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Trump – yet another distraction!

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

by: Marceline Donaldson

Apparently, Vladimir Putin has sent Donald Trump another list of things to do and Trump is carrying them out in his usual manner. However, the Chinese spy was ‘caught’ and the distraction is exposed for what it is – a continued attempt to dismantle these United States.

It is clear from the way this is happening that this is a distraction from the coming revelations from the Mueller Report which Trump, his friends and allies want to arrive in a murky atmosphere so Trump will continue to have time to continue to dismantle the United States government into the kind of structure they can take over.

Sad to say Trump does not realize that he will not be around to enjoy the excitement and celebration if he succeeds. He will be too much of a threat – especially since he can’t keep soda water on his stomach.

With the firing of Nielsen and the comments on her “evil” and the other ways she acted we seem to forget that what happened in Nazi Germany was not due to some special and unique character of Germans. It is a character flaw which is human and is happening in many places on different levels for the same reasons – power and control. It is well underway in these United States. Hopefully, there will be no reason for it to be said – as history goes over our actions during these days – that good people did nothing.

A man with no experience in government and no accurate knowledge of how the United States government works could not do what Trump has been doing without help from someone with the training that Putin has had as an operative of the Society Union. And I am sure Putin is not the only one in the mix seeing this as a good time for them to intervene as they have wanted to do for generations. Favros didn’t show up in such a hurry at the beginnings of the meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un in Vietnam by accident. My guess – someone was not toeing the line and needed a nudge to get with the program.

And in the end, Trump’s exit is already planned. He is setting the stage for a “crazy persons” exit from the United States presidency from which he expects to go scot free with lots of money waiting him to live happily ever after.

I do not believe all of these recent firings are taking place just as a coincidence when Trump needs some kind of cover for whole or parts of the Mueller Report becoming public. The last time such took place it was a huge explosion and great distraction. This is what Trump needs now to get the public off on a wild goose chase after the seeming upheavals with immigration so they are not focusing on what is happening with Donald Trump and what looks like the continuation of a huge next step in his massive conspiracy to destroy the current United States government so it will be easy to bring it back together again in a non-democratic/republic shape.

What is hopeful is all of this is the extreme diversity of the current United States House of Representatives. We are now a country which represents all of us – well, once the Senate has been “readjusted” – and the new president elected, if the press will stop pushing the white males amongst the candidates and pushing the females into the background, we might have the continuation of a great country. This time, one that represents all of its citizens. A note to the press – remember the great push and coverage you gave to Donald Trump’s campaign. It is time for you to stop self-absorption and the profit motive and realize the influence you have on this society. That needs to cause you to always and forever act with courage, and truth.

With the United States becoming the country we were raised singing, writing and claiming to be great in its diversity representing all of the people, maybe in this generation it will be so.

It is fitting that the old guard, which was the past, is represented in its death throes by this ridiculous caricature of a man who, hopefully, is the last president trying to keep this country white, male and mostly northern European. Dear God, let it be so. Do not let us have to go through another and more vicious Nazi Germany to emerge steps further down the road to a true government of the people, by the people and for the people.

My vision of Donald Trump is of a man ascending the stairs of an airplane with the wind at his back and his hair piece flapping in the wind with toilet paper stuck in one shoe following him up the stairs on his way to explaining to his handlers why he made such a mess of his assignment and couldn’t, in the end, pull it off.


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Trump – the Evil that needs to be removed from these United States!

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

by Marceline Donaldson

I can’t believe what I am seeing and hearing about.  It is heartbreaking – it is beyond anger – it is evil personified – it is believably unbelievable.  Donald Trump needs to be incarcerated immediately and kept in jail for decades.  He seriously needs to be jailed for the rest of his life.  That is being generous because I started with other much harsher things that I thought should happen to him.

I sit here with tears streaming down my face as I hear the tape of the children being incarcerated alone without family; as I hear about children being taken from their mother’s breast while nursing because Donald Trump decided that should be done; as I read about all the other things being done, lies being told, others blamed for Trump’s deliberate actions.

Clearly, the Summit and Trump’s talks and friendship with Kim Jong Un has produced much only we were looking for what it produced from the North Korean side.  I suspect as long as Trump is president we will see much worse than we are seeing now.  Coming back from North Korea with such high praise for a dictator who has killed his own family; who has done so much more and Trump has come back to these United States much more influenced by Kim Jong Un than Un was by Trump.

Trump has come back to continue to lie, cheat and now to steal the lives of children with no thought except that this is how he can use these children to gain a political advantage and impress his “base”.  A mind set he brought back from North Korea – I am sure we will see more of this filth done by Trump because he is seeing himself as a replica of all the dictators with whom he is enthralled.  There is a place in hell for people like Trump.  There is no excuse for what he is doing and there is no forgiveness.  You must repent to be forgiven and Trump is bragging about what he is doing and knowingly blaming those, who had nothing to do with his evil, for its results.

