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TRUMP – McCarthyism – KENNEDY (And let us not forget Putin)

Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Finally, things are coming to a place where the spotlight is shining and uncovering many corners previously hidden because they were covered with cobwebs and dust.

These United States have been recently flirting with turning against its minority citizens a la the Holocaust for some time. One thing is clear – you can tell what Trump and Company are thinking and planning because they project their stuff onto others.

Certainly, historically, we have been in a league that could put the Holocaust to shame. Slavery puts the Holocaust to shame as does the way Native Americans were treated, killed, persecuted and still are. Morphing slavery into Jim Crow racism as the Industrial Revolution made maintaining slavery too expensive. and on and on and on.

So now we have the modern version out in the open. Look out Roe v Wade, it was an oversight that you got through. Power up Brown v Board of education, are you next? Wow Plessy – your days look numbered. You are in the shadows now, but you will soon get more public coverage as the movement grows to get rid of our slips which let such Supreme Court decisions happen and we move into a new form of the old bigotry that has prevailed and was allowed to make decisions which now have us facing climate problems and all the rest. Certainly, the depravity which created such systems cannot make decisions which would have brought us other than the mess in which we now find ourselves.

Power, Greed, Insecurity, ………. showing up in our political discourse, – with the anti-vaxxers who are simply the new disguise of those whose ancestors created our history. Instead of fighting for all the things this United States is supposed to stand for, they have had us defending why it should stand for such things and not for the dregs and destructiveness they want to bring into being and in many ways have succeeded;. Isn’t the big clock nearing midnight. Aren’t some of our scientists telling us it is too late because of the way we have made and carried out decisions that are harmful to everyone?

Bettina Network Foundation, inc. has taken on trying to help all of us move from persecuting and oppressing the elderly in this society to taking advantage of the wisdom that same group has collected just by living, because it is clear we are moving fast to oppress the elderly, to take away the generational wealth of minority elderly and more.

How are we doing that?

Let’s start with vaccinations. It is a fact, seldom noticed in the main media that an African American woman headed the task force which developed Moderna and a Jewish man headed the same which developed the Pfizer vaccine. Looking at those facts is there any doubt as to the roots of this anti-vax movement? This was tailor-made for those who grift on bigotry and see it as a way to achieve power and wealth.

Break-down the beliefs of those anti-vaxxers and you will find bigotry seething not even just under the surface, but in your face. A projection of what they think minorities will do to them if they somehow achieve equality and independence after what they have done to minorities. – To develop a drug injected into your arm to control and destroy whites around the world is not out of the ability of today’s bigots to believe.

And – as the media talks about the anti-vaxxers and interviews them for publication we never ever bring up bigotry.

Robert Kennedy, Jr. just broke that rule and crossed over allowing others to follow and there will come the flood

To understand Robert Kennedy Jr. we need to take a close look at his family and background. What was the environment in which he grew up and how has he come to this point? He has popped up in this discussion the same way his father popped up as a liberal in politics after having been intricately and very recently involved with the extreme conservatives.

It is telling and into this at this point comes the elderly. Many of us are old enough to remember Joe mcCarthy and the damage to this society McCarthyism has done. We also remember Donald Trump sitting at the feet of McCarthy and his 1st and 2nd Lieutenants. Who would they be? We know one without even thinking because he has been mentioned often during Trump’s rise to power – Roy Cohn, a Jew. The second one who sat at McCarthy’s feet just as close to joseph McCarthy as was Roy Cohn – was Robert Kennedy. He was neither Jew nor other minority so his history has been hidden behind tall walls so we will forget.

When politics moved into a more liberal place, Robert Kennedy and almost the entire Kennedy family moved with it.

As Lyndon Johnson started his run for president his views were clearly in a more liberal place and his movement to attempt to ‘liberate’ African Americans was very publicly noted and who was moving with him in a run against him but “Bobbi” Kennedy.

