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Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

by: Marceline Donaldson

It gets harder to write these articles.  Once upon a time we wrote about so many wonderful things which helped improve life; made everything brighter, easier, more elegant.  Today, we are so enmeshed in the evil that has become part of the everyday life in these United States that nothing else comes up.  The evil that is loose in the United States of America has wiped out everything else – unless you are a part of bringing the evil empire about.

You can go ahead with other things.  They did so in Hitler’s Germany.  While Jews and those who stood up for goodness, mercy, equality, love, caring, kindness were murdered in the most vicious ways and others were put into a horrendous form of slavery, there were those others out celebrating – living life as though everything was fine; paying attention to those everyday things that make for a life amidst denial.   My question – how can you continue to move ahead taking advantage of what is available to you while ignoring what is happening in your own country, which seems to be steadily on the road to making Hitler’s Germany look like a walk in the park on a sunny day.

In other articles – a few years ago – we predicted Donald Trump’s march taking the United States into Hitler’s Germany and you all let it happen.  Look around at the morass in which you are now living and sinking and doing normal everyday things.  Maybe you need to read or re-read Hannah Arendt’s book – on the banality of evil, the middle classless that supported Hitler and his cohort’s evil which was spewn  around the world.  It is certainly proving true today in the United States.

After tear gassing immigrants, the “president” of the United States went to a rally in Mississippi where many were paid to attend and make like they were just loving Trump and others were there because they actually were loving and cheering on this evil and in that environment Mississippians went on to elect Hyde-Smith as its senator.  This was not simply about a political loss or win – this was about evil winning or losing.  In Mississippi, one more time, evil won.  Evil brought into being the memories of public hangings – of people being dragged behind trucks until dead because they dared to vote.  What is horrendous in all of this for me – the country was Democratic when that happened and the good guys trying to stop all of it were Republicans.  Well, today – look at who is driving the evil.  I left a long life of Republicanism as I experienced that Political Party turning into something that would destroy every good value we hold.  That used to be what we thought of the Democrats when they were in league with the KKK, White Supremacist and every other “movement” where the votes could be had cheap and in bulk.

A man who is a murderer, who backs heads of government who murder their own in gruesome ways for getting out of line, a thief, adultery, sexual assaulter by his own admission and braggadocio, and so much more on that evil side of the ledger, this man arrived and called Mississippians to vote for one of his strong unequivocal followers – one who didn’t deviate one inch from his gospel.  Watching Trump and Hyde-Smith walk down the steps of the airplane which delivered Trump to Mississippi to do his bit to get her into elected government was like watching satan and one of his anointed.

You think that is extreme?  Unbalanced? Mentally off?

What was mentally off was our thinking that the United States was on its way to “becoming” – this “city on a hill” which has been shown to be nothing but Mississippi burning with the smell of sulphur all around.

History says there has been no change.  I registered to vote as a Republican.  I was precinct chair of my area in Wayzata, Minnesota.  I was elected to that position by my friends and neighbors.  Wow! That was special.  Well, one day Ronald Regan declared he was running for president of the United States.  Horror began to strike in me because while he articulated the United States as that city on a hill, he clearly had an extreme racist view and following and program to be elected president using racism, sexism, and as much bigotry as he could summon – albeit in a very elegant way.  How did you know that was about to happen?  How did you know he pre-saged the coming of Donald Trump, who is anything but elegant?  Regan announced his candidacy for president of these United States in Mississippi.  That was more than what we call a “dog whistle” – and the “dogs” came running.

