries.  Much of his peripheral vision in the eye in which the surgeries took place and which Maliça Aronowitz insisted  he have and which he should not have gone through.  

Those surgeries caused the fall which resulted in the brain surgery that started all of this.

During the brain surgery Maliça Aronowitz gave Mass General Robert’s Health Care Proxy which she knew had been invalidated and replaced by one created by the probate attorney Robert asked to create one to name the Health Care Proxy he wanted making decisions for him if he reached a position where he could not make his own decisions and that person was his wife.

24) When Robert and his wife, Marceline Donaldson, were getting ready to leave Mass General being discharged, the person who handles Health Care Proxies for Mass General said she wanted to talk to Robert about who he wanted as a Health Care Proxy because two things had happened. Unbeknowst to either Robert or his wife, Maliça Aronowitz, even knowing Robert had invalidated her Health Care Proxy, had given Mass General her Health Care Proxy as though it was the one that would be operational if Robert could not make his own decisions about his health.

25) Mass General had a concern because the Health Care Proxy the probate attorney drew up for Robert had a typographical error. At the bottom of the last page before Robert’s signature the date was November 18, 2019. After Robert’s signature and before the signature of the witnesses – Mrs Trudi Van Slyck and Mr. Don McInnis – the date was November 18, 2018. Both witnesses on that proxy were people who were friends of the Donaldson/Bennetts for some 30 years.

The woman who represents Mass General in Court about Proxies said she would be more comfortable creating a new Health Care Proxy so there would be no issues or questions and we would be safe. She did that and we left Mass General with a Health Care Proxy that reflected who Robert wanted as his Health Care Proxy.

The Donaldson/Bennetts had an issue following the first section 12 experience at Mass General Hospital.  One of the nurses took them aside to say they should know the Somerville Cambridge Elder Services group had been following the Donaldson/Bennetts for quite some time.  The person who said that to them did not know why they were being so followed, but because there didn’t seem to be a reason for Somerville Cambridge Elder Services to do that the nurse thought the Donaldson Bennetts should know about that surveillance.

26) In the Court Hearing, which gave Attorney Sullivan and Somerville Cambridge Elder Services a section 12 which they had served on Robert on March 6th, the judge also invalidated the Health Care Proxy naming Robert Bennett’s wife as his Health Care Proxy and put in place the Health Care Proxy naming the person Robert very specifically said he did not want as his Health Care Proxy.  Attorney O’Sullivan knew the two Health Care Proxies he was having invalidated were ones Dr. Bennett wanted and he knew the person so named was the person Dr. Bennett wanted to make Health Care decisions for him if he was unable to do so for himself.’=

In spite of that Attorney O’Sullivan did what he needed to do to have Robert Bennett’s choice of a Health Care Proxy removed and the one he and Somerville Cambridge Elder Services wanted to her place – positioned so they would have complete control over Robert Bennett and his assets and insurance.

27) Attorney Sullivan and Somerville Cambridge Elder Services play a very vicious game with families. They knew accusing Marceline Donaldson of abusing her husband would give the Court reason to replace her as his Health Care Proxy. and that is exactly what happened. 

Robert Bennett was exposed to health care decisions made by someone he very specifically said he did not want making decisions about his health.  He expressed that by having a probate attorney draw up a Health Care Proxy naming who he did want making those decisions. The Court replaced Robert Bennett’s decision for himself taking away another right he was supposed to have and activated the Health Care Proxy Attorney O’Sullivan wanted activated Robert’s rights over his health life were taken away.  The door was opened for the raid about to happen.

At that point in time, Robert Bennett was able to make his own decisions about his health choices, however, by activating the Health Care Proxy, the Court took those choices away from him, putting its own choices requested by Attorney James O’Sullivan on behalf of Somerville Cambridge Elder Services in the place of Robert Bennett’s desires when none of them knew if Robert could or could not make his own choices. 

The Court did this in a hearing about which Robert Bennett had not been notified and so could not be present.  It was a door open to outright robbery of Robert Bennett and of the Medicare System.

Robert Bennett is not in Massachusetts General Hospital for Health reasons. He is there for political and financial reasons and we ask that the Court reverse itself and put in place an order releasing Robert Bennett from Massachusetts General Hospital unconditionally.

We also ask that his Health Care Proxy that he chose be restored – and that is his wife, Marceline Donaldson.

We ask that the Court remove the abuse accusation against Marceline Donaldson – Robert Bennett’s wife. It was a lie told knowingly for the express purpose of having her removed as Health Care Proxy for Robert Bennett so Dr. Benett’s insurance and other things could be used and abused to the maximum. that is now what is happening.

Is that why MGH is allowing this to happen in its hospital? It brings in substantial money?  they know about and have known about this for some time and have done nothing.  In the biblical  tradition they called for a bowl of water – soup and a towel and washed their hands of any responsibility.   But this is happening in their facility. 

We also ask that the Court remove Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett’s designation as “indigent” – poverty stricken – which was declared to this Court as accurate by Attorney James O’Sullivan on behalf of Somerville Cambridge Elder Services. To so declare Dr. Bennett as “indigent” that opens a large amount of insurance money that would not otherwise be available to those taking advantage of the situation in which they put Dr. Bennett to raid his insurance for Somerville Cambridge Elder Services?

Two young women from Somerville Cambridge Elder Services came to the Bennett Home on Monday afternoon March 2nd and offered the Bennett/Donaldsons “free” everything. Someone to clean their house – free. Someone to cook their meals – free. Someone to walk their dog – “free”. And so much more. Dr. Bennett and his wife declined the services. They said they should be offered to those in need. Their house was taken care of, so were their meals, etc. The two young women were quite furious at that and showed their anger. Turns out the “free” was actually going to be paid for with Dr. Bennett’s insurance.  The women were Angela Clary and Noral Al Wataid – who worked in “Protective Services” for Somerville Cambridge Elder Services.

Dr. Bennett should be able to have an attorney of his choice, not an attorney appointed by the Court. But, since he was characterized by Attorney James O’Sullivan as “indigent” the Court appointed an attorney to represent Dr. Bennett. 

A Ms. Scott was appointed.

While Ms. Scott may or may not be a good attorney, that kind of continued taking away from Dr. Bennett the rights granted to him in these United Sates that continued what started with eight white policemen aggressively and viciously invading an African American man’s home.

After Ms. Scott was appointed – given the overload of cases she has she was not able to see Dr. Bennett for some two weeks after he was forced into MGH so he was consigned to Mass General Hospital, with no medical reason for being there, for an exceptionally long duration of time keeping him from his home and family – at least two weeks of which were added because the court appointed attorney was busy with other clients

His wife was over the top with concern about Dr. Bennett because she heard of Ms. Scott’s reasons for not being able to see him for two weeks.  She was constantly in and out of nursing homes with other patients and her time was limited.  The problems that could be caused with the coronavirus around with Dr. Bennett being seen by an attorney who was in and out of nursing homes was almost hysteria raising concerns about Dr. Bennett’s future life or lack of it.

To add to the sway the others would have over Dr. Bennett, his wife was precluded from seeing him on many days and severely time limited on others.

The time Dr. Bennett has been forced to remain in the hospital with no sun, no window, no ability to leave is now some four weeks. 

It is not acceptable for the Courts to put that kind of burden on a supposedly free citizen of these United State. Dr. Bennett  lost even his right to vote in the process of all of this. Dr. Bennett has lost his right to choose the Health Care Proxy he wanted. hHe has lost his freedom of movement since he is now confined to a hospital bed in a space some 7′ by 9′ for four weeks and counting for vicious reasons meant to keep him in that place. Dr. Bennett has lost the comfort and love of his wife and family. They are not being allowed into the hospital for visitation and he is not being allowed out and so much more.

In addition, Dr. Bennett’s wife was not able to see him nor was he able to see her for these four weeks except for 1/2 hour each day and even then for a very few of those days.

Marceline Donaldson was only allowed to see her husband with a Security Guard and armed Policeman present. The 1/2hour visits were few and far between because the Security Guards stopped her on many of those days and would not allow her to see her husband for very spurious reasons:

Guard Robert DuBois refused Ms. Donaldson the ability to see her husband claiming Robert Bennett had filed a restraining order against his wife. That was not true, but that was yet another day Dr. Bennett was kept from his family even for that small amount of time.

Additionally, the Security Guard threw Marceline Donaldson out of the hospital and was quite ugly to her in the process. The demeaning and disgrfaceful way the Bennett Donaldsons have been treated has been nonstop.

On other days she could not see Dr. Bennett because the hospital claimed to be short staffed and there were no available Security Guards and armed policemen who could spend 1/2 hour sitting in Dr. Bennett’s room while she visited. There were other such reasons which kept her from seeing her husband most days. And now she can’t see him at all because the hospital is restricted and visitors are not allowed because of the coronavirus scare.

Ms. Donaldson was also not allowed to talk to him via the telephone because that was not allowed.

That changed when a friend of the Bennett Donaldsons with the last name of Schlossberg called the hospital on Friday March 27th and asked to speak to Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett.  She was refused after being put on hold for more than 15 minutes; being transferred to security where they took her name and identification and kept her on hold another 10 minutes and then refused to allow her to speak to Dr. Bennett.  That was a common response to most people who called Dr. Bennett.

The Patient Advocate office called Ms. Donaldson within minutes of this friend being denied connecting to Dr. Bennett’s room to talk to him.  Ms. Donaldson was given Dr. Bennett’s telephone number where she could call him directly eliminating what Ms. Schlossberg went through trying to speak to Dr. Bennett on the telephone and was denied that right. 

Dr. Bennett has also not been able to see friends throughout this ordeal because he is on a “restricted” list. If you went to Mass General to see Dr. Bennett, before visitors were closed out, you were be told such a patient was not in the hospital.

And there is much more, but this has gotten very long and you know where the rest has been going.

We ask that everything else in the Protective Order be eliminated and Somerville Cambridge Elder Services be ordered to stay away from the Donaldson/Bennett family.

Respectfully Requested


Marceline Donaldson 

Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett

Bettina Research Group Forming

Sunday, March 29th, 2020

We e been researching several things – mostly in the legal area, but it has been exciting, fun and will have a huge impact moving into the future.

To gain your goal or not depends a lot upon the foundation you form. Many of us have problems, but how to solve them – and even when we know how to solve them we need the research, the information, the putting everything into the right form, having those on speed dial who can help for an hour or two – is the difference between making change or just getting frustrated.

There have been three of us doing research to try to understand and move forward with what is happening to Robert Bennett. We have been contacted by many people who have or had similar problems and with the same groups. They said what they lacked was knowing what to do.

Well here we are – come join us. Help us for a short time or join for the long haul. We will be open to hearing from people who have problems with which they need help and people who are research capable and can put their experience, knowledge and ability to care and empathize to work for those who get stumped because stumping people is how many acquire huge sums of money.

We started this when we needed to know about a section 12 – the thing Somerville Cambridge Elder Services started harassing and abusing us with having the police pick up Robert on such a charge twice in the same week. We were overwhelmed with the information a friend of our found on the internet, which clarified jus what a section 12 was, how it is used and has been used against minorities and more.

We needed someone to work with us on putting together a case to ask the Legal Bar to consider beginning disbarment procedures against an attorney who apparently has been abusing elders for years. Two people just stepped up and are doing that research now.

We are also researching legal malpractice and will soon be able to change the face of lawyering – well that is a stretch, but we will be able to make small changes.

It is truly amazing the power in such a group. We can do this contactless and for the future we can communicate across the world to work with those having problems. The problem today is just that – how to deal when someone or some groups trip you up for their own selfish reasons. Where do you turn. We are becoming isolated – not just because of coronavirus, but because that is the way this technology is pulling us. So lets use the technology to keep it together and be able to move quickly and with the kind of expertise needed to solve serious life changing problems.

JOIN US! LET US KNOW YOUR area of interest and your expert knowledge.

Make suggestions on how we move ahead, smoother, better, quicker and with a thoroughness that wins the day.

We are going to do this through the Foundation because contributions are tax deductible and we will need plenty, but our results should more than justify the cost. We think the work you provide may also be tax deductible, but we have to check that out.

How to make basic change. That is what complaint groups were formed for – call in your complaint or send info for an investigation – isn’t that what happens. And then you wait and wait and wait and are generally discouraged because nothing great happens and the change you hoped for did not come. Hang on – we are moving into that area.

Bettina Network Foundation, inc. 1-617-497-9166

P. O. Box 380585

Cambridge, MA. 02238

1933 Mississippi/2020 Greater Boston,MA.

Saturday, March 28th, 2020

Rev. Dr. Robert A. Bennett – the incredible, quiet, lovely, caring person who spent his life working for others, giving to others, helping those who crossed his path and needed help that he had to give has been made an example of in the tradition of the KKK possee which rode at night across places like Mississippi and Alabama to destroy the home, property, health and life of a N***** who didn’t know his place and didn’t stay in his place.

It is always amazing the people who joined that possee. They wore their faces covered so they could rejoin society the next day as though everything was fine and they were not a part of the ugly destruction of life that happened the night before. So do the people who have caused this to happen to Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett. They have rejoined society posing as loving, caring individuals working to help the elderly. This all amounts to elder abuse and will continue if not investigated and stopped.

You will not read about this nor see the story in any media. The only stories of interest to our current media that they will cover and report on are stories about coronavirus. That sells papers and electronic media and it costs very little to produce. So the media can rake in profits from their commercial advertisers and very little of those profits will be spent on producing the news and other stories for their consuming public.

Robert has been incarcerated in Massachusetts General Hospital for almost four weeks. He is not there for his health. He is there because he dared to achieve; to live in a neighborhood reserved for that class of Northern Europeans who have achieved mightily. His living in that neighborhood brings down the achievement and identity of those who spent much to have that privilege and that can’t be left to stand.

All through their 36 years living in the Brattle Street neighborhood in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the shadow of Harvard University, Dr. Bennett and his wife have had to endure, fight off, continue to carry on their lives under some of the most stressful conditions around. None of the attacks worked and they ranged from psychic to physical – Marceline Donaldson had her toes stomped recently by someone high up in the medical field – a new neighbor who found his multi-million dollar house was practically next door to an African American family. Something they didn’t know until they moved in after spending much to renovate their new house. This is someone rumored to work at one of the major hospitals in the Greater Boston area. What the Donaldson/Bennett’s experienced and endured is now the stuff of legend.

This latest is the arrival and movement into their lives of the 21st Century KKK type possee. People who previously didn’t know one another, but who worked together to achieve their goal of destroying this gentle soul.

And who has come to their rescue? Mostly those who experienced the same things because others don’t want to get involved. Which is why extreme racism in this country has endured over so many generations. It serves a wanted purpose.

