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What a Trial the Donaldson/Bennett’s have endured. Did we tell you about the attack on them by Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue? Which is still going on?

Saturday, July 9th, 2022

All timed to make sure huge dumps on them happened at the same time. It is the same kind of “dump” which happens to many of the elderly when their assets are being targeted by those who want to lock them up and have access to those assets before the next generation is helped by such.

The Donaldson/Bennetts’ have filed joint tax returns from the first year of their marriage until now. I think that is over 30 years.

Several things happened with their tax returns when Rev. Dr. Bennett was being hauled out of his home by the Cambridge police and the attempt to take over his life happened by the Cambridge Elder and Protective Services for no reason except maybe greed?

A tax return was filed by someone within the Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue in the name of Robert Bennett. It was an individual tax return about which he knew nothing and which was a total disgrace. It is still sitting within the Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue and they are still trying to collect taxes not due. In fact, more than one years tax return was so filed and that happened even after both Dr. Bennett and Marceline Donaldson contacted the Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue to say this is some kind of mistake. So, there are two tax returns filed for the same year with identical social security numbers – one the joint return filed by Dr. Bennett with his wife; the other this individual tax return which the Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue is still trying to collect even though they know it is fake. They know about the joint tax returns. In fact, even the joint tax return which is the same year as the fake returns had massive inaccuracies. Those inaccuracies happened after the returns were filed and were within the Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue system. One was corrected when they contacted the taxpayer advocate and when an investigation happened it was discovered that someone working for the Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue entered a loss as a gain and a gain as a loss – by mistake.

Some other time the “mistake” might ring true. When all of this is happening at the same time we do not believe this was a “mistake.” The good news is it was corrected. Other “mistakes” remain and apparently there is no intention to correct them, just ruin the Donaldson/Bennett’s credit to help prevent them from being able to obtain a mortgage on their home.

Taxes are one way used to attempt to destroy an African American family living in a “redlined’ area. The goal when they are buying is to keep them out. The goal when they are selling is to keep the price as low as possible to give the white family moving in a “steal.”

That story is for another blog – with pictures.

Roe V Wade – Another step closer to Adolf and his ilk!

Monday, June 27th, 2022

Two decisions came down from the Supreme Court – one day apart.

Looking at those decisions what strikes us is the fact that they show the Supreme Court of the United States is showing it is deep into “Situational Ethics.” Given that, they can overturn anything, make any ruling and they don’t have to hold to the Constitution or anything else except the convictions of those who support or supported their appointment to the Court.

Situational Ethics is what was the foundation of Hitlers Germany. We are now one step closer.

Trump brought us many steps closer with his extreme White Nationalist attitude and events. We are now moving along in that direction on our own. Many other decisions will be reversed before they tackle “Loving”, but it is clearly in their site.

A Series – Part ONE: Racism, Sexism and more…. – the structurally divided system we call the United States of America! But, it could also be called the World in Which We Live! This series will cover what maintains it in such an evil way with individual examples!

Friday, June 17th, 2022

We write and talk a lot about the bigotry of racism, sexism and so much more. We keep that talk on an institutional level. Very seldom do we write and talk with individual, real -true-to-life examples. That would interfere with our ability to deny – which is the foundation of what allows those structures to continue to exist. Start to talk about your real, true-to-life example of having experienced racism, sexism and all the rest and denial will immediately pop-up to explain away your real life experience. It is the most potent way we have of continuing bigotry’s existence. Raw, unwashed, in-your-face bigotry, maintained, continued, developed through denial.

We see denial being institutionalized in our educational system. Florida and the laws it is passing is an example. Those laws parallel the laws of old which made it a crime to teach slaves to read and write. Why criminalize something so seemingly harmless as teaching reading, writing and arithmetic? Because that was the beginnings of an effective way out of slavery. Today, we are trying to re-instituionalize a modernization of those criminal laws. Why? To maintain the “better than” in this society of white male northern-europeans peoples. And even to make a difference within that group of those who believe one way as against those who believe another. Bringing culture, religious beliefs and more into that “better than” equation.

Our world was rocked when we saw and got to know many of the victims of the bigotry against the elderly. We had seen bits and pieces of it pop-up, but to really experience the bigotry the elderly must live with, ignore and end their lives living in the most humiliating and vicious way – usually very broke after everything they worked all their lives to acquire – is an earth-shattering experience.

Society is structuring itself to maintain the elderly totally apart from the rest of world. That allows grifting, theft, physical – mental – medical – legal abuse to come to the forefront and happen with everyone looking on while denying what they are seeing and turning it into something positive. What is most annoying is that those doing this as the leaders of this pact are just like you and me. They look normal, talk normal, participate in their part of the world just like you and me with no one the wiser. They, however, begin to acquire wealth we don’t even give a thought as to from whence it has come.

