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TRUMP – McCarthyism – KENNEDY (And let us not forget Putin)

Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Finally, things are coming to a place where the spotlight is shining and uncovering many corners previously hidden because they were covered with cobwebs and dust.

These United States have been recently flirting with turning against its minority citizens a la the Holocaust for some time. One thing is clear – you can tell what Trump and Company are thinking and planning because they project their stuff onto others.

Certainly, historically, we have been in a league that could put the Holocaust to shame. Slavery puts the Holocaust to shame as does the way Native Americans were treated, killed, persecuted and still are. Morphing slavery into Jim Crow racism as the Industrial Revolution made maintaining slavery too expensive. and on and on and on.

So now we have the modern version out in the open. Look out Roe v Wade, it was an oversight that you got through. Power up Brown v Board of education, are you next? Wow Plessy – your days look numbered. You are in the shadows now, but you will soon get more public coverage as the movement grows to get rid of our slips which let such Supreme Court decisions happen and we move into a new form of the old bigotry that has prevailed and was allowed to make decisions which now have us facing climate problems and all the rest. Certainly, the depravity which created such systems cannot make decisions which would have brought us other than the mess in which we now find ourselves.

Power, Greed, Insecurity, ………. showing up in our political discourse, – with the anti-vaxxers who are simply the new disguise of those whose ancestors created our history. Instead of fighting for all the things this United States is supposed to stand for, they have had us defending why it should stand for such things and not for the dregs and destructiveness they want to bring into being and in many ways have succeeded;. Isn’t the big clock nearing midnight. Aren’t some of our scientists telling us it is too late because of the way we have made and carried out decisions that are harmful to everyone?

Bettina Network Foundation, inc. has taken on trying to help all of us move from persecuting and oppressing the elderly in this society to taking advantage of the wisdom that same group has collected just by living, because it is clear we are moving fast to oppress the elderly, to take away the generational wealth of minority elderly and more.

How are we doing that?

Let’s start with vaccinations. It is a fact, seldom noticed in the main media that an African American woman headed the task force which developed Moderna and a Jewish man headed the same which developed the Pfizer vaccine. Looking at those facts is there any doubt as to the roots of this anti-vax movement? This was tailor-made for those who grift on bigotry and see it as a way to achieve power and wealth.

Break-down the beliefs of those anti-vaxxers and you will find bigotry seething not even just under the surface, but in your face. A projection of what they think minorities will do to them if they somehow achieve equality and independence after what they have done to minorities. – To develop a drug injected into your arm to control and destroy whites around the world is not out of the ability of today’s bigots to believe.

And – as the media talks about the anti-vaxxers and interviews them for publication we never ever bring up bigotry.

Robert Kennedy, Jr. just broke that rule and crossed over allowing others to follow and there will come the flood

To understand Robert Kennedy Jr. we need to take a close look at his family and background. What was the environment in which he grew up and how has he come to this point? He has popped up in this discussion the same way his father popped up as a liberal in politics after having been intricately and very recently involved with the extreme conservatives.

It is telling and into this at this point comes the elderly. Many of us are old enough to remember Joe mcCarthy and the damage to this society McCarthyism has done. We also remember Donald Trump sitting at the feet of McCarthy and his 1st and 2nd Lieutenants. Who would they be? We know one without even thinking because he has been mentioned often during Trump’s rise to power – Roy Cohn, a Jew. The second one who sat at McCarthy’s feet just as close to joseph McCarthy as was Roy Cohn – was Robert Kennedy. He was neither Jew nor other minority so his history has been hidden behind tall walls so we will forget.

When politics moved into a more liberal place, Robert Kennedy and almost the entire Kennedy family moved with it.

As Lyndon Johnson started his run for president his views were clearly in a more liberal place and his movement to attempt to ‘liberate’ African Americans was very publicly noted and who was moving with him in a run against him but “Bobbi” Kennedy.

When we look at Robert Kennedy, Jr. we are seeing him in a more complete picture, in the entirety of the family structure in which he was raised. One does not go from sitting next to Joseph McCarthy as his chief lawyer to supporting Martin Luther King, Jr. because you believe in what he is preaching rather than because you see the political gain if you give the appearance of believing because it is expedient.

In Robert Kennedy Jr.s position, you would also be more anti-semitic than you would be anti-black because that was the major bigotry circulating within your society and your family as you were being conceived and raised.

It is no surprise to see Kennedy on stage talking about the different vaccines, what they are really about in trying to control the society from his and his followers perspective and all the rest. This does not come out of left field with the rest of society shocked because of what we see coming from a Kennedy.

Likewise from Donald Trump and his followers. The major country along with the United States pulling up the rear in numbers of people vaccinated is Russia – a country mostly white. The country Trump is beholden to and has, apparently sold out the United States. Russia, the country now gathering its forces along the Ukraine border as we look and remember how prominent Ukraine was in the recent presidential campaign as Donald Trump attempted to use Ukraine to stop Biden. This is still fresh in our memories, but I have yet to hear any links to such in the media.

