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Bread Sticks Dessert for Breakfast

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

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These breakfast bread sticks are a really terrific after breakfast dessert which can be ‘knoshed’ on all day.
We discovered the recipe while having afternoon tea at Young Quinlan & Co., an elegant store in Minneapolis which, unfortunately, has been closed for a few decades.  It was a great place to shop when my children were small because bribing them with tea at Young Quinlan kept them behaving like little angels.
(If you have a picture of the store, please send it and we will put it at the top of this blog.  It deserves recognition and its place in our history. It is so sad that those kind of stores are moving fast into oblivion.  I remember Keller Zander, Godchaux’ and many more from my childhood.  They belong to my mind’s special “good” memory section because they all had something which allowed you to shop with your children and they would behave beautifully waiting for the store’s treat.  My grandmother took me all over town and I was glad to go to some boring places because of the treat waiting at the end.  I learned manners in the process because that special treat place always required good manners before and during whatever they offered, but it was always worth the effort.  And the treat was not a chance to pick one thing out of a bowl full of over-sugared lollipops or their equivalent.
My daughters would go with me to Minneapolis Symphony concerts because after the concert there was a treat with a symphony name waiting for them at the restaurant they saw featured on the Mary Tyler Moore Show – the one in back of the elevator on which she threw up her hat. They could sit overlooking the elevator, eating perfectly wicked food and feel really special.)
For the dessert breadsticks you will need:
A loaf of sliced organic bread – or your own home-baked bread sliced.  Your own home-baked bread is preferable, because it increases the great taste of these bread sticks and you can decide how thin or thick you want the bread sticks, which is great control for you to exercise.
lots of organic butter
organic sugar and cinnamon mixed together.  More of one or the other depending upon your taste buds.  Yes, our recipes require you to make choices instead of blindly following what other people tell you to do.  Close your eyes and taste and see where that leads you.  Probably into all kind of new things, new ideas, new life.
Start this recipe by melting a stick of butter (you will probably need more butter as you go along, but your inner health mechanism, activated by all the misleading marketing and public relations efforts against real butter, will go into high gear and you won’t enjoy the bread sticks as much if you start by melting a pound of butter all at once.)
next – you have an option – either cut off the crust of the bread for daintier breadsticks, or leave it on and cut each slice of bread into three long pieces.  For this dish, I personally prefer the bread cut into a rectangle with the crust removed because then I can look forward to letting the crust of the bread go stale to be used for “Pauli Murray’s Bread Pudding” found on this blog.
Dip each one of these “sticks” into the butter and coat it thoroughly.  Then drag it through the mixture of organic sugar and cinnamon.
Put the coated bread sticks on a steel or glass baking sheet, which has been buttered, so they don’t stick to the bottom (yes, yes, just get over your butter problem – anything organic from a cow which has been fed with organic feed and let roam in the sun in a pasture with good organically grown grass – is good for you.  All those experiments have been done with meat and milk from cows that have been shot full of antibiotics, pesticides and goodness knows what else – so is the health problem all the “extras” or the meat and milk from the cow?  WOW! Oprah – look at me, now that’s how to win over the cow people and the cow lobbyists.  All of you cow jocks, to thank me,  just send the check to the Bettina Network Foundation, Inc. and we will put it to good use.)
Bake for a long time at 225 degrees – a very low oven.  We bake for about 40 minutes.  You can bake longer or shorter times as your taste buds demand harder or softer breadsticks.  These are not good soft, they must be fairly stiff to really enjoy the combination of the butter and the cinnamon/sugar coating.

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