We have published several articles on what happened to Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett and Marceline Donaldson. African Americans – Elderly – with fairly substantial assets. Mostly, what we published has been ignored except by those who experienced the same thing. We were surprised at how many elderly are experiencing this “putting the elderly into poverty” and then, let us use a small percentage of what is taken to keep them barely surviving and right under the nose of and with the approval of their families. Or, I should say because of the neglect of their families who are very, very busy. That is one real-life example which has uncovered many more. What we saw is that you don’t know when something like that will hit you. As a society we are taught “denial”. I am not my brother or sisters keeper – let them work it out on their own. That is our attitude towards bigotry of all kind. That is why it is so prevalent, long lasting and horrific in this society and in this world.

Guardianship is one evil in this society which has been practiced mostly against Jews, but is beginning to spread to other minorities as the wealth of different groups increases.

Murder of the youngest generation of minorities is happening because the numbers of minorities in this society are increasing and those who we refer to today as minorities are predicted to be the largest functioning group within a decade or so. How to cope and reverse that? Kill the children of these minorities. Well, you will get a few children of the majority group, but then Hitler targeted and killed Jews, but also included non-Jews to be most efficient and effective in his goal to remove Jews from the world. And the result of this killing of the children? When the oldest working group of minorities retires or dies there will be far fewer minorities to replace them, effectively re-establishing the inequality that currently exists. Those who would replace them have been murdered by the hundreds.

Corporate America has long had a very high wall, to protect those at the top, which they have built over time and are now re-enforcing so that wall will last many more generations. The wealthiest people in this society are those who have developed businesses, new ideas, etc. Those are all white-male-mostly Northern European types who are the world’s billionaires – or working very hard to become such with support of their cultural, racial, ethnic brothers.

How has that happened and how has that line been kept so free of minorities crossing into the land of entrepreneurial opportunity? From our perch, we have seen the ideas and hard work and success of minorities and women in the entrepreneurial area stolen by this group of white male, etc. There has been a re-definition of things like “theft” and more so this group of white males have a smoother road as they cruise down to reach that billionaire status on someone else’s back. Take a look at the history of Silicon Valley – only don’t leave out the minority businesses stolen; the women-owned businesses stolen; the refusal of investors to support and invest only in business brought to them by their “own kind”. Don’t leave out the young white males who raced through Cambridge and places like MIT, Harvard and more to see who was doing what that they could steal and take to investors who would look at the ideas with a cover to induce blindness against those from whom those businesses were stolen.

What has most disturbed us, because it is going unnoticed, supported by the extremely wealthy few, and within this group “theft” re-defined to make the actual theft going on constantly a non-event. If you break into my house and steal one of my artifacts, jewelry, furniture – even food, you are subject to arrest and jail for that theft. If you break into my computer and or corporate location, steal my business plan, take all of the ideas, structure, customers, experience I acquired while building a substantial business, etc. and at the same time do everything you can to destroy my business so I will be busy just trying to survive while you develop the model you coveted, that is not considered theft and subjects you to no criminal action. It also does not disqualify you from being considered for funding for the ideas and businesses you stole from others.

Every day, we come across people who have been crushed by such theft after 20 to 30 years of working to build a business with ideas all their own and have been successful in the process as they introduced to society a new way of doing something or a new product or something not out there before. We also see the people who crushed them and tried to leave them and their business by the wayside because they decided to set in place a copy of their business and because the people so crushed tend to be minorities and/or women the white males used to succeed. They have access to capital to grow their business, which the minorities and women don’t have; they have access to partners, those who have worked at the top of large white-male owned businesses which take an interest and the kind of theft and destruction which took down the business they copied is ignored. Unfortunately for all of us the ethics of such businesses are in the gutter, however, most of us go along with the growth of this stolen business as it becomes an intrinsic part of this society with which the rest of us have to live.

Real Estate is a biggy! The structure, wealth, schools in the geographic location of where you live depends upon your culture, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual choice, etc. and that institutionally racist structure was put in place eons ago. It began in slavery and was intensified when we changed our economic structures from “in your face” slavery to a more modified form with which we live today.

The importance of the geographic location where you live and work and have your being increased dramatically and became entrenched and unchangeable during separate and unequal days and today is becoming even more bigoted than it was generations ago. It is now easier to discriminate on such a level without anyone noticing or those who notice and complain being crushed and blamed for their plight after that drastic crushing.

As the world moved forward, that structure moved with it and has been kept in place by realtors, the real estate industry and its cousins. They maintain geographical bigotry in your living accommodations very effectively and much easier than a few generations ago, which in turn maintains racially divided schools which maintains racially divided businesses which occupy the retail spaces in those racially divided neighborhoods with the result that some of such businesses thrive and become very successful and some, in the minority neighborhoods, hang on by their fingernails for a lifetime.

These are some of the areas we will research and write about going forward with actual examples.

