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What is the Abortion fight really about? Why has it surfaced now?

Monday, July 25th, 2022

We are living in a very racist/sexist society which is changing from majority white northern european male in charge of everything; better than everybody; all accolades go to them and etc.

That is changing and the society is becoming more “diverse”. There are women and minorities coming along who don’t take kindly to living in a society which oppresses them and they are beginning to have the tools and opportunities to change this way of organizing society. They see another vision and have started to work towards it.

When Harvard University – that trend setting lifestyle of a place – is apologizing and beginning to make amends for having used human beings as slaves to build its institution you know basic change is happening.

Society itself is changing its makeup to the point where it will soon be majority-minority. In other words there will be more folks we now class as “minority” than there will be white northern european “upper class” males.

We elect Barack Obama and the United States goes crazy. We still are out there melting down showing where we really are by making sure Obama does not have influence after his presidency. We elected Donald Trump to make a statement and to keep this society from turning “black.”

Women are beginning to show their mettle. You see women in many areas which were just male not too many years ago. What you also see is that in many of these areas the women are “outshining” the men. That means women will be out there taking over more top jobs; making inroads into places they were excluded from and took upon themselves the burden of self-exclusion and blocking other women who did not see being feminine as thew goal, but being feminist as a better way to go.

The political and other efforts in this society today are to keep that from happening. Roe v Wade is the one in front of us today deflecting us from the job we need to do and we are allowing that to happen. Our signs read as though Roe v Wade is about babies being aborted when it is really about bringing back the extreme oppression of women.

We took a big step in that direction when we appointed the current Supreme Court with decades before that happened somehow ignoring and moving on to things other than codifying Roe v Wade into our laws. Those who participated in that major move are just as guilty as today’s Supreme Court in making sure women are and will remain for generations seriously oppressed at the beck and call of the ‘master.’

Todays Supreme Court is ready to roll back everything which grants equality to the wrong groups of people. Roe v Wade was responsible for a good deal of the movement we have seen in women today, which is why.the big discussion and fight today is over Roe v Wade. When that fight has been won, where to go next – Brown v Board of Education? You can see the groundwork for reversing Brown being put in place today with several states putting in place very racist educational agendas. The fight against those agendas will produce the ground on which this Supreme Court will very casually overturn Brown v Board of Education.

We need to fight for what is right and put the reasons out front. We are not doing that with Roe V Wade. We are talking about the “lives of babies not yet born”; we are talking about “murdering the unborn; we are talking about that kind of thing when that is really not the issue. Keeping women barefoot, bare breast and pregnant has been a joke for many decades. That is what the fight is about to overturn and wipe away any possibility of women having abortions. Life and death is not the issue in Roe v Wads; the unborn child is the least of our concern.. Keeping women oppressed is what it is all about. Especially when you look at and hear those who want to make sure there are NO exclusions – not rape, not incest, not anything. That is the only way to block women from continuing on the road they are now traveling. Throw blocks and rocks on that road and the biggest block of all is “no access to abortion for anyone.”

Now – lets move on to overturning Brown v Board of Education. I think that will happen – if we continue on this road – in about 2024.

J. P. Morgan Chase Bank – institutional Racism?

Tuesday, July 19th, 2022

Chase Bank recently came to Boston and set up offices around the area. They organized and internalized what they needed to succeed in this New England area. That includes internalizing the extreme racism of the area.

What is it like to be African American in these United States? We talk about addressing racism and wanting to eliminate it in this country. In fact, most of the people I know could not survive without their wrap of “better than” which helps them get up in the mornings and get through their day.

Keep reading and you will understand the day to day horribleness of being African American in the United States. For this article, in the New England area. Everyone dumps because they need to feel “better than”. After the dumping comes the denials. You – African American Male and/or Female – are not supposed to understand that system. If you do, you should keep your mouth shut because the only thing that will come of speaking up – speaking out – asking for change – demanding change when the ask is ignored and you are being viciously treated, is more horribleness.

Chase, in the deep south, was our bank. We used other banks in New England before Chase moved in and had horrible experiences. We came to Chase because we decided to go where we were known – into the deep south – and open our accounts in that part of the world. We were doing business there so we were able to open bank accounts there.