” I talked to Robert by telephone yesterday and it was heart breaking. He has moved into his head trying to survive what he doesn’t understand. Why am I here – when can I leave – why have I been so treated”. and many more such questions. The same questions those watching and hearing about this travesty are asking. I understood what he was saying and why – he was rehearsing his life’s history and reliving a large part of it. I doubt that anyone else would because they don’t know and haven’t lived that history. When I talked to him he said he was in Denmark and was waiting for me to join him there. He went on to talk about things that actually happened in his life when he was in Denmark which was a good time in his life and one he was re-experiencing in his mind. The pain for me was unbearable remembering just a couple weeks ago standing in the Harvard Square Post Office – on a Thursday before the Friday this long incarceration started – talking with Xonabelle Clark, a friend of ours, having a great, fun conversation with someone we hadn’t seen in quite sometime. Robert was totally a part of that conversation. We walked to the post office from home, walked around Harvard Square and went home to enjoy a meal together. After these last four weeks of incarceration in Mass General Hospital, it will take some time before Robert can hold such a conversation with friends again. Before the surgery Robert had some memory loss. Right after the surgery that began to subside almost completely because the pressure was off the brain and his memory was back almost totally. Today, Robert would have to use a walker to take that same walk. Mass General Hospital has aided and abetted evil.” (Marceline Donaldson)

During the time Robert was in the hospital – all three almost four weeks – his wife was not able to talk to him via telephone. Why? Because the group that put him there and is determined to keep him there got a Protective Ordere – to “protect” Robert from his wife. By claiming his wife abused him, they were able to move her aside so she could not see or talk to him except very rarely. They were then able to claim that Robert was indigent ( in other words poverty striken and destitute) to open the Medicare pocket book even wider for their program for elders to succeed and their personal vocational goals to be achieved.

The few times she was allowed to visit Robert was limited to 1/2 hour per day and then only in the presence of Security Guards and Policemen (armed with guns).

How was she able to talk to him today – actually call him on the telephone using a telephone number for a telephone on the side of his bed when her telephone calls to others to attempt to talk to him in the past were met with phones being hung up on her as she made her request to talk to her husband? A friend called to talk to Robert today and that friend’s last name was Schlossberg.

Ms. Schlossberg didn’t get to talk to Robert – even with that illustrious name. She experienced what Marceline experienced. She was put on hold for some 15 minutes until someone else came to the phone and transferred her to the Security Unit. After providing identification as to who she was and waiting another 10 plus minutes, someone came back to the phone, told her could not talk to Robert and they hung up. We have the statement backing this up. We don’t write unless we have back-up statements.

However, the name Schlossberg must have gotten through when the security checked the persons identity because within 2 minutes of Ms. Schlossberg hanging up, Marceline’s phone rang at home and she was told that if she wanted to talk to her husband – that could be arranged. She was given a telephone number and told he would have a phone next to his bed on the side of the bed and he would be able to talk to her when she called and he could even call her. This happened over 3 weeks after Robert had been brought into the hospital against his will. Before that there was no telephone contact possible. Talking to doctors in the past, Marceline was told by them she could talk to her husband all she had to do was call the floor. When she tried doing what the doctors suggested – to call Robert after those doctors said she could talk to him – she was told that she could not.

Her 1/2 hour per day visits were not everyday because there was always a reason why she couldn’t visit her husband that day. The hospital was short staffed – the Security Guard told her Robert had filed a restraining order against her (which was not true – but used to refuse to let her see him that day and forced her to experience the ignominy of being thrown out of Massachusetts General Hospital. ) And on and on it went.

Every generation in these United States has had a way to force African Americans to experience truly horrible times. Each generation has lost beautiful black men and women to unspeakable criminal acts which they generated against themselves by being black.

Do you remember the young Mississippi teen ager who was beaten beyond recognition by the KKK possee, killed and thrown in the swamp? – He would only be about 75 today – so not that long ago. And he was not alone, there have been many such – hung, burned, beaten, bones broken and so much more. Today you have the modern KKK possee achieving the same goals, destroying blacks in vicious, evil ways. And with all of our media – what of this have you heard or read about?

Has that sort of thing stopped? No! It has changed to keep up with the times – those kind of things continue to happen. We stand by and watch and then wring our hangs at “them” – “those others” and all the names we give ourselves to place blame outside of ourselves so we can escape responsibility for the act, but our identity can benefit from the results of the action. These ignominies continue with every generation and today they are intense because the numbers of minorities threaten to outstrip the majority for the first time in American history.

The same thing happened in Germany under Hitler. The holocaust didn’t happen when Jews were in the Ghettos and under control and under the feet of the so called Superior Race. It happened when the walls of the Ghettos could no longer hold Jews back and they began to move out with successful businesses, families, social lives and more. It was at that point that the holocaust took hold and that “Superior Race” started rounding up to destroy Jews before they were wealthy enough, numerous enough, powerful enough to take over. The great fear driving all of this, even today!

That “Superior Race” was always a myth and no one knew the lie it told better than those who identified as such.

You see that now in the large waves of whites moving out of California (becoming a majority minority state) fleeing to New England to maintain their power and control over all. And doesn’t that reflect the history of slavery? There were slaves in the south as well as the north, but the plantations were in the south and the money made by the barrel full happened in the New England area where that truth is still denied. Even during the so-called times of the Abolitionists it was New England that held the power over; whose money was dependent on the continuation of the slave trade, and whose identity was dependent upon the continuation of slavery as showing society with a group of people “less than”, sub-human, and more so those others could be “better than”, more elegant than, defining of human beauty and used as cattle and more.

All of the above is incorporated into what is and has happened to Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett.

The KKK type possee came for him with an overwhelming police force – not because he was a criminal nor because he was a terrorist but because he was an African American out of his place – living someplace other than amongst his own kind in the ghetto and more.

Take a close look at what happened and is happening to Dr. Bennett. Look at the group incarcerating him? Look around and you will see others experiencing the same thing. It is a quick, very private way to rid this society of successful blacks who think they can do whatever their talent, education, lives dictate. They are blacks who bought the American Dream without realizing that is the White American Dream and does not apply to African Americans nor is it meant to apply to other minorities..

You can sort of live it if you understand which neighborhoods are off limits to you. You can sort of live it if you understand your place even within your chosen religion. You can sort of live it if you don’t bother the rest of society with your knowledge and understand of how this system of bigotry works and you go along to get along smiling broadly all the time.

The number of times the Bennett/Donaldsons have been told through this ordeal that they needed to “go along to get along” – “play the game until you get out from under this” and so many more similar-type comments – those numbers of times are inumerable. What is that really saying? Get back into your stereotype – who do you think you are doing your own thing?

Every one of Robert Bennett’s rights have been taken away from him – with the help and clear understanding by the Health Care Industry of what it was doing. It is the strongest industry in the world today and the one which has brought bigotry back into the system like never before.

Hospitals and other such “health” institutions have this other side where you enter through the back door and are kept until you are actually destitute. Young, arrogant whites – male and female – carry out stripping you of every part of your dignity and self respect, even into your identity that they and others like them can reach. They are very good at it because the first thing hidden from them is their extreme racism. And racism is not the only part of the national bigotry they support, make stronger, and much more powerful than it has ever been.

The institutions are becoming bolder and justifying their participation – why? Money, greed and more. It is, afterall, Massachusetts General Hospital where Robert Bennett is being held and not for health reasons. If he is ever released, that will come with trappings to make you think it was his health and concern for his health that caused this imprisonment,.

The police picked up Robert Bennett and forced him into the hospital on a psychiatric charge – that is what a section 12 is about. You cannot get out until you have passed a psychiatric exam by a psychiatrist. Robert Bennett, who had not even an inkling of psychiatric probmes passed their exam and was discharged because they had no reason to hold him.

He was “arrested” again just two days later on a section 12 – identical to the one under which he was first “arrested”. He is still in the hospital because this time unscrupulous attorneys and arrogantly bigoted health workers went to Court to get a Protective Order which was full of lies, but they knew which lies they had to tell to the judge and they knew which judge to tell them to. The Protective Order kept him in the hospital because at home was his wife who that group of totally unscrupulous people had charged with abusing him. They knew the system and worked it well to their advantage.

You, the average American citizen is paying for this – which is costing a small fortune. Not just the hospital fees – which are being charged and collected fraudulently, but the fees from the police and so many other areas contributing to the cost of this action.

Without the “Protective Order” Robert Bennett could only be held for 72 hours as happened during his first incarceration. However, with the addition of this Protective Order, which was impounded so it could not be seen by the public, he could be held indefinitely – they could claim guardianship over him, but what they really wanted were the commissions from the insurance collected by Massachusetts General Hospital under these false conditions.

These same people responsible for all of this offered Robert Bennett and his wife “free” services – someone to clean their house, “for free”; someone to cook for him “for free”; someone to walk the dog they don’t have “for free”. And when they refused – this is the result. If they had taken all of those “for free” services this probably would not have happened. The Elder Affairs Office needs to get its share of the insurance pie and this is how they do it. Those “for free” offers are actually paid for out of Robert Bennett’s Health Insurance.

Why is Health Insurance so high? and so costly? It is full of such graft and corruption. Get that out and costs will go down dramatically. Do you hear anyone talking about such? No!

That kind of graft also insures that the number and economic viability of African Americans in this society can be reduced dramatically, quietly and permanently controlled as a side act of the Health Care System.

Why does Massachusetts General Hospital allow itself to be so mis-used?

By that misuse it participates in the South African style apartheid which is the Massachusetts Health Care System. But lets not limit this to Massachusetts, that is true across the country.

“Before Robert was incarcerated I didn’t know Mass General Hospital had its “Brown and Black Door”. Today, it is clear that kind of bigotry exists and is kept from public eyes.

As long as we were in Lunder and the neurological side where great work was being done we did not see many blacks or brown peoples. Roberts second incarceration opened the door to that side of Mass General. Where Robert Bennett is currently incarcerated the racism is stark.

Walk to the reception desk on his floor and there are two black women sitting right behind the counter. There is something separating those two from the rest of the women in that entrance area and the rest of the women are white and clearly have a higher position than the two black women seated at the entry counter.

Enter the area and look up and down the hallways and you see mostly black. In Lunder in the neurological area you saw mostly white. IN fact, in the same positions you saw all whites in Lunder.

We were excited about Mass General Hospital because when Robert was brought in, the neurologists and others who were examining and attending to him were all colors and nationalities. That has a very limited area. Once you get into the bowels of the beast where the ugliness happens, the color turns black.

“I don’t know if Robert will ever get out of there. Or if he will be the same once out that he was before all of this high stress, anxiety and more were dumped on him as he recovered from surgery. He was discharged after his brain surgery at Mass General in very good shape. In fact, we were ecstatic by what happened. He was discharged after the first section 12 in good shape. The discharge papers said – his vital signs were normal as was his blood pressure. No medicines were prescribed and etc.”

I doubt that would be his condition today when and if he is let out of Mass General. So they healed on the one hand and destroyed their healing on the other – of an African American man.

When we last talked to Robert – which was yesterday – he sounded under enormous stress. His voice sounded as though he had a huge cold. He was confused as to why so many people were leaving his floor – and he was still there with no one even attempting to say why that was happening and why he was not allowed to leave. He has not experienced the sun or gone for walks or gotten close to a window since he was thrown into this situation.

He knows prisoners are being let out of prison, but what has he done so egregious that he is still incarcerated with no criminal charges.

We have Somerville Cambridge Elder Affairs group – an agency of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts actually engaging in elder abuse. By charging Robert’s 82 year old wife with abuse and putting both of them into this kind of situation is pure elder abuse. And normally if there is one such group engaging in that kind of activity there are more. We have certainly heard of more. The stories have circulated for quite a few years and nothing has come of them. Certainly no state investigation nor other kind of investigation to stop such abuse. it is profitable. Its purpose seems to be to gain insurance money using really spurious techniques. Robert Bennett was classified as “indigent” – poverty stricken because that opens more pockets of medicare money to be misused.

The Elder Affairs group just this Friday responded to the Bennett/Donaldson attorneys by trying to claim guardianship over Robert Bennett. Things just go from bad to worse. Cover-up one ugly with something even uglier. but their interest was not guardianship, they wanted to maintain their right to raid medicare using Robert Bennett’s insurance. they wanted to continue destroying families by picking out family members who would carry out their wishes. Weaponizing family members against each other.

It is ugly, vicious, and being allowed to continue. the Court is laying down requirements for Robert Bennett’s release. Putting those requirement on his wife as though she is the one who caused this. Putting payment for what Somerville Cambridge Elder Services and James O’Sullivan have done on Robert Bennett’s pocket book and Medicare.

All of this, from what we’ve seen amounts to Medicare fraud among other charges. What happens now! The drama has been extremely painful and daily. The pattern, however, seems to be set from other such cases.


Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett – still incarcerated in the hospital

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

without medical reasons and where beds are needed for the coronavirus. How come?

We have the beginnings of a reason that we see – maybe right, maybe wrong, but it makes sense to us, looking at all the facts.

1)  Besides being held against his will in Mass General Hospital having been put there by Somerville Cambridge Elder Services, many other of Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett’s rights were trampled – including his right to vote.

If you miss voting because of your choice then shame on you.  

If you miss voting because someone or some institution has taken away your freedom of movement intentionally and without cause, that is an institution taking away  a very sacred right that you have enshrined in the Constitution of the United States.

If that right is taken away on the day you were to vote – you asked to be allowed to vote – and that request was rejected more than once,  that taking away of your right to vote was intentional and caused by force.

By forcibly incarcerating Robert Bennett against his wishes, against his rights and for the apparent reasons of greed, control over, and more is making an example of Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett to scare others into going along with you and your program.  

In the process, if it takes away your right to vote,  it  dishonors the sacrifices that so many have made to gain the right to vote – especially African American men and women.  

What happened with Robert Bennett sets in place a precedent which is re-enforced in other ways by the same and similar groups – insuring that the rights for future generations to vote are in jeopardy.

You can vote if…… can vote unless…….you can vote, but we are finding ways to prevent and limit your group to all of the votes it should have.

By illegally and unethically incarcerating Robert Bennett on March 3rd, in spite of the fact that he asked several times about voting – from the hospital bed in which he was put and kept on March 3rd, he was very effectively prevented from this sacred right so guaranteed by the Constitution.

He was also not fed, not provided water and had to ask several times because he was just out of the hospital. Being put through such deprivations could have moved his recovery down several steps putting the  maintenance of his health in the future in jeopardy.  Although it was claimed this was being done for his health. Through all of this the one thing being put in such a place as to jeopardize his health is being claimed as protecting his health and recovery.

2)  We think Attorney James O’Sullivans’ right to practice law needs to be called into question, investigated and if reason is found, his license taken away and he be barred from the practice of law.

Attorney O’Sullivan went to Court and used his familiarity with judges and others in the Court to obfuscate, we feel to deliberately not present all the evidence, and ask the Court to hear his side without notifying the other side of the action he was asking which would result in Attorney O’Sullivan and the people he represented incarcerating a citizen of the Commonwealth very deliberately and arrogantly without a hearing. When this is done claiming “health” reasons, incarceration is becoming more common and being used to incarcerate more and more African Americans against whom criminal charges cannot be brought, but they can be entrapped and incarcerated if they dare enter a hospital.

