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Trump and the U. S. Supreme Court

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

Members of the Supreme Court, appointed by Republicans and being Republicans, came together to make a decision on the latest version of Trump’s Muslim Band and decided to support the personal bigotry of the Republican President  – Donald J. Trump – instead of the Constitution of the United States.

When the second African American man was appointed to serve on the United States Supreme Court, those who made that decision appointed Clarence Thomas, a man accused of sexual abuse, sexual harrassment and  more.  Nevertheless, Clarence Thomas’ nomination was validated by Congress because the White Males in this country, especially those in Congress even after hearing the incontrovertible evidence as to Clarence Thomas’ character knew their own culpability in such sexist activities and cherished their sexist playground peopled by females more than they did the honesty, reputation and accurate interpretation of the Constitution.  Their decision in passing Clarence Thomas through to the Supreme Court showed one role females play in this society, which the Congress representing the society would not give up.  A woman’s abuse as sex object and her availability as object of sexual abuse , sexual harassment and sexual assault without penalties of any kind insured for the future.

That is still true as evidenced by the fact that we elected Donald J. Trump as president of these United States.  An illegitimate president, but one still in office almost two years on.  A man accused of sexual abuse, sexual harassment and sexual assault who admitted to such over national television and bragged about his illegal sexual activities.

We are now in the process of making sure that the institutions of these United States, including its Constitution all bow to his wishes – his autocratic wishes – his clearly evil wishes and actions which he is undertaking to remake this country from a Republic into an evil dictatorship with him as the dictator.

If this sounds angry, it is.  My life has been fighting against such evil and it just reoccurs.  We then start the process all over again.  Those who want to live in a society where they and ‘their kind’ are better than get better at it each time because we have had experience of knowing how to be more sophisticated and hidden in what we are doing and how we are changing the structures in which we live while, at the same time, keeping them the same.

This latest Supreme Court ruling putting the stamp of acceptability on Donald J. Trump’s wishes to make sure these United States discriminate against its citizens and those who would like to become citizens\based on their religion.  In the past the United States Supreme Court has ruled in such a way as to discriminate against African Americans slaves, making that legal and later against supposedly “freed slaves” by ruling that separate and unequal was legitimate and the law of the land – a ruling which stayed in affect from the late 1880’s until 1954.  A law which destroyed many lives and caused millions to live lives of quiet and sometimes not so quiet desperation.  The Trail of Tears under which Native Americans suffered and attempted ethnic cleansing and its ruling in 1944 that it was legal to incarcerate Japanese Americans in Concentration and Internment Camps because they were Japanese Americans and as such could not be trusted the way German Americans and Italian Americans could be trusted.

There were rulings by this same United States Supreme Court which is claimed to be color blind and sees all Americans as equal no matter their race, sex, sexual orientation, religions ethnic origins, etc.  So much for that mythology.

This ruling came about to facilitate the ethnic cleansing that we are in the middle of, led by Donald J. Trump who ran on such a platform – who set in place an Administration full of neo-Nazi’s; racists, sexists, anti-every religion except his kind of ET.Evangelical Christianity espoused by the likes of Franklin Graham and others who give this president a “mulligan’ whenever he transgresses God’s laws.

We held up to you what was happening – the United States was on its way to becoming another country following in the footsteps in Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany only worse.  You heard those warnings and said – that is an extreme comment. We pointed out to you that Concentration Camps would soon be established in these United States and you said – that is ridiculous and an exaggeration.   And you now have Concentration Camps, Internment Camps and you are on your way to Death Camps.  Those steps were taken in swift succession.

Today, they are peopled by children who have been weaponized to bring about Trump’s dream of an America over which he and his family rule like the worst despots,  the fascist leaders he has clearly articulated admiring like Kim Jong Un; Vladimir Putin and several others.

One thing Adolf Hitler did not do, but Donald J. Trump has done, is the weaponizing of children – “suffer the little children to come unto me for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven” – these are the ones he has weaponized and will continue and worsen his use of them.  Donald Trump is the man who bragged about deliberately walking into a room full of 16 year olds unexpectedly and unannounced. – The 16 year olds in various stages of undress as they prepared to be a part of his beautiy pageant and as such were in a position under him with his fairly substantial power over them.  Sounds like today?  Only this is not a beauty pageant; the children are much younger and much more vulnerable under his complete control as he can decide whether they live or die.  Try that when you think of all the children who are now unaccounted for, who cannot be found.  The United States military is preparing to house the world’s children in what is the equivalent of “black sites”.  Today, they are Hispanics.  Tomorrow they will be Muslims.  And after that?  After he has expanded his internment camps to accommodate the 100,000 and more he is currently demanding – will he then ‘intern’ the DACA people and be able to do so other quietly as he ushers them out of the country keeping them in the interim in these camps?  Camps that he could not establish for DACA because the uproar would be deafening.  But he can take this move very sneakily and by the time we know what he is doing it will be well along the way with many DACA people having been ‘evicted’ from the United States irrevocably.  He is moving fast to achieve #MAWA.