For Putin to be so deploying his forces in an attempt to scare and distract the world as he apparently tries to help Trump as Trump and his supporters get closer to facing serious jail time is something no one has said out loud.

Why would he be so helpful to Trump when Putin and Trump have shown their inability to loyalty to those who support and supported them? Hasn’t Donald Trump brought Putin within hours of achieving his goal of keeping democracies fighting for their survival. Hasn’t Donald Trump wrecked havoc in these United States using every negative thing he could use to do that? Hasn’t Donald Trump shown his love of and loyalty to Putin over the years before, during and after his political career? And hasn’t Trump shown Putin that even though out of office he has not stopped and will not stop moving towards their mutual goal? Doesn’t that give Putin reason for what he is doing? Doesn’t that rate at least a mention in all of the theories about what Putin is doing with his troops on the Ukraine border? Not in the U. S. main media.

Now put it all together!

The racism in the media which has kept most people from knowing the name Prof. Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett is operating on all levels and we need to acknowledge that and move to make changes.

When you get vaccinated and/or get your booster shot, the people - just about all of the nurses and their aides who are there to give you the shot and facilitate others doing the same have never heard of Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett and even if the name is vaguely present in their environment someplace - none connect Dr. Corbett, the discoverer of the Moderna vaccine with the work she has done.  Dr. Fauci is a household name, Dr. Corbett is not.  And who is the Jew who developed the Pfizer vaccine?  Can you name him just off the top of your head?  Can you wrack your brain to come up with even the fact that a Jew developed such?  Can you understand now why the group of right wing White Nationalists are so fixed on turning people away from the vaccines that work?

If they went directly at the problem they are trying to work around they would lose the battle.  If they do it with talk that most who are extreme racists and others understand, pick-up, don't repeat directly, but join the anti-vaxxer movement they succeed.  Doesn't that go along with this group of anti-vaxxers with the conspiracy theorists who tend to be extreme bigots trying to get society to use other vaccines, other medicines claiming they do the same thing only better and without the overhang of using something developed by those coloreds and jews?

It is time to come out front and up front with exactly what this is about or it will never go away and life becomes one of diversity, equality and more. And maybe that is the ultimate goal for those who claim to be liberals and those who make no claims other than those that will kill anything positive about those blacks, jews, immigrants, LGBTQ people and latina’s, asians, middle easterners and more – who share a skin color from black to brown.

As for me and mine!!!!!

Remove the Electoral College

Send Trump to jail for decades

Do the same for his followers – although one does realize why others try to put such people in camps that transform their thinking and acting – they are too numerous for anything else.

Expose the liberals who are flying under a false flag

There has always been a separation between those white liberals who are about promoting Socialism which we confuse with including moving to also destroy bigotry and those few white liberals who believe in and promote equality.

Remove people like Putin; take back the gold they have stored for themselves and and put Putin and those like him on a social-security-budget to live out the rest of their lives.

And so much more!


Thursday, November 12th, 2020

We need to make this an article, but what else is there to say!

We remember when there were articles about Senators taking money from the NRA for their political campaigns. Could that be why they are now so quiet about this Trump ‘Coup d’Etat’ thing? And why they are so quiet about so many other things they were elected to address? Isn’t it time for them to check themselves to see just how naked they are – in imitation of this Emperor and those who went before him, in whose path he is now walking?….President Andrew Johnson…..President Andrew Jackson….Adolph Hitler….Mussolini…..Stalin…..and back to Rome and further?

One of the attorney generals in the U. S. has just about stripped the NRA of its power and money in these United States and it has to either fold or work hard to re-grow. It seemed to be clear when that happened that the NRA was a channel through which Russia (and probably other fascist states) funneled money to intervene in the U. S. elections. However, today, with this Trump thing we have totally pushed that part of the story out the window.

It is very sad to see the United States going through such trauma. However, think for a few moments of the trauma experienced for hundreds of years by American Indians, Africans, Chinese, Latinas, Jews, LBGTQ peoples and more because of the kind of bigotry that has been rammed down the throat of the U. S. and the world by the likes of Donald Trump.

Why has that bigotry been so strong and lasted so long? If you can count you can see the strongest reason being the 72,000,000 millions of people who voted for Donald Trump. Keepers of the flame of slavery, bigotry, greed, hatred and so much more.

If you are bigoted and want a fascist government in place to ram your extreme prejudices into and throughout society so you can feel that you and your country are “better than”, Donald Trump must have seemed like a glass of spring water for someone dying of thirst.

He pulled no punches. Donald Trump showed all during his run in the primary and throughout his presidential campaign and when he came down the escalator to accept the nomination of his party for president of the United States. No one could hide from the ugly racism, the putrid sexism his hatred of Mexicans when he announced how the Mexicans were rapists and more. That should have sent those in attendance running and screaming out of that place. But they applauded. Given that, we understand that a very large segment of the United States population is about as bigoted as they come. Some try to hide their prejudices behind an elegant demeanor, an intelligent mind, an ivy league education, their surface devotion to the sacredness of their definition of motherhood and more, but when they pulled that lever or scratched in that circle voting for Donald Trump they exposed themselves to God and everybody .