When one is held against one’s will – no matter the place – that is incarceration.  It does not have to be an actual, physical prison built for the purpose of taking away a citizens rights to freely move around.  If one is kept, even in a hospital against one’s will, especially with either a spurious reason or an outright fraudulent reason,  the person, institution and/or groups which caused such and caused it knowingly for reasons of greed, control over and more, need to be called to account for their actions.

We are asking that this be done with Attorney O’Sullivan and the Somerville Cambridge Elder Affaires group along with other such groups across the Commonwealth and investigated.  We are asking that their monies be held up and only restored to those groups who do not and have not violated the rights nor irresponsibly or otherwise destroyed the assets of the people they claim to help nor have irresponsibly managed the monies received in the form of grants from the state or other institutions, groups or individual people.

Attorney O’Sullivan went to Court and asked for and received an ex-parte hearing which he knew could result in depriving Rev Dr. Robert Bennett of his freedom and cause him to be incarcerated – no matter how long or how short a time – and asked that the hearing be held without giving the Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett notice of such a hearing.  For the court to comply with such a request and with the other actions that the Court validated makes the Court complicit in what has happened with Rev. Dr. Bennett.  We ask that the judge so involved also be investigated and  removed, if such is found.  If the judge is retired and came back for just this hearing we ask that his right to be re-called be removed.  

What needs to be kept up front is that Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett is African American, is well known in the community and whatever happened to him would create a chilling effect in the African American community and make them and their assets open for raiding by those so disposed.

Additionally, Attorney O’Sullivan, during the hearing either intentionally, in collusion with his client, or for some other reason kept crucial information from the Court to allow his arguments to have weight they would not have had in a hearing in which both parties were represented.

3)  Attorney O’Sullivan asked the Court to take away from Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett his right to choose who he wanted as his Health Care Proxy.  

Attorney O’Sullivan knew Rev. Dr. Bennett had chosen who he wanted several  months before Attorney O’Sullivan went to Court and that choice was made with a probate attorney of his choice – it was signed and that signature witnessed by people who he knew and to whom he was known for some 20 to 30 years and that in addition, a second Health Care Proxy with Dr. Bennett’s choice of who he wanted as his Health Care Proxy was a part of the documents Attorney O’Sullivan and/or his clients had in their possession naming the same Health Care Proxy some many months after the first was created and that made by a very reputable institution – the person at Massachusetts General Hospital whose job it  is to deal with patients and their choices of a health care proxy.

The second Health Care Proxy was made because the attorney who created the first left in place a typographical error in date in that Health Care Proxy – that inaccurate date coming on the line after the signature of Dr. Bennett.  All people involved, however, knew the correct date as did Attorney O’Sullivan and the group he represented.

Because they saw that typo, Mass General Hospital stepped in with another Health Care Proxy to clear up what might have created confusion and they did that after an extensive interview with the patient.

Both of those Health Care Proxies were ignored by Attorney O’Sullivan.  If they were not and were indeed presented to the Court and and the Court replaced the choice of Dr. Bennett with a Health Care Proxy of their own choosing, that is a gross violation of Dr. Bennett’s rights.   Dr. Bennett had specifically said, at the time of the creation of both Heatlh Care Proxies that he did not want the person the Court established as his Health Care Proxy, making decisions about his health. In fact, the reason for creating both those Health Care Proxies was to honor Dr. Bennett’s wishes to make sure Dr. Bennett’s wife was in that position and the person named by the Court was not because a Health Care Proxy surfaced with that person’s name and Dr. Bennett wanted to keep the record clear as to his choice.

The damage to Dr. Bennett is incalculable from actions taken by Attorney O’Sullivan and it was done knowingly by Attorney O’Sullivan with the intention of gaining power and control over someone who had assets – including insurance – which Attorney O’Sullivan’s clients could then raid.  Attorney O’Sullivan was clearing a path over which he clients could run, cleaning out Dr. Bennett’s assets.

Once these initial moves were successful it cleared the way for guardianship over Dr. Bennett and the person or persons with such guardianship could have easily “cleaned out” Dr. Bennett, making him indigent.

Those intentions are clear in the way Attorney O’Sullivan characterized Dr. Bennett in that hearing.  He identified Dr. Bennett’s financial status as “indigent”  in spite of the fact that both Attorney Sullivan and his clients knew this was not true.

The end intent of this action is shown clearly in the beginning of this legal action.

4)  To justify removing Dr. Bennett’s wife as his Health Care Proxy, Attorney O’Sullivan claimed in his filing that Dr. Bennett’s wife abused him and he should immediately be removed from his home because of such. Libeling Dr. Bennett’s wife and attempting to use the possibility of publicly claiming such to keep her quiet and let this abuse of Dr. Bennett by the Court, by Attorney O’Sullivan by Somerville Cambridge Elder Services go forward.

Attorney O’Sullivan knew that was untrue and brought this charge to the court in spite of knowing it was not true.  In addition, not only did he have no proof at all, but Somerville Cambridge Elder Services, Attorney O’Sullivan’s clients, also knew this was not true and they brought this charge to win their claim removing Dr. Bennett’s wife to smooth the way for them to financially destroy Dr. Bennett and his wife and thereby enrich others with what they could rip off.

We ask that this group be investigated with how they have handled the monies and other assets they have handled or caused to be spent claiming it was for the benefit of clients that they have served.

This is the group which, before this action was brought, had some anger because the Bennett’s refused to accept their “free” services to provide someone to clean their home; someone to cook for them; someone to walk their pet (which they do not have); plus other services “for free”, which in fact, would have been charged to their insurance – and depending upon the terms of their insurance would have caused the Bennetts’ to pay out monies not necessary and or more – and – which are services the Bennetts’ felt they did not need nor want especially if it meant taking such possibilities away from those who did need and could use such “free” services.

This is also the group which had been following the Bennett’s several years before  they moved with Attorney O’Sullivan in this life and property destroying action.

5) Dr. Bennett and his family have suffered much from all of this and that needs to be acknowledged.  Emotional, financial, reputation and more.

ABUSE of the Police! ABUSE of the Court! ABUSE of the Elderly for Money and Power!

Saturday, March 21st, 2020


“My husband’s condition is dire. He has been under enormous pressure which could and probably has negatively affected his health. Put in that position by Somerville Cambridge Elder Services, a group that claims to be concerned about his health and have accused his wife of abuse. Why such an accusation? Because it allowed them to move me aside and put someone in as his Health Care Proxy who they thought they could control and who they thought would cooperate with whatever they wanted to do.” (Marceline Donaldson) – that is the information we have received.

We are getting information that shows us how this system, which is a part of the health care system, works and why so many people have had to file bankruptcy when they get into the healthcare system. – It shows us how huge amounts of money is flowing away from the middle class into the top 1% without you even realizing what is happening.

In the case of Robert Bennett, attorney James O’Sullivan seems to be a key player in this area of power and control in Massachusetts and works for groups like Somerville Cambridge Elder Services. There needs to be an investigation into this entire area – a very careful investigation in which those doing the investigation and those close to them have no interest either in this area or to the people involved.

How does O’Sullivan and others do this deed and where do they get information as to who they are going to attack?

They go to Court – have a hearing – after which they are allowed by the judge to do whatever they ask. How are they able to do this? Only one side appears. Only those bringing the action knows about the hearing and so whatever that side presents to the Court, without witnesses and without proof is accepted. In addition, in the case of Robert Bennett, they withheld crucial information from the Court that they have, which should have mitigated against their request.

Under such circumstances the Court ruled in favor of the person and group bringing the action. In the case of Robert Bennett it is and was Attorney O’Sullivan and Somerville Cambridge Elder Services.

One of his tactics – and possibly the tactics now being used by other attorneys, is to accuse the person who might be in the way of their taking over another human being, destroying that person’s quality of life and life itself, taking over their insurance and their assets with the person who could have stood in the way being accused of abuse or some equally ugly behavior.

The Court ruling is “impounded” which means it is not made public – and the person so slandered in the ruling is held under a black mail threat to their reputation being destroyed by whatever the accusations against them. In the case of Robert Bennett – his wife was accused in the ruling of abuse so she is then moved aside and the bank vault is open. The rip off of the person involved – in this case Robert Bennett – means that any and all of his assets are now available to Somerville Cambridge Elder Services. Is that for their use and/or their distribution of those assets to others? They can take guardianship over, charge to his insurance, and so much more.

The judge also signed off on classifying Robert Bennett as “indigent”. Making it easier for his assets to be looted. Now O’Sullivan and his group have total control over Robert Bennett.

In this case, they misjudged his wife, and the threat of “being exposed publicly with this legal charge of abuse” didn’t work. She took the threat of ruining her reputation, made it public and is defending her husband. How many people are able to do that? Most would and have shrunk back and gone along allowing whatever to happen.

After Robert Bennett’s choice of a Health Care Proxy was removed by O’Sullivan and friends – with that person being his wife – and who Robert Bennett chose in two Health Care Proxies – one done by an attorney of his choice who was his friend of some 20 plus years and one a professional at Mass General Hospital who handles the hospital’s Health Care Proxies. –

O’Sullivan and friends established as Robert Bennett’s Health Care Proxy someone he specifically said to both those who created the two previous Health Care Proxies that he did not want as his Health Care Proxy.

With the establishment of a Health Care Proxy who they apparently thought was under there control were ready to move freely:

To accuse Marceline Donaldson of abusing her husband with no proof. Why was that necessary? When she was Robert Bennett’s Health Care Proxy that meant that James O’Sullivan and the Somerville Cambridge Elder Services Group could remove her as his Health Care Proxy and appoint whoever they wanted to be in that position and that is what they did. They appointed someone to be Robert Bennett’s Health Care Proxy who he did not want in that position; he said so to several people including professionals at Mass General Hospital, all to no use because of the games O’Sullivan and Somerville Cambridge Elders Services Group have learned to play very well.

Once the Health Care Proxy that James O’Sullivan wanted was in place – the game accelerates. The person, newly appointed as Health Care Proxy, blocks requests by anyone who might endanger Somerville Cambridge’s position and/or O’Sullivans or drags their feet not saying no to a request, but pushing it back until it is no longer relevant and allows O’Sullivan to speak and give what he claims is the Health Care Proxy’s wishes for Robert Bennett. If those wishes are not what Robert Bennett wanted, well the system has been set up so that what he wants doesn’t matter, it is what Somerville Cambridge Elder Care Services determines they want for him.

This entire situation was built on the lies James O’Sullivan crafted in Court – in a Court hearing in which the other side had no knowledge and has been able to make no input.

What happens next? That “patient” is then declared “indigent” – “homeless” – etc. and that makes it easier to access that persons insurance and any other assets. It also allowed O’Sullivan and the Somerville Cambridge Elder Services to access whatever the State, City, Federal Government offers to people in such need and in such a position.

Accordingly, Robert Bennett was declared “indigent”.

So, that persons’ insurance as well as any and all benefits an indigent, homeless, poverty stricken person would have access to because they are in that “needy” position have now been placed within reach of the grasp of all in this cabal.

And then comes “guardianship over”. That opens the rest of the doors- his home, any other assets he may have, etc. etc. etc. All now accessible and clearly easily so because the Court has shown where it is in all of this and that is not anywhere protecting the rights of the citizens who come before it. Only on the one side, which is clearly the preferred side by the Court.

With an African American man and family on the other side all of the negative stereotypes are operative and fed to all and sundry to shore up what is happening and the more that is about to happen.

“My husband is not in the hospital because of medical problems. He was not brought to Mass General Hospital for medical reasons on March 3rd.

After this forced trip to Mass General on march 3rd under a section 12, Robert Bennett was discharged from Mass General with a paper which said his blood pressure and other such indicators were normal. No medicine was prescribed. A date was set for a return visit for a CT Scan to make sure he was healing properly and that date was March 19th and that happened because I called Mass General Hospital to make sure that would happen. The appointment was being cancelled before I called because the hospital was shutting down. When they discovered Robert Bennett was already in the hospital – something the clinic said they did not know – they said the CT Scan would happen because that could be arranged “in house” and that did happen.

Robert Bennett has lost weeks of his life with his family. This is the first time he and his wife have been separated in some 36 years of marriage and it has been extremely painful for both. Robert Bennett’s family has been deprived of a lot. He was sitting down to dinner with his adult children and his wife when the police came, interrupted that dinner in a horrendous way and demanded that he go with them in spite of his objection saying he did not want to go with them. He did not eat that evening – so much for concern about his health.

Since then, no one has been allowed to visit Robert Bennett. If you went to the information desk at Mass General to ask for him, as friends did, you were told there was no such patient in the hospital. His wife’s visits were limited to 1/2 hour a day in the company of a Security Guard and a Policeman. Most days she was not allowed for various very spurious reasons. That is enormous power and control the medical industry, through attorneys like James O’Sullivan and groups like Somerville Cambridge Elder Services, has over this society.”

The police power that the medical industry has is enormous, growing very fast and is unbelievably vicious and callous. You do not have the right to decide if you want medical services, medicines, incarceration in hospitals and/or other medical facilities. If someone has determined for any personal or political or financial reason that you should be under the control of the medical industry they can move against you using unbelievable police powers. They don’t need medical records, diagnosis, proof of any charges they bring to Court. They simply need to appear before the right judge.

The Court System is only one such institution used to move against the citizens under its control. The police can be vicious when they are involved and some were when they went to Robert Bennett’s house – refusing to even produce a copy of the Court Order giving them the authority to pick him up. This is the creation of a very effective police state which can be expanded quickly into other areas. Ever think Nazi Germany could not happen in the U. S. – well think again, it is at your doorstep.

“The police would not have pushed into my house with the power they believed they had looking for a terrorist. They did that looking for an African American man with no background nor history that would say he was any kind of threat to society or to himself that the kind of police power on display twice, was necessary.

The Somerville Cambridge Elder Services had no reason to be involved at all, but they are the people who went to Court to get the police into our home. The police then took over to take my husband out by force; to refuse to give his family or anyone else copy of the order under which they were working – the only thing the police did was to show – while holding it in their hand – a cell phone of the supposed “lead” policeman, which could not be read the type was so small.” (Marceline Donaldson)

We are beginning to understand as more people call and tell their stories – this is not the only such story. Most people are too afraid of the police to move against what is happening to them. They agree – go along to get along – and all the advice they get, even from many professionals in this Elder Services field, is to ‘go along with the program, that is the only way your loved one, relative, etc. is going to be able to get out of whatever institution to which they have been committed or to get out of whatever the healthcare industry and those who feast on it will allow anything to happen releasing your family member back to the family.