What did I see in Minnesota?  Into the precinct caucus meeting came a slew of Texans.  Being from the south, I recognized that Texas accent all around.  Who were they?  How did they all turn up in my caucus at the same time?  Where did they work?  What brought them to Minnesota?  And what did I experience?  Talk in the caucus meeting was about how shocked they were to see this n—-r woman as precinct chair.  And that was followed by all kinds of racist remarks. Who was in that caucus meeting listening – the very proper, top of society Minnesota citizens.  They didn’t object; defend; become insulted by; insisted the people doing the name calling and ugly very racist rhetoric to stop – they  quietly proposed that we elect someone else, “more appropriate”, as chair.  For the rest of that meeting I was treated as a non-entity.  I was neither seen nor heard.  My personhood was totally denied.  If I had anything to say someone else would start a conversation on another topic and direct it to another person who would respond.  It was beyond dehumanizing.  I should have been amazed to hear the very normal, mundane, quiet way they did that, but by that time I had been a part of so much of that – it seemed normal and it was normal.  It is still normal today.  Many people experience the same thing on a day by day basis without any intervention and it continues until they either leave or accept their non-human status in whichever group they are trying to function.  Their “friends” in the group go along with that kind of treatment, but once outside the group they are “friends” again and acknowledged as fully human and fully a part of that friendship group. Sick!  All of us!

That bothered me, but not as much as you would expect.  I knew I had friends in the area – didn’t we eat together; talk together; enjoy life and shared our children back and forth?  Not really!  My even living in the area was a problem, but not one that came out so that I could see and hear it until the Texans showed up.  I have a history of being that sort of African American woman who is always in the wrong place at the right time.  Look at where I live today and the stories I have to tell about that!

When I bought a home in Wayzata and arrived to take ownership and live in the neighborhood, I found the pond with sculptures outside the house, which was one of its charms, all marked up with graffiti  put there by the children of the neighborhood – the seven, eight, ten year old children – those who were the same age as my children and who would be their classmates in school.  They heard horrible things about this incoming neighbor and felt free and angry enough to resent our appearance in “their” neighborhood and so set about doing whatever they could to destroy the house before we could take it over and live next door.  One of the many deliberate handicaps you must overcome when out of your oppressed group.  These were not “ghetto”, wild, untrained, no manners children.  These were children of the upper classes in that neighborhood and in this country.

Their parents were all sweetness and light and very apologetic.  They had many excuses for what their children had done – none accurate, the story was substantially cleaned up – but they had the children come and clean up their “mess.”  That didn’t do the job – it cost me quite a bit to have professionals come in because the damage was deep – no one offered to pay the bill, they just pretended everything was fine and their children had cleaned up what they destroyed.  I didn’t ever go out that door again nor look at that pond.  I just let it go wild.  I wanted to create great graffiti art all over the house and destroy as much of it as possible and then live quietly in the neighborhood, but that fantasy was always in my head, never intentionally acted out.

Life didn’t get better!  I lived in two worlds, but it wasn’t anything any different from my life before moving into that house in Wayzata.  I was born living in two worlds so I knew how to traverse the terrain – painful, horrendous, confusing terrain, but just by being born that was my lot.

What my neighbors didn’t realize was that all of their talk was brought right back to me, by their friends,  so when I saw them in Church, had dinner in their homes, had many discussions on many levels with them, I also heard what was said when I was not around because being a part of those two worlds meant I was not “walled off” in a black community where what they were saying and doing was as though it happened in a foreign country where me and mine didn’t speak the language.

Why am I going into all of this?  Because I think it is time to tell my story.  It is time to get out of me and into you all of the horror through which I have lived because you wanted to maintain your claimed white supremacy and white privilege.  I want you to know what that has cost me and mine.  We have paid an especially high price because we didn’t stay in our “black neighborhood”, didn’t marry our black brothers and sisters, have lived in a very “diverse” community for a lifetime so I know the ins and outs that have been kept away from that black community – I know why they were kept 20 years into the past so economic parity would not be an issue, which is probably the major reason as to why it has been kept separate.  You can’t take advantage of, oppress, and live such a life if the people you are destroying are aware on an intimate basis of who you are and what you are about.  It has been roughly like going through a very painful operation without anesthesia with no recovery, just more operations.

