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Supreme Court Nominee – Amy Barrett. Really!!!

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

Amy Barrett is a woman being appointed to the Supreme Court who does not believe in the equality of women.  Equality does not happen when one lives in a community and one’s first loyalty is to the content and structure of that organization giving deference and obeisance to men. In this case living under the board of governors who can only and always be men.  

In Ms. Barrett’s case, her entire life is structured around the concept of women always under the authority of men.   She has accepted that and lives with it as her life’s mantra.  It is not spiritually or emotionally possible to then have a job outside that community which requires you to be a person who sees others as equals.

She believes a career in the law is a means to the end of serving God.   God, the way she lives in that concept, is one who structures society with men on top and women in, at best, secondary – lesser people who cannot handle the responsibilities given to that male board of governors.

Someone who has purposefully elected to be a part of a community such as People of Praise should not get a pass to rise in other groups where their community beliefs can be set aside to make decisions which are disparate to what they are taught and teach and live by in this community. Their tendency will be to undermine that group to which they do not belong as a lifestyle choice so that it becomes and its members become a part of POP.

Human beings cannot do that without waking up the evil side of their lives, which will increasingly become the side they use to make decisions in their vocation outside of POP.   Your life beliefs – especially if they are as strong as those in People of Praise and as different from the concept of this Republic called the United States as is the lifestyle demanded by the People of Praise  – do come into account and totally influence your decisions.

Barrett does not see herself in an equal marriage.  Her husband is the head of the family.  This is re-enforced by the larger community in which she lives, works, breaths.  That community  is headed by an all male board of governors and women are identified as those who cannot serve on that board of governors. Their lives are lived on a very secondary plane because they do not have what is necessary to take on that first level?

Its institutional structure, economically, is one of a communist organization or a very  developed socialist organization on its way to being communist.

To be fine with women excluded from the highest leadership positions says a lot about how she would rule as a Supreme Court Justice.  The economic lifestyle of her life group also says how she would rule if she were confirmed.

To question Amy Barrett on her membership in the People of Praise and her ability to be a justice who sees equality as the guiding principle of the U.  S. Constitution is not questioning her on the Catholic religion since People of Praise is a non-denominational paraChurch group.

It is totally like Donald Trump and his beliefs in the inferiority of women and their use as objects to have appointed someone like Amy Barrett to the Supreme Court.  To have someone with the belief system of people of praise as a Supreme Court Justice is one way to destroy and undermine the Supreme Court as Trump has done to the other parts of the u. S. Government.

How much money is he receiving and from what quarters to make this decision.

This is an extremely authoritarian group where each one reports to someone higher up and there are no secrets and no decisions made solely by one person – apparently, even in their career.   Who plus Amy Barrett would occupy her seat on the Court?

Republicans has gone into fits and one of the worse threats possible seems to be the threat of having someone in government in these United States – either elected or appointed – who lives in a Socialist and/or Communist political structure, especially someone at the top with major influence. 

Donald Trump has made it his choice to appoint people in high places who would contribute to the downfall and destruction of the Republic of the United States and who would most likely be instrumental in replacing that Republic with a very authoritarian, fascist system.  This nomination of Amy Barrett to the Supreme Court is no exception.

Bill Barr – the Attorney General is either closely affiliated with or a member of Opus Dei – a group which encourages its members to promote their faith through their everyday lives.

They live in a controlled environment and all the while Opus Dei hides behind the Catholic Church.” It is claimed they are not free to make their own decisions.

Mike Pence is a member of a similar group and it may be the People of Praise.  He has not identified the group to which he belongs, but what we have gleaned is that it is the same type of authoritarian, evangelical/catholic group which requires the same kind of sell-out of the U. S. Republic as those apparently belonged to by Bill Barr and Amy Barrett, amongst others in the Trump government.

These are cultish groups.  Pence cannot meet alone with a woman without someone else present. Members do not make their own decisions, but have others pulling the strings of the people so appointed.  To have the president of the United States appointing people who have the tendencies that one must have to maintain membership in such groups is chilling.

It suits his extreme authoritarianism, but these United States were founded by people running away from such.  These appointments and others say much and go along with the type of person Donald Trump chooses to appoint and with whom he chooses to work.

Their economic structures are also all mostly communist.


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