What advice do others give? Go along with the program – do what they want – you have no other choice. After you go along you can then work to get your family, friend, etc. out. What is wrong with that advice? After you go along the money has been ripped out of the insurance companies, medicare, medicaid and other areas and everyone is happy because they have achieved their objectives so, of course, the doors open for you to take your family member, friend, home. You may have lost your home and everything else you own, but you now have your family back together again and some people and groups are happily feeding on what you and your family have lost.

It is a problem across the United States. Established institutions which are in place for other reasons are very effectively being abused and misused by these so called “care” groups and their attorneys.

It is rape in a different form and context. It affects more people, destroys more lives and almost no-one is looking at this growing phenomena which will shortly change the structure, priorities and values of this society. It has already eliminated your right to privacy and the threats coming to others after the vultures have abused the Court System are overwhelming.

Robert Bennett is in the hospital – for more than two weeks now – and not for health reasons. He was picked up and put there for power, control and money – after he was legitimately discharged from Mass General Hospital.

“We were over the moon about the treatment he received from Mass General Hospital. We are not people who use much of the healthcare industry or its services, but our reviews for Mass General were glowing. We have to mitigate that now because there is a back door to Mass General Hospital, where the lower level staff turns black, the care is emergency around drug abuse, alcohol abuse, people with psychotic breaks where anyone can be picked up and incarcerated in the hospital. That is what Robert was picked up and incarcerated in the hospital for. He does not drink; does not take drugs; has no psychiatric problems – yet there he was, no proof needed just go to Court swear out an affidavit and the Court order is to the police to do the deed. What a setting for the problems at the border to be set up wholesale in the rest of the country to rid it of its minority population.

Take a look at reviews of Somerville Cambridge Elder Services. One says “they are very amateurish”; “they are careless in the way they spend money – taking cabs to the bank”. etc.

“A policeman came to our door on Monday evening about 9pm on March 2nd to do what he called a “wellness” check. My husband left a rehab center that afternoon – he left because that was his choice and the choice of his Health Care Proxy because the rehab center was under quarantine because three or four people had the flu on his floor. He also left because at that rehab center he was put in a bed and there he stayed most of the time he was at the center. His bladder was working, but he was told not to go to the bathroom, call the nurse. He did and the nurse responded about 45 minutes later.

– so the police were sent Monday evening to do this “wellness” check. No problems with being placed in a rehab center under quarantine, but problems with the patient who did not want to take the risk – especially after hearing that the same thing happened to that rehab center some months before and as we heard – only a couple patients caught the flu.

The door was opened, the policeman was invited in, he said he came to “check on” Robert Bennett. Robert heard the police and came to the door. He was in his pajamas and robe – alert and just fine. The policeman acknowledged that – apologized for coming and left. Robert Bennett walked to the door under his own power without any limps, problems, walker, and hearing the police and not imagining why they would be at the door at that hour of the night, he went to the door to ‘protect his wife” (by Marceline Donaldson).

The next morning – at about 10am the 8 policemen arrived along with EMS personnel. Interesting that with all of those people at the door, about 12 or more, not one was African American and not one a woman.

Robert Bennett was picked up by the police from his home after saying several times he did not want to go – he was forced out of his home against his will and against his family’s wishes, by the police for what was characterized as medical services he said clearly he did not want. That was the first of two times police forced Robert Bennett to leave his home against his will. Both times he said he did not want the medical services being forced on him. The claim was his health? Nothing could so negatively affect his health than all of this back and forth. It is amazing he has not had a relapse or worse.

The police had been called to do that by Somerville Cambridge Elder Services. They sent the police on Monday evening March 2nd after 9pm to Robert Bennett’s home. From what information supplied by who? especially since Robert Bennett had given no one the right to distribute his health records.

After discovering that Robert Bennett was ‘well’> They sent the police again, the very next morning, on Tuesday morning march 3rd to drag Robert Bennett out of his home on a section 12 and into the hospital from which he was again discharged with “no medicines prescribed” and “all of his vital signs normal” with no problems found.

Somerville Cambridge Elder services again had Robert Bennett dragged out of his home against his wishes as had been the case previously on March 6th on a section 12. That section 12 was filed by the same Somerville Cambridge elder services after the one they filed on March 3rd had been lifted with no problems found and no reason for it to have been filed. The one filed on March 6th kept Robert in the hospital because with that filing James O’Sullivan also filed for a “Protective Order” to be placed on Robert Bennett accusing his wife of abuse and all kinds of other things – without proof, witnesses, etc.

Somerville Cambridge Elder Services had no reason to intervene. Robert Bennett and his Health Care Proxy were clear that they did not want nor need such intervention. They had nothing from any doctors that said Robert Bennett had health needs which were not being met – nothing that said Robert Bennett was physically in danger – nothing that said Robert Bennet’s life and health were in danger. They did have a wellness report from a police officer from the night before that was positive and said he did not see a problem. At least that is what was said by the policeman on Monday evening to Marceline Donaldson and Robert Bennett after the policeman woke them after 9pm.


Robert Bennett was very clear with Somerville Cambridge Elder Services that – thank you, but no thanks for the services you are offering us “for free”. We have everything we need here and neither need nor want your services.”

Somerville Cambridge Elder Services showed Robert Bennett and his wife who was in charge and whose will would prevail and they would invade his house whether he liked it, wanted it or not.

For saying “no thanks” to their offer of someone to clean the house; someone to cook; someone to take him for walks; someone to give Robert and his wife psychological services; someone to walk their pet (but they had no pet) and more they sent the police to force those services on Robert by putting him into the hospital for as long as they decide he should stay there And he is still there and Somerville Cambridge Elder Services is still insisting on forcing on this family “free” hospital beds and even more services than originally offered.

Who is paying for all of this? The costs are exorbitant – enormous. Both for Robert Bennett’s family – for the taxpayers of the city of Cambridge – for so much more. The attorneys are making much money – so much that it is hard to hire an attorney doing this kind of work. They are all, apparently, over the top engaged.

Who is paying for the two weeks Robert Bennett has been incarcerated against his will at Mass General Hospital and not for medical reasons.

Who is paying for this? Somerville Cambridge Elder Services could care less. They work in insurance. They take their money for services rendered from insurance companies, from state grants, etc. They don’t put that up front. When they talk to potential “clients” they talk about the services they offer “for free”. Is that “for free” because they have checked on the “client’s” insurance? the client’s assets? and so much more. They clearly knew all about Robert’s financial condition because we saw where they had checked on such. Even after that and after visiting his home they erroneously claimed he was “indigent”. It is extremely difficult to walk into that house and call the inhabitants “indigent”. This is insurance fraud, amongst a whole list of other things. – not the least of which is abuse of the police; abuse of the Court system; etc.

Who takes this on with attorneys to sue this group – and others like them because they are so far away from their original mandate? From what we have discovered this has been going on for quite a long time – with no oversight? No accounting to a state group? No complaints by others taken seriously or even investigated?

There are needs in this society in the area Somerville Cambridge Elderly services are supposed to be serving. That is not who they are today and that is not what they are doing nor is that who they are serving. Their power has grown so far that they violate your privacy and, apparently are in a position to take all of your assets. (The Bennett/Donaldsons know a lot about that since they have been hounded by many to rip off the house which they own and in which they live. Is this another such attempt coming from a different side to rid the Brattle street neighborhood of an African American couple? Or is it the same side that hs tried to get rid of them taking another route to “purify” their neighborhood?

From where did they get Robert Bennett’s name and address? How did they know he had been in Mass General Hospital? Someone gives them this kind of information on everyone who comes out of the hospital because they respond offering their “free services” – within 24 hours of discharge. How does that happen when no one gave anyone the right to have access to that information?

After checking we discovered they receive “commissions” for the services they claim are “free”, but are really paid by your private insurance, or medicare, or medicaid or whichever insurance company they write this off to.

How did they get the kind of police power they have and misuse in some unbelievably irresponsible ways.

the kind of pressure they have put on Robert Bennett and his family is enormous and has cost them unbelievable amounts of money, not including the monies they have and will have to spend on attorneys and the loss of reputation.


This is certainly how to get money from patients beyond what is called for by their health needs.

Robert Bennett had the right to privacy for his medical records. That was totally violated by Somerville Cambridge Elder Services – a group which we discovered has been following the Bennett/Donaldson family for a few years. They had total access to his medical records – how and why?

It may be them today, but it will be you and your family tomorrow. What needs to happen for you to be in this place? A group like Somerville Cambridge Elder Services is told by; discovers in some way; that you are in the hospital – who gave others permission to give that information out to the public? Apparently, not only these groups, but others wanting to sell to you get that information. Privacy? What happened to it? Is the healthcare area one in which you have been stripped of your right to privacy without your knowledge?

There is much more – stay tuned! As we sift through everything coming in and work to verify what we are receiving.


They are killing my husband!

Friday, March 20th, 2020

They are killing my husband. Right in front of the entire country.

He is very strong and he stands solidly for what he believes. There is his failing in this society. He and I did not mince words. We say what we think, feel and have discovered as truth. We are not “nice” we have tried hard to be truthful.

We don’t mince words and we are involved at a level to be able to see the top – how you get there, what you have to sacrifice to stay there, how you have to destroy those around you who threaten the creators of “empire”. And we tell others what we see!

What we see happens so often and across so many different kinds of people most of us are accustomed to it. We accept it. We continue going about our daily lives ignoring the people calling for and needing your help.

In this case and this time there are quite a few coming to kill my husband and then they divide the spoils – from someone they declared to the Court’s as “indigent”.

Jim O’Sullivan – an attorney. But he is not alone – he is only the latest.

The abusers accuse others of their abuse

And the rest of you, you will read this and move on without a thought until you are in the dumpster.

You are all absorbed with the coronavirus. It has been around for a very long time. But it is time to bring it out.

Your food – once clean, good, nutritious and wonderfully tasty is now the imitators of the food your ancestors knew and is now in your system, but it is no longer clean, good, nutritious – it is full of poisons.

Why? Because more can be grown if poisons are used and if they get into the food and then into your system – it is a slow working poison. “They” won’t be accused. They will walk away with lots of profit and you will go into the healthcare system and slowly die with all of your assets taken to pay for the diseases others caused.

The way they have “developed” this earth has always been for the few. Not a few “old line” families because those change as the generations change. “They” recognize each other and pick each other out of the crowd. “They” know who will be like them and carry on.

Your water has been poisoned and you continue on allowing that to happen and it worsens with your next generation. And who suffers from these things? – the groups in this society who are “the canary in the cage.” Look to them and what is happening to them and you will see your future.

Your air is gradually suffocating you with all of the poisons chemicals and other refuse that winds up in the air you breathe.

All of these things – as they are killing you – are making “them” fat and what they consider happy.

It is my family today, it will be your family tomorrow.

Things move around – groups move on and up. We now have “geriatrics”. A very lucrative industry. Who is attracted to such, especially in its infancy of creating fortunes for the few.

The first to see those opportunities are those who develop into mafia’s and there is one in the “geriatric” field. A young mafia, but with many training them from the old mafias. Boston had many mafias. They were ethnically created – the “Irish” mafia, the “Italian” mafia. Today there is the “healthcare” mafia…… You can name the rest and note them as they become recognizable.

What happened to the Winter Hill Gang? Are those who admired them, wanted to be like them, copied them – are they now becoming extremely wealthy in the healthcare industry?

Oh, is that crazy woman at it again? We will cut her off at the knees by destroying her husband; killing his quality of life and gradually – well, gradually over a period of weeks – can’t be too gradual, the greed at getting his assets is too great, pulling those who have been waiting into the tornado forming around him.

He is now ‘critical’ again.

How did that happen?

Did he fall in the hospital? Looks that way!

Jim O’Sullivan is on record saying ” The latest information was that the family is leaning toward palliative care and hospice, which if all agree, may speed up his return home, but will change the conditions.”

Problem with that? The family is not leaning towards such and no one in the family even hinted at such, but that comes out from O’Sullivan. Because he can’t wait? Because he knows they are killing Robert and he wants it to go faster with the family to blame? And from that letter on – his words will be taken away from him and attributed to the family trying to save their loved one.

But they have “incarcerated” him twice in the same place – In Mass General Hospital. They have demanded he undergo the same “tests” in the same week. Police delivered him to the hospital. They said it was because they were concerned about his health. He was one day out of the hospital.

Keep him under great stress. Give him a diet to which he is unaccustomed. Keep him in bed 24/7 and he will soon lose control of his bladder. And he will lose his ability to walk – which he had before he was taken by the police.

What! He passed the test? The hospital discharged him with all his vitals in the normal range including his blood pressure? Oh my God! What did they do wrong. Well, let’s just do it again. No one will notice.

Send the police again to keep up the pressure on his body from the anxiety and other things that creates. Put him in with those who have public problems with alcohol, drugs. psychotic breaks. That will destroy him. And this time do whatever you need to do to keep him in the hospital.

They have kept his wife away as much as possible. They have accused her of abuse which they now are backing off from because too many people have come out to say that is not true.

But that can’t continue because she is telling all. She is describing his condition. She is talking about – out loud – what she is seeing.

And what are those around her saying? Shhhh! You can’t say those things, that won’t help. You have to be quiet while we try to get him out. Well, we knew that would not be possible. They will keep him until his death. O’Sullivan signaled to all the end result. The story to tell the public. The family gave up on him and called only for Palliative Care and Hospice.

But the family did not – O’Sullivan did. Signaling? Who? Watch the results of his letter as it gradually “leaks” out.

Lets not “leak” anything. Let’s say it out loud………………..and attribute that to who first said it.

Well, they are doing everything to keep him incarcerated and his wife out of the way, but she is not supposed to see or understand that.

I have seen this a few times in my life. African Americans all. Too successful. Too understanding of the system in which they live. Too thinking they were equal and their identity was clear – they were equal and beautiful and worked hard for themselves and for the rest of us and now – may they rest in peace. Gone too young! Gone too violently! Gone so those raping, pillaging, letting their greed run rampant, destroying the life and quality of life can become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams, but always at the expense of others who become poorer just as quickly.

Too wealthy? A coronavirus comes along to destroy your wealth.

Too healthy? A coronavirus comes along to destroy your health.

Working too hard for others – a Jim O’Sullivan and his boys come along to destroy you and take away everything and every one around you.


Some Parallels – the KKK and the Police at Dr. Bennett’s House!

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020


Before we start this article I would like to leave a note as to Robert Bennett and how he is doing. It was very concerning to me after visiting to see how he is treated. My husband is not used to be called “cutie”, “hi, handsome,” “oh, isn’t he cute” and more. He is talked to as though he has a hearing problem which he does not and talking to him in his room as though he can’t read or write. He is accustomed to be addressed as Rev. Bennett and he needs to be respected enough to call him by his name. He does not lose his identity because the police have put him into this situation and the powers that are attempting to rip off the aged puts them in this ‘lock up’ so that can proceed with things put in place needed for that to happen.”


I had a phone call today from a friend of over 70 years ago.