What is amazing to us is the two sided nature of human beings. The president of Mexico is one of the few international leaders who has not come out to congratulate Joe Biden and to welcome him into the international community as a partner. What is that all about? Did he not hear? Did he not know? Is he trying to be neutral and in the end will go with the winner?

The United States will recover from the trauma of Donald J. Trump’s Coup d’Etat, but will the handful of us who are not prejudiced – who are not bigots – who have not seen the United States as a “better than all the rest” country – how are we going to survive?

If you had any doubts – any questions – any hesitations that you were judging “the Don” harshly? Your questions have been answered. If you want something, some kind of measuring device, with which to judge those you elected to govern take a look at those standing with “the Don” and then take a look at those working hard to try to help this United States move to a democracy, a better – healthier – happier place.

The Emperor has no clothes and the patches over the eyes of the Emperor’s subjects which have been in place doing a job of not allowing his followers to recognize his nakedness, have been removed. Do they create and put on new blinders so they don’t have to deal with a government structured and run according to good and true ethics? According to justice for all? According to kindness, understanding and helping those who need help? Or do we continue to accept this Emperor and continue to play the game of “better than” because it is easy, taking money from those in need and giving it to the wealthy along with all the other games we have been playing for generations.

The Emperor truly has no clothes and his naked body is the ugliest thing we have seen in generations. He is a negative walking living stereotype from his hair to his ballet dancer hands to his walk to his daytime diapers. Do we applaud as he passes by or do we let him know we see him as he is and it is time for him to get dressed and join the rest of society!

Trump – yet another distraction!

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

by: Marceline Donaldson

Apparently, Vladimir Putin has sent Donald Trump another list of things to do and Trump is carrying them out in his usual manner. However, the Chinese spy was ‘caught’ and the distraction is exposed for what it is – a continued attempt to dismantle these United States.

It is clear from the way this is happening that this is a distraction from the coming revelations from the Mueller Report which Trump, his friends and allies want to arrive in a murky atmosphere so Trump will continue to have time to continue to dismantle the United States government into the kind of structure they can take over.

Sad to say Trump does not realize that he will not be around to enjoy the excitement and celebration if he succeeds. He will be too much of a threat – especially since he can’t keep soda water on his stomach.

With the firing of Nielsen and the comments on her “evil” and the other ways she acted we seem to forget that what happened in Nazi Germany was not due to some special and unique character of Germans. It is a character flaw which is human and is happening in many places on different levels for the same reasons – power and control. It is well underway in these United States. Hopefully, there will be no reason for it to be said – as history goes over our actions during these days – that good people did nothing.

A man with no experience in government and no accurate knowledge of how the United States government works could not do what Trump has been doing without help from someone with the training that Putin has had as an operative of the Society Union. And I am sure Putin is not the only one in the mix seeing this as a good time for them to intervene as they have wanted to do for generations. Favros didn’t show up in such a hurry at the beginnings of the meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un in Vietnam by accident. My guess – someone was not toeing the line and needed a nudge to get with the program.

And in the end, Trump’s exit is already planned. He is setting the stage for a “crazy persons” exit from the United States presidency from which he expects to go scot free with lots of money waiting him to live happily ever after.

I do not believe all of these recent firings are taking place just as a coincidence when Trump needs some kind of cover for whole or parts of the Mueller Report becoming public. The last time such took place it was a huge explosion and great distraction. This is what Trump needs now to get the public off on a wild goose chase after the seeming upheavals with immigration so they are not focusing on what is happening with Donald Trump and what looks like the continuation of a huge next step in his massive conspiracy to destroy the current United States government so it will be easy to bring it back together again in a non-democratic/republic shape.

What is hopeful is all of this is the extreme diversity of the current United States House of Representatives. We are now a country which represents all of us – well, once the Senate has been “readjusted” – and the new president elected, if the press will stop pushing the white males amongst the candidates and pushing the females into the background, we might have the continuation of a great country. This time, one that represents all of its citizens. A note to the press – remember the great push and coverage you gave to Donald Trump’s campaign. It is time for you to stop self-absorption and the profit motive and realize the influence you have on this society. That needs to cause you to always and forever act with courage, and truth.

With the United States becoming the country we were raised singing, writing and claiming to be great in its diversity representing all of the people, maybe in this generation it will be so.

It is fitting that the old guard, which was the past, is represented in its death throes by this ridiculous caricature of a man who, hopefully, is the last president trying to keep this country white, male and mostly northern European. Dear God, let it be so. Do not let us have to go through another and more vicious Nazi Germany to emerge steps further down the road to a true government of the people, by the people and for the people.

My vision of Donald Trump is of a man ascending the stairs of an airplane with the wind at his back and his hair piece flapping in the wind with toilet paper stuck in one shoe following him up the stairs on his way to explaining to his handlers why he made such a mess of his assignment and couldn’t, in the end, pull it off.


