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Bettina’s Bread Pudding – the secret ingredient becomes public!

Wednesday, September 15th, 2021

In a large bowl whip two eggs. Add organic whole milk to the eggs whipping until they are melded together – enough milk to accommodate all of your saved stale bread. If you have none, but want to make this bread pudding anyway, an organic loaf of french bread makes a great substitute.

Add organic turbinado sugar – lots to make this sweet and lovely. ****Bettina’s keeps a canister of this sugar to which is added organic coconut sugar and any other organic sugar on the store shelves. That does not include organic white sugar nor organic brown sugar. This is the time to add fruit – mangoes, bananas, cherries, strawberries, whichever kind of fruit you have – preferably overripe. This is the step which distinguishes your bread pudding and it is also the step which insures your bread pudding will taste very different every time you make it.

Add a small – very small – amount of himalayan salt.

Add organic cinnamon, grated nutmeg – which you grate fresh over the bowl, and make sure the fruit you add includes a banana or two added to this mixture. It is also stunningly good with just bananas added – think New Orleans Bananas Foster. You don’t have to add rum to this bread pudding. The mixture of sugars produces an incredible flavor which goes way beyond any tastes added by using rum.

Take the bread, which you have saved from loaves not used and pull apart small pieces putting them into the bowl. We keep stale bread in the refrigerator until we have enough saved to make this bread pudding. You have to keep the stale bread in the refrigerator because otherwise it will become moldy.

Let the bowl with the bread soaking sit – preferably overnight and bake it in the morning after stirring the mixture, making sure the bread is well soaked and sprinkling some of your sugar mixture over the top.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes.

What is the secret ingredient? The mixture of organic sugars. We never know what we will have in the mixture because we buy different organic sugars whenever and wherever we find them, mix them together and that is what we use whenever sugar is called for in any recipe. The difference this makes in your end product is amazing.

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