Friends from your growing up days may get lost through the years as you do other things, but you don’t forget them and you think of them off and on while you move ahead doing what you think is so important. But really, when the chips are down good friends are life’s gold, silver, diamonds and more

I grew up in this circle of friends in New Orleans, LA. We all went to Central Congregational Church, which was a church vey important in the civil rights movement of the 1960’s and beyond. St. Luke’s, at that time was the society church. My great-grandfather was an Episcopal priest – the Rev. Dr. Taylor. He was rector at St. Luke’s in NOLA – half Black Feet Indian, married to a woman who was French and didn’t hide her race, joining and being active in the exclusive tennis club in NOLA – for white’s only and then only for a very upper class white. Don’t know what that was about so don’t ask. Don’t know how it happened – I have pictures of her and her daughter in their tennis clothes, some pictures in front of the club and while she was very white, her daughter was fairly dark skinned so they could not have been a part of that tennis club “passing.”

Rev. Nicholas Hood was the pastor at Central during my time there. His son is now pastor of a church in Detroit, Michigan where his father moved from New Orleans and where they built a tremendous congregation of caring people. I read the lessons he sends out every week from Plymouth United Church of Christ in Detroit where he pastors the Church his father and now he, following in his father’s footsteps, is building.

Besides Walter and Andrew, another friend from those early days called today and said “Cookie, get out of yourself and look around. What do you see? What similarities are there between where you are now and where you were then.”

We used to get into all kinds of civil rights battles. Going home from school I would throw the signs out the window of the bus which said “for colored patrons only.” Nobody bothered me for doing that then because they knew my grandfather – co-founder of the Louisiana Weekly and all around upsetter of the racist status quo and builder with George Schuyler of the Pittsburgh Courier. The first office of the Pittsburgh Courier in NOLA was our living room. Sure wish he was here now.

My mind went back to what happened to us when the police invaded our house; demanded that Robert leave with them; refused to give me a copy of the paper giving them the right to take my husband out of our house by force. It was so familiar. And then it hit – the KKK took on this persona and its mission to scare N*****s with their white sheets and pointy hats to scare blacks into doing whatever they demanded. Sit, stand, talk, shut up, and more which was much worse. Whenever they found a Negro who wasn’t bowing to them and showing them “respect” – shining their shoes, doing whatever they bid, they turned up at his home and wrecked havoc. On horseback with torches and most times much more.

Wow! It hit me. The police being sent to our house was the same thing only in 20th century garb. Folks have been trying to make Robert and I heel for decades. We just keep on keeping on and ignore the insults, the jabs, the hurtful actions. This time it was so in your face that it was impossible to ignore. The new neighbor high up in the medical profession who made complaints against us and wound up trying to stomp on my toes on the sidewalk, who was stopped in the act by Robert he came walking fast around the corner because he had seen what was happening from the window where we sit and have coffee most days. – At least where we used to sit and have coffee before this attempt to destroy our lives together.

My mind started clearing further when I called Medicare and they spelled out what Medicare Fraud was about and when they told me about forcing someone to get services fraudulently, mistreating that person in the process. Wow! That is exactly what we have experienced. That wallop from the past is another part which defines this experience. When my friends from days past started calling on the same day with the same message – Thank you, Jesus, I know from whence that has come!

No one we have ever talked to has ever heard of anyone being forced into a hospital with policemen forcing them from their home with EMS/EMT’s with a Court Order allowing the police to break down doors and don’t worry about the damage being done in the house if you have to go in to find Robert Bennett as long as you drag that black man out of his house, scare the life out of him, bring him back and lock him up. There are many ways to incarcerate a Black Man. It doesn’t have to be in jail because he committed a crime. It can be all of these other ways you have to engage, especially when he has done nothing wrong. I don’t know many people being forced into the hospital for medical treatments they don’t want, being classed as indigent by a judge who had no idea what he was doing and apparently didn’t care. I have met a couple women to whom that happened, but they were not called “indigent” they were classed as “homeless” when they lived in very nice homes – and of course were African Americans.

I guess we forget the big money made on slavery was made in this New England part of the country.

We forget that you do not have to accept medical treatment, medicines or anything like that. It is your choice to go to a hospital. It is your choice to see a doctor. l It is your choice to take medicines some people think might be good for you. If you choose yes, that’s fine then that is the way you go. If you choose no and to go in another direction that is your choice and should be respected by everyone – police, attorneys, judges, people of all colors, religions, descriptions, etc.

I wonder what it takes to have someone disbarred. That would certainly be something I would consider attempting around someone like O’Sullivan who, they say, was the attorney who has this relationship with the Court which would allow him to get these Court orders for the police to appear and for a hearing at which he presents what he wants and makes sure the other side is not informed so nothing counter to his presentation would be seen by the judge. I don’t know that, but I have certainly heard a lot about him since this started. We will have to do a Bettina investigation to see what’s up and publish what we find.

In that hearing, at which Robert was the topic but the judge refused to have notice served on Robert so he could present his side of what was being claimed – not the first such extreme miscarriage of justice. Apparently, documents to disprove what was being said were withheld from the Court. And so many other mistakes and intentional twisting of the facts happened. The judge was apparently happy for that kind of Court hearing. What are the penalties, if any for such abuses and for so ruining the lives of people.

I always hearken back to the black woman who was awarded $10 million dollars in damages by the Court because of how she was mistreated by Cambridge people in charge. The Courts don’t normally award black women anything and you can be sure whatever the award to a black woman it is peanuts compared to what she suffered and what happened that she was awarded anything.. You can be as damaged as possible and any award you get as a black woman will be minimal. What must they have done to have caused those kind of damages. And what happened that the award received so little coverage in the press. Hardly anyone knows about this. Because of the tax payers money that has had to cover those damages you would think every Cambridge taxpayer would know all the details.

Having experienced some of the kind of damage of which they are capable I can do a little more than imagine what that woman suffered.

To hear from Walter Young with his brother Andrew Young it brought back so many good memories. Of going to Andrew’s wedding; of singing in the Jr. Choir at Church; of playing the organ with friends who crowded into the first pew when I played the organ because I played in my bare feet – it was how I could best feel the pedals at that age and the teasing after the service could be merciless.

It was a relief from what is going on today. Didn’t ever think I would experience eight (8) policemen coming to my door with one just as happy as he could be showing me his cell phone with the Court Order and refusing to give me the actual order. Using his ‘power over’ at that point to draw himself up and make himself ‘better than’. Dusting off his identity to try to make it larger and closer to that of the local White Supremacist ( if he wasn’t already one.) What an ugly sight that was. It was not as bad as this, but do you remember Skip Gates and the police?

That must be illegal and the people who did it need to have to pay the price.

What should also be illegal is bringing someone into Court for the same thing over and over again with dire results for the person. Robert was brought in twice in the same week. Twice within four days on a section 12. It was removed by Mass General Hospital people who examine people under those circumstances. Robert was brought in again by the police on a section 12 – identical – just two days after Mass General discharged him from the first one with no medicine prescribed; normal blood pressure and other such markers in the normal area. What happened when the attorney for Somerville Cambridge Elder Affairs presented that to the Court. Did the Court decide it should be done again and jeopardize the health of a man shortly out of the hospital from a real problem? Or did the Court not care and simply do what it was asked by someone who does this on a regular basis.

And first off, Jim O’Sullivan needs to be removed if indeed he is the person who moved ahead that Court and police business KKK style. He should come under serious questions even if he was the one who sent someone else to do this dirty work.

But in the meantime, my husband is still in Massachusetts General Hospital and the Hospital needs to take an action to stop allowing itself to be used in such vicious ways. They can’t cure beautifully on the one hand and let others destroy what they have done on the other. There is a ground point where a part of the responsibility for this falls on the Hospital.

Thank you, Walter. Give Andrew a big hug for me and God bless Raljean.

Robert and I have always looked out for each other and I will continue to look out for him. I know he will also do the same for me. I also know he would not want me to grovel or demean myself anymore than I have already been demeaned and disrespected with this attempt to destroy our lives together. Why! Because someone wants our assets?

They weaponized my daughter against me and I will never forget that. I live in a universe, however, in which my God is a just God and a God with a memory that does not fail.

This to shall pass – the sun will shine on all of it and God’s justice will roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.


MEDICARE FRAUD AND MORE. What has Robert Bennett Lost!

Tuesday, March 17th, 2020
  1. His vote as an American citizen. Eight (8) policemen picked Robert up on March 3rd in the morning – 10-10:30am. He was set to vote in the Primary and could not. He asked several times during his “incarceration” at the hospital, but could not. So his right to cast his vote was taken away with all of this.

2. This is continuing in the worst way. People are now talking about Robert needing 24 hour care. He was walking with no problems – meeting friends – to the post office and back – how can someone’s freedom be taken away and their health destroyed – their ability to live on their own taken away – I am overwhelmed with this.

3) The Court’s took away an African American man’s freedom on so many levels. He clearly could make his own decisions on the Tuesday and Wednesday that the police pushed into our home. He also clearly could make his own decisions on the Wednesday and Thursday following that Tuesday/Wednesday ‘incarceration’ before the police pushed into our home for the second time in a week for the same reason to repeat a process because the Somerville Cambridge Elder Affairs group didn’t like the result the first time. Both times the police pushed themselves inside my home with the Court’s suggestion and permission and dragged Robert Bennett out against his will. The Court said if he did not want to come – the police had the Court’s permission to take him out anyway. Robert was very clear with everyone he did not want to go and refused the request. The police made it clear he did not have a choice. Both times they threatened to arrest his wife because she also did not want him taken away.

Robert Bennett was totally able to make his own decisions about his life. The Court took that away by invoking a Health Care Proxy which was invalid and replaced at least twice. The Court gave Robert Bennett’s health care proxy to a woman who is a non-blood related person who was not his wife. To do that they had to invalidate a Health Care Proxy created by Massachusetts General Hospital and a prior Health Care Proxy created by a reputable probate attorney with of which reflected what Robert wanted because they talked to Robert and knew what he wanted. Two witnesses who had known Robert for some 20 to 30 years said so and Robert himself was present when the Health Care Proxy was signed November 18, 2019 and Robert was very clear at that time who he wanted as his Health Care Proxy. Mass General had someone interview Robert for some 30 minutes to make sure they knew who he wanted as his health care proxy. The Court had never met Robert, never talked to him, knew nothing about him and the people making the presentation to the Court didn’t know Robert or his wishes either. This is how they operate in Cambridge MA? How could a man’s freedoms and right to choose be so destroyed. The more this goes on the more appalled I become.

What is clear – there is something not quite right in Cambridge, MA. which is putting its citizens at risk – especially its older, minority – especially African American citizens. if you go into old age with any substantial assets, they will be targeted and taken away from you in the name of “taking care of you” when you don’t need other people to push themselves into your life, take up residence and push their wishes and needs on you.

What happened and the way it happened looks as though it is also Medicare Fraud and the taking away from a citizen his right to decide the choices he wants to make with his health care.

If you don’t go along with the program and max out your Medicare and other medical insurance you will be picked up by the police, your rights taken away from you and among other things – your freedom also as you sit in a hospital with your health declining and it is clear the condition Robert is in today was created by Mass General Hospital following an order of the Court.

This is happening, has happened and will continue to happen unless someone stops it.

In this case the agency controlling all this and carrying out this apparent Medicare Fraud is Somerville/Cambridge Elder Affairs aided by its attorney Jim O’Sullivan. Has he been involved in other such situations like this? Any attorney involved in this should be disbarred. Was he involved in the complaints and law suit which resulted in Cambridge, MA. having to pay an African American woman $10 million dollars in damages because of the way she was treated?

When a person makes a decision that they do not want rehab services as offered by the agency the hospital referred them to -that they would prefer such services at their own home and privately secured and paid for – and the local state agency files for the police to pick up that person and force them into the hospital on a section 12 making the hospital prove the person is sane – not on drugs – not on alcohol – not psychotic, Medicare has to pick up the bill for that hospital stay – that looks to me like Medicare fraud. Forced medical treatment billed to Medicare.

When that person is discharged by the hospital and the next day Somerville/Cambridge Elder Services goes into Court and manipulates the Court System to force that person back into the hospital with no reason and no right, but the Court goes along that is Medicare fraud taking place – that is forced medical treatment which takes away an individuals rights and at the same time increases the Somerville Cambridge Elder Affairs group’s standing with its reporting to the state and others, inflating what it claims as legitimate services, which in fact are spurious and nobody checks – not the lawyer for the agency, nor anyone else affiliated with that agency and the people employed are allowed to make sworn statements which do not represent the facts as they are – but changes them to fit the Medicare requirements for such services – that is apparently Medicare Fraud.

To go into Court – Somerville/Cambridge Elder Services mischaracterized Robert Bennet as “indigent”. Who follows that up? No one. Why bother with an indigent – poverty stricken person. That made it easier for Somerville/Cambridge and any other institutions to present the bills to Medicare for Mr. Bennett. The Court aided these mischaracterizations by allowing this state agency to have a hearing without notifying Mr. Bennett, making all kinds of untrue, spurious, twisted statements to the Court.

To compensate, the Courts appointed an attorney to represent Mr. Bennet after the hearing and after Mr. Bennett was in the custody of the police. An attorney who never met Mr. Bennett, knew nothing about him, and that attorney was appointed after the hearing in which the Court gave Somerville Cambridge Elder Services unbelievable latitude over Mr. Bennett and lied extensively about Mr. Bennett’s wife – in fact slandered and libelous are their accusations.

That Court appointed attorney contacted Robert Bennett after a hearing which sent police to his house to forcibly pick him up and incarcerate him in Massachusetts General Hospital against his will – especially when no medical doctor, agency or anything comparable had declared Mr. Bennett unable to make decisions for himself. It took more than a week for this Court appointed attorney to see Mr. Bennett – too busy.

That attorney has subsequently put Mr. Bennett at risk because she is an attorney who is in and out of nursing homes and then visited Mr. Bennett in the hospital possibly exposing him and others to the coronavirus and that visit took place after she was told Mr. Bennett did not want her to represent him.

After Somerville/Cambridge Elder Affaires went Court with Jim O’Sullivan apparently representing them and hiding relevant information from the Court to gain a decision which they wanted and asking the Court to make a Protective Order without allowing Mr. Bennett or his representatives to appear to present the other side to what they were claiming, the Court by not notifying Robert Bennett and Marceline Donaldson that there was to be such a hearing – for the second time in four days to harass Mr. Bennett to the point of having police pick him up at his home to once again incarcerate him at Massachusetts General Hospital to once again undergo the same thing he had undergone just two days before when he was discharged from the hospita in very good shape, after the first police pick up of Mr. Bennett and after that first forced visit Robert Bennett was discharged from the hospital with no medicines prescribed and a date for a return to check up on his past surgery.

This was forced and fraudulent treatment which was to be billed to Mr. Bennett’s Medicare.