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Bettina Network Lifestyle Community Members Speak!

Wednesday, December 26th, 2018

We are having a wonderful holiday.  Hope your holiday is full of love, family, friends and so much more.

Many members of Bettina Network Lifestyle Community sent us bits and pieces for Bettina Network Blog.  They also sent financial contributions to keep us going so we feel well fed both materially and in the soul with what looks like the success of Bettina Network, inc.

What follows are some of what we received to go in the blog.  It would be even better if all of you sent full blown articles on whatever topic you want information published – political, historical, scientific, literature-your short stories-poems- expositions.  Whatever you want to share.

Before we start sharing we would like to remind you that Bettina Network Oracle said some months ago that children would start dying – murdered by Donald J. Trump and his Administration.

Into this happy season comes the tragic and vicious news that Donald Trump – the illegitimate president of these United States has started killing children and the pace will accelerate.  Where do you stand and what are you going to do about this? Trump wants to scare the brown and black people of the world away from the borders of the United States.  What better way than to put those who arrive, after experiencing horrible trauma and an extremely difficult trip looking for asylum, into American Concentration Camps.  Moving them through a “cold box” to jeopardize any resistance they may still have left to illness, while exposing their children to sexual traffickers and so much more.

We get the news of their children’s death at the hands of a liar, thief, sexual assaulter, murderer, mafia don etc and there is no uprising in this country?  We were quiet through the first death we knew about – although you will soon hear of many more – from the past – not those dying today.  That is also a part of this holiday season.

Are you going to take the road of Germans – the middle class Germans – who kept silent, went about their daily lives as though Jews were not being slaughtered and turned into slaves by Hitler or are you going to make sure the same thing does not happen in these United States?  It was the ordinary citizen who allowed Hitler to rise and wreck his evil.  Not willing to jeopardize their middle class economic position to take a stand against the evil which stared them in the face.  As long as it wasn’t one of their family?

From the Bettina Network Lifestyle Community:

  1. ” Is one of the reasons Trump is so enamored of Russia and Putin the fact that Russia is a white country?  And one of the few such places left in the world?  Is that what makes him drawn to the particular fascist dictators he shows a complete attraction to?”
  2. “Donald J. Trump sent out an order to withdraw United States troops from Syria. He did that while on the telephone with Erdogan or shortly thereafter.  Erdogan’s first choice was that Trump send Methullah Gulen to the Turkish prison island. – so he could be imprisoned and possibly killed there? Trump did everything he could to comply, but his power as president did not extend to his being able to do that – although he did try.  We heard the figure of $15 million tossed around as payment for the deed.  Trump could and did comply with Erdogan’s second choice – to withdraw U. S. troops from Syria.  Why would he allow himself to be complicit in this cover-up? Trump was clearly looking for some way to distract the world from Mohammed bin Salam’s involvement in the brutal and vicious killing of Khashoggi and to begin the process of putting Saudi Arabia on a positive footing with the world as he managed to wipe the story out of the media.  To do that he needed Erdogan to stop telling the media about the details of the killing and to not provide the proof the rest of us needed to bring some kind of justice for the killing.  This pulling the U. S. troops out of Syria solved that, we have not heard one word from Erdogan about the tapes, the killing nor anymore details about what he and his knows about what happened.  That has not been brought into the world’s view for action. Trump’s indebtedness to Saudi Arabia and his beholdeness to MbS was partially satisfied.”
  3. “Trump is a man who does not think!  He is not dumb, stupid nor all of those negative adjectives.  He is a man who, instead of thinking and feeling has substituted  manipulation, shrewdness, insults to and intimidation of others in his path – particularly those he has to address as President of the United States.  The worst I have seen of anyone was the performance Donald Trump made in front of the rally after the hearing on the Brett Kavanaugh/Christine Blasey Ford sexual assault allegations which moved his people to vote for Kavanaugh.  Was that because they did not believe Blasey Ford?  Or was that because of the fear such a performance raised in them of Trump doing the same thing to them and their political and public destruction imminently following.  What was tragic was the fact that Trump’s performance did not destroy Trump, it scared his people into falling into line and doing his bidding. That speaks volumes for the ethics, morals, character of those in politics and those supporting them in these United States.  Truthfulness, integrity, honor, – none of those things apply anymore.  Manipulation to gain power and control over to do the kind of scumbag actions which have been carried out by this president are what holds the day.  The United States Government has become a criminal mafia headed by the mafia “Don” – Donald J. Trump.  In fact, I am beginning to think the mafia, as we have known mafias, is several steps above Trump in the way it operates.”
  4. “The elegance, thoughtfulness, grace, compassion of the Obama Administration has been replaced by the cruelty, viciousness, untruthfulness, cheating and sexual abuse by almost all those in this current administration.  Every time someone is appointed, one of the first scandals that comes out is of that persons past scandalous involvement in the sexual assault, abuse, denigration of women – white, black, pink, green, purple women.”
  5. “I am constantly stunned at the similarities between Trump and Hitler. Trump folds his arms in front of himself when seriously speaking around the table – so did Hitler.  Hitlers messiah complex was strong and evil – so is Trump’s.  It has pushed Trump to come out with his need for absolute control – he showed that in his call to take troops out of Syria without consulting anyone.  His Messiah Complex is right at the peak of being the destruction of Western Civilization.  Hitler blamed the Communists  for everything – Trump blames the Democrats whether it is true or not and he pushes that song with his Republican Congress following his lead.”
  6. “I know many of us make parallels to Donald Trump and Adolph Hitler.  I would like to remind all of us, including Donald and Melanie Trump that Hitler ended in a fulthy bunker alone except for the woman who lived through him, got her identity from him as well as her self-worth and called it love.  This was the face of evil.  The United States is becoming the country which has supplanted that history by attempting to recreate it.  Hitler ended his reign by committing suicide.  Before he did, however, he was manic about his need to kill as many Jews as quickly as possible.  The United States’ killing spree has just begun.  Are there those who are going to stop this madness or are we going to let our passive bigotry lead us into a pretense to be helpless in the face of it and let it go on until we have reached the point where White Supremacy is no longer threatened by the Black and Brown peoples of the world.”