There was SENATOR Joe McCarthy with Roy Cohn sitting next to him whispering into his ear.  We have moved on from that and we now have PRESIDENT Donald Trump who was tutored by the same Roy Cohn and is showing us that he is much greater in his evil than SENATOR Joe McCarthy was in his.  What were those lessons?  Failed in something?  Take that to the highest mountain and claim to everyone that you have just experienced a great success.  Blame others for any and everything you have done which didn’t work out the way you expected.  Do evil and name others as the ones who really perpetrated the evil and you walk away free.  Adults suffered under McCarthism as their jobs were taken away from them for no reason and their lives were upheaveled to satisfy the needs of a man who was seriously alcoholic among other evils.  But Donald Trump has taken McCarthyism many steps further down the road and he is destroying the lives of children who already suffered much before they arrived in this country with parents who brought them here to escape the suffering they all were experiencing.

Let me not leave out Sessions – the scripture quoting Attorney General who has spent his life being “better than” and doing everything he could to destroy the lives of African Americans and others he considered less than and who he didn’t feel deserved anything except the dregs of life.  He is now getting his chance to show who he really is and what he really believes.  On the world stage he is showing everyone just how evil he really is and how far he will go to bring about a society in which White Supremacy succeeds beyond his wildest imaginings with himself as one of the architects of that success.

A man does not surround himself with Neo-Nazi’s, White Supremacists; and other such believers unless he shares their belief system.  It is difficult to stay in such a person’s presence who has such beliefs.  That is who Trump fraternizes with daily.  Remember Charlottesville?  We are now bringing in Stephen Miller and others on whom to drop blame, but Trump not only was the architect of that but was very clear that these were his beliefs.  He saw that backfire in his face.  He is not going to again call on those same people unless he is one of them and wants to see their and his beliefs succeed and be installed in this society as its way of operating.  These are the people Trump calls his “base” and those are the ideas and beliefs that Donald Trump cultivates, preserves and stays close to as the seat of his power.  This is the belief system in which he was raised when he was the age of the young children he is now incarcerating in tents and “camps” which degrade and tear down the human spirit at ages as young as 4 months.

We knew before we elected Donald J. Trump as president that he was an abuser and assaulter of women.  He bragged about it on television – a segment we all heard and many of us apparently didn’t find it horrible enough to take seriously.  Either that or we were right in the Trump camp and approved of his abuse and assault of women.  There were some 19 woman who charged Trump with assault during his campaign.  It was clear that he also had others pay off women so they could not bring charges against him and yet many voted for this monster.  We wanted a racist, sexist, sexual assaulter, Neo-Nazi, son of a Ku Klux Klansman who raised his son in his values and on and on it goes.  A man whose values are those of some of the worse dictators in this country?  We have tried many times to excuse him – it is time to call out the truth and stand by it.

During the presidential campaign there were many reports from those who accessed the divorce proceedings of Trump from his first wife Ivana which talked about his rape of her – she later retracted that claim – why? was it because her alimony was being held until she did just that?; the fact that he had a copy of “Mein Kampf” next to his bed on his bedside table and he read it every night and on and on were also included.  I think we now see the results of such goings on.  They were ignored by many of those who wanted these United States to remain and go back to the racism and sexism of the past when being “White” meant something about how great you were without doing anything except having been born the ‘right color’ – everyone knew what “Make America Great Again” meant.  It was simply a more polite way of saying “Make American White Again” and Donald Trump and his minions have been about the process of doing just that.  The children being taken away from their parents are the children of ‘Brown’ people.  He is not keeping out nor breaking up the families of illegal immigrants from Norway for example – the country he invited to send more ‘immigrants’ to America – those are the people he has asked to come here.  Those are the people Trump has said would be ‘acceptable’ immigrants.

We have quite a history in these United States of taking children away from parents and other family members and Donald Trump is adding to that history.  We need to be moving in a direction which moves away from such, but that is clearly not happening.  The Japanese Incarcerations – the time of taking thousands of Native American children away from their parents and families – the taking of people from African Countries and bringing them to America to keep them chained and bound and in slavery for some 250 years all during which children were stripped away from their parents and sold into slavery because the slave “owners” wanted the money and the inhumanity of what they were doing was beyond their ability to grasp because they were “better than” and they had characterized and classified these Africans as sub-human.  Some of the children sold into slavery were the children of the white man who was doing the selling – his own children he sold on the slavery auction block.  That takes a lot of evil inside to be able to do that and still walk the streets in this world.

Today, children are being murdered in record numbers in their school rooms and we do very little to stop that slaughter.  African Americans, including children,  are being killed – many times by law enforcement when they have been unarmed and have committed no crime and we do not stop that slaughter.  Whole communities of Africans and African Americans have been massacred over hundreds of years by the ancestors of those who have Donald Trump’s ear and whose agendas he is carrying out.  when a community of African Americans reached a substantial level after they had been thrown out elsewhere – people, who today would be called Trump’s base arrived in those communities and slaughtered the African Americans who had achieved a family life, jobs, homes, children in a very settled and on a very middle class level.