To be able to do this they had to move Mr. Bennett’s wife out of the way so the Somerville Cambridge Elder Services had Mr. Bennett’s wife charged with abuse in this same Court hearing where neither knew about the hearing and were therefore not given the opportunity to defend themselves against such horrid, reputation destroying, life destroying charges.

We believe it is illegal to bill Medicare for forced treatment which the patient and his Health Care Advocate rejects and Marceline Donaldson had been named as Health Care Proxy by Mr. Bennett, but it was not invoked because Mr. Bennett was able to make his own decisions. We believe it is fraudulent to make such charges to Mr. Bennett’s Medicare account.

If Mr. Bennett needed therapy – it was possible to get that at home – even through Medicare. That was not a consideration because there was no such therapy prescribed.

After leaving Massachusetts General Hospital, after surgery, Mr. Bennett took the hospital’s advice and went for rehab to Sherrill House in Jamaica Plain expecting that to be a great experience. The connection between Mr. Bennett as an Episcopal Priest and Sherill House’s Episcopal connection he expected that to be a special experience on many levels. Instead it was a horror story.

If you read other Bettina Network blogs you will see some of the reasons for that horror story. The one we will repeat here – Mr. Bennett left Sherrill House after a stay of some 24 hours because Sherrill House was quarantined – there were patients on the second floor – we were told three or four who had the flu. No one knew what kind of flu and with all of the publicity around the coronavirus, Mr. Bennett took the precaution of leaving Sherrill House rather than being exposed to the flu and his wife concurred. Especially when he heard that several months prior Sherrill House had again been under quarantine because of the flu and apparently “only a couple people” caught the flu at that time so there was nothing to worry about. The outrage at Robert Bennett making such a decision, which he had every right to make on his own behalf as did his Health Care Proxy – was astounding.

After that experience Mr. Bennett and his wife read the reviews about Sherrill House online and were totally freaked out by what they read – people who died because nurses did not respond to their buzzer for a very long time and more.

To call the police and incarcerate someone in the hospital by sending the police to pick them up – twice – because they refuse the service Somerville Cambridge Elder Services tries to force on them when they have said clearly they prefer any necessary services at home and paid for privately, should be a crime. That is an abuse of the police and since Mr. Bennett is an African American from the national experience with the police forces around the country that possibly opened Mr. Bennett to serious physical harm.

In addition, Mr. Bennett’s health has now been negatively affected by all of this. We have witness statements which talk about how Mr. Bennett was walking around Harvard Square with his wife and enjoying the sunshine and their life together before the police forcibly invaded his home on March 3rd and again on March 6th while refusing to give him or his wife a copy of the order which the police claim gave them the right to break down his door and go into the house doing whatever damage was necessary to take him out refusing to listen if he said no and taking him out against his will.

Instead, with the police involvement he has been confined to a very small room at Massachusetts General Hospital – which he shares and is so tight there is no room between his chair and the bed and he goes from bed to the chair, from the chair to the bed. He had a walker, which he no longer has because he can’t walk even with such a device.

Being 87 years old and having been kept in bed from Friday to the next Friday to the next Wednesday and still ongoing, his ability to walk has been impaired and it is possible other health issues may arise because of his confinement imposed unethically by the Courts and illegally by Somerville Cambridge Elder Services.

Is this to scare others into accepting the Somerville Cambridge Elder Services when they come around because you too may be so confined and the police may be called to enforce their right to control your health care by lying, hiding the truth, causing fraudulent claims to be filed on your Medicare insurance causing you to have to pay 20% for services you rejected and Medicare having to pay 80% for services that were forced treatment and hospital confinements which should not have happened.

We have found people – and in reviews also – who complain about the Somerville Cambridge Elder Services because of the way they squander the agency’s money – taking cabs to the bank – and in many other ways, calling it a very amateurish group.

The kind of ignoring and destruction of a persons’ rights is huge and this has been a horrifying experience for all.

It is time to release Robert Bennett from being held in “police lockup” at Massachusetts General Hospital under a protective order which was spuriously obtained. Yes, he is still being held under Police lockup. No one can visit him. His wife can only visit 1/2 per day and then only with a Security Guard and Police present. She is treated in very abusive ways. And most days she is not allowed to visit for one reason or another – if you read other blogs you would have seen when she was told her husband had taken out a restraining order against her and she could not go up to his room under any circumstances. That was not true but she was not allowed to visit that day and the Security Guard who said such a Mr. DuBois also put her out of the hospital.

The attorneys the Bennetts hired did not take care of this and should have immediately filed an emergency motion for his release. They took the case knowing his health would be at risk if they delayed in any way and in spite of that they made their busyness with other things a higher priority which has contributed to this.

It is time for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Massachusetts General Hospital and all others involved to release this man from confinement and take whatever steps are necessary to reimburse him for what they have caused; make his wife whole after demeaning and disgracing her with their charges of abusing her husband when that was not true and so much more. It is past the time for the Governor, Mayor of Cambridge and others to step in and stop this abuse of this African American family in this case – by the state – this is a state agency.

Mr. Bennett, on information and belief, is not the only person who has been so held in the past – turned into an “indigent” so the forces doing the deed can better access Medicare. It is time for all of this to be investigated by those who do such and it is past time for this cover-up to stop and be uncovered.

The attempt now is to blame others who Somerville/Cambridge Elder Services weaponized to help them in this effort and that also needs to stop.

Robert Bennett needs to be put in an ambulance and sent home IMMEDIATELY, especially given all of the coronavirus warnings to which he would be a primary target. This needs to be done without trying to force Robert Bennett and his family to accept all the trappings being attempted – which are needed to take Somerville Cambridge Elder Services off the hook and leave them blameless so they can continue in their efforts to destroy others – apparently mostly African Americans.

What comes after this for the rest of us? Forced medical care and treatment – whether you want it; need it; in the place the agency harassing you or targeting you decides that should happen. Somerville/Cambridge Elder Services has been hounding this family for years.

It is tough to be African American and live in the Brattle Street neighborhood. Institutional attacks come from many places. Read other related blogs and you will see a fuller picture.


An Open Letter to the Governor of Massachusetts – the Mayor of Cambridge – the Mayor of Somerville, MA

Sunday, March 15th, 2020

by: Marceline Donaldson

It is time for Massachusetts to give up its title of the most racist area in the United States.

Having lived in the Cambridge/Boston area for some 36 years, it is clear that title is well deserved and I was born and raised in the deep south and experienced places like Mississippi and Alabama at the height of their most racist actions.

We – my husband and I – have challenged that over many years and each time it had disastrous results because of the slam back we had to take. What is happening now is the worst of times because it has put my husband in Massachusetts General Hospital in their area for people “Protected” by Court Orders.

I went to visit my husband yesterday (Saturday). A Security Guard was called because I needed to have a Security Guard and Policeman present and then I could only stay for 1/2 hour. So far, I have only been able to see him once. Why? One time I couldn’t see him because the staff on his floor said they were short staffed and did not have a Security Guard or Policeman who could be present. With all that has happened and is happening it is clear the goal is to keep me away from my husband by any means.

What happened this time? A security guard by the name of DuBois arrived, asked for identification, left and returned to tell me I was not allowed to see him at all because he had taken out a restraining order against me. That was amazing because I thought that was clearly not true – or it happened after they gave him drugs. The last time I saw him he was clearly on something and you could tell that by the way he looked and how glassy his eyes were – and my husband is a man who does not drink, does not take drugs.

The Security Guard was vicious – as though this was really personal for him. I asked his name a second time because the first time was before he came back to tell me I was under a restraining order and could not see my husband. He refused to give me his name; said he had already given it to me and he wasn’t going to do it again. I asked for the name of the supervisor who said I was under a restraining order and he said he was not going to give that to me because I didn’t need it and he said more. To say he was vicious is an understatement. He finally gave me his name – for the second time – and told me to leave the hospital immediately.

My husband is in the hospital during this coronavirus pandemic when he needs to be home. What are you going to do if he gets the coronavirus while in the hospital? Deny any responsibility? Do what bureaucrats do?

Somerville Cambridge Elder Services brought charges against us. Against me, claiming I was abusive in some horrible ways. Since we have people in our home most of the time that would be impossible. We have many people ready to talk about the relationship they have seen over 20 to 30 years. And the fact that I am even having to prove that to you and others within the state system is unreal and beyond severe retaliation for challenging the racism, sexism etc in this state – city – county.

On a Tuesday march 3rd they had some 8 policemen – all white – come to my home with the authority to break in, if needed. They took him to MGH to undergo tests under a section 12. Disbelief ran through everyone we know. I stayed with my husband at MGH from about 10-11am on the 3rd until 3:30am the next morning.

Do you know what it is like to be African American with all those police at your door, pushing their way into your house, threatening you and demanding to take away your husband? It is terrifying. You should experience the same thing with African Americans at your door doing the same thing so you know what a part of the citizens of your state, city, county experience on a nearly regular basis. Head in the sand is one way to deal with this.

He was released at about 3:30am the next day after he had been put through unbelievable trauma. Not by MGH – they were doing in that department what they were set up to do. When you are put in that department for political reasons – you experience it in a very different way.

When released, his blood pressure was normal and all of his other numbers were within the normal range – especially for an 87 year old man. He was released with an appointment for another visit; a note at the bottom which said no medicines were being prescribed. Since then I have heard about how he was not getting anti-seizure medicine and more and I was supposed to be the person who was keeping this away from him. The story goes that CVS tried to call me to pick up prescriptions left there by doctors and I refused. That was astounding to me. When we called CVS there were no prescriptions to be picked up and no calls made to me or anyone else to pick up the medicine. MGH told us the anti-seizure medicine was only to be given to him for 7 days after his operation and he was in the hospital for all of that time. So the lies throughout all of this are monstrous and all being told through Somerville Cambridge Elder Services.

We were able to get out into the sun for the rest of the day and the next day. I am glad we enjoyed that brief time because it looks like the last time we could even be together. My husband has not seen sun, been out in the fresh air, taken a walk since then. Why? Because the police came back – this time on Friday evening after the Courts closed for the weekend and it was impossible to reach attorneys, with an order which was more draconian than the first. The police were given the right to break into our home; to do whatever they had to do there to take my husband out; with orders that said even if he objected they should ignore his objections and drag him out anyway and anyhow.

They were taking him back to MGH under the same Section 12 and given the same tests he had been through less than 48 hours before and he had to go over again what he went through on March 3rd-4th. Why would a court order such? To send someone back through terror because the state agency filing the order and signed by the court with no notice to the person involved wanted him under their control?

Our right to challenge this was taken away from us by the court because the court signed the order presented by Somerville Cambridge Elder Services without our even knowing such was happening and that with a state law which says such notice was necessary.

To go through twice in just a few days the same terror is unbelievable. But, the first time didn’t do the job so try again and make sure you lock this man up for the rest of his life? There was even the suggestion that he be sent to a nursing home with Somerville Cambridge taking guardianship or giving it to someone “responsible.”

The man involved and being so attacked is African American. So it is alright for that to happen.

He is not wealthy, but he is also not living in poverty. The Court ruled that he was “indigent” and so the Court needed to appoint an attorney to represent him. An attorney he did not know, did not want, he had his own attorneys, so even the right to choose his own attorney was taken away from him by this court. Why? Is there something else in here that is not known? Let my paranoia fly to ask if this collusion by the court the state agency and the attorney?

What is being done to him and his family is what happened in the deep south at the turn of the century and in the 1930’s and 1940’s when whites went into black areas and cities and massacred the people there because the whites were terrified that their White Supremacy might be taken away or diminished? The African Americans at that time had no defense and what happened to them was subsequently ignored and is only recently resurfacing in the history books. The outrage at such relating that to what is its modern counterpart is the same.

This time the massacre is being done using the Court System and a retired judge called back to sign this order.

Yes, the people involved who the Court System acted against have worked for decades trying to change the racism, sexism and all the other bigotry in this area. Yes, the people involved are living in a neighborhood where African Americans are not welcome – not by the neighbors, but by the institutional structures which run these cities – and they have been clear that they do not want African Americans living where this couple lives.

I could go on, but my husband is being held in jeopardy to his life and health. At 87 years old he has been kept in bed from Friday through the following Friday through Saturday and will probably be kept as long as they can keep him in bed. What does that do to such a person? It limits his life span – it destroys the quality of his life – it takes away from him all of the rights guaranteed by the Constitution – it took away from him his right to vote on Tuesday March 3rd even after he asked about being allowed to vote and that was denied. That is what you – the Mayors of Cambridge and Somervile. the Governor of Massachusetts and others are allowing to happen by doing nothing – putting your head in the sand. Is he being held until he is broken and his health is irretrievably negatively affected?

We have been harrassed for years. Most recently by a new neighbor who moved in and went bonkers when he discovered after spending millions on his house he was living in the middle of a block with African Americans living on the corner. That was very sad, because the neighbor who lived there before he moved in was a dear friend. And just by coincidence he is rumored to be high up at a major health institution.

I want my husband out of the hospital and home. I want my husband detached from the Somerville Cambridge Elder Services. I want Elder Services investigated. They are ruining the lives of African Americans by their actions and need to be closed and investigated with the people responsible for this FIRED. As I look into this I am discovering that this may not be so strange in Massachusetts and certainly not foreign to Somerville Cambridge Elder Services.

And as I look into this I discovered that in spite of our knowing nothing about it, the Somerville Cambridge Elder Services has been attempting to hound us for many many months, possibly years.

It is time for action instead of this foot dragging and ignoring and doing nothing and I hope this does not result in the police coming for me and dragging me off someplace.

My hands are also tied because his health proxy, named by the Court is someone who is not a blood relative. That person appointed by the court in spite of a health proxy form created by massachusetts general hospital creating a health proxy form naming his wife as his health proxy and that after they talked to him to find out his wishes. In addition, there was another health proxy created by an attorney who works in probate and estate matters in which my husband named his wife his health proxy and that was witnessed by people who knew both of us for some 20 to 30 years and are substantial members of the Cambridge community. The Court decided it knew better and negated both of those in favor of one which both of those health proxies negated. The health proxy created by the attorney was done after Robert discovered the health proxy by the person unrelated to him.

What – if anything – are you going to do about this? I would like my husband home immediately if not sooner and my husband has been begging to be allowed to go home since they locked him up in this “protected” area where, in my youth would have been called the “police lock-up” in the hospital.

marceline donaldson – 49 Hawthorn Street – Cambridge MA. 02138 – 617 497 9166

Letters to the governor, mayors, and other political figures would be much appreciated. All of you who know us and have known us for decades know that this is a travesty – tragic and ruining of live – especially the quality of life of two elder people.