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Donald Trump – Don’t You Dare…

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

by: Marceline Donaldson

apologize on my behalf.  Your apology to the Kavanaugh family on behalf of the American people included me as a citizen – the daughter of a citizen – the granddaughter of a citizen – the great granddaughter of a citizen – the great-great granddaughter of a citizen and even further back to before American citizenship when a part of my ancestors owned this land and were put on that long walk without food or water so the land they lived on and owned for generations could be taken from them, given to and used by people like you.

I have nothing to apologize for and will never apologize to someone like Brett Kavanaugh who has been credibly accused of the assault of at least three women and who knows how many more who are afraid to come out and tell their story.

Why do they not come forward?   Because you and people like you have made sure to keep them scared and ashamed so you could sexually assault whoever whenever you decided your ego needed that.  So you nominate and hold up another credibly accused sexual assaulter.  I could say like you – but so far only three women have come forward to accuse Brett Kavanaugh.  Some 19 and counting have come forward to accuse you, Donald Trump.

No, Donald Trump, don’t you dare include me in some apology that you make, not for yourself, but on behalf of millions of others for whom you have no right to include in any apology.  More than half the citizens of this country did not want and do not want Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court and you arrogate to yourself the right to apologize for them?  Who do you think you are!

Apologize for your own sins and the mess you continue to make of this country with your racism, your sexism, your Nazi leanings, your White Nationalism.   – Brett Kavanaugh was not on the Federalist list – you put him there for your own evil reasons and you nominated the person you put on the list and then you fought in the filthy way you have shown yourself capable for decades, to get him confirmed.

You have a lifetime of ugly for which you have never apologized, not even once for anything and you have done much that a thousand apologies won’t begin to address.  – Your mentor, Roy Cohn, taught you to never apologize but claim your failures and uglinesses as greatness.  He did a fantastic job on you because he had a willing student who acted like a sponge and who stayed on his knees in front of Cohn for decades taking in everything Cohn put out.

You have continued McCarthyism in this country from your association with Joseph McCarthy when you were young.  A man who was a drunk and who upheaveled this country in horrible ways.  You are doing the same.  You claim you don’t drink, but there is such a thing as a “dry drunk” and that is the style I see you showing in how you live and in the way you have been “governing” – to use the term ‘governing’ loosely.  A style you picked up from McCarthy and are projecting into the future – you have also picked up his politics, his belief system and are throwing them into the face of the world.  Putin may be your friend today, but he needs to be careful because you will throw him overboard the first chance you get when you see how to claim his power and control.

Under your leadership I see the United States of America sinking to a new low.  I am always amazed thinking your ethics and evil have hit rock bottom, but you then manage to go even lower.  You have this ability to  make sure there is no bottom to the lies you will tell, the filth in which you will engage and now you have taken on this bold, upfront projection of your unbelievably sinful actions onto others.  Today it is the Democratic Party you are blaming for your evil – tomorrow?

I do not apologize to the Kavanaugh family for anything.  So your apology to that family needs to be modified.  I DO NOT APOLOGIZE TO BRETT KAVANAUGH FOR ANYTHING!  Take my name out of the general apology you made on behalf of all the citizens of this country.  How arrogant of you to apologize on my behalf when you have sinned big in your lifetime and have never apologized for any of it. Brett Kavanaugh needs to apologize to me for his part in being so entitled and so in need of power and control that he will work with you and Shine and McGahn and McConnell and Grassley and so many others to bring this country to a new low and for arrogating to themselves the right to degrade women – so he and others can gain money and some kind of male ego power. He showed the direction in which he was going when he sexually assaulted Christine Ford – was that a preview of things to come?  He would then go on to assault not just women, but the institutions in which he lives and works?  He has certainly done a job on the U. S. Supreme Court.  He has taken that body very low and they just might not recover.