And no, I don’t hate you, I have too many English, Irish, Scottish, and every other kind of ancestor lumped under the category of “white” to have hatred for you and my Christian upbringing has put this knowledge of sin and forgiveness into my life – but my journalist family background added to that the need to tell the truth, so that is what you will read in these pages of my journey through this very bigoted society.  The kind of society that  elected a racist woman to Congress because she is supported strongly by a man who is not only proven to be racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, thinks immigrants are to be reduced to the exploitation of near slavery and so much more.  This election should be the celebration of a woman elected to Congress where no woman had been elected in the past, but this woman had to pass the extreme racist test to be so elected and the test that she was indeed not an independent woman, but beholden to and under the influence of men and she did.  Mississippi’s victory over the #meToo movement.  #meToo – we elected one woman to Congress – our picture of our incoming class will not be entirely white and male – breaking up the WASP image.  She did her job and recalled that time of life when we had public hangings of African Americans who voted and so much more of that racism in her education, her choices for her family, her everyday life.

Want to know more – stay tuned, if you can take it.  I’ve lost too much to care if you decide to continue retaliating against me and mine.  My losses because of your white privilege have just gone over the top for the millionth time and clearly that will continue into the next generation.  You have no idea how painful it is to know your children will experience some of the pain you did because of this group of white supremacist and their followers and supporters.  To know that all you sacrificed so your children could live in a freer society will not happen because the white supremacist, the neo-Nazi’s and their friends have moved this society back to where those sacrifices have to be made again and by the next generation.  That has been going on too long and you have excused and made room for such people for too long – the fact that you benefitted also makes this evil  unforgivable and that was also taught to me in my Christian upbringing.  You see, I paid attention in Sunday School and I know that forgiveness does not extend to everything and everyone!



The Bettina Oracle Speaks!

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018

It is time for all of you to step up to your responsibility as human beings living, working, caring for one another.

That means – when one of you goes far off the rail, it is all of your individual and collective responsibility to make sure the damage that person does is limited and not allowed to hurt, maim or bring others along down into the bowels of hell.

Whatever else you do in this life, that responsibility cannot be shirked without your taking on, experiencing and paying the price for the sins of your brothers and sisters who you allowed to roam free among the shoals of evil that are all around you.

DONALD J. TRUMP – we call you out as a murderer, a thief, a cheat, a liar, a corruptor of others for what you perceive as your own good and it is time for this to stop.  You are the illegitimate president of the United States – a position you attained by lying, cheating, corrupting others and conspiring with those like you to add to the world’s evil so you and those working with you could attain power over others and worldly goods.

You have only a very short time to live and you need to spend that time repenting for how you have spent what started off as a precious life intended to change the world for good, but you were not up to the task so you changed your life’s goals and have brought instead to all of those who hear your voice a misery that they do not deserve.  You have made a pact with evil and are carrying out your promise to that evil being in a way much stronger than you could have carried out what you were put on earth to do for good.

When you agreed to remain silent and back the brutal murderer of Khashoggi your fate was sealed.  Forgiveness is available to all of us.  At that point, in your life and your journey  – forgiveness was taken away from you.  The intentionality with which you forged ahead and carried out your commitment to promote and back the person who committed that brutal murder, which further encouraged him in the path he then took knowing he had your backing, closed the doors to forgiveness, to love, to grace.  In addition to no forgiveness, you shall live the rest of your life without love.  There is nothing so painful as living on this earth without love.