Living in Cambridge/Boston While Black! – Part 3

Saturday, March 14th, 2020

This is the third segment on what is happening with Robert and Marceline. It is horrible and the racism is being compounded by the way this is being handled. The agency responsible is Somerville Cambridge Elder Services. They are known to be racist and work beautifully with many in the Harvard Square area (all white) and rumor has it they put blacks in institutions the way they have Robert and drain their insurance and other benefits while labeling them “indigent”. The move they make against blacks in the Cambridge Somerville area always characterizes the black and their families in the most negative stereotypical way possible. Why are they still being allowed to destroy Robert and Marceline and why is there and has there been no investigation over the years – at the very least closing this agency? This has been going on for at least 20 plus years with people around this agency knowing what has been happening.

More to the point what involvement do the Courts have in this situation? They have to be involved – when you think they facilitated this by making a decision without any notice to the other side. Clearly, they look as though they are implicated somehow. And the Cambridge Somerville administrative people who are heads of these agencies, particularly this state agency has done nothing to investigate these goings on and the attorneys who represent these agencies. They have to know what is going on within them.


I saw Robert and Marceline walking together in Harvard Square last Thursday. – March 5th. They are the cutest couple. What amazed me when I heard this, that was a day before Robert was forced into Massachusetts General Hospital. They went into the post office and were talking to an African American woman in the most animated way. It looked as though they were having a great conversation.

I saw them a bit later as I turned onto Memorial Drive. They were sitting on a bench by the river.

Since then and hearing that Robert was put into Mass General by the police and kept there – I thought about the contrast. He was in the sunshine, walking with his wife, enjoying life and maybe that was too much for the people involved in this. Apparently, the next day or the day after he was confined in an institution where he is in bed all the time, under police supervision, no sun, no walks around his neighborhood and his wife kept from seeing him because of the bad influence she would have? Good and bad take on very different meanings in this context.

Values count! These values are that an African American man can’t walk around Harvard Square in pleasant circumstances, talking to friends, sitting on the benches by the river. We have to stop that, other African Americans might find that a great picture of life and come to live in Harvard Squarte themselves and then what would we do – have an integrated neighborhood? That is being stopped in the ugliest way. I know Robert and Marceline have had to fight almost daily the intrusions on their lives living where they do. This fight is beyond despicable.


I saw Robert Bennett and his wife on Thursday, March 5th in Harvard Square in the post office talking to Mrs. Clark. He looked great. I waved as I passed and they all looked as though they were having a lovely conversation. Is that what caused all of this? I can’t believe I really live in a place where this happens. With all the people pouring into New England from places like California, is this how we get housing for them? Since they are mostly white we have to move blacks out of white areas to find room for these white immigrants among their own kind? Even if it means doing this?


by: Marceline Donaldson

I would like to tell you how Robert is doing, but I am not allowed to see him. There has to be a Security Guard and a Policeman present for me to talk to Robert and one time I tried the hospital people turned me down because they were short of personnel and didn’t have a Security Guard and Policeman to be able to allow me to see him and then I am only allowed 30 minutes.

I wanted to keep all of you up to date on what is happening with daily updates, but that won’t be possible. We have hired attorneys and you know what that means. They don’t want to work in full, real time exposure.

We hired Burns and Levinson as attorneys to work with Shippen Page to bring some justice out of this farce.

Things were horrible in the deep south where I grew up, but I experienced nothing like this.

The attorneys don’t want me to put out all the gory details because they have their work to do and prefer to do it without my writing about what they are doing. After it is done I will have the freedom to write about this, but in the meantime you will hear very little from me. I wanted to share the letters we are receiving from all over, but I won’t even be able to do that. Those letter are going to the attorneys.

It is unbelievably painful not to see your husband of 36 years with whom I lived 24/7. We have never been separated this long ever.

When I saw Robert in the hospital my heart broke. Before the police picked him up he was beautiful and vibrant and strong. Now he is almost shriveling as he sat in a large chair with pillows propping him up looking just miserable asking me to take him home. The mean, viciousness which put him there and is keeping him there is beyond my ability to understand.

Most heartening about all of this is the support from so many people who call to let me know they are there if we need anything. What they don’t have is the magical power to get Robert out of confinement enforced by the police. Call it what they want, the establishment has put an African American man under the police in spite of his not having done anything even close to what would have put him under police control. They have also weaponized my family and friends.

I think constantly of what I used to hear as a child. It was, at the time, related to the holocaust – ‘ if they come for me in the morning and you do nothing and they come for my family in the afternoon and you still do nothing, they will come for you in the evening and there will be no one to help you because there will be no one left.”

We have great lawyers with Lisa Cufier with Burns and Levinson and Shippen Page. The cost is going to be exorbitant. One way or another the goal of destroying us and getting rid of African Americans in the Brattle Street-Harvard Square area will have been achieved. We’ve had lots of problems with people doing all kinds of little harassment over our time living in Harvard Square. We overcame that. We cannot overcome this without your help.


For those of you who have asked – the attorneys we hired are:

Lisa Cukier is a firm partner and Executive Committee member. She concentrates her practice on all aspects of estate and trust litigation, fiduciary litigation, probate law, child custody, parentage issues and divorce, planning and litigation for blended families, adoption, guardianship and conservatorship, and elder financial exploitation.

Recognized for her expertise and skill, Lisa is a frequent speaker on the topics of trust and estate litigation, estate planning, and family law, including undue influence and financial exploitation of elders. She is also a regular contributor to various publications, including Boston Spirit Magazine, and a columnist for the Weston Town Crier and Wicked Local Wayland.

Lisa serves as private adjudicator, Special Master, Guardian ad Litem, and mediator. 

You can look at the last Bettina Network Blog and you will see a paragraph telling you something about the other attorney – Shippen Page of Page and Powell attorneys.


Living in Cambridge/Boston, MA while Black.

Thursday, March 12th, 2020

THE SECOND INSTALLMENT OF THE Marceline Donaldson and Robert Bennett story as it is happening.


We have to start this article with our deepest appreciation to Carolyn Tribe who knew what was happening to the Bennett/Donaldsons and spent time finding an attorney who would hang in there with them and get Robert out of Protective Custody. Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett is certainly experiencing first hand what happens to people who wind up in some incredible places and who has not done any of the things which gets most people in those situations.


Shippen Page of Cambridge, MA. is now representing Marceline Donaldson and is one of a team of attorneys we are pulling together. Hopefully, if our current talks go well we will be able to tell you shortly who is representing Robert Bennett. If you would like to contact Attorney Page he can be reached at 174 Lake View Avenue, Cambridge, MA. 02138-2132. His telephone number is 1-617-967 0318. We are sure he would welcome your legal and/or financial help since this looks as though it will be a very long, tough grinding problem to solve and in the end we hope the results will help many who have been treated the way the Donaldson/Bennett’s have but could not fight this very intransigent, unjust and myopic system.

Mr. Page is a part of the law firm of Page and Powell and he has been a practicing attorney since 1979. He is president of the Cambridge Public Library Foundation and serves on the board of Cambridge Homes. He has been a supporter and responsible for the success of many local nonprofits over the past 35 years.

We are, in addition, putting together a team of attorneys because from the very intransigent and ugly way we see this growing it will probably move on to substantial law suits.


Marceline visited Robert yesterday and she came back heartbroken. I can’t imagine how it feels to have lived with someone so long, 24/7 and now have to face this kind of situation. I wonder who the Cambridge/Somerville people think they are?

Mostly, she was appalled to see how glassy Robert’s eyes were. It looked as though he was being given sedatives and/or some other kind of drugs. His lethargy went along with that description. His mind was sharp, however. They had a conversation in which Robert remembered everything they discussed and participated in the discussion with no memory lapses. Trying to claim Robert is mentally unstable is the worst of this, considering he is a Harvard graduate with a doctorate from Harvard’ Graduate School of Arts majoring in Near Eastern studies and having taught for some 35 plus years Hebrew Scripture, Ancient Hebrew and other Semitic languages plus his work in archaeology and the books he has written. Cambridge/Somerville is trying to push all of that under the cover while they carry out this really vicious action against a very substantial African American man. Is this how African American history is changed? Is this how those who contributed and their contributions shove out the window never to be included in anything except a broken dialogue pushing and creating the negative black stereotypes which are strong in the minds and hearts of many in the Cambridge/Boston area?

Think of the amount of public money being spent and the resources being sucked up to push this unjust, unnecessary and really evil thing. It is clearly, among other things – extreme racism. That is not unknown to Cambridge. Check your history and you will find the $10 million of public money Cambridge spent – in damages – because of the way they treated a black woman a few years ago. I think there are also smaller amounts that have also been spent to allow this kind of bigotry to thrive, grow and hurt many. The money being spent on calling out the police to do this dirty work must have been substantial. I seem to remember a Cambridge policeman going to Skip Gates house to ring his doorbell, call him out of his house in a gross and unnecessary attempt to demean, disgrace and embarrass him. That bottle of beer at the White House does not wash out that action – it happened – and clearly was a racist act. From what I know of Marceline, who doesn’t drink any alcohol – there will be no such “beer reconciliation.”


We have had lots of response to our last email trying to keep folks up to date on what is happening. The question everybody asked was – who are the women pushing this – and who started this? The names we have come up with are Angela Clary and Norah Al-Wetaid.

When we can, we will put in this series of articles copy of the unbelievable Protective order – obtained by not giving notice to Robert Bennett so he was not able to respond – does that come from the Court’s racism? Not feeling an African American should be given those rights but should be rushed into the police state quickly before the opportunity passes?

We will also publish the Affidavit ofNorah Al-Wetaid and the Affidavit of Marceline Donaldson responding to the unbelievable number of easily provable lies in what Somerville Cambridge Elder Services promoted.

The City and State Government that funds this group and supposedly exercises some kind of management over them needs to do their job and have a better hold and knowledge about what they are doing. There is something at stake here that the Donaldson/Bennett’s have uncovered and we are beginning to understand what that is. Future articles will lay all of that out in full.

The agency’s affidavits and materials filed with the Court have never known the names of the people they are filing against. If you don’t know who you are legally accusing – one of the first rules should be – your action is questioned and denied. An agency like Somerville/Cambridge Elder Services should at least know the names of people they are making such egregious claims against. They don’t even know that much.

A second rule is that the people managing the agency on a state level needs to know if the people who work for them are accurate and not out there making wild accusations which negatively affects others lives and the quality of their lives. To allow such irresponsible people out making such charges is the height of irresponsibility and the appropriate Commonwealth People need to immediately investigate what this is really about. Robert Bennett’s wife is characterized as Marceline Davidson all throughout their filings. That is not her name. The agency also mis-named others they quote. If the people making such charges are found to be so irresponsible they need to be fired and the agency cleared out of such ways of acting.


We have suggested that the Bennett/Donaldsons be prepared to file major law suits against all offending parties because their Constitutional and all other rights have been trashed as though we are a country in which the police, the Court’s and others can go wild the way they have here, negatively affecting people’s health and lives.

Before the police pushed into the Bennett Donaldson home forcing him to leave home and family, Robert Bennett was doing very well. He took long walks in-between those police ‘arrest’ times; enjoyed the sun and great weather; had good organic food; and so much more. The food he has been exposed to since has been unbelievable and its quality seriously questionable as to whether it would help heal or destroy the health of those eating such.

Since he has been pushed into first the emergency department which works with those who have alcohol, drug and mental problems that would negatively affect the public if they were not pushed into the hospital and then into a section of the hospital for those under “Protection” – which means you cannot visit him because he is not listed as a patient. He has to be hidden from who? His wife who cared for him for over 36 years? Their relationship is well known in the community because they moved in many circles in the Cambridge/Boston areas as well as nationally – and many people in different countries know them and their relationship intimately because of the business they were in before the police, the Courts and others did everything and are continuing to do everything they can to destroy that business.


Letters talking about the Bennett Donaldsons are pouring in – we will print some of them so you understand what we are dealing with here. This is not something to take lightly. When you read about this does it sound familiar? Does it sound like what is going on at the border to immigrants where families are being separated? When you read the articles in Bettina Network’s blog which preceded this you will have some questions about who weaponized people – friends, family of the Bennett Donaldsons against them – for this to happen.


So much has been put into the affidavits which are lies. That is what has me over the top. I read them and was appalled. There is the accusation of Robert Bennett having broken ribs with the implication that it came from his wife. The hospital verified that this was not true – Robert Bennett did not have anything wrong with his ribs.

There is the accusation in the affidavit that Robert Bennett had prostate cancer and his wife refused to get him treatment. That is also not true and Robert Bennett was capable of going to the doctor himself, but did not. This affidavit both makes Robert Bennett’s wife responsible for something which was supposed to have happened years ago and has taken away Robert Bennett’s humanity and ability to lead his life and make his own decisions. Isn’t that where this society goes when they are trying to destroy an African American man? First take away his right and his ability to function on his own and make decisions for himself.

The reason to seek treatment – not to seek treatment – take medicine – not to take medicine – is a decision reserved to each one of us. To do this to someone who does not want the services of Somerville/Cambridge Elder Services is beyond humanity. Are there problems – financial and/or otherwise that Somerville/Cambridge Elder Servicesis having that they need to force people to accept their services or else? That is certainly what this looks like. Since the Bennett Donaldsons thanked Somerville/Cambridge Elder Services for their offer, but no thank you, it is as if they rejected the services of a mafia and they are now paying the price the mafia extracts for refusing such. Where are we? the USA – really? I don’t think so.


There needs to be some laws passed here that monies spent by Somervile/Cambridge Elder Services and all the other Elder Services in other areas of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts need to be replaced by the people who so clearly and so easily spent the agency’s monies and other resources un-necessarily because what was most important to such people was the satisfying first of their bigotry needs to keep themselves as higher than, better than the people they are supposed to be serving. Certainly declaring a person as indigent who is not and who clearly is known not to be indigent shows a very evil kind of bigotry operating within that agency which needs to be stopped..

In addition, the Somerville/Cambridge Elder Services needs to be investigated for other violations which they clearly have committed in this process of acting more like a mafia group than a group responding to the actual needs of those they serve.

They no doubt have helped some people. That does not justify them in their destroying the lives of others. A thorough investigation needs to happen and the agency closed until it is completed. There needs to be a report produced which shows who, what, when and how this agency, which is not carrying out its mandate, but has let the bigotry of its employees get in the way of doing an acceptable job is going to do to change. And such an agency needs to be and do a job which is much than just acceptable. How many people could this agency have helped with the money being spent on this action.


One reference letter written follows to give you an idea as to who the Bennett Donaldsons. We have received many more and will publish several of them so that you know more fully what this is about.

March 10, 2020

“To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Marceline Donaldson and Robert Bennett for twenty years. While serving the Shady Hill School as Executive Director of the school’s Teacher Training Center, Robert and Marceline have been gracious hosts of college students traveling from across the United States to Cambridge, MA. Shady Hill partners with Bettina Network to recruit aspiring teachers for Shady Hill School and graduate students for Boston University and Lesley University. When students or families travel to Cambridge seeking a place to stay, I highly recommend that they stay with Robert and Marceline. Their home is warm and inviting and their kindness knows no bounds. Guests usually reach out to me at the end of their visit and report that their time with Marceline and Robert was the highlight. They have been instrumental in helping these students transition to the area and successfully complete their apprenticeship and master’s degrees in education.