However, I have to thank them all of those good ole boys for the way their evil has exposed how the sexist structure of this country works.    I thought I knew.  This, however, has exposed a whole deeper and unbelievably uglier level.

The way the white, northern european-ancestry male, – today’s ‘ruling class’ which clearly includes the Bush family – who came to this country under heavy clouds even hundreds of years ago and whose ancestors enslaved Africans and did so much more and who are now demanding that they be allowed to continue their right to rule even if that includes the ‘enslavement’ and constant sexual assault of women.  Look at the uproar when it appears that sexual assault may come under castigation and be held accountable with women no longer afraid or ashamed.  How will they exercise their out of control male egos?

And don’t be surprised that this ugliness has the Bush family in the middle.  Under their ‘rule’ the Supreme Court has been brought low.  They are responsible for both Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh, the two credibly accused of sexual abuse and sexual assault, being members of that high court.

To confirm to the United States Supreme Court a man who has been credibly accused of sexually assaulting at least three women and whose public drunkenness is out there for all to see and whose character has been on display as he totally disrespected members of the Senate who were not a part of his “group” is not something I need to apologize for.  He needs to apologize to this country and resign.

You and your friends and followers now leading this country have as one of the talking points on your “manipulate the voters scam”  call the women and men “a mob”, who peacefully demonstrated their objection to Brett Kavanaugh being confirmed to the United States Supreme Court.  That tells us all as loudly as you can that the Republican Party is now the Party of White Nationalists, led by the Eastern European and Russian Mafias.

By calling a peaceful demonstration, in the image of the demonstrations under Martin Luther King, Jr., “mob rule” says exactly where you come from.  You and those following you said the same thing about African Americans and others who demonstrated against the extreme racism practiced in this country which they were trying to get addressed and changed.  What were they trying to achieve? To get African Americans treated like human beings – to get people like you and your friends to respect the United States Constitution.  Until then they were treated abominably and that treatment was out of control – especially in places like Mississippi where you received such accolades for the sexism you were promoting and the ridicule you were parading out for all to see as you called Dr. Ford “evil” and ridiculed her in many other ways and held up sexual assault as the right of privileged white males that was being threatened by a King-type mob.

It is no accident that all 11 Republican members of the Senate Judicial Committee are white men.  Your entitlement keeps you from even seeing the problem you are perpetrating.  You see only your right to rule being threatened.  And your right to rule in the style of Adolph Hitler – Josef Stalin – Mussolini and others.

To call those demonstrations against you and those who follow you “mob rule” and other names even worse says you and all your followers are completely in line with neo-Nazi’s.  The neo-Nazis who reenacted Kristallnacht in Charlottesburg who you called good people.  They killed a woman standing on the sidewalk; they re-enacted Kristallnacht making a statement to the world who they were and what they were about; they brutalized, beat, attempted to kill peaceful demonstrators who you then characterized and continue to characterize as the people in the wrong, Donald Trump.  When you call the people peacefully demonstrating against Brett Kavanaugh being confirmed when he should not have been – a mob – and we all remember your calling the people who brawled, maimed and killed in Charlottesville “good people” we know exactly where you stand and where you have stood your entire life.  This is nothing new.  You and your family were racists and sexists, KKK members, Nazi supporters and today people who have cheated the United States of America  through the way your family handled its finances.  The United States of America, the government over which you claim you are president.  You were trained into evil by your parents – your immigrant parents – and you have taken their training steps further down the road to perdition.

And to set the record straight – Senator Grassley, another racist, sexist and probably neo-Nazi is someone who follows you and does your bidding  is who he is not because of his age.  He has always been like that – go back into his record and you will see he comes out as he is today through years of experience acting out his racism, sexism, and Nazi tendencies.

McConnell simply wants power and is shrewd and without ethics enough to do whatever he has to do to get and keep power even if his actions border on the same evil you are spreading around the world.  Power is addictive and he is a total addict, probably irretrievable.

Beyond all of the above, I would like to know what part Christopher Wray – a Trump appointee – played in all of this?  The FBI has been mentioned, but its leader, who could have and probably did have some influence in how those investigations went, has not been mentioned at all.

To call Dr. Ford evil and to mock her the way you did in front of the people, some of whom claim, you paid them to sit there in your rallies and yell their approval of whatever you had to say, is evil Donald Trump.  It also says you have one use for women and after that they should just go away until the next time you need to sexually assault another human being.

Sexual assault is something you see as your right.  Not my words, Donald Trump, but your own words.  You and those with you think sexual assault is not a crime, but something they should not be harassed about because that is what they engage in.  You set the example.  Your election, with all that you have done, clearly says the Republican Party is a sexist, white nationalist group intent on remaking this country into a country led by fascists who have not one shred of decency nor ethics and whose character is in the toilet.

