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Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Thank you for the forum.

  1.  I note how the dregs of society are coming together to take control.  Casino operator Trump and his friend casino operator Wynn have been having a grand time with the power acquired from Trump becoming president.  The power of Las Vegas was behind Trump.  Wynn was not just a small time hood, the is the one who very powerful in the creation of Las Vegas becoming what it is today.  His sexual appetite seems to be parallel to Trump’s.  And this is who you want as president with all of his friends.  Russia made a good choice in seeing Trump as someone who could destroy everything good about these United States.  We have had many break-outs which were really awful.  It is time for that to stop and U. S. Citizens to get real and lean more on the side of goodness instead of on the side of greed.

2. Isn’t it amazing how our parents had some wisdom.  Mine used to caution me many times growing up “birds of a feather”.  And now we are beginning to see some of those wrecking havoc in these United States.  Bad enough Wynn’s work was to develop Las Vegas.  Too bad he could not have used his God-given talents to a more perfect end.  Just think what he could have accomplished.  Something great – long lived – and beneficial to humanity.  Instead he has helped keep us mired in sin, ugliness, greed and the degradation of our fellow humans.  SAD!!!!

3. Loved your analysis.  It is one of the more sane pieces I have read as an explanation to what is happening.  It won’t garner media headlines because it is not reporting the filth we are experiencing.  I have never felt so unclean as I do realizing my United States citizens, people I talk to every day are the one who elected filth to the presidency.  And he has extricated from the armed forces the worst kind of filth.  So many fantastic generals and people who have sacrificed much for this country.  Who does he pick and elevate – John Kelly?  Yuk. Who else does he have within his administration in terms of four star generals and more who are on Kelly’s level?

4.  WOW! I could have written that article.  Keep it up, we need such analysis.  Maybe it will change our voting system.  We are responsible for who we put in office.  We need to carefully think through those running for office and get to know who they are and what they really stand for and maybe we will separate the good from the bad.  Get out and really do a bit of research on anyone running for office.  Their histories, what they believe, how they have lived their lives and more is out there – we need to find it, share it and stop trying to lie and promote someone because we see something in it for us instead of something in it for all of humanity in a good way, not in a way to promote the ugly.  And, we really do have ugly at the top in Washington – President, Vice President and many in Congress.  People rated Paul Ryan because of his being Mitt Romney’s pick for Vice President.  That should not have happened.  Look at Ryan for himself and he looks more like someone infected with greed and more only better able to put a smooth cover over it than most – but if you look close you will see the raggedy edges showing.

5.  Wish you posted more often.  Turn this into a newsletter or a newspaper or a media center.  Your voice needs to be heard by many more people.  Maybe it can help bring about change.

6.  Who are you people!  I used your services once and now I am in the middle of an incredible “community”.  Love it, but I didn’t know you even  existed before a friend paid for my stay at one of Bettina’s Hedge Schools.  You must be the best kept secret around.  Not even a small newspaper article which is not an advertisement.  You must be quite a threat.  You need more exposure.  I’ve done a little research on your company and it really needs to expand greatly.  Don’t know of another company anyplace doing what you are doing.  This is how corporations need to be in this world.  Bet you are always mired in one blockade after another.  Kick them out of the way and move on.


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