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Kamala Harris vs Michael Bloomberg

Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

by: Marceline Donaldson

My candidate, as everyone knows, is Kamala Harris. I hope her campaign suspension is temporary and she comes back strong.

We all acknowledge that Donald Trump needs to go soonest. He is like a huge, overgrown pig eating at the trough pushing everyone else away because he wants no one on his level. And considering how foul he is, I don’t think anyone else wants to eat at the same trough, but another pig has joined the primary campaign – Michael Bloomberg.

Trump doing what he does best!

When we move from incredible greed, arrogance, lies, grossness, to just the normal kind of such ugly foul things politicians do, we can now add Michael Bloomberg, an American Oligarch, as one of the pigs.

I have been listening to what the talking heads are saying about Kamala Harris’ decision to suspend her campaign. None have mentioned the ugliness caused by Bloomberg’s entry and the press release by his new ex-Harris staffer which was one of the most vicious such things I have been. All of that makes Bloomberg look a bit like Trump. No way that press release went out without Bloomberg’s blessing

Give him time. From his initial roll out – which included stealing a member of Kamala Harris’ staff – who didn’t just leave, but left using that exit to give a huge boost to Bloomberg at Harris’ expense, had to have been done with Bloomberg’s knowledge and consent.

Kamala Harris had a perfect roll out of her campaign and her appearances have been stellar. All of the hopes for her candidacy began to fade as time went on and racism and sexism took over to push her out.

One of the major pushers was Bloomberg. To enter a race late, to do so with the obscene amounts of money Bloomberg spent and intends to continue spending makes him look like a version of Donald Trump. He is not, however, feeding at the pig’s trough, he doesn’t have to, he is feeding others at his own personal trough – like the person he ripped off from Kamala Harris campaign to join the staff of his campaign. That had to be upending for Harris and her campaign and who else and what else did he do to get rid of a competitor? A move worthy of his American Oligarch status.

Really vicious – especially when you read the press release that person wrote dissing Kamala Harris and her ability to lead her primary presidential campaign making her look totally incompetent, indecisive and more. All of the great and correct things she did were washed out with that one move by Bloomberg and his new ex-Harris staffer.

Those talks between Bloomberg and his new hire from the Harris campaign must have taken place over a period of time. One doesn’t just jump ship without having been offered something you can’t resist – like more money? more power? more…….

Both Bloomberg and his new hire need an ethics transplant. Politics is about money and clearly in this instance money was offered and succeeded in its goal. Get a good staffer in the middle of the campaign, which you enter late, and hurt the competition in the process. On their way to hell with those moves.

I don’t know where I will go from here, but it certainly will not be supporting the Bloomberg campaign and I hope all of you follow suit.

We have to draw the line and begin insisting our politicians have a better moral and ethical base and these moves early, in the middle and later in their campaigns fit a higher moral and ethical place than is happening now.

What becomes clear to me is Biden was the fair haired boy who was to walk away with the primary. That isn’t happening, so the Oligarch’s who need a president they can control, are now jumping into the campaign. Their panic at possible loss of advantages in this society are growing so they are showing their hands – and their hands are all looking quite dirty.



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