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Chris Rock’s Sexism on High Display – it is time to end this kind of comedic bigotry.

Monday, May 16th, 2022

Now, Chris Rock is intervening in the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp law suit with his “comedic” comments. Apparently, the notoriety and exposure he received after pushing Will Smith over the line by insulting his wife for comedic effect emboldened him to go further. He is now “joking” at the expense of Amber Heard.

Demean and embarrass women and minorities has a long history in this society – remember Amos and Andy? How is Chris Rock any different? How are other ‘comedians’ any different when their content is meant to demean, oppress, embarrass women and/or minorities? Why do you laugh at such ‘jokes’ and not call the presenter into question and ask for his removal?

It is time for this to stop and for others to raise their voices. Comedians make sexist comments constantly and we all laugh. Well, it is time for the laughter to die out and genuinely funny comedians to come to the forefront, not those trained and steeped in this society’s sexism and other -isms. Chris Rock clearly is one of those who needs to be retrained. The easy way to get audience response is to appeal to their baser instincts – well, Rock does that beautifully with women and the audience responds.

Where are the voices raised in objection to this? Where are the hiring venues who will cancel or refuse to hire and promote Chris Rock and others like him? Jokes have been made and “enjoyed” by those who benefit from the negativity and extreme bigotry laced into many comedians’ jokes.

Chris Rock heads our list of fowl, unwanted comedians. We will not attend any of his appearances nor promote him nor let his appearances go without raising up the mud and slime out of which he and others like him comes.

A talented comedian does not need to oppress minorities; to insult women; to make a subtle slap at someone using bigotry to get the audience to side with a friend for very sexist reasons. Talent will out and clearly Chris Rock needs this kind of ‘comedic bigotry’ in his appearances.

Let your voices be heard.

Don’t let this slide.

Wherever and whenever you can, make known that you do not want to hear, see or smell Chris Rock.

Because he is African American does not give him the right to practice sexism against women or any other kind of bigotry against others because he lacks the talent to stand on the stage as a comedian without this prop.

Comedy is an art for to be respected, not to be used in one’s fight for superiority over others because you are so insecure and so lacking in talent that you have to use the bigotry, as a comedian, to get others to laugh.

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