All of the banking problems we were experiencing in New England stopped when we took our banking business down south. We had a reprieve of a decade or more until Chase Bank decided to open branches in this New England area.

All the problems plus a few more, which initially caused us to take our banking to our old home town, re-surfaced when Chase moved into New England.

This article outlines one of the problems. Articles which follow will outline others – “Banking while Black” should be the title of this series.

Chase Bank, for whatever reason, stopped sending us our monthly corporate bank statements with copies of cancelled checks. That service was supposed to be a normal part of the banking relationship.

They stopped sending us statements for 2 1/2 years.

We called and called and the response was always the same – when you give us a new address that shows you moved, we will start sending your bank statements again.

Being persistent, we went back and forth for months trying to get our corporate bank statements. Finally, we filed a complaint with the Banking Commissioner. They notified Chase of the complaint and told them to send our statements from the month they stopped to the current month.

Chase did the minimum. They sent the statements without copies of the cancelled checks, which we needed for our corporate records. After several calls and another complaint to the Banking Commission we finally received the complete corporate statements which we should have been receiving over the past 2 1/2 years.

We spent lots of time trying to get these statements. We lost a lot. I could go on for another page about the damages, but you can imagine that part. Chase’s response – not even an apology. No one could find a reason as to why this happened. It struck me that we live in a neighborhood which has been redlined for decades. When the persons we spoke to trying to get our statements sent to us all said “when you send us a new address we will start sending your statements again”. That resonated on a very racist level. That is the kind of ‘policy’ which resonates in the deep south, but this is New England.

Of course, the bank person who responded to us first read a statement which said in affect “Chase does not discriminate on any level for any reason.” We laughed about that because it was so ridiculous.

Institutional racism plagues corporate America. To read such a statement and make such a blatant claim and to expect us to believe that was beyond ridiculous. It was mean, evil and meant to maintain institutional racism. If they are so perfect and do not discriminate then anyone who makes a complaint has lost before the ink on the complaint is dry. It is the ultimate denial. It says – to paraphrase – don’t tell us about the claimed discrimination you think you experienced because we will not address it we are perfect in that respect and this statement attests to that fact.

What is institutional racism? One definition is – there is personal racism experienced by minorities from someone white who feels better than. If that person does the discriminating within a bank from the perch of their job it is still personal racism. When a complaint is made and there has been discrimination and the institution backs its employees instead of addressing the discrimination – that makes it racism with the institution responsible – a form of institutional racism. There is more to the definition than that, however, that is one part of it.

That is one incident. There are many more. Too many for your emotions to take in one reading. We will add the rest one at a time as the Bettina Network journal goes out.

What a Trial the Donaldson/Bennett’s have endured. Did we tell you about the attack on them by Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue? Which is still going on?

Saturday, July 9th, 2022

All timed to make sure huge dumps on them happened at the same time. It is the same kind of “dump” which happens to many of the elderly when their assets are being targeted by those who want to lock them up and have access to those assets before the next generation is helped by such.

The Donaldson/Bennetts’ have filed joint tax returns from the first year of their marriage until now. I think that is over 30 years.

Several things happened with their tax returns when Rev. Dr. Bennett was being hauled out of his home by the Cambridge police and the attempt to take over his life happened by the Cambridge Elder and Protective Services for no reason except maybe greed?

A tax return was filed by someone within the Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue in the name of Robert Bennett. It was an individual tax return about which he knew nothing and which was a total disgrace. It is still sitting within the Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue and they are still trying to collect taxes not due. In fact, more than one years tax return was so filed and that happened even after both Dr. Bennett and Marceline Donaldson contacted the Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue to say this is some kind of mistake. So, there are two tax returns filed for the same year with identical social security numbers – one the joint return filed by Dr. Bennett with his wife; the other this individual tax return which the Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue is still trying to collect even though they know it is fake. They know about the joint tax returns. In fact, even the joint tax return which is the same year as the fake returns had massive inaccuracies. Those inaccuracies happened after the returns were filed and were within the Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue system. One was corrected when they contacted the taxpayer advocate and when an investigation happened it was discovered that someone working for the Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue entered a loss as a gain and a gain as a loss – by mistake.