We talk in these United States about how “divided” we are today.  Some claim there has never been a time when we as a people have been so pulled apart; so stressed out from the extreme divisions we see in our political lives.  We need to learn a bit of United States history and remember that time called the Civil War.  We were far more divided then than we are today.   As we look at our divisions they are the same as they were then.  It is no accident that the memorials of that Civil War came into contention just months ago when we looked around at the foul history they represented.  The groups of people working with Trump today are simply the progeny of those who divided into groups which resulted in such a bloody war.  they are also the people to whom it was important to keep those symbols of slavery and its affects on this country.  This is what we are seeing today as Trump incarcerates children – “brown” children.  The issues were defined only slightly differently than they are today, but the dynamics are the same.  The difference is we had an Abraham Lincoln and many people who were in positions of power who had nothing in common with someone like Donald Trump and his administration.

It is time to call a halt to this.  We have the power to do so and to claim otherwise is to acquiesce and go along with Trump’s program.  If we can’t do it any other way then we need to storm those Concentration Camps, release those children and get them back to their families.  Drastic for law abiding citizens, but whose laws do you abide?  Do you sit and wring your hands wondering what to do?  Do you allow Donald Trump’s policies which he claims as laws?  It is unlawful for him to do what he is doing – if that is not unlawful then we need to close down this country.  Is he going to be arrested for this extreme abuse of power?

We wondered why he pardoned Arpaio?  Can you see that a bit clearer now as Trump has given his go ahead for tent cities to be built in the most desolate, hottest places he could find in this country so he could do to children what Arpaio did to adults?  Is Arpaio one of his consultants in these tent city dreams he is bringing into reality?  His goal seems to be to torture children to get adults to do his bidding.  I can’t think of another word to use because evil is what this is all about.  Evil walks this earth whispering in Donald Trumps’ ear and he is constantly doing its bidding.

What happens when the children start dying?  What happens when children and parents do not come back together again because they can’t find one another.  Do the children then get turned out to roam the streets and live homeless on the street because their parents have been deported – they can’t find their parents and their parents can’t find them and the horrendous trauma of these events incapacitates many of these children for decades?  The United States Government under Donald Trump is not going to find family and parents of the children so separated.  They will get back together again somehow in spite of Trump and if they don’t – he certainly won’t care – and what about the rest of us!!!!!!!!!!

As this man moves closer to Kim Jong Un and all the other dictators he glorifies he is also moving the United States closer to being the kind of country they lead doing the kind of things they do.  One step at a time, but that is definitely the path he is on and to see otherwise is for us to lie, put our heads in the sand, put our hope in an evil, corrupt human being.   Are we ready to kill, maim, lie, expand the patterns from the past in these United States? Let’s not con ourselves into thinking this will soon pass.  It took years for the horrors we have perpetrated on others to pass and we still have not made amends nor have we changed our system in ways to make sure those things don’t come back again.

Who are the people helping to bring about this policy of Donald Trump’s?  Who are the people working in these Concentration Camps.  Are they not as guilty of this evil as is Trump?  Shouldn’t they pick up their pocketbooks and other things they own and go home?  If Trump wants this separation of families to happen it needs to be done by Trump himself – any self-respecting citizen needs to be gone.  But we are too concerned about our “jobs” – about our middle-class lives, about how others will look down on us for what we are doing.

You are only helping this evil as others helped Hitler achieve his goals in Germany.  Leave those Concentration Camps immediately before you get caught up in the evil.  You are not helping anyone.  You are not doing good.  You will not make a difference you are simply aiding evil and destroying innocent lives.  It may be hard for you to walk away from the children, but that is exactly what you need to do.

And then there are the “good” people who do nothing.  To them, I have nothing to say.

Some things need to be done immediately:

  1. John Kelly needs to be stripped of his stripes – his “four star general” title and everything that goes along with it immediately.
  2. Nielsen, the Homeland Security Secretary, needs to be removed with a letter discouraging anyone from ever hiring her again for anything.
  3. Donald Trump needs to be removed from office and sent to jail soonest.
  4. Donald Trump’s son needs to be taken away from the family and sent to one of the places where Trump has incarcerated children after having stripped them of their parents and other family.
  5. The United States needs a Truth and Reconciliation process to help citizens through a horrendous time because the aftermath of Donald Trump is going to be something which will take years, incredible resources, and something extraordinary to get this country on a track to a better way of being governed and governing__________________________________________________________________

You who are reading this needs to fill in

6. Donald Trump needs to be charged with using his position and power as president of these United States to kidnap children.

7. International Organizations need to intervene to stop this child abuse by the United States Government and being to trial all those complicit.





It is going to take at least that – and working together to try to bring goodness out of this incredible evil.


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