Recently, Robert and Marceline hosted two students from Morehouse College who were visiting Shady Hill School…..Because of Marceline and Robert’s wise counsel, kindness and support, (Name withheld) has decided to apprentice at Shady Hill School, the Epiphany School, and Boston University in the fall of 2020. I have Robert and Marceline to thank for playing a significant role in supporting Shady Hill School’s recruitment efforts and the partnership between Shady Hills and Morehouse College led by President David Thomas, former Associate Dean of Harvard University’s Business School.

Robert is a generous and kind person. I witnessed an expression of love and compassion for his wife, his family and his sister when he co-led the Eucharist for friends and family who honored the memory of his sister as a lovely memorial service several weeks ago. It was moving to witness not only Robert’s compassion but also the ministerial role he played while also celebrating his sister’s life. It is a memory and an experience hat has stayed with me and will stay with me.

My gratitude for Robert and his wife Marceline is deep. I treasure them, trust them and love them.



That is one of many such letters we have received. We will publish several of them so you know who the people are who the Somerville Cambridge Elder Services very clearly tried to destroy – and how they have played with Robert Bennett’s health and life, while claiming to be concerned about him and his health.


My concern is that Robert Bennett needs to be home NOW. Considering the Coronavirus it would be criminal for him to be locked up in MGH instead of being home. I saw him walking to the post office on Thursday (the day before the police ‘picked him up’. He was clearly in a great mood, talked about things we needed to talk about, and his strength was amazing. If he is held in the hospital and they are quarantined because of the coronavirus that should result in some kind of action against the people responsible. Return him home.


You asked? The person who gave Marceline that bible quote which helped her through the day was Lynette Saxe Leveau. The quote – for those who didn’t see the comment on Facebook was ” “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.”


The Bennett Donaldsons are going to need help paying these legal bills. We hope you will help them and let us know if there are other ways you can help.

Black in Cambridge/Boston

Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

a series following what is happening to Rev. Dr. Robert A. Bennett and Marceline Donaldson in the Harvard Square area. Please send this to everyone you know – . They need a lot of help – it is a system stacked against them – Being African American, in business, in the Greater Boston area is unbelievably and they are not the only people to whom this has happened.


by: Marceline Donaldson

My anger is over the top. I am going to pullout every stop to get Robert out of the hospital under a very bogus protective order which was heard without giving notice to both sides.

I will post every thing that happens and I hope you will send these posts to everyone you know.

The latest? I went to Mass General Hospital to see Robert yesterday with my lawyer. We had to wait for Security Guards to come to make sure we didn’t tear the hospital down or whatever was their problem. Two guards appeared to guard the hallways in front of us – two other guards appeared and asked us to step out while they consulted with whoever. We were ushered into a conference room and told we could not see Robert because they were short handed yesterday and did not have the requisite personnel – a policeman and a security guard – to be present during our visit. Who is the “our”? My attorney and myself. My attorney is a well known well respected Cantabridgian and what could an 82 year old woman do to the hospital?

Then we discovered when we received the file from the Court that an attorney had been appointed to represent Robert. Why had the attorney been appointed? Because Robert was declared INDIGENT.

Interestingly, we have the affidavit filed by Somerville Cambridge Elder Services and they talk about two young women who visited our house. After having been in the house to take out a filing calling us INDIGENT is about as racist as life was in the 1930’s for Blacks.

You want to see where these INDIGENT people live? Put in 49 Hawthorn Street Cambridge and there should be pictures of the house valued at about $5 million dollars.

In an earlier filing, the house was considered “unsafe”.

And by the way – it is clear that this is the real issue because the end of those affidavits talk about taking supervision over Robert and his wife – two elderly people who need such supervision.

I think you now can see better what this is about.


African American Family harassed, demeaned, opened to police harassment and more in Harvard Square Cambridge, MA.

Wednesday, March 4th, 2020

by: Marceline Donaldson

That African American family is mine. The harassment, demeaning, threats and more happened on Tuesday March 3, 2020 in my home. Your home is supposed to be sacred, but was violated on that Tuesday morning in the most horrific ways.

On Tuesday morning, the door bell rang about 10:30am. When I went to open the door there were some 8 policemen (all male, all white) and six or more EMT’s also all white and all male. They were standing on the porch and said they had a “warrant” – a Section 12 order to take my husband out of the home and bring him to Mount Auburn Hospital because he was not safe in his home and they went into so much more.

It was unbelievable. 2020 in the United States with a Constitution and other protections, piled into my home were all of these white males in uniforms which traditionally destroy, harass, kill, maim African Americans.

The last time I felt so terrified was in New Orleans walking on Canal Street on my way to school as a high school student when a man grabbed my hair – which at the time was close to my waistline – and using a cutting instrument he had in his hands he cut it off quite short, nearly breaking my neck in the process. A policeman was standing nearby and instead of responding to my cries, he turned his back and walked away – having seen clearly what happened to me. And now, here I was in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2020 experiencing something very similar only they were after my African American husband.

When I looked out the door there were police cars all over the street, an ambulance, policemen guarding the entry to the house, on the porch and in the house.

When I asked why he was being sent to Mount Auburn Hospital when he had been a patient at Mass General, no one had any answers.

What happened that they felt they had the right? My husband was discharged from Massachusetts General Hospital and sent to Sherrill House for rehab after surgery. When I went to visit him at Sherrill House on Sunday everything seemed fine and I was not unhappy that he was there because as an Episcopal Priest I thought Sherrill House would be a good place for his rehab. It was not my idea to send him to Sherrill House, it was one of the people at the hospital who made the suggestion. I was more interested in him going to Spaulding in Charlestown, but I was told the place which had a bed for him was Sherrill House. With his Episcopal background and my own, I was open to him going there. Once we arrived at Sherrill House I discovered why most of the hospitals I had seen and visited and the related medical places were all white with blacks providing the cleaning and other upkeep services. There is a black and a separate white apartheid system in the Cambridge/Boston area for those who need medical services. Sherrill House was mostly black – African Americans, Caribbeans, etc. The patients were also mostly minority. So that visit to Sherrill House cleared up what I did not understand. Separatism bordering on apartheid is what I was witnessing.

On Monday, when I returned to spend time with my husband I was not allowed to see him. Why? Sherrill House was being quarantined because there were three or four patients with the flu on the second floor where he was staying and that second floor was quarantined to keep the flu from moving further out into the society.

I was unhappy, upset, confused and didn’t understand any of what I was being told. My attention was on what would happen to my husband in a place with three or four people with the flu on the same floor with windows not open and lots of ways the flu could spread to those in the facility – the healthy and those there to become healthier. My husband was not there to come down with the flu, especially with all of the coronavirus possibilities going around. I asked what kind of flu – no one had an answer.

I spent time in the lobby talking to people and the receptionist about what this was about – discovered it was not a first for such to happen at Sherrill House, it had been under quarantine just months prior. My decision was, as my husband’s health proxy, to take him out of Sherrill House. I did not feel he should be exposed to the flu and have to deal with that as well as his recovery. People were going into Sherrill House if they were on the first floor or visiting someone on the first floor. They were going to visit family and/or friends on the third and fourth floors, but the second floor, where my husband was, it was quarantined – no one knew how long this would last nor the extent of what would happen to those on the second floor.

I checked my husband out of Sherrill House that Monday afternoon and we went home – away from an active flu spot exposing him 24 hours a day. I hope you would have done the same thing – if you loved and were concerned about your family. I had not read the reviews of Sherrill House on the internet before Robert went there. The Episcopal connection made me think it would be a great place for him to be. When I read those reviews I was appalled – most of the reviews were not only bad, but talked about the hurt that had unnecessarily happened to patients at Sherrill House, including a death under difficult and what was characterized as negligent circumstances.

Robert was very happy to be home. He was thriving. On Monday, we walked to the post office and enjoyed the rest of the day going places and doing things he enjoyed.

On Tuesday morning all hell broke loose. All of the white policemen and white EMT’s, some 12 to 14 people arrived to in affect, arrest him and take him to a place for people who were seriously alcoholic and had been sent against their will – sectioned because their alcoholism was a danger to them and the society; who had a drug habit on the same level; was a danger to themselves because they were ‘committed’ and sectioned’ because they were a suicide threat; and because they had other mental illnesses which caused them to be forcibly picked up and held in a large emergency room full of security people walking around to make sure the people in that room were ‘safe’. There were a couple ‘runners’ while we were there – people who were constrained and had somehow gotten loose and were chased and returned to an examining room in constraints. That is normaly what this sectioning “warrant” is used for – not the way it was used with Robert.

This ‘arrest’ of my husband was ordered by Cambridge/Somerville Elder Services by a woman who should not have been able to sign such a sectioning order and the Court should have been involved if this were really such a serious threat.. She is a psychologist and none of my husbands reasons for having been in the hospital had to do with psychiatric or psychological reasons. She filled out the forms necessary and noted that she had neither seen, nor examined the patient – she had not seen nor been in his home to see its condition to know whether or not it was ‘safe’ although she declared it unsafe. She was backed by two young women who lied to help her take out this section 12 order. They claimed prescriptions had been sent for Robert to CVS. She claimed that I had been notified by CVS but refused to pick up the prescriptions. When a friend of mine who accompanied us to the hospital and stayed most of the evening as a support checked with CVS all around Cambridge and/or reasonably close to where we live, there were no such prescriptions at CVS waiting for Robert.

We spent 14 hours under this sectioning order which were a strain on my husband and put him under unbelievable stress. No one with any real concern for him or his health would have done this. A call to me would have been in order to attempt to understand and clear up any concerns she may have had. That is what usually happens with people who use these Section 12’s, but she simply filled out the form and sent it to the police for their action. A cruel slam against an African American who racism says does not deserve such consideration.

I insisted that, if Robert had to go, it would be to Mass General instead of Mount Auburn Hospital because it was clear to me there could have been political friendships going on that could make this worse. I wanted to know why the police had been told to take him to Mount Auburn where he had no history and no prior visits.

After their examination, Mass General lifted the sectioning and discharged my husband.

It is time to change this ability of people clearly not qualified to do such to be able to use this sectioning to exercise their racism and other bigotry and possibly even personal vendettas. It was the meanest thing I have seen done to another human being in a very long time. What could have happened with all the white policemen and the circus environment created outside my house with neighbors and others stopping to see what was happening was clearly the possibility of physical harm, extreme emotional and mental stress and a display of racially based violence.

It is clear this would not have happened to a white family in the Harvard Square neighborhood and the police and all the others were able to do what they did because they were dealing with an African American family. In that Brattle Street neighborhood this does not happen. The whites who live there are given much more respect, privacy, and more.

I am talking to attorneys and encourage any attorneys who would like to be involved in this, please don’t hesitate to call and/or visit. This needs to be changed – there should be the necessity of a Court being involved when someone’s freedom is being taken away with what is characterized as a “warrant’; civil rights people need to be involved when this happens to an African American or any other minority family and so much more. Your feedback is requested.

Whether it has relevance or not I do not know, but we published a Bettina Network Blog on Tuesday morning at 5am entitled ‘Hospitals and Bigotry – Institutional Racism, alive and well!’. The police arrived at approximately 10:30am with their section 12



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Hospitals and Bigotry – Institutional Racism, alive and well!

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020

Every place you live, work, visit is imbued with racism and other forms of bigotry. They are entrenched and have not gone away in spite of the many lives which have been sacrificed to change things.

We stayed away from the medical/health industry for years, but were recently forced to get involved.

What I saw as a child in the deep south is being re-enacted in the Greater Boston area. Racism is alive and well and functioning throughout the health care system. The difference? No one comments or analyzes or tries to change things – from what we could tell.

We recently interacted with two hospitals – Beth Israel and Massachusetts General. The experiences were so different I thought I was in different countries. One was horrific and one was unbelievably good.

Our first interaction was with Beth Israel and we barely survived.

We entered Beth Israel through the Emergency Department. That was a horrifying experience. We were directed by the Primary Care Physician to the wrong Beth Israel. We were directed to a suburb of Boston It did not have what was needed to deal with the problem we presented. It was quite some time – with a serious problem – that we stayed in the waiting room and at first had to endure ugly treatment until one of us complained and then everybody started smiling at us. We were then moved by ambulance to the Beth Israel in the downtown Boston area.

When we arrived we were brought to the examining area. A room with a curtain across the front and lots of equipment. That was time spent for a couple days seeing nobody – waiting for something which didn’t happen – watching what was happening outside this examining room.

There were people stacked all around the hallways in hospital beds which apparently brought them to the hospital. Along every wall – every turn of the corridor, people sick enough to have come to the hospital were all over the place – not in private rooms, not in examining rooms, not in any space which could even remotely be called a room, but in the hallways almost stacked one on top of another.

One of us started walking around the hallways and stopped periodically to try to deal with the shock to our system. At one stop in the middle of the hallway a nurse was vicious accusing us of violating the patients confidentiality by having stopped to catch our breath. My face must have shown the shock I was in, but she was just ripping me apart for this violation of her patients confidentiality. How was that done? When I stopped, in the middle of the hallway, she was in the process of talking to a patient asking questions about that patients health and background. I wasn’t aware of any of that I was just looking around at the horribleness of what was in front of me. I wasn’t even aware of the patient – who was in the hallway, on a hospital bed – apparently rolled there from an ambulance and left barely covered with all kinds of people all around.

I stuttered to the nurse that I wasn’t violating any patients confidentiality I was simply walking down the hall trying to cope with the shock I was feeling. The nurse continued to just rip me apart and demanded that I leave the area. Since we were in the examining room just on the other side of the hallway to the patient who was against what wasn’t even a wall, but a desk. Someone was working at the desk, not family nor medical person involved with this, and was clearly closer to the patient whose rights I supposedly violated and was being ignored by the nurse as someone also possibly violating this patients right to privacy. I don’t know where the nurse expected me to go.

That was just the tip of the iceberg. I was also in shock and reacting to the fact that there was a “bull pen” in the middle of this very large room filled with rows of desks and people working, talking, relaxing, joking in this “bull pen”. What I was shocked about was not all of the above, but by the fact that everyone in that bull pen – the professionals in that part of the hospital, were white. Not black, not brown, not colored, not asian, not any of those things – traditional white northern european types working and communicating back and forth about the patient and hospital business. They were, from what we saw, the closest to the top of the pyramid in that hospital.

As I took in that scene I looked around this very large room and blacks – mostly black women were seated around the periphery of this group, working. They looked as though they were the receptionist for the group, but they were not doing receptionists work.

And other minorities? Blacks occasionally came to the floor working, but they always carried a pail, mop, broom, etc. because they came to clean the examining rooms when a patient left and before another patient arrived.

What was striking was that most of those blacks had Caribbean accents and clearly came from another country.




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