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TRUMP: An Analysis

Monday, November 14th, 2016


We have all had quite a week.  We put out two petitions asking you to sign them.  The blog before this one has the URL which you can copy and put into your address line to get the petitions.  We also put out a petition through Groundswell.  These petitions ask that a Special Prosecutor be appointed to investigate this Presidential election.  Something that is as big a shock to the entire country as the result of this presidential election, by definition, is flawed.

All of these folks can’t have been wrong in their expectations.  We also received several communications with information which the sender asked we give to the Special Prosecutor.  We would like to receive that information, but we also strongly suggest you send any information you have to President Obama and U. S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  I doubt that either one is interested in naming a Special Prosecutor, but given the involvement of the FBI and its head Comey in moving this election in Trump’s direction with Comey or one of his underlings, apparently having given a heads-up to the Trump Campaign that information hurtful to Clinton and helpful to Trump was going to be released shortly before the election so the Clinton Campaign would not have time to react, this says such a Special Prosecutor needs to be named and soonest.  It is going to take a lot of pressure put on both Obama and Lynch to name such a Special Prosecutor.

We were asked to give an analysis of what we think happened.  We have our own resident seer who refuses, so after many conversations, this is a group effort as we try to fathom what happened.

What seems to be clear to us is that Donald Trump played the entire country.  We are not a country accustomed to the kind of lying, cheating and stealing that happened during this campaign.  How did he do it?  By divide and conquer.  A method of management which is as old as scripture. As old as the Scriptures held sacred by all religions.  What Trump did is what Scripture from many religions seems to have been written to prevent and/or warn its adherents against falling into this particular trap of Satan.  It is a way of control and conquer as old as humanity itself.  Power, greed, jealousy are some of the fuel which powers this management method.

To carry out a divide and conquer strategy on the scale it was carried out by Donald Trump and his campaign, to us, is the essence of evil.  It is one thing to engage in hypocrisy and to bend the truth for some small gains.  It is quite another to carry out this kind of grand scheme which is always attributed to whoever the evil one is in different religious bodies.

The race haters were called up and given a kind of acknowledgment, exposure and acceptance that they have never experienced before.  They reveled in all of the attention and the possibility that their way of life would become the American way of life.  At last, they would have their moment in the sun.

The civil rights fighters and those who have spent their lives trying to work within the system to bring America closer to achieving the dream of equality as they tried for generations to make real the promise written in the statue of liberty – ‘bring me your tired,………  They were also played by Trump and his campaign.

Besides the divide and conquer, we believe Trump worked through – or rather Vladimir Putin worked through Trump and his forces to help bring about the downfall of America – or at least to mitigate its power.  Both Trump and Putin were quite successful. Let’s not forget China as we bring together the foreign powers that helped the Trump victory become real.  When Trump talked to the president of China as he called to congratulate Trump, the President of China was talking to a man who promised the American public he would bring back manufacturing jobs to the United States.  True Trump made a few negative comments about China during his campaign, but what China saw was a Trump who bought his  steel from them in great quantities and whose daughter, Ivanka, has her clothes line made in the sweat shops of China.

That was easy to discover.  What is not so easy to discover is why the race haters and those who were wishful about bringing back a Colonial past were so easily manipulated by Trump and his group into thinking that a man, who gave his business to China and other countries, when that was his choice, would bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States.  This defies all logic.   A man who refused to give his tax returns to the American Public so they could see what was his involvements.  Where did that trust come from which convinced them that this man could be trusted when he said he was going to bring back to America jobs that had been outsourced to China and other countries?  What was it about this man that allowed the Evangelicals and other supposedly strong Christian to suspend their faith and belief to put it all in Trump.  This was a man who totally fit the description of those Jesus threw out of the Temple, whose money tables were overturned, and in the end when the sheep and the goats were line up on their way to eternity – his eternity set-up was called hell for an eternity.

With the United States being on the cusp of those considered ‘Minority” now becoming the “Majority”, all of those middle to upper middle-class folks (male and female), whose identity is fixed in the way this country is and the way it uses racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamaphobia, anti-semitism, anti-everything else except Northern European, to maintain their unearned identity, the fear of that event seems to be what motivated John and Jane Q Public who don’t want to be equal.  Why be equal when you have been “better than” for generations.

Maintaining their identity as “better than” is something they were born into, accepted, and were as skilled as Alcoholics in denial and finding excuses and pseudo reasons as to why things should not change.  Or better still, why they are changing, but it has to be a very gradual to no movement change.

All of this was sitting out there and Trump wrapped it all up in his campaign.

Lots going on in this election.

Trump played all of those forces and did it beautifully.  He weakened America while preaching the gospel of “Make America Great Again”.  Weakened America to the point of moving into the future with America being a country which would trail Russia and China in strength.  Many in these United States have been so wrapped up in fighting each other, no one was looking at this movement which was actually making the 1% stronger and everyone else weaker and poorer. That includes the race haters and those who have dreams of being on top again – the kind of on top countries were when Colonialism was the currency of the day.  Seeing America as an empire and them moving into the upper-classes is a dream that moved many people into the Trump camp.

What will Trump’s movement produce?  The serious reduction in regulation.  The regulators will be lining up at the unemployment office by the dozens.  The rich can’t get much richer without reducing the Regulation that has been set in place.  Think of what will happen when they cancel Dodd.

Serious reduction in health care to the point of having many millions of people unable to get health care or needing to go back to losing everything they have acquired if they are hit with a serious illness is what lies behind the canceling of Obamacare.  If folks have to struggle with serious illness without hospital or doctor care in their families, they won’t be much interested in what Trump and his colleagues are doing.

Racism, etc. is not an economically viable way to run a country.  One reaches the point the United States is now reaching where super large businesses will take over and governments will be symbolic and do things which are adjuncts to what will be sanctioned by the state religion.  Evangelism turns into State Churches.

White Churches, with a sprinkling of minorities will gradually change until they all have flags in the sanctuaries and they are clearly appendages of the state.  The state officials will become awesomely like priests, ordained by god.

The mastermind behind all of this is Donald Trump.  Only he doesn’t realize that already he is being moved aside.  He isn’t even inaugurated yet and his time of being relevant and necessary has already passed.  He can keep his golden palace for a little while, but eventually even that will be gone.

If he had been a younger man he would not have been entrusted with such a ‘revolution’.  But an old man – with an extremely fragile ego – and something wrong with his sexual functioning that he needs to constantly build his sexual prowess up with his talk and womanizing and more was an ideal foil around which to bring about this major growth of the 1%.

What is most amazing is that those who worked for and voted for Trump to become President with the hope and belief that he would make their condition better are soon going to discover he is making the 1% better, which means – by definition – the rest of us are going down the slide to a much lower economic place, because the 1% needs automaton workers, not those moving on up.

Surrounding himself with men who are in the same place as he is and women who see themselves as only having worth as sex objects, Trump has gathered around him a group that cannot take over and do a great job with the ship of state.  By the time they have paid attention to their fragile egos and to their images, there is nothing else left to do the work of the state.

Moving downscale and marrying women who are steps beneath the last wife – both younger, which means more child like with less experience and less ability to function as an equal with no other redeeming education, experience or anything else not dependent upon Trump and those like him you have the 40% plus who voted for Trump and are going to be worthless except as consumers.  They will be shortly cast aside into the pit with the rest of us, working to maintain the very shallow and artificial lifestyle of the 1% and where is the redemption.

Is this the point at which we realize that we have all been working to set the stage for the Second Coming?


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