Not one corporation in America would have hired Brett Kavanaugh.  He is not innocent until proven guilty – he has not been charged in a court of law.  He is credibly charged, as his background is exposed in the process which all candidates for Supreme Court Justice must engage,  with at least three sexual assaults against women and incredible intolerable drunkennes and American Corporations will not, under any circumstances, hire such a person.  You made sure, however, that he was promoted to the highest position in his field in these United States of America because those are the kind of people with whom you always have surrounded yourself and now as president you do the same in spades.  You clearly have no tolerance for good, clean, law abiding people because they will not serve your purposes.  They will be fired or resign before they do or will tolerate some of the things you have pulled in what was a republic on its way to a democracy.  You have intervened and your illegitimate presidency has taken this republic and put it on the road to a fascist, intolerant, Nazi-type country – and of that you are proud.

Judgment Day is right around the corner and I don’t mean Mueller’s.  No one can get away with what you have done and are doing – the universe will not allow it.  Not just what you have done as president but all the years before your presidency.  I have seen people who fell off that straight and narrow road, but who worked to pull themselves together and become better functioning members working to bring about a just society.  You have been evil from your youth with no thought of apologizing nor atoning for your sins.

The only thing keeping you today are your years when the television industry dusted you off and used your image to create a person many people would like to be or befriend.  The fact that you are not that person – you only played that person on television the way Bill Cosby played a great father figure while sexually assaulting women – and when you did play that person for whom you were the avatar you were told what to do and how to act with many supporting even putting on your makeup, combing your hair, picking out your clothes and so much more.  That is who we now have as president of these United States.  A figurehead performing, as if on television, the role of President of the United States of America and this is who the Republican Party supports.  And please don’t say I am just another angry Democrat.  I have never been a part of the Democratic Party in my life.  I was a life-long Republican.  I saw the beginnings of the making of this forest of evil startingg with Strom Thurmond when he left the Democratic Party and moved into the Republican Party.  I thought it was temporary and I could fight what was happening because the Republican Party had such a fantastic history.  I had an African American cousin who was head of the Louisiana Republican Party.  This was my Party.  Well, wasn’t I foolish and emotional when I should have stepped back to see the reality of what was happening.

The Republican Party has become the playground of every bigot in the world with political aspirations and it isn’t even ashamed as everyone inside and outside of the Republican Party sees what is and has happened.

People are fleeing – I am not alone.

You think this is angry?  I had to calm myself way down before I could even begin to write this.  This is above any anger I have ever felt.  I will have to pray hard for months to overcome this.

May God have mercy on your soul.


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Trump/Putin/Kim – Creating a World to rule!

Thursday, October 4th, 2018

Does what’s happening around Trump and the Ford sexual assault accusations have a ring of familiarity?

Is the way that is being handled by Trump have the ring of familiarity?

Take a look at Putin’s Russia and Kim Jong Un’s North Korea!

Mitch McConnell, Trump, the U. S. Senate’s investigation into the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh could have happened in Russia.  That certainly must have brought Trump lots of accolades from Putin and from the head of the Russian mafia.  He paid his dues today.

I try to tell myself that what is happening today in these United States is more indicative of how they handle dissent in Russia rather than the way it is handled in the U. S.  I say to myself – self, we have a more open, democratic system than exists in Russia or North Korea. We would never set up a sham investigation so we could gain evil ends by corrupting  U. S. democratic institutions.   I like to think allegations such as those made against Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U. S. Supreme Court would be handled the way our mythological and carefully culled history declares we handle such things in these United States.  But is that true?

Looking at past history, isn’t it more true that the way Trump is making sure this is handled looks exactly the way it would look being handled in a pseudo-democratic state?  A state giving way to form to quiet its citizenry while it goes along behind the screen destroying everything this democratic country claims it stands for?

However, in spite of that, goodness seems to be bursting out all over.  What was hidden will be revealed.  For all of you bible quoting folks – and all of a sudden we are surrounded by such people – read these chapters and verses – Mark 4:22 – “For everything hidden is meant to be revealed, and everything concealed is meant to be brought to light”.  If you don’t like Mark try Luke 8:17 – “For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and nothing concealed that will not be known and illuminated.”  Don’t like the New Testament – then turn to Proverbs 10:9 – One who walks in integrity walks securely but one who perverts Gods ways will be found out.”  And there can be no denying the fact that we are “finding out” about Trump and his history on a daily almost minute by minute basis.  It seems he can’t do anything anymore that is not immediately exposed.  His history is tumbling out like a television series with unending segments.

But  to all of you bible quoting people – let me also remind you that Satan quoted Scripture and to Jesus.

Trump has warned all of you young men that you better be careful because they’re coming after you. That is true.  What Trump left out is the qualifying clause that says, if you are one of those who engages or who has engaged in sexual abuse, harassment or assault – things for which you were once lauded in raucous groups and quiet groups where such exploits were bragged about – or those of you who did your deeds in private and only the women involved who you abused, harassed and assaulted knew about your tendencies – yes you should be afraid because the culture is changing and that is no loner acceptable.  That is no longer something you can get away with.  That is no longer something you can do and then have the culture back you up by making the women involved feel shame and hide your deeds.  The bright light of truth is shining and becoming even brighter and that spotlight may soon land in your front yard.