You will walk this earth on hot coals in bare feet for an eternity.  You will see others as you walk, but only a few will be able to see you.  You will see Hitler, Stalin, and all those like them who went before and the pain you feel when you see them will each time overwhelm you.  Any who try to give you succor or comfort will feel so much pain they will back away and never acknowledge you again.  You will meet Roy Cohn again.  You will see him, but he will not be able to see you.  He asked forgiveness before he died so his way as he passes you is not nearly as horrible as your way.  His youth, as one of the oppressed peoples of the world, turned his adulthood into one filled with evil doings, but something came back to him.    – After you took everything you could from him and then rejected and turned your back on him – that flash we all have before death where he saw his life caused him to say “please, forgive me.”  You will also see Joseph McCarthy, but alas he will not be able to see you.  He caused much pain and agony to others unnecessarily, but his brain and soul, adled with alcohol and drugs for most of his adult life, helped to cause much of what he did as he struggled to break free in a long hysterical scream.  But you – you saw, you understood, and you patterned your life after the evil you saw in other people.  The good was never within your ability to understand, but you grasped the evil quickly, almost from birth.

To agree to be a participant in another’s brutal murder is that step forward from which you cannot return and you have taken that step.  You emboldened a child of God to murder, in a horrific way, one of God’s own, who God held close because of his truthfulness and the road which he trod, willingly, to bring others to see, hear and live the life God chose for us all.

YOU REJECTED GOD DECADES AGO (“The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want) when you decided you would want for nothing in this earthly sphere because you would provide for yourself and you would do whatever it took to gain power, control and wealth.  No green pastures for you – cement walls, casino games, roulette wheels, stealing bits and pieces from others all through that time of your life.

Great fountains of your own creation, water gurgling up in your hotels. (God restoreth my soul). When you walk through the valley of the shadow of death you will fear greatly because all of the beauty and goodness and light of that valley will disappear and in its place will be every gruesome monster, pit of fire, hellish horribilius that exists and you will have to walk through it to the other side, which will be even worse.

(Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death  I will fear no evil; for thou, God, art with me)

You created your life.  You continue to destroy and make more difficult the lives of others.  You extend yourself wherever you can if you see a chance to bring another human being into the evil in which you live.  And you do so much more.  That does not happen without a price to pay and you have arrived at that point where it is too late to turn around and to turn away – the price you have set forth for yourself will only grow larger as you continue to walk in the way of evil.

Those who walk with you, (Thou, God, prepares a table before me) hoping for earthly power and goodies in return need to be aware of what they are doing to their lives.  When a woman starts to talk about lynchings and other kinds of evil preparing the path for you to walk with her when you arrive to speak for her in Mississippi has a price tag.  (Thou annointest my head with oil). You have only an empty cup, but the power she seeks, with your help, comes at an incredibly high price – which she is more than willing to pay.  All those who listen to you and her and cheer, also acquire a price tag they have to pay.  All of those kind of things you have done in the past have all been gathered together along with the people you drew into your orbit.


A voice says “Cry out”

I answer, “What shall I cry out?”

“All humankind is grass and all their glory like the flowers of the field.

The grass withers, the flower wilts, when the breath of God blows upon it

Though the grass withers and the flower wilts the word of God stands forever.”

God is just and continues the chain of tradition that binds generation to generation

God’s love and justice is being established on this earth and God’s peace pervades the world.

“I am the resurrection and the life, says our God

Those who believe in me shall live, even though they die,

And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die….

Have you now known? Have you not heard? God is the everlasting God

God does not faint or grow weary, God’s understanding is unsearchable.

God gives power to the faint and to those who have no might God increases their strength.

Those who wait upon God shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles,

they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.

When I think of Khashoggi’s death I think of these words of Scripture………

“unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat; but if it dies it produces much fruit.  ……Yet what should I say?  God, save me from this hour?  But it was for this purpose that I came to this hour.  God, I glorify your name.”  Then a voice came from heaven………….