What has he needed to take this country all the way to an evil dictatorship which destroys its own people?  Trade Wars – we have that.  A recession that will make the “Great Depression” look like a wonderful time in the life of this country by comparison.  We are moving fast into that place.

We now have the largest federal deficit in history and we are moving extremely fast to make it as large as possible as Trump rips off everyone.  Here is a man who talks about saving money to his electorate and outlines how his latest evil scheme is going to save the United States tons of money.  How is that working for you?

Trump spends almost $1,000,000 per weekend as he travels to his golf courses and to his private club Mar a Lago to take on his management oversight of his property.  To make sure the marketing and oversight – by Trump – is still in place and producing results?  He manages and checks on all of his places at the expense of the United States tax payer making sure the marketing is such that the world thinks they have access to him on weekends and can get their projects funded and more if they patronize his privately owned businesses.

Trump has set up Concentration Camps and Internment Camps with children currently in residence.  The cost of keeping children in those camps is about $2,000 per day.  Before the camps were set up the cost was something like $360/day.

And the Trump administration is turning out to be the most corrupt administration in the history of this country.  His appointees are being exposed one at a time and he ignores the corruption of those who do his bidding and show him their loyalty – not to the country they are supposed to be serving, but to Donald Trump persoanlly.  They can be as corrupt as they want to be and rip off everyone and everything as long as they are loyal to Donald Trump –  A current example of a mafia “don” – only this time angling to be a mafia “don” on a world wide scale.

All of this gives new meaning to Melania Trump’s jacket and its meaning – “I really don’t care.”  Is this Donald Trump’s attitude and thoughts about the United States Constitution and the United States of America as it relates to and affects everyone except him?

Turning back to the United States Supreme Court.  What role has it played in this democracy?

We could go all the way back to slavery and when that was made legal and the law of the land.  But this would become a very long article. How did slavery become legalized?  See any coincidences and similar ways to achieve the evil a small group wants to install within the structures of these United States to maintain themselves as “better than”?

Let’s skip to the 1880’s when Plessy vs. Ferguson was before the Court.  How did it rule?  It made separate and (un)equal legitimate and that stayed in affect until 1954.  the U. S. Supreme Court turned back every attempt to turn back Plessy vs. Ferguson.

To insure that there was no equivocation and no misunderstanding that the Plessy decision was the intent of the Court, it ruled in the Korumatsu case that Japanese Americans – American citizens – many of more than one generation Americans – could be held in what are now called “black sites” because they were a threat to the National Security of the United States – and stripped of everything they owned.

Isn’t that what is being claimed by the United States Supreme Court today?  Trump’s travel ban must stay in place because it addresses the national  security of these United States.  Just in case you missed the confluence of these cases – at the same time the Chief Justice Roberts complained about the dissent statement of Justice Sotarmeyer he also declared the Koramatsu case to have been reversed and closed.  What he didn’t say – there was no longer any need for the Koramatsu case as any kind of exmaple as the Court moves along in other deliberations because the Trump Travel Ban does much the same thing – insures that now Religion is added as one reason which can be used to discriminate against American Citizens and others.

Those Concentration Camps and Internment Camps and Death Camps now hold Hispanic children.  They will probably soon hold Hispanic families.  They will, no doubt, move from there to holding DACA and from there to Muslims in general. And then what?  Are those plans being laid within the White House for the rejection and cancellation of the citizenship of Naturalized United States citizens because of “National Security”?

Those being held in the 1940’s in Internment were not German Americans nor Italian Americans.  Both groups would have posed a threat to the United States if the reasoning behind the Koramatu case was real and not a bunch of lies put together by the United States Government with the intent to incarcerate in Concentration and Internment Camps United States Citizens.

That goal was clear recently when “reparations” for the Japanese still alive who were interred in those camps.  Reparations for that group was passed by Congress and the people charged with investigating, for the purpose of handing out those reparations to the Japanese American families negatively affected by their incarceration without cause  – those people were pushed to “slow down” their investigations and to “slow down” their handing out of the reparations because the Japanese Americans to whom the reparations would be going were getting old and if the process moved slowly many would be dead before they received their reparations and the United States would not have to fully reimburse “saving money” in the process.

And what is behind all of this?  All because many of you need to maintain your identity as “better than” and you are going to do that no matter the cost to others or to yourselves.  So evil is taking over this country and swiftly.

If you dig a grave for me – make sure you dig a second grave and line it with a lovely and comfortable mattress because you will, without a doubt, be your own undoing and wind up in the same place.  I heard that someplace – and the more I think about it the more I realize what a true statement.

GREED – POWER and CONTROL over others – STEALING from others because of your own laziness – and on and on and on! – that is what is ruling these United States today under Donald Trump.


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