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Mass. Department of Revenue! Black in Greater Boston. Are you next?

Tuesday, July 27th, 2021
  1. A tax lien has been filed against Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett. BUT, he has no taxable income and he files jointly with his wife and has for 38 years. The Dept. of Revenue of the Commonwealth knows they are doing wrong, but are intent on continuing the wrong doing. They claim the tax lien comes because Dr. Bennett, who they claim files as an individual, owes some $7,000 in back taxes. The joint tax return says something very different and Dr. Bennett has never filed as an individual. His wife called the Dept of Revenue, but they refused to talk to her in spite of the fact that she is his “attorney” because they said if he wanted her to talk to them he would not have filed as an individual, but would have filed jointly. Is this “over the rainbow”? What is this about trying to separate an African American man and his wife? Is the state trading on a negative black stereotype? That is what they tried to do when they removed him from his home forcibly and for no reason. The only time the Donaldson/Bennetts have been separated was this forced separation by the state. The Commonwealth wanted to shove him into a nursing home – and while in the hospital they tried to ‘incapacitate’ him so they could take over guardianship and drain his assets. Not the first time they have done so to an African American man and his family. They have also done the same to some Jews we heard from.

A violation of state law – he was taken from his home and robbed of his freedom without a Court hearing.

Another violation of state law – one cannot give anti-psychotics to someone who does not want them. You cannot give them to anyone without telling the person and asking their permission and you cannot force a patient to take medicines they do not want – especially the 12 or so pills daily they forced Dr. Bennett to take including hallucinatory drugs. A recent Massachusetts Supreme Court Ruling verified that fact.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has decided on this new way to harass and try to destroy the Donaldson-Bennett family. Nothing personal, we just treat as many Blacks as possible in such a way.

A state agency started what looks to us like a criminal conspiracy. Either that or a whole lot of attorneys are as unethical as they come and will help each other drain a clients’ assets and more.

As we have investigated this, the further back we go the uglier it gets.

For example – we are now back to late 2018 to early 2019 and we found the bank stopped sending them checking account statements and in spite of their calling and making the bank aware of what happened and in spite of asking them to please send their monthly statements – nothing – until just two months ago – oh wow! The bank held up their needed checking account statements for over two years.

They started re-sending their bank statements about the same time the Mass. Dept. of Revenue filed a lien against Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett. The bank agreed to send them all of the missing back statements – which they did. However, they were missing the cancelled checks which is what the Donaldson-Bennett’s needed and couldn’t get from the bank for over two years, so after more telephone calls and weeks later along comes another packet of paper and this time with the back statements containing the missing cancelled checks. Wow! Two and a half years of stonewalling.

The Bettina Network Blog documents how the Commonwealth used the Cambridge Police to remove Dr. Bennett from his home of 38 years for no reason and abused the Probate Court in the process while violating state law. Dr. Bennett was returned home after they fed him anti-psychotics against his wishes and did so for some five weeks on a daily basis. This from a man who MGH found just two days prior to the beginning of all this that he had no mental issues and sent him home after the State Agency had the Cambridge police pick him up from his home on a Section 12 and force him into the emergency room of the hospital without cause.

Since they couldn’t get him kept in the hospital on a mental health charge, they then charged that they had to remove him from his home immediately because of an abusive wife and they claimed he had no place else to go and told the court he was destitute. None of that was true. Dr. Bennett knew nothing about the hearing and was neither present nor represented. Attorneys were hired which the state paid for again without Dr. Bennett’s knowledge. An attorney appeared claiming she was Dr. Bennett’s attorney and filed motions which she wrote in Dr. Bennett’s voice claiming he did not have funds to pay for an attorney and asking the state for aid and also in Dr. Bennett’s voice claiming his wife abused him.

What was wrong with that was Dr. Bennett had just received an inheritance and was by no means destitute and Dr. Bennett has never claimed to anyone he was abused. He actually lives a pretty good life with which he was and is quite happy.

We have others who contacted us about this same State Agency which has ties to Mount Auburn Hospital. This is the agency which signed out papers claiming a Section 12 against Dr. Bennett who the psychiatrist, who swore it out, did not know, had never examined, never been to his home or held even a “hello” conversation with him and yet she was able to also claim his house was “unsafe.” Lord, let me live in such an unsafe house as the Donaldson-Bennett’s and I will live happily ever after.

Dr. Bennett’s wife threatened to throw herself in front of the ambulance rather than let him go to Mount Auburn Hospital. Two days out of MGH being sent to Mount Auburn, a hospital with whom he had no ties, never been there as a patient – only to see sick congregants – and it is Mount Auburn Hospital trying to force him into their building. The bill from this MGH stay was some $200,000.00 so we guess it was worth the effort to try to get him as a patient.

Dr. Bennett was shoved into the police ward of the hospital and kept on an alarm blanket almost destroying his life and definitely destroying his health. Want more details? It is all documented in Bettina Network’s Blog.

This quiet, shy, lovely Episcopal priest with a 38 year marriage to a woman he loves and missed was not allowed to see her except for three times during his five week incarceration in MGH and those times he had to be guarded by a Security Guard and a policeman with a gun. This was high drama. Is this what the police will do when they are “defunded” and become a part of the mental health folks.

Dr. Bennett was in MGH because the State Agency claimed he was abused by his wife, with no proof and with Dr. Bennett’s objection to being so hauled out of his home for such a lie.

At the end of five weeks, MGH found he had not been abused and sent him home just days after his wife put the story on MGH’s Facebook Page.

We discovered this is pretty normal as a way to treat African Americans via the Commonwealth. An elderly African American in Massachusetts has all of their rights taken away along with all of their assets. We found an extraordinary interest in Jews and also other minorities. It is the way “mental health” and “guardianship” are being used across the country. This way the police don’t have to kill anyone, just shove them into psych wards which shortens their lives dramatically.

Maybe we should write an article about the African American woman in Cambridge to whom they had to pay $10 million dollars because of the way she was treated. Tax payers, did you know that is how your tax money is being spent? That is one of Cambridge’s dirty little secrets.

It is always amazing to do this kind of investigation. Slowly and methodically starting from the date of the last ‘event’ and moving backwards from there. It has taken some time to discover ugly things, but the further back we go the uglier it gets. Maybe a book needs to be written about how African Americans and other minorities are treated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

We discovered a hospital trying to ruin Dr. Bennett’s credit by sending its bill to insurance companies through whom he had no coverage. They were given the correct information – once by us so we know they had the accurate data – and even after that they sent bills to yet another insurance company having nothing to do with Dr. Bennett. These folks are tenacious.

Dr. Bennett was sexually abused in the process and it was reported to both the District Attorney and the Attorney General and both ignored the complaint. How did they ignore it? The witnesses were never contacted and the state was never heard from in spite of our trying to contact them to find out how that complaint was handled and/or disposed of. Nothing! No response. Everyone was too busy to talk.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

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