Some other time the “mistake” might ring true. When all of this is happening at the same time we do not believe this was a “mistake.” The good news is it was corrected. Other “mistakes” remain and apparently there is no intention to correct them, just ruin the Donaldson/Bennett’s credit to help prevent them from being able to obtain a mortgage on their home.

Taxes are one way used to attempt to destroy an African American family living in a “redlined’ area. The goal when they are buying is to keep them out. The goal when they are selling is to keep the price as low as possible to give the white family moving in a “steal.”

That story is for another blog – with pictures.

Akron, Ohio – Highland Park, Illinois – Ukraine

Tuesday, July 5th, 2022

The above refers to three related happenings, which we do not connect.

There is much talk today, on the major media sites, about the horrible shooting in Akron, Ohio. It was a horrible shooting, but we talk about it as though it stands apart from Ukraine and Highland Park, Illinois. It is not separate from, it is a part of. All three and many more are talked about as though they are not related.

When the list of horrible shootings is given, they exclude the brutality and shootings which have given the green light to those doing the Highland Park shooting. The day before many in Highland Park settled down along the parade route to watch the July 4th parade, some 60 bullets were pumped into one man’s body by the police who are hired and paid to protect the society. Want a shock to your system? Look up the history of the police. Why were they founded. What for were they organized, etc.

It was, apparently a traffic stop and the man so shot was unarmed when he was shot. He was running away from the police for reasons only he now knows because he was killed.

The anger against African Americans is so intense in this society that whatever happened at the scene of that shooting raised that anger to a level which brought the many police, at the scene, into harmony on what they should do immediately to remove a threat to their identity.

What happened in Akron, Ohio is not equated to what happened in Highland Park, but the Highland Park type shootings will not stop, no matter what kind of laws are passed or not passed until we admit where the violence is coming from in this country. You cannot stop and correct that which you refuse to acknowledge as truth.

The day before Highland Park happened the green light was flashed into the eyes of and all over whoever did those shootings and all over those who saw what that person did as good. That green light – that huge spotlight was turned on and flashed across the country by the police who put those 60 plus bullets into the body of one African American. Someone saw that green light and acted on it in Highland Park, Illinois.

Is there something about African Americans which requires such massive violence? Are African Americans so strong, powerful, evil and such a danger that they have to be exterminated as quickly as possible and that extermination is allowed by all of us?

In America, we don’t need Concentration Camps – we have our signals that go out to those paying attention, giving them messages on what they have to do. The Highland Park killings came after the Akron Ohio killing gave the ‘go ahead’ signal.

We don’t want to deal on that level. We want to list the killings that come from places like Highland Park and others as different from those that come from Akron, Ohio and all similar places. They are all the same and instead of concentrating and lamenting our lack of laws controlling the weapons of mass destruction – as those used in these killings – we need to highlight and remove the police killings which are giving the go ahead sign to those who then come along into Highland Park and feel totally in the right as they do their thing with dozens shot and many killed.

Open our eyes, God, that we may see our contribution to such violence. Help us to put out in public, constantly, the history which has led to what is happening today. Mostly, Lord, help us to see that connection so the possibility for change can come.

We are trying to cover all of that up and in some places are even trying to make exposing such history a crime. Help us, O God, to see our own involvement and our own guilt as we go about our daily lives. Ukraine, Russia, Highland Park, Akron Ohio are all caused by the same people. They are all caused because some of us let out the evil we all share and the rest of us turn a blind eye to some, condemn others and refuse to speak the truth.

Those of us who let out our evil by condemning some acts of violence and reduce others to a foot note are just as guilty as those who pull the trigger resulting in children and so many others being killed. Help us in at least this one instance to understand the connection between the police turning a street into a bowling alley where the bowling balls are bullets and the target is a young African American man who is killed – and after we play with stories to get the one which makes the police look less guilty and shove the real guilt onto the victim, intervene in all of this dear God or we are all condemned.

How to Mitigate your Trash!