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DRAFT DODGER as Commander in Chief

Saturday, November 3rd, 2018

Donald Trump has a long list of ways he has violated the “norm.”  It seems as though he is president to upheaval this country and deliver it into the hands of the fascist leaders of the world.  To be one with them is the goal?  If it is he is certainly succeeding admirably.  Most recently he modified one of the ten commandments – “Thou shalt not kill”.  Compromise – if you didn’t hold the gun which shot 11 Jews at prayer;  if you didn’t attempt to break into a black church to kill those inside; if you didn’t hold the gun which killed two African Americans which was your fall back position from killing in houses of worship;  if you didn’t put the rope around Khashoggi’s neck; if you didn’t wield the bone saw which dismembered Khashoggi then you really didn’t kill?  Somehow, my bible doesn’t say that – it has a very opposite view, especially in the New Testament – if you even as much as hold such a thought against your neighbor you are guilty of the act.  And don’t most of you claim to hold to the teachings of the New Testament?

Trump has dodged the draft many times.  His “bone spur” excuse is a well known joke.  What happens when a serial draft dodger becomes president?

He calls the troops into action – the same number as were called up to fight a serious war in, for example, Afghanistan.  He gives them orders to shoot if brown and black immigrants trying to cross the border to ask for asylum throws a rock at any one of them.  That also gives them the authority to turn the “Caravan” of destitute people into a shooting gallery.

He takes the troops away from their families during the holidays for a very frivolous, political cause.  He uses the troops the way his fascist dictator friends use their troops – for his own aggrandizement and to maintain his personal power.  He takes them away from training which they need and he costs the country millions of dollars to satisfy his need for power, control, greed and to practice his bigotry against those desperate families who walked over 1,000 miles to get away from the horror of their lives hoping countries including the United States would welcome the refugee.  Not in America, however.

Historically?  We did the same thing when Jews escaping Germany at the end of the Nazi terror needed a place to go.  We saw them on overcrowded ships which were practically sinking and turned our backs.  We did, however, take in the scientists and others who could promote America and help make her wealthier.  We have still not acknowledged that those Jews who did manage to get into this country even though destitute, poverty stricken, no to little education made amazing contributions to American society.

What else does he do? He demands a parade – a military parade like the ones put on by the likes of Kim Jong Un and other such dictators to show their personal power and strength and to deter their citizens from deposing them and from rioting because they are starving.  He planned a military parade for November 11th – a show during which he would stand in the middle as president of this mighty, military country and let his messiah complex out into the light at its full.  Tax payers would pay the bill of the multi-millions of dollars with no benefit to themselves.  Our military, used in ways it never has been in the past – by a draft dodger who becomes Commander in Chief.

That is just the tip of the iceberg.

All of you folks planning to vote for Donald Trump’s people and causes on November 6th.  You know the above is true.  You also knew before you voted him in as president – helping Russia to install the man in the presidential chair in the United States for the benefit of all the fascist dictatorships around the world – that he was unqualified both emotionally and by the way he conducted his life before declaring his candidacy, but you voted for him anyway.  Why?  Because you are people who want to bring in the kind of government Germany had under Hitler.  That is your dream – including the part where those who were or thought you were of the ” Aryan race” would be above everyone else and use and abuse the rest of your society for your own gain – ego, economic, et al.

You knew and today know even in more depth that:

Trump is a sexual assaulter.  He admitted that on tape.  You heard him talk about being able to sexually assault any woman he so desired.  Yet you voted for him.

Trump steals from tens of thousands of people to have money for himself.  You knew that because you knew about all of his bankruptcies where he built without concern for return on his money because he only had to file bankruptcy, walk away with multi-millions and have the business and building hard working people sacrificed to build for him thinking they would be paid and in many cases they lost businesses they had built, some for more than one generation.  Yet you voted for him.

Trump lies and you heard many of his lies before you walked into the voting booth to attempt to vote him in as president.  You knew what he was saying was lied and You knew about Trump University – those, even amongst your friends, who again sacrificed much to have an education and to move up financially in this society by paying the substantial amounts of money Trump University demanded and for which they gave back nothing.  Yet you voted for him.

You knew about Trump’s involvement in the mafia.  His casinos, his family history in the KKK, his father’s partnership with mafia to gain the foothold and the money he accumulated over his lifetime.  You also knew that about Donald Trump.  Yet you voted for him.

