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Declassify and Tweet the Pee Pee Tapes, NOW! And other related subjects!

Sunday, May 26th, 2019

Ed.Note: We have several communications from members of Bettina Network’s Lifestyle Community which we share with you below. Your feedback is appreciate via email to: bettina-network@comcast.net

Person One:

With all that is going on with declassifying – it is time to release the Pee Pee Tapes. If you have such and/or, in the spirit of the Trump-released-Nancy- Pelosi-distortion-video, you should feel free to creat distortions to show such tapes. It is time for you to tweet them to the world. Trump attempts to create fear because that is his area of substantial vulnerability. Lets turn the tables. Congress can’t do it, but you, individual citizen, can exercise your creativity and let it loose for all to see.

Have I really reached such a low point? Yes! It is time for good people to act. What happened when good people did nothing? Hitler’s Germany happened.

If you receive responses Bettina, we hope you will share them through this blog.

Person Two:

Have you read about Trump and Mnuchin trying to keep Andrew Jackson on the twenty dollar bill? Jackson, the man who was the chief architect of the Trail of Tears, which killed thousands of Native Americans and wrecked the lives of the rest; the man who was responsible for many other such atrocities, who should have been removed from U. S. currency decades ago, but instead is being kept on the $20 bill because of Trump, Mnuchin and their friends seeing him as a better person representing the U. S. history instead of replacing him with a heroine who spent her life helping slaves reach freedom through leading them from their slavery post to freedom; who was a spy for the Union Army saving many lives and helping to save the Union instead of committing treason the way Andrew Jackson did (maybe that is what Mnuchin, Trump and Jackson have in common).

Donald Trump’s need to do such is understandable when you look at his history and his family history – a father who worked with the KKK and as a young man Donald followed his father’s footsteps by refusing to rent apartments he and his father built to any “brown” person and so much more racism that portraying himself as a billionaire helped people around him “forget” or claim not to know.

We can make a response to this racist act of Trump and his administration and Bettina Network’s publications can help. I read and followed your advice on the Wells Fargo boycott. I am still passing that blog around to whoever I reach and with whom I interact. It gave me strength knowing that I am not helpless. It is not much, but please God help me to have the strength to do whatever I can no matter how small.

It is time to support Dano Wall – the artist who created the Harriet Tubman stamp. Whenever you have a $20 bill, before using or spending it put Tubman’s face on that bill. You can read more at including where to buy the stamps.


If you feel you don’t want to stamp each and every $20 bill you receive with Andrew Jackson on its face, then refuse to accept a $20 bill from anyone – any bank, any store, any person – don’t ever again accept a $20 bill unless it has been stamped with Harriet Tubmans face blotting out Andrew Jackson. I hope Bettina’s will call such a boycott. You have lots of followers and it is time for such to happen. As a member of Bettina Network’s Lifestyle Community I ask that you take this action.

Person Three

Have any of you noticed or have information about the Attorney General appointed by Donald Trump – the illegitimate president of these United States – being in collusion with Pence pushing this anti-abortion movement? With the rumor being that it is in collusion with Opus Dei – a group to whom both Barr and Pence may belong or at least be hangers on at the fringe? It is a long complicated process to become a member of Opus Dei and their political careers would never stand them being outed as a real member.

Do any of you have information about Bill Barr’s connection to Opus Dei? The rumors of a close connection are strong in my part of the world. We have seen several comments and read brief articles from people who claim this new emergence of a very strong move to make a religious belief, anti-abortion, a part of the United States Government structure is only the beginning of having the Opus Dei belief system installed as the belief system of the United States.

There are many reasons to impeach both Barr and Pence. With Barr, allegedly aligned with a group to infiltrate and bring about its goals through using and changing the U. S. Government structures ought to be number one. I might not know how to phrase this, but it is quite serious if we have a man who is called Attorney General of these United States and is using the powers of that office having been illegitimately appointed to bring about a Catholic fringe group’s goals using this country – wiping out the constitutional separation of church and state.

Opus Dei is not like the Jesuits. It has members who do some really strange things including physical atrocities to achieve their goals – some self-inflicted atrocities including mortification of the flesh – and other really gross ways of being in community. It is a secretive organization with strict requirements for membership.

Anti-abortion is one of their biggies and the way this is coming about in the United States with the draconian laws being passed screams of Opus Dei, especially with Barr in the picture and when you outline those involved in this new part of the anti-abortion movement, which is draconian, you see the hand of the Opus Dei movement all over it. The power that Barr is now able to exercise and the recent additions to that power given to him by Trump he can use to bring about a Spanish style 2019 inquisition in these United States.

Please note that these new anti-abortion laws have things like jail and execution for those who perform abortions on women and it will get worse before it gets better.

And also note that Pence’s strangeness about women – not meeting with a woman without his wife present, etc. goes right into the Opus Dei model. Pence claims that as adhering to the Billy Graham rule, in which husbands avoid spending time alone with women to whom they are not married, however, the way he practices it better fits the Opus Dei model.

Please don’t dismiss this as craziness nor as a conspiracy theory. It is real and the planning for worse is being done today. William Barr is up to his neck in this and he has helpers. Pence is also involved in a very quiet outside the spotlight way.

With a man who calls himself “President of the United States” – like Donald Trump, the door to the country is thrown wide open for people and groups to enter and wreck all kinds of havoc, as we have seen with the Russian interference in the 2019 election.



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