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Trump History and connections including Robert Kennedy, Jr.

Saturday, November 4th, 2023

We see things happening in the news – relevant history, but most of us are not old enough to remember actual historical events from generations past connected to the present without being an obvious and clear connection.

One that we in the Bettina Network who are of an age remember is the connection between Donald Trump and the Kennedy family.

Going back to the McCarthy era, there were three people at the head table for events featuring Joe McCarthy. They were Joseph McCarthy, Roy Cohn and Robert Kennedy, Sr. He was a part of that group and one of those at the top. We generally don’t want to remember nor hear that repeated because Robert Kennedy, Sr.’s history has dropped and does not acknowledge that connection. He is remembered more as connected to the liberal wing of politics and to causes with a positive bent. However, history cannot be erased even if we don’t want to hear it repeated and even if we have changed that history to make it more palatable to todays worth.

Some of the Kennedys follow Robert, Sr. example as he moved into a more liberal side of the political spectrum. We don’t want to know about the fights between Kennedy, Sr. and Lyndon Johnson because we don’t want to see or characterize a Texan as more “liberal” than a New England Yankee. Nor do we want to see that competition moved into a liberal/conservative stance with Johnson being the liberal and Kennedy, Sr. the very conservative Trump/McCarthy/Cohn-type character.

Today, we see that part of Robert Kennedy, Sr.’s legacy surfacing in his son, Robert Kennedy, Jr. – someone definitely and unequivocally connected to Robert, Sr.s early days in politics and Roy Cohn and Joe McCarthy and sitting on the floor at Roy Cohn’s knee, while worshipping Joe McCarthy, there is Donald Trump. Sitting at the feet of his then masters, absorbing all they had to offer. We not only see this face of Donald Trump with his mentors, but we see Trump – a young person at the time, but now as he has aged and become involved politically, following and taking to the next level on the way to hell the example and beliefs of his mentors. The picture, as we see Trump and Kennedy, Jr. today, becomes more complete.

We were first made aware of this when a sign popped up in the garden of one of our leaders on the Mount Auburn Street side in Cambridge, MA. without her knowledge or permission. Those who know her know she immediately went out, ripped the sign out of the garden and tossed it. That was just the beginning.

If we harken back to Donald Trump’s divorce from Ivana Trump andif we kept up with such things we would remember the Trump divorce with Ivana Trump, the woman Donald was divorcing, talking about and describing how Donald Trump had a copy of “Mein Kampf” on his bedside table and read it constantly. That part of the divorce was public at the time. The divorce proceedings may now be under a security wrap – and the “Mein Kampf” book may be one of the reasons.

However, if you look at what Trump is doing today and has been doing for quite a few years you will see the fruit developing publicly out of what Trump was doing years ago privately. His social media “writings” – as we read them – come directly out of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” and in a way only one steeped in the politics and beliefs of Adolf Hitler could have written and/or espouse in his public/political speeches. One cannot see or hear Trump without the echoes of Hitler’s politcal talks echoing in the background as Trump brings the echo to the forefront.

Most of us sleep with a copy of the bible or whatever the sacred book tied to our religious beliefs. Trump slept with a copy of the sacred book tied to his religious beliefs – “Mein Kampf”

Knowing that and lookiing at the transformation of the Republican Party it makes much more sense as to what is happening in that Political Party and with Trump followers outside of that Party.

While Trump followers are re-enacting the Rise of the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler, the rest of us are watching the racists, anti-semites, anti-feminists, users of politics to cheat-steal the government, steal from its citizens, try in very Nazi Germany ways to keep themselves “better than” by destroying and oppressing further its minority citizens and immigrants escaping oppressive governments.

As Americans, we like to think of ourselves as “better than”. In actual fact we have lots of problems and the fight within America between the good and the bad and the really evil is now out for all to see. Trump has wiped away the deniability we had for generations and we are all exposed. So what now?

When we look back on all of this we make a connection between Haiti, Trump, Kennedy, Sr., Republican Party and more along those lines. Haiti went from being a free society having gotten rid of its Colonial oppressors until those oppressors went under the society to destroy it from within and Haiti now has to deal with all of that. The Republican Party has also come from that point of view. In Louisiana – where we are now being introduced to M. Johnson as Speaker of the House – there is the example along the same lines. The Republican Party was the Party of freedom If you were African American and wanted to vote the Democrats worked against you and were aligned with the KKK. The Republicans shored you up and helped you by – among other things – having an African American head of the Republican Party in Louisiana with similar things happening in other places. If you wanted to vote back then you knew you were and had to be a Republican and that was the Political Party you joined. Today, however, the change in Haiti is dramatic as is the change in the Republican Party.

Is this what human beings create? I am good and working for the freedom of all today, but tomorrow – watch out – I can become the devil incarnate working for some to be at the top and others – as the pyuramid goes down to the bottom – working to enslave others because I can’t live without being “better than” able to mischaracterize the others in the crudest of ways.

Women in the United States are fighting for rights which were secured decades ago. Blacks are just beginnning the fight to save the Supreme Court ruling which declared separate is not equal. Others are fighting to block Trump and his followers from bringing back hate, evil, “I am ok you are not ok, you were born to serve me.”

Dear God, is there relief from all of this? Can we humans actually move away from such awfulness into a better world or are we condemned to fight the same fights, experience the same oppressions just passing them along to the other side – us today, them tomorrow? When do your promises come alive and apread throughout the world or am I waiting in vain and my death will end it all for me as their deaths will end it for others like and unlike me?”


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