When we look at Robert Kennedy, Jr. we are seeing him in a more complete picture, in the entirety of the family structure in which he was raised. One does not go from sitting next to Joseph McCarthy as his chief lawyer to supporting Martin Luther King, Jr. because you believe in what he is preaching rather than because you see the political gain if you give the appearance of believing because it is expedient.

In Robert Kennedy Jr.s position, you would also be more anti-semitic than you would be anti-black because that was the major bigotry circulating within your society and your family as you were being conceived and raised.

It is no surprise to see Kennedy on stage talking about the different vaccines, what they are really about in trying to control the society from his and his followers perspective and all the rest. This does not come out of left field with the rest of society shocked because of what we see coming from a Kennedy.

Likewise from Donald Trump and his followers. The major country along with the United States pulling up the rear in numbers of people vaccinated is Russia – a country mostly white. The country Trump is beholden to and has, apparently sold out the United States. Russia, the country now gathering its forces along the Ukraine border as we look and remember how prominent Ukraine was in the recent presidential campaign as Donald Trump attempted to use Ukraine to stop Biden. This is still fresh in our memories, but I have yet to hear any links to such in the media.

For Putin to be so deploying his forces in an attempt to scare and distract the world as he apparently tries to help Trump as Trump and his supporters get closer to facing serious jail time is something no one has said out loud.

Why would he be so helpful to Trump when Putin and Trump have shown their inability to loyalty to those who support and supported them? Hasn’t Donald Trump brought Putin within hours of achieving his goal of keeping democracies fighting for their survival. Hasn’t Donald Trump wrecked havoc in these United States using every negative thing he could use to do that? Hasn’t Donald Trump shown his love of and loyalty to Putin over the years before, during and after his political career? And hasn’t Trump shown Putin that even though out of office he has not stopped and will not stop moving towards their mutual goal? Doesn’t that give Putin reason for what he is doing? Doesn’t that rate at least a mention in all of the theories about what Putin is doing with his troops on the Ukraine border? Not in the U. S. main media.

Now put it all together!

The racism in the media which has kept most people from knowing the name Prof. Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett is operating on all levels and we need to acknowledge that and move to make changes.

When you get vaccinated and/or get your booster shot, the people - just about all of the nurses and their aides who are there to give you the shot and facilitate others doing the same have never heard of Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett and even if the name is vaguely present in their environment someplace - none connect Dr. Corbett, the discoverer of the Moderna vaccine with the work she has done.  Dr. Fauci is a household name, Dr. Corbett is not.  And who is the Jew who developed the Pfizer vaccine?  Can you name him just off the top of your head?  Can you wrack your brain to come up with even the fact that a Jew developed such?  Can you understand now why the group of right wing White Nationalists are so fixed on turning people away from the vaccines that work?

If they went directly at the problem they are trying to work around they would lose the battle.  If they do it with talk that most who are extreme racists and others understand, pick-up, don't repeat directly, but join the anti-vaxxer movement they succeed.  Doesn't that go along with this group of anti-vaxxers with the conspiracy theorists who tend to be extreme bigots trying to get society to use other vaccines, other medicines claiming they do the same thing only better and without the overhang of using something developed by those coloreds and jews?

It is time to come out front and up front with exactly what this is about or it will never go away and life becomes one of diversity, equality and more. And maybe that is the ultimate goal for those who claim to be liberals and those who make no claims other than those that will kill anything positive about those blacks, jews, immigrants, LGBTQ people and latina’s, asians, middle easterners and more – who share a skin color from black to brown.

As for me and mine!!!!!

Remove the Electoral College

Send Trump to jail for decades

Do the same for his followers – although one does realize why others try to put such people in camps that transform their thinking and acting – they are too numerous for anything else.

Expose the liberals who are flying under a false flag

There has always been a separation between those white liberals who are about promoting Socialism which we confuse with including moving to also destroy bigotry and those few white liberals who believe in and promote equality.

Remove people like Putin; take back the gold they have stored for themselves and and put Putin and those like him on a social-security-budget to live out the rest of their lives.

And so much more!

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