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When Big Brother Is Your Boss – The Workers Perspective – an IBM Memory

Friday, December 17th, 2021

by Ann Haeyoung

A newsletter which comes out regularly about many things – mostly Union issues.

This one – recently circulated – reports on Marceline Donaldson’s activities trying to unionize IBM in the 1970’s.

There are other issues just as interesting and we recommend this newsletter to you – put out by the Tech Workers Coalition. Within the newsletter are ways to subscribe.

Did you read the one about how a New Orleans Social Group (the Original Illinois Club) which has yearly debutante balls and a bit of Union history is involved. We don’t want to spoil it for you so you can read this one to get the facts.

Marceline’s mother was presented to New Orleans Society in 1936 as a debutante at that year’s Original Illinois Ball and she was queen of the ball. Her grandfather was president also in 1936 and was ecstatic to introduce his daughter to New Orleans society. Her grandmother, Marceline Bucksell Taylor was the modiste for the OIC for decades, designing and making the gowns, page costumes and many of the formal outfits for those in attendance.

The Union connection is fascinating, especially when you fast forward to the 1970’s with this IBM connection. It is the amazing coming together of high society and unions. A fascinating bit of history which not many people know about, probably because they want to maintain deniability.

For Equality to Surge Worldwide – Royalty Worldwide must step-down!

Friday, December 17th, 2021

The United States is being strangled by its inability to move away from the need to be “better than”. It shows up in every thing we do. It shows up in our identity. It shows up in even the little things. There is that very ugly push to which we respond with a verbal denial if questioned.

However, so is the rest of the world. In many different ways money, power, status, birthright and more are totally institutionalized. Groups fight for ascendancy. One group wants “better than” to remain and to be more defined using violence and anything else needed to maintain. Another group fights constantly for civil rights – equality and diversity are seen by them as the goal. They fight for the right for everyone to be “free and equal”.

Racism, bigotry, the “better than” sickness pervades everything and has not been removable for hundreds of years.

There had to be a “better than” mentality for slavery to develop. There had to be a “better than” mentality for colonialism to thrive and keep so many in bondage for so long.

What has been the one through line which created, maintained and justified one person better than another; one group better than another; one country better than another; one family better than another? Where did we get the example to follow and the group to look up to? How is that maintained in our society today?

That through line starts and ends with royalty. Every organization in which we work, grow, expand, use to attempt to solve humanities problems is patterned after “royalty.” – the Royal Family is the prototype for oppression and the oppressor which pervades all of our lives. We find ourselves someplace in the triangle with “royalty” at the top.

Once upon a time we had monarchies all over the world – even extending back a few thousand years to the Egyptians. African countries had kings and queens. The Chinese had Emperors. Some countries still have their monarchies to which we must pay obeisance. There is a particular way to address royalty. One must not touch royalty in some countries. One must curtsy to royalty to show ones inferiority to them. All of which we accept – act on – and don’t give another thought to how that has made all of our lives horrendous.

An entire industry is forming around Meaghan Markle because she brought African Americans into the royal family in England and had children who are now “royals” and black. The hatred being dumped on her is unbelievable that human beings could be so crude. English royalty – white by definition – has been sullied by these African American children. Is the definition of black still – 2% black means you are black? Once upon a time, not too long ago in America – if you were living in a “white” neighborhood and were found to have even 2% black you had to pack up and move out of that neighborhood. So now we have people arguing back and forth about how Meaghan’s children are not “royals.”

The English Royal Family has brought untold suffering into the world, which we try to ignore and which Americans act as though they are above the fray, but when you look at those who came to settle these United States and who brought their way of being with them you can see the hangover from the royal dynasties from which they have come.

It is time for us to give up this play and face the world with courage, morality, freedom of spirit where we are all created equal with our individual quirks, sometimes called our shared humanity.

Isn’t it time for us to move past this into a world full of real love. We can’t even talk about love without sex sneaking in. Can’t we walk away from and drop the chains we have put on ourselves into a better life which is the one God really intended? The United States is suffering because of Donald Trump who wants to be king – over all, but in reality his spirit is so shrunken and imbued with evil you can hear and see it as though it is a foul cloud surrounding him. And we have Jeff Bezos who sees himself on the good side, but who wants to be emperor of the world and is moving to take all the assets of the world into his own sphere of living robbing the rest of us of much we would have if he did not strip away the billions he is doing daily. And there are more – the Gates of the world who was beholden to IBM for his fortune – and the Elton Musks and so many more. All feeling justified in what they are doing to this world and acting and living as though they were royalty. The pattern is set and used many times over.

Love is the answer. Finding it is almost impossible. We have been so infected with the sting of royalty we have conflated love and sex and most can’t seem to experience love without sex intervening. Isn’t that what royalty brings to us and has brought into this world? What did it mean when conflating love and sex was institutionalized by royalty to the extent of having a group of lesser royals gather around the bed to watch when the “top royals” were having sex?” That is no longer true, but it was true long enough to have the love/sex connection structured into societies that followed.

Christians have been trying to live the Gospel and understand what it means to say God is Love! We get that so confused we have even taken the saints and clothed them in crowns of diamonds, rubies and all of the rocks in the world to which we have given value.

We are so caught up in the royalty figures we have set up to worship we have projected God, the angels, the people who have died, onto the sky all dressed in incredible rainmnent that we wish we had on earth to wear and put different kinds of crowns on their heads depending upon the status we have given them in the “Heavenly Royal Family.”

It is time for royalty to abdicate and become man and woman made in the image of God. Those we acknowledge as royalty with all the trimmings and those who have acknowledged themselves as royalty and are busy acquiring all the trimmings to make themselves over in the image of royalty must take another look at their “contribution” to society and their ancestors distortion of what once was God’s amazing gift.

Jessye Norman – A Christmas Story!

Tuesday, December 14th, 2021

Ms. Norman lost her life – this is what we lost!

What happens to African American women? You say it is “accidental” – we say it is institutional racism, so embedded in this society we accept and don’t even know what has happened to most of our best and greatest talents. We just go on with our lives as though this had nothing to do with us. Us who? Us white, blacks, latina’s, LGBTQ, trans, Asians, American Indians and the list goes on of those who have been destroyed.

She went to the hospital in England following this concert in an attempt to control the pain she was in. She never walked or sang again. This is the last time we heard her voice and who lost? She spent the last four years of her life in misery – not able to enjoy her own home, but had to live in an apartment in New York because of this surgery.

So much goes on in this world which we accept and move on. Mostly, we live in ignorance. It is time for that to stop and constant action against such needs to be the way of the world. It is the only way we will find peace and live in a world full of God’s love. She and her talent were a true gift of God to this world. The loss of that gift, her talent, and her right to a better end to her life was done by man’s inhumanity to man, by greed and so much more negativity which we accept and justify when the denials come with fortunes spent to justify the denial and continue their right to practice bigotry, inflict pain, the ugliness, destroy beauty and continue on.

There was no attempt to make Jessye Norman whole – the effort, money, time was spent in the denial – self-justification and so much more creating a painful end to her life and the continuation of attempting to attain justice for Jessie by her family.

What a different ending this could have been. Reach out to make whole the person or persons or group you attempted to use as a stepping stone to your own better fortune. That has not happened here and almost never happens in our society which is busy creating billionaires who use their billions to destroy the life, love, happiness, wholesome lifestyle of the many.

God forgive!

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