Saturday, July 2nd, 2022

What a topic! We are now a society which has to manage its trash. We should be ashamed that we have put together and are living a lifestyle where our trash can hurt us and others; takes up much of the world as we export it to other countries to let them handle what we throw away; think nothing about it – just dump wherever, whenever.

Household trash costs us a lot of money to manage. Just think – some companies have a John Doe working for them who is Vice President of Trash. CEO of Junk Removal. President of Trash Collection – all because we don’t want to have to live a more prudent, clean, thoughtful life.

Your trash collection program starts at the grocery store. PLASTICS. I heard, sometime ago, don’t know where I was at the time, that the plastics industry originated and is now owned and managed by the mafia. Don’t know which one. Maybe there is a mafia community group made up of representatives of the Irish, Italian, Black, Indian, Asian, Mafia. They get together periodically to decide how to split the enormous profits generated by the plastics industry. Could be just a rumor.

At the grocery store you decide during each trip what to buy. Your decision on what to buy, hopefully, is colored by what the containers are like that encase the food you choose. Minimus containers are what we choose. Somehow, we will find what is in those incredible creations of plastic someplace else is some covering which is easy to dispose.

Baked cakes, etc. are big violators of the environment. They now come in plastic boxes with big tops to keep those who handle the cakes from crushing their product before it reaches your hands.

Try disposing of those containers. We wash every container before throwing it out. Sometimes you have to soak the “plate” part of the cake containers before throwing them out. When you do that you will find that sometimes there are three and four layers of cardboard, plastic and paper that have to be washed. Cake pieces, especially icing, will get between those layers and make your job more difficult. And then you have to dispose of those tall tops – shaped like the tops of elegant buildings. We even find that many cookies and other flat pastries now come with such tops. To give the cookies room to breathe? How are we supposed to dispose of such – and once we do, will it take several lifetimes for the plastic domes to disintegrate or do they last forever!

And then there are the water bottles. Water, water, everywhere and none to drink. Tens of thousands of water bottles – all plastic – everywhere you look. In the mornings, as I leave the house I have to pick up two or three such bottles which have been thrown in my garden. What am I supposed to do with other folks garbage?

We are really old. So old that we remember decades ago when water in bottles that you would carry with you first became a “thing”. In those days there were still warnings about drinking water in plastic bottles. Enough of the plastic would melt into the water making it dangerous if we drank too much water from those plastic bottles. Later came warnings about drinking water from plastic bottles which sat out in the sun too long. Today, those warnings are about destroying the earth with all of those plastic bottles.

We started drinking Mountain Valley Water at that point. It was the only bottled water we could find in glass bottles. That works fantastically well if you drink one or two bottles a month. Otherwise, other kinds of problems crop up. When we returned the Mountain Valley Water bottles to the store to get our deposit back we felt really good. We felt as though we were doing our part to save the environment. And then we learned they did not go back to the manufacturer to be washed and refilled with water to be put out for sale again. They just got picked up by the hauling company that picked up the grocers garbage and thrown out just like the plastic bottles.

And then there are the newspapers. Only here begains a solution to the “trash” problem. As your newspapers collect, keep them very clean and neatly stacked and when you go out take a stack with you to be dropped off at Estate Sales. They are in everybody’s neighborhood and are always looking for wrapping papers for the fragile items they sell. You can look up the estate sale locations – try “estate sales.net”, go a little out of your way and drop them at the closest place having a sale. You can do the same in spring, summer and fall at your neighborhood “garage sale” or other kind of related sales. They will be most grateful. What you have done is passed on to those who buy items wrapped in your newspapers the problem of disposing of the old, now crushed papers they have from their purchases. Of course, another way to do this is to save your newspapers and drop them off at the home of one of your neighbors who frequents estate sales.

Food waste, of course, goes down the disposal, except for those items for which your disposal is not rated to accept and then you have to look around and find other ways to dispose of that waste.

This gets really complicated. And then there is the waste from corporations and manufacturing companies and energy companies and, O God how did we get here? Can’t we find another way to live without such waste problems, which are increasing exponentially by the hour?

How do you dispose of your waste? Let us know. We are looking – and so are others – to turn our waste into something usable instead of throwing out so much. Do we need major lifestyle changes? Our ethical base updated? Our caring for others re-upped? What!

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