We have lots out there in the literature which talks about structural racism and how society separates unequally, but individual examples seem to be the most threatening and the least written about – especially in books used in schools of higher learning where to examine such things might cause a great disruption in this society. It is the area that many will read about and immediately engage in denial and denigration of those doing the writing.

We, at Bettina’s, have lived long enough that such denigration will not deter us. You are encouraged to join us with your stories. After all, we must all experience denial to understand how vicious it is.

In Scripture you will read: “Do you think I come to bring peace on earth. No, I tell you, but division. From now on there will be five in one family divided against each other; three against two and two against three”…….Luke 12:51-52.

We talk and sing a lot about “peace”. We knock those who we claim bring “divisiveness’. But when we do that what happens to such passages in Scripture? We think there is nothing wrong with “divisiveness”. We need to look at good and evil and separate those concepts instead of making divisiveness substitute for evil and coming together substitute for good.

Marceline’s Beauty/anti-aging Secrets

Friday, May 27th, 2022

We have published this somewhere in this blog on a previous date. Recently, however, we have been besieged with requests on what is it she does to look the way she does at 84 years old. We decided to republish -and it took quite a bit to get her acquiescence because she does not like to see her name in public places.

Firstly, she uses no soap. I can hear the scandalized cries on that one. She believes that soap dries out and strips you of everything natural to your body. Yes, that includes showers and baths.

Take a soak in the tub in organic apple cider vinegar. The next time take a soak in the tub in Epsom Salt.

Once upon a time she could afford a massage with Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Gel. Today, it is what she puts on her face after rinsing it those required ten times in plain water. Let the Gel (organic, of course) stay the morning until you are going out and then rinse it off and go your way. Yes – no make up.

Sometimes mix Organic Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Gel with organic powdered milk and put that on your face in the mornings. You will feel your skin tightening and that is a good thing.

Realize – none of this works overnight. It is a natural way to keep away wrinkles as long as possible so it takes a few weeks to see any really good results.

When you have time, after rinsing your face with whatever tightening agent you used, clip open a Vitamin A capsule and rub that on your skin. If you have lots of time, clip open a Vitamin E capsule and put that over the Vitamin A – it acts as a preservative and makes the Vitamin A last longer.

Rinse your face required 10 times before drying and going out.

No lipstick, ever. She believes lipstick has dangerous ingredients that can, overtime, possibly cause cancer. She also believes it looks horrible. Once upon a time only prostitutes wore lipstick and other kinds of make-up until the marketeers discovered they could sell billions of dollars of product convincing women they looked incredibly great wearing chemicals.

That’s it – with the addition of the occasional foot soak in warm water and Epsom Salts or Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Except for the hair – controllable with Organic Avocado Oil. Daily put a small amount of the oil in the palm of your hand and massage it through your hair. Brush the oil into your hair and out the door you go.


Chris Rock’s Sexism on High Display – it is time to end this kind of comedic bigotry.

Monday, May 16th, 2022

Now, Chris Rock is intervening in the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp law suit with his “comedic” comments. Apparently, the notoriety and exposure he received after pushing Will Smith over the line by insulting his wife for comedic effect emboldened him to go further. He is now “joking” at the expense of Amber Heard.

Demean and embarrass women and minorities has a long history in this society – remember Amos and Andy? How is Chris Rock any different? How are other ‘comedians’ any different when their content is meant to demean, oppress, embarrass women and/or minorities? Why do you laugh at such ‘jokes’ and not call the presenter into question and ask for his removal?

It is time for this to stop and for others to raise their voices. Comedians make sexist comments constantly and we all laugh. Well, it is time for the laughter to die out and genuinely funny comedians to come to the forefront, not those trained and steeped in this society’s sexism and other -isms. Chris Rock clearly is one of those who needs to be retrained. The easy way to get audience response is to appeal to their baser instincts – well, Rock does that beautifully with women and the audience responds.

Where are the voices raised in objection to this? Where are the hiring venues who will cancel or refuse to hire and promote Chris Rock and others like him? Jokes have been made and “enjoyed” by those who benefit from the negativity and extreme bigotry laced into many comedians’ jokes.

Chris Rock heads our list of fowl, unwanted comedians. We will not attend any of his appearances nor promote him nor let his appearances go without raising up the mud and slime out of which he and others like him comes.

A talented comedian does not need to oppress minorities; to insult women; to make a subtle slap at someone using bigotry to get the audience to side with a friend for very sexist reasons. Talent will out and clearly Chris Rock needs this kind of ‘comedic bigotry’ in his appearances.

Let your voices be heard.

Don’t let this slide.

Wherever and whenever you can, make known that you do not want to hear, see or smell Chris Rock.

Because he is African American does not give him the right to practice sexism against women or any other kind of bigotry against others because he lacks the talent to stand on the stage as a comedian without this prop.

Comedy is an art for to be respected, not to be used in one’s fight for superiority over others because you are so insecure and so lacking in talent that you have to use the bigotry, as a comedian, to get others to laugh.

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