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Loved the Weight Blog!

Friday, April 8th, 2016

It is past time for us to get real about our health, beauty and especially to stop the game playing with our weight.

I follow all of your recommendations and add one more.  No soap on your body ever of any kind.

I know that is sacrilege to most, but I have not used soap to shower, shave, or anything else.  If I am especially dirty in any one spot I use organic apple cider vinegar to clean up.

The most aging thing I have found – next to alcohol and drugs – is soap.

Usually one hears – no alcohol – in a religious context.  In reality it is more appropriate and real in a health and beauty context.  I gave up even a glass of wine a day in the evenings after looking at my neighbor who does not smoke – nor drink alcohol – nor takes drugs, not even aspirin.  I can’t believe how young she looks and we are the same age.  She also has no problems getting around and sometimes I have to drag my body because it is stiff and not ready to activate.

keep up this conversation, it is one we all need.


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