To the men – young or old – who have led a different kind of life; one of respect for others.  To those who have not violated women, children,  or even men, your life will change.  You won’t have to be bothered with the filth of those who have engaged in such deeds because their deeds will be exposed and they will be removed from the halls of government and all the other places they inhabit.

What a fantastic world that is about to break in on us.  We can endure this present because we see the future.

As the pressures from the “ruling class” increases and has increased all around, all over, all above and all beneath us as their greed and other such vile needs have grown and have taken tens of thousands of us to protest, to leave our jobs, to bring along our families to expose them to the deeds of these people so they will know the warning signs and protect themselves – as those pressures have increased we have seen the breaking in of God, the God Spirit, Jehovah, Lord, Krishna, Buddha and all of those entities and concepts we turn to as we worship and bring about a world our memories cannot recall.

Donald Trump is being exposed with his own deeds bringing thunder and lightning clouds to surround him and everything he does.

Those who want to see someone like Donald Trump on a high pedestal and want to look up to someone like Donald Trump these were among the shouters and laughters and those jumping for joy at the rally in Mississippi where Donald Trump thought he knew his audience – doesn’t Mississippi have a reputation for extreme racism and violence to back up the racism, sexism and horrible way they have treated human beings who did not fit their image of who is included and who is on the outs subject to being the repository of their society’s fear?  However, even in Mississippi there were dissenters.  Even in Mississippi there is a history of the sacrifices made by whites and blacks when the Black and Feminist Civil Rights Movements moved to bring about change even there.  What their sacrifices, all of which are not a part of history, show is that there is life after what we are experiencing.  There is life after you have made that sacrifice which you think will end the career you were seeking.  There is life after all the horribleness of today caused by those led by all the  negative forces in the world and that life is even more beautiful than you could imagine.

Those too are being exposed to their friends, to their family, their colleagues, those who are the periphery of their community watching.  Yes, we are being divided and when it is over will the lion be able to lie down with the lamb instead of touting his greater size, ability to instill fear in all of those who cross his path, wreck havoc in the world around him; will the lamb show itself to be the greater of the two because of its gentleness and willingness to be sacrificed; or will they lie down together and enjoy that beautiful warm sunlight together?

It is time for these United States to come together, declare the rotters of the community, the destroyers of truth, goodness, graciousness, and run the offenders of such values off the cliff.  And what a time of year this is to do just that – didn’t the Jewish people just celebrate Yom Kippur?  Weren’t there lessons in that celebration which related to this instance.

Every religion rails against people like Donald Trump.  His using  lies to ridicule Dr. Ford shows exactly who he is.  His life’s history is a listing of foul deeds not the least of which is to have been credibly accused of sexually assaulting some 19 plus women and he denied all 19 claims.  But then didn’t Bill Cosby do the same? Didn’t this society, to bring Bill Cosby to justice have to fight for years against the image created for him by the television media?  Isn’t this a society which many times has a problem separating the real from what they see in the stories invented to sell products?

Surely Trump, as president would be expected to nominate and then pull out all the stops to back one of his own?  Isn’t that where his comfort level lies? And hasn’t he done that?  But be careful, he speaks out loud what many men have in their hearts after having assaulted women.  He showed clearly how huge is his disrespect, dislike and arrogance against women.   He constantly shows that in his press conferences in the way he speaks to and tries to insult women reporters.  But what I heard as a child – “he isn’t worthy enough to clean my toilet.  When the universe extracts its punishment he will be lifted high so his crash will be felt. to the measure of his deeds.”  And isn’t that what we are seeing.  And as he crashes he goes down warning men like himself to be careful – they will get you the way they are getting me.  Those men would be well advised to pay attention and take heed.

What a triumph for Trump to install someone like him to the U. S. Supreme Court.  He has appointed many men to serve in his administration who could be called out on such charges and some who have already been so called out before they were called by Trump to serve him – and yet they tried.

Sorry folks – my rant will probably be edited by the gods at Bettina’s – but it reflects the horror and anger I feel at what is happening.  It reflects the disbelief that I live in a country which elected such a man to be its president and gave him powers he is using to subvert and change the hearts of thousands.  When I see what he does and has done and when I see those who are supporting him, my heart bleeds.  The only visions that keep me alive come from people like Senator Flake – a Mormon who redeems Mormonism for all of us from the grip of an Orrin Hatch.  And Susan Collins, who sometimes does the right thing and sometimes gets lost into the horrible ethics of her political party, but still she tries.  And Lisa Murkowski who seems to be clear as to where she is going – sometimes .  I hope she does not disappoint that would be too much trauma for my weak heart.

Let me finish with that Bettina saying which I mean to the bottom of my heart – sometimes – may God forgive!


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