You knew about his involvement and his learning at the foot of Joe McCarthy and McCarthyism and you knew about how Roy Cohn – an anti-semitic Jew mentored Trump and you also knew how badly Trump treated Roy Cohn after Cohn was responsible for helping to bring Trump from Queens to doing business in Manhattan and supported Trump during the rest of Cohn’s life.  And yet you voted for him.  You didn’t ask – if this is how he treated his friends, supporters and mentors how will he treat us?  Yes, you voted for him.

You knew his reputation in New York.  It goes on for decades and is well documented – none of it good.  Yet you voted for him.

You white evangelical christians knew about Trump’s adultery.  You knew about his morals which were in the gutter.  You knew a lot more about how Trump violated and still violates everything you claim to believe in and yet you compromised your God and your religion to support him. I should not be surprised because those are the same kind of compromises you made over the years as you built Churches – called them Christian – and made sure Blacks were not allowed into your sanctuaries.

You knew all of the conspiracy theories Trump created to attempt to destroy African Americans – especially the African American president.  But he did not stop there.   Trump went on to attempt to have the Central Park 5 executed  by the state when they were innocent and had committed no crime.  He spent a good deal of time and money after they were exonerated, had spent time in jail for a crime they did not commit,  Trump knowing that still spent much time and money trying to get them executed.  Killed by the state for being black? And after all that, Trump continued making sure as many people as possible turned against these innocent African American young men.  And yet you voted for him.

Since he has been president you have seen and heard Trump lie – every single day – about some of the smallest things and go on to lie to manipulate you for his advantage and mostly for your disadvantage.  Over 6,000 deliberate lies to gain power, control and riches at your expense.  And yet you voted for him.

Since he has been president he could have nominated someone to the U. S. Supreme Court who was conservative and someone who was also an upstanding citizen of whom you could be proud and know that person was doing their best for you and yours.  Instead, he nominated a man credibly accused of sexual assault – just like Trump – and who had a very questionable history which included years of public drunkenness and worse, showing he was not the person you would want on the U. S. Supreme Court.  You may not feel that touches you, but when you need the Court to be fair and judge without the bigotry Kavanaugh has shown with his clear inability to control his emotions or all of the anger and ugliness in his background you will wish you had considered and not let your need to be better than and vote in someone who would maintain your better than status in this society, but had opted for a better result which did not demand the United States Supreme Court as Donald Trump has done and quite intentionally so.

There is nothing greater than being with people who you feel equal to and who feel equal to you.  It is a freedom like no other.

That is far away from where Trump has lived his life and far away from where he is taking this society.  The theft, lies, murder that has happened under Trump’s time in office is off the charts.  And still you are there supporting him.

What is it you are hiding?  How much like Trump are you and what will you do if left to your tiki torches?

I would say good luck to you and vote your conscience on Tuesday.  However, from what I have seen you don’t have a conscience just an ability to rationalize and justify the most horrible things if you feel they benefit you and make you over and better than everybody else.  However, who will be with you when you discover you have been taken advantage of and destroyed in ways that makes what happened to the Central Park 5, Christine Ford and all the others look pale by comparison to what happens to you.

Your “president” is now threatening violence if his people and his causes don’t win on Tuesday.  This is who you voted for in 2016?  This is who you follow today?  This is who you support?  This is not a little evil.  This is evil like that which happened 2000 years ago when Jesus was crucified. Remember him?  The one you are turning into a fool with your worship of Trump?  The one whose teachings you have abandoned for the lies of Trump?

Don’t you think it is time for you to let your knees hit the floor and beg God’s forgiveness?  Not just for Trump – he is only the latest and his sins and the sins of his co-conspirators are small and only a tip of the iceberg.  But for those sins you and yours have been committing since way before slavery.

May God forgive you!


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