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Donald J. Trumps Message to his followers!

Saturday, September 26th, 2020

Quoted from his television appearance he said – get rid of the ballots and there will be a continuation of his presidency. Speaking generally or to those who follow him and pick up his clues dropped for their immediate action?

Why did he say that? To whom was he speaking? And right after he spoke, someone in Pennsylvania threw ballots in the garbage as that person worked with others on “counting” the ballots. He was fired, of course, but his working in that place said loudly Trump’s message got through to his followers.

Our Experience?

When you are dealing with someone evil – his evil is not limited to those he is railing against. His evil falls on everyone. Those of you supporting a man who is clearly motivated by evil need to stop and think. You are not exempt. He may be moving against me today, but it will be you tomorrow. And that evil hurled against you will be when you do not expect it, are least able to respond and defend yourself and your destruction will come about by the evil one you selected as your leader.

History is replete with examples!


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