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A Japanese/New Orleans Creole Breakfast

Friday, March 4th, 2016

I stumbled onto this breakfast, but it is one of the best yet.

You do have to have a cosmopolitan taste for this – it is not ham, eggs and sweet breads.


Fresh, organic fruit – Satsuma Mandarins, if they are in season

Grits (See recipe in Bettina Cookbook in this blog).  Do not use anything other than organic grits and cook it according to the Bettina Cookbook recipe – or you will be disappointed.  Instead of great grits you will have something roughly akin to white starch – good for ironing, but not for eating.

This started out as Grits and Grillades, but it hopped off the train to New Orleans and jumped onto the one to Japan.  Not entirely Japanese, but there is a hint of the country in the middle of this New Orleans Creole breakfast and the combination is fantastic.

Cajun/Creole/Japanese Style Grillades

This recipe will serve four people.  For more, you want to double or triple the amounts.

……Slice organic onions sort of thin.  For four people, one onion will do nicely

…….Slice an organic green pepper, also sort of thin

…….Slice organic garlic – several cloves, about four or five

Put the above three ingredients in a cast iron skillet in which you have melted organic expeller pressed coconut oil and let them fry together for several minutes.

……Add pork grillades (sold at Whole Foods – this is organic thinly sliced pork).  Grillades are ‘little pieces’.

……Stir and let cook a few minutes until pork turns from pink to brown

……Add organic Teriyaki Sauce to taste

……Stir and let cook another few minutes.

This is better served plated.  Serve your plates with grits in the middle and the pork Grillades mixture on top and around the sides.

This dish would have been Creole Grillades, but for the seasonings.  If I had put thyme, oregano, salt, red pepper as a seasoning instead of the Teriyaki, etc. the taste would have been very different.  It would have been Grillades from a middle-class New Orleans Creole family.

If, in addition to the above Creole seasonings I added chopped tomatoes and let the dish cook a few minutes so the different ingredients would merge – or better still, cook it the day before and just heat it up for breakfast, that would have been Grillades from an upper-class New Orleans Creole family.

The difference?  The addition of tomatoes.

Add biscuits and you have an outstanding breakfast.

For dessert – serve organic fig preserves to put in the biscuits.

For a biscuit recipe – see Bettina’s Cookbook.  Only with this Menu use only organic Whole Wheat Pastry flour for the biscuits.  They will be light, fluffy and have a taste you just can’t put your finger on, especially if you add a bit of grated nutmeg to the flour before adding the rest of the ingredients – if